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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



okay people King human here and I'm
going to do a real quick tutorial video
on how to make animated lower thirds in
Sony Vegas and I'm using sony vegas pro
8.0 and i'm doing this video for load
brecht because i promised to to them for
a long time and i never did it so here
we go this is going to be down and dirty
and pretty simple okay you want to go
over here into now i'm using like I say
vegas pro a point and my layout may be a
little different than your version of
vegas but your version of vegas has all
of the same crap in it than mine does so
for all the same crap i'm going to use
here so anyway media generators go to
media generators go up here to noise
texture and pick one of these freaky
deak ease here as what you want to use
for your lower thirds i'm going to pick
this microscopic threads and just drop
it down on there on your timeline and
this pop-up comes up and says what do
you want to do do you want to change
color do you want to change the set all
this all these options you got now all i
want you to do is come down here to the
timeline scrubber and move it all the
way over to the right and then just
double click right there and what you've
done is you've added a keyframe for the
animation I won't explain that takes too
long anyway go over here then to
progress and degrees and move it to 10
point 0 and you're done with that part
now if you look at this this will no
longer be a statik picture it will
animate and I'll play it from the
beginning look at that Wow pretty cool /
get a kick ass and you can use that as a
background or a lower third which i'm
going to show you right now how to turn
this big thing into a little lower third
that just goes along the bottom and you
can lay your text over that so all you
have to do is come over here to track
motion and this pop-up comes up and says
okay what do you want to do
so what we want to do is just grab the
corner here and resize this thing and
reposition it and you're done that's it
there's your animated lower third in
fact let me move it up a little bit so
you got a little spacing under here and
there's your lower third now if I play
it you'll see whoa cool animated lower
third now what you can do is let me just
insert another video track here and go
into where is it text and grab your text
actually let me I'll grab a weird text
here and drop it on there and i'll
change it to say bre how does he spell
his name bre CHT load brecht something
like that okay and oh what I do oh crap
okay there we go now uh you want to go
in here to check this out go to
placement and drop your texts over your
lower third fact i'll bring the size of
this down a bit and this text looks like
crap but I'm this it just for
demonstration purposes and you know you
can have your placement wherever you
want and then you can add a transition
to that let's add a what do we want a
slider whatever let's okay let's push in
from the right on the text and we'll
move it a little bit and let's play this
from the beginning and you'll see and
load brecht will come in right now
they're use load braked see how easy
that is to do and who taught you how to
do this can human natsu so bow to me and
I'm going to stop this now you can also
drop in a PNG logo right in the corner
here all kinds of stuff I'll show you
how to do that later and of course
everywhere you see black here that's
where your video will be when you drop
your video in the timeline this will be
the overlay see very simple anybody can
do this and it will make your videos
look kick-ass more professional you can
put all kinds of text in here to
punctuate what you're saying in your
videos and all you need is Sony Vegas
any version if you don't have sony vegas
go to sony calm and download the free
trial version i think it works free for
30 days and then you got to buy the
unlock key but you could make a lot of
videos in 30 days what else oh I always
get a lot of questions k king human what
screen recorder do you use to record
what you're doing on the screen here I
use Camtasia but there are other cheap
ones out there there's even some free
ones so google search it people get off
your ass and do a google search for
crying out loud okay King human just
educated you uh kiss me

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