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Easily Getting 3 Limit Raises In One Call - Ebay Dropshipping 2020 [LIVE CALL]

Published on: December 3 2022 by eCom Tom

Easily Getting 3 Limit Raises In One Call - Ebay Dropshipping 2020 [LIVE CALL]

Easily Getting 3 Limit Raises In One Call - Ebay Dropshipping 2020 [LIVE CALL]

how's it going everybody EECOM Tom here
with another video coming at you guys
and I really do think you guys are gonna
like this one so I do have a question
for you guys before we get started and
that is if you start a brand new account
or if you're a newbie at this or if you
just started eBay dropshipping
what are your listing limits do you have
low listing limits do you ever call in
and wonder how to get my listing limits
raised a lot of people think you can
only get your limits raised every 30
days and I want to tell you guys that
based on this video that is completely
false that is just what they want to
tell you and they really only tell
beginners that because if you don't know
any better if you don't know how to work
the system then they don't want you
listing a lot of items because they
don't want you to mess up it's more of a
security call on eBay side so I do want
to ask you guys do you guys have issues
getting your limits raised because in
this video after you watch it I hope
that you guys notiked and realized some
tips and tricks on how to get your
limits raised because in this phone call
I do get my limits raised not once not
twice but three times throughout the
entire phone call I start off at 10
items in 1,000 dollars as a listing
limit and I end up at 250 items and
$7000 it's not the best raise I've ever
but eBay is being a lot more secure
nowadays so I do have to cut out a bunch
of the video where they're asking
security questions about like my
personal information and other things
like that and there's other a few things
I also had to cut out but if you guys do
also want to see the full entire clip I
do have a link below in the description
and if you click it you will get sent
the entire clip straight to your
facebook Messenger inbox so if you guys
do want to see it and this this video is
straight out of the course that I just
dropped this Monday so it is literally a
video inside of my course it's one of
the 67 videos and I want to share it
with you guys because I do see everybody
asking this question in the groups and I
really want to make sure that people
realize that you can get your limits
raised more than once in a phone call
and more than once every 30 days so I
hope you guys really do like this video
if you like this form of live video call
and me recording phone calls let me know
in the description or in the comments
below and I'll be sure to make more like
this because I do think that it's pretty
different not very many people are doing
it and it does show you guys and teach
you guys exactly what I do to run my
business from the inside so I hope you
guys enjoy it and I'll see you inside hi
welcome to eBay so you know we may
record and listen to this call to get
say or enter your seven-digit one-time
I don't have one tell me how I can help
you okay my name is Tom my underscore
sometimes I promise with all the
information that you've given me I hear
exactly do you say you are that is
always a wonderful thing
is there any way I can get higher than
that considering I already have a basic
store which allows items thank you very
much all right everybody that's how you
get what you want with eBay and you kind
of have to be Stern with them she didn't
want to move me up to 250 but I got it
done so I hope you guys like this one as
you can tell here's my limits right now
and she was kind of being a little bit
of a stikler like oh what is it what it
tell me a bit about your account but she
didn't really ask a specific question so
you kind of just have to but um yeah so
it was a very rare case that I actually
an American in that situation so most of
the time you will in fact get somebody
from the Philippines
and they are a lot easier to kinda for
black-headed words bully around but they
also are kind of harder to understand
they don't really understand what's
going on but you can really get your way
with them I do think that when they
looked at my public record be sure to
you know get be ready for that because
that's a new security thing that eBay is
put in place they ask you a lot of
questions from your public record last
time they asked me about different cars
that I've owned instead of just have I
ever owned a GMC Yukon I've never owned
a GMC Yukon but my issues a little bit
different because I do have the same
name as my father so a lot of his stuff
shows up so I think as long as you can
it doesn't really matter I'm guessing
that as long as the answer is right you
know you're gonna you're gonna be good
but if you have some iffy situation like
I do then as long as you kind of reason
with them and explain to them as best as
what's the and see here is my limits
they got raised to two hundred fifty and
seven thousand honestly I'm not that
happy with seven thousand but she was a
little bit more of a stikler than the
then I expected usually I got two
hundred and fifty and maybe ten thousand
that would make sense but um so one
thing you can do after this is obviously
the item limit is a lot higher than the
actual dollar limit so I'm probably
gonna end up hitting the dollar limit
first and especially if you put your
quantity to two that's why don't you
really suggest putting your quantity
it's a two on a lot of items just try to
get as many singular items up as
possible so you can have as much
traction on as many items as possible as
quickly as possible but once you hit the
item the dollar limit say that you're
only like halfway on the item limit what
you can do because if you have a hundred
items up right now and a hundred items
and they're all averaging a hundred
dollars then you're gonna be at ten
thousand dollars that's already gonna
max it out and that won't hit two
hundred fifty items and if you do a
quantity of two then that would be
twenty thousand dollars but what you can
do is once you hit or get close to the
dollar limit you can call them up and
say hey like I'm looking for a limit
increase and if they complain and say oh
like you just got one then you can also
say well I'm not looking to get an item
increase I'm just looking to get a
dollar increase because of the fact that
the items that I sell are hired
items and you know they are taking up
more room in my in my account than you
know I have allotted for the dollar
amount but I don't need any extra items
at the moment so a lot of the times you
can actually bargain that keep your
composure you know they're really just
they're doing their job asking questions
and they need to verify every new
account so this is gonna go under the
verifying account video and this is also
gonna go under the how to get your
limits raised I'll call again once I
start listing on this account full time
and actually try to get my limits raised
again and show you guys another phone
call about it so you know I really do
like this this this form of video and I
hope you guys also appreciate it as well
so thank you very much alright so I hope
you guys do realize that you can get
your listing limits raised more than
once in a month in fact more than once
in a singular phone call and the cool
thing about this is that it with two
hundred and fifty items in a seven
thousand dollar limit although the seven
thousand dollars is a low dollar amount
two hundred and fifty items is really
all you need to get started with a brand
new manual store with this new method of
manual eBay dropshipping that I've been
doing over the last three months because
my account right now my main account has
less than five hundred items on it and I
hit well over three thousand dollars in
yesterday or two days ago on my account
yesterday I hit eighteen hundred so it's
pretty much growing at a very huge pace
is gonna hit sixty thousand in sales
with less than five hundred items and
I'm constantly just renewing or pruning
off items and putting new ones on and
it's a lot more sustainable than the old
method of listing both listing tons and
tons of items up so if you guys are
interested and my new manual ebay drops
me method I drop the video on Monday
explaining it but if you guys haven't
seen that or if you didn't stay all the
way to the end I am launching the course
or the course is pre launched right now
for four hundred and ninety seven
dollars for the first two weeks and not
only do you get the main course the main
brand new read course that I redid you
get twelve hours of video sixty seven
video contents videos or whatever
you also will get the VA course that I
made back in December as well so you
will be able to learn everything you
need about manual eBay dropshipping and
you will also be able to learn
everything you need to implement it to
outsource it to other people because you
cannot grow extremely fast and extremely
well in this business without having
somebody else to help you along the way
you can't be a one-man show I've seen
people attempt it I've never seen people
be very successful with it you
to outsource you need to focus on
working on your business not inside of
your business there's only a certain
amount of hours in the day guys and if
you want to do everything possible and
possibly a branch out to maybe another
form of drops doing amazon or Shopify or
whatever you want to do you're gonna
need to be able to get your eBay store
down bit like to the basics first
outsource it and then work on something
else you can't be working on tons of
things at once it doesn't work that way
so if you guys are interested the link
is also in the description below check
it out and I would love to see you guys
inside the course I can't wait to see
who takes action it's only for the first
20 people that buy the course in the
next two weeks and then the official
launch is on the 15th where there is no
VA course added in so I hope you guys
take action if you are serious about
this this is the course for you it's the
only course out there on the market that
is teaching manual eBay dropshipping
100% and not teaching lower your limits
to just about nothing and make money on
the back end I don't make anything less
than six to eight percent profit on the
front end but it's a lot of it's over
that and with cashback and everything on
the back end every single sale I make is
at least ten percent profit so if you
guys want profits like that and not be
scraping the barrel for change at the
end you know this is the course for you
guys and I can't wait to see you guys in
there so have a good one

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