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Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

I'm Audio: Empowering Special Needs Children Through Equine Therapy

I'm Audio is a nonprofit organization that utilizes equine therapy to teach special needs children. By using horses, we provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for these children to learn and grow. Our mission is to believe in their potential and help them become independent individuals. This article will explore the impact of equine therapy on special needs children and the importance of providing opportunities for their development.

Benefits of Equine Therapy:

1. Emotional Level:

- Horses act as giant teddy bears, providing comfort and companionship.

- They allow children to express themselves without fear of judgment.

- Children with traumatic experiences find solace and confidence in interacting with horses.

- The trusting and non-judgmental nature of horses helps children build self-confidence and belief in themselves.

2. Physical Level:

- Equine therapy helps children with physical disabilities improve muscle strength and flexibility.

- Cerebral palsy patients experience muscle relaxation and increased mobility.

- One success story involved a girl whose legs stretched by 11 centimeters after three years of therapy, enabling her to transition from a wheelchair to using only one crutch.

Importance of Employment:

- I'm Audio aims to not only provide therapy but also assist children in finding employment opportunities.

- Special needs children often face challenges in the job market, so it is crucial to support them in securing meaningful employment.

- Each child's success story, whether it's taking steps out of a wheelchair or overcoming abuse, motivates us to continue our work.

Sharing Privileged Background:

- The founder of I'm Audio comes from a privileged background.

- Growing up, their parents taught them about the importance of giving back.

- Instead of closing off their land, the founder chose to open it up for these children, allowing them to create new memories.

Equine therapy at I'm Audio has proven to be a transformative experience for special needs children. The emotional support, physical benefits, and focus on employment opportunities help these children thrive. By believing in their potential and providing them with opportunities, we empower them to lead fulfilling lives. Every day, we witness victories and celebrate the progress made by these incredible children.

The Coming Imposter Messiah (Anti-Christ Dajjal) | Dr. Ali Ataie

- The weakness in the Hadith but scholars quoting extensively for edification.

- The Imposter Messiah will not appear until people become negligent about talking about him.

- The emergence of the Imposter Messiah is tied to the lack of mention on pulpits.

- The Prophet Muhammad warned about the Imposter Messiah in many Hadiths.

The First Major Sign:

- The emergence of the Imposter Messiah is the first major sign after the descent of our Master.

- Before the coming of the Imposter Messiah, there will be 30 lesser de jalun claiming to be prophets.

- The Prophet Muhammad talked about perennial problems like racism and fair treatment of women.

The Impact of the Imposter Messiah:

- The Imposter Messiah will confuse and cause doubt among Muslims.

- People will leave Islam and follow the Imposter Messiah due to confusion and heretical ideas.

- The Imposter Messiah will criticize and raise suspicions about traditional, true Islam.

Confusion Among Muslims:

- Many Muslims practice Islam with a liberal flavor instead of true Islam.

- Muslims practicing liberalism with an Islamic flavor are becoming more common.

- The confusion is caused by the introduction of the Jolly culture and system.

Polarization and Disunity:

- Americans are becoming more polarized, gravitating towards extreme right or extreme left.

- Neither extreme is an ally for Muslims.

- True ally is Allah, the Messenger, and the community of believers.

Confusion and Colonization:

- Muslims are confusing themselves and allowing themselves to be confused.

- Liberal Muslims are trying to colonize the Islamic religion.

- Western supremacists and cultural colonizers need to respect other cultures and leave Muslims alone.

Current Developments:

- Top rabbis in so-called Israel claim the long-awaited King Messiah has arrived.

- Five blemish-free red heifers have arrived in Israel from a ranch in Texas.

- The significance of blemish-free red heifers in Jewish belief and history.

- These are apocalyptic times of deception.

- Muslims need to be vigilant and spiritually prepared.

- The fumes of the culture of the Imposter Messiah and his minions can choke Muslims out of Islam.

- Display firmness and resoluteness in the face of the Imposter Messiah.

- Current developments in Israel may or may not be a false alarm.

Eastbay unboxing video!!

What's up guys? Welcome to the channel! This is the first ever unboxing video. Let's get it! We got a package from East Bay. Let's turn up! This is my mom, if y'all didn't know. She helped me out with the setup. Okay, so East Bay sent me my first package. I'm partnering with them with NIL. This is amazing! This is awesome for college athletes all across America, and I'm just super excited to just partner with East Bay and see what we got cooking up because we got a video. But they said they had to send me a view. So what's in the box? We're gonna see what's in the box. Thank you. Okay, we're gonna slit right here. Okay, don't hurt myself. Okay, across the top. Oh, there we go. Okay, oh! Okay, so article number one. Oh, there's two of them right here. Okay, we got some socks, Nike. Okay, we got some red Nike socks. Are y'all seeing this? Okay, okay, that's the first thing. Oh, okay, we got a shirt. Let me see this. May get me right. Oh, oh, okay, I like this. I ain't even seen. Oh, oh, we officially with the swooshes. Y'all see me? Hey, okay, okay, I'm gonna fold that, hold that. Okay, what else we got in here? Okay, it looks like... I don't know. Oh, can never have... Oh, these are live. These are like the three-quarter. Okay, oh, y'all got me right. I do not own a pair of these. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, you're a mess. Okay, I like that, that's dope. I'm okay, I'm getting the idea for the okay. Are these some shorts? I think they are. Oh, okay, oh, I like these. Oh, yes sir! Oh, yes sir, I can see you right now. I'm gonna be right quick. Y'all didn't even see that, y'all didn't even see that. I'm messing with it. Okay, the fit is coming together. What else is... Oh snap, okay, hold on, hold on now, hold on now. Let's see what else is... Oh, no, I do not have these. Oh my god, hello swag alert! Yes sir, hey look, now you see me. Hey, I'm gonna get live, the fit about to go crazy. But I don't have... Okay, so we got both sets. We got the shoes, crazy. I'm supposed to be able to catch something though. Wait, is there anything else in that box? Oh, oh, hold on, hold on. Oh, we got some stickies. Okay, sticky fingers. Oh, oh man, look bro, I'm trying to tell y'all, East Bay, they're gonna get you right. I got my gloves, I got my kicks, I got my shirt. I'm finna be fly. I got my three quarters, I got my shorts, and I got my socks. Man, East Bay really outdid themselves. This stuff looks great. I can't wait to put it on. As a matter of fact, let's see how it's gonna look for the video. Yo, hey, East Bay outdid themselves. I am super excited. Nothing makes me want to go get ready for the game right now. No, but for real, I'm super excited. I remember being a young kid, filling out East Bay catalogs for my dad, telling him what I wanted, all the cleats, all the gloves. I'm super excited to be an East Bay partner, and I cannot wait for y'all to see the little commercial we got cooking up. Be the one.

"Gang Fight" -- Rebecca Black, as interpreted by a bad lip reader

In this article, we will discuss the impact of music on our emotions and how it can bring people together. We will explore the power of music to uplift our spirits, express our emotions, and create connections with others. So, let's dive in and explore the fascinating world of music!


1. The Emotional Power of Music

- Music has the ability to evoke a wide range of emotions.

- It can make us feel happy, sad, nostalgic, or even pumped up.

- Listening to music can be a form of therapy and a way to cope with our emotions.

2. Music as a Universal Language

- Regardless of language barriers, music has the power to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds.

- It serves as a common ground where individuals can come together and share their love for music.

- Music breaks down barriers and unites people in a unique and powerful way.

3. The Role of Music in Expressing Ourselves

- Music allows us to express our innermost feelings and thoughts.

- Through lyrics and melodies, we can convey our emotions when words alone fall short.

- Whether it's singing along to our favorite songs or creating our own music, it provides an outlet for self-expression.

4. The Impact of Music on Social Connections

- Music has the ability to bring people together, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

- Attending concerts, music festivals, or even just jamming with friends can create lifelong bonds.

- It provides a platform for individuals to connect and share their passion for music.

5. Music's Influence on Physical and Mental Well-being

- Research has shown that listening to music can have a positive impact on our mood and reduce stress levels.

- Certain rhythms and beats can even help us relax or energize our bodies.

- Music therapy is widely used to promote healing and improve mental health.

In conclusion, music holds immense power in our lives. It has the ability to stir our emotions, connect us with others, and provide a means of self-expression. So, the next time you find yourself feeling down or wanting to connect with others, turn on some music and let it work its magic. Remember, music is not just a form of entertainment; it is a language that speaks to the depths of our souls. So, let the music play and let yourself be transported to a world where emotions flow freely and connections are made.

He Tried To Mess With A Royal Guard & Big Mistake

Why You Should Never Get on a Royal Guard's Bad Side

- Royal guards may not be the scariest guards in the world, but their devotion to their work makes them formidable

- Many people try to make fun of these guards, but they won't hesitate to take action if anyone crosses a line

- In this article, we will investigate why you should never get on a royal guard's bad side

1. Don't Touch:

- The video clip shows a person trying to get too friendly with a guard and getting scared off

- Touching a guard is crossing a line, and they won't hesitate to take action

2. Invade Their Space:

- The heavy suits they wear already make it difficult for them to move around, so invading their private space is not a good idea

- One tourist ended up on the receiving end of some harsh words for getting too close to a guard

3. Don't Stand in Their Way:

- Guards marching along their route had a tourist standing in front of them, thinking it was a passionate act of rebellion

- Guards shouted at the man to move out of their way in their trademark style, giving him a proper scare

4. Guards Can Get Extreme:

- Guards won't hesitate to send a warning if you invade their private space

- Another video clip shows a person getting scared by a guard after invading their space

5. Guards Have Limits:

- Guards try their best to maintain their stance, but they have limits

- One guard in a clip moved dangerously close to people recording and shouted at them to move out of the way

6. Guards Don't Accommodate:

- Guards will almost never move out of their way to accommodate anyone

- They act as if they live in an entirely different world, where no one around them exists

7. Disrespect Makes Their Job Difficult:

- Disrespectful people can make a guard's job more difficult and force them to react

- A woman in a video clip threw her glove towards a guard, expecting him to pick it up, but he didn't react

- A senior guard arrived and scolded the couple for their disrespectful behavior

- It's important to be kind and respectful to royal guards, as they deserve respect for their work

- Disrespecting them can have consequences, as shown in the videos

- Do you think the royal guards are in over their heads and need to calm down, or do they deserve more respect?

My Girlfriend Is the Doll from Squid Game/ Squid Game in Real Life!

- The night started off with great music and a red light atmosphere.

- A heart was meant for me, but I was told not to touch him.

- Applause filled the room as the night went on.

- Suddenly, a question popped into my head: What is this?

- The next morning, a sweet gesture awaited me as breakfast was served.

- Cupcakes were offered, but I declined and opted for the juice instead.

- As I left the room, I promised to return soon.

1. Gym Session:

- Arriving at the gym, I declared it as my own personal sanctuary.

- Warm-ups were the first order of business, and squats were a breeze.

- Feeling inspired, I wanted to challenge myself even further.

- I was amazed at how fast I could accomplish a new exercise.

- However, my partner questioned if I was done yet.

- We found ourselves facing weights that seemed dauntingly heavy.

- I expressed my desire for a specific weight, as I found it more appealing.

- Curiosity struck me as I came across some unfamiliar equipment.

- Realizing that one weight was too much, I refused to give up.

- I knew I needed to recharge and gain strength before continuing.

2. Finding Our Doll:

- Celebrating our success, my partner and I searched for our missing doll.

- A reward was offered to anyone who had seen her.

- Desperation grew as we asked again if anyone had seen our doll.

- Unfortunately, it seemed that our doll, Nora, had escaped.

- The mention of a red light triggered a memory from the past.

- With the green light given, we proceeded on our mission.

- As we embarked on our journey, a random tune played in the background.

- I wondered what my girlfriend would like to eat from the available options.

- Welcoming us to a spa, we were offered a relaxing massage.

- A sudden realization hit me as I discovered a button that needed attention.

- After completing the massage, the battery was reinserted.

- Puzzled by the day's events, I couldn't help but reflect on its oddity.

3. Grocery Shopping Adventure:

- Excitement filled the air as we embarked on a grocery shopping trip.

- Unexpectedly, we encountered another player in this game called life.

- Determined to move past the events of Squid Game, I reassured my partner.

- A malfunctioning scanner caused frustration during checkout.

- Admiring the convenience of contactless payment, we opted for card payment.

- The cashier's impressive skills amazed us.

- I made it my mission to win a toy by knocking down all the cups.

- To my surprise, the boss started shooting the players.

- I reminded myself that I was just seeing things, and continued on.

- Victorious, I claimed my prize, a token of our triumph.

4. Movie Theater Mishap:

- Ready for a movie night, we settled into the theater seats.

- Engrossed in the movie, I suddenly realized I had run out of popcorn.

- Despite the setback, my partner assured me not to worry.

- To my surprise, fresh popcorn appeared before me.

- The movie's climax featured an epic lightsaber fight.

- Unexpectedly, I destroyed the screen during the intense scene.

- We decided it was best to leave the theater and avoid any further mishaps.

- We returned our 3D glasses, only to find out they were also damaged.

- Disappointed in the movie theater, I made the decision to quit.

5. Casting Process:

- Miss Adele presented us with a ready contract.

- However, the terms in the contract seemed longer than our script.

- Nevertheless, we were impressed by Miss Adele's professionalism.

- The romantic atmosphere sparked an idea within me.

- I decided to surprise my partner with a special gift.

- Realizing that a robot-themed gift would be perfect, I searched for options.

- Rejecting the idea of motor oil perfume, I decided to make a homemade gift.

- With a few simple steps, the gift was complete and ready to be presented.

6. Birthday Celebration:

- It was time to celebrate my partner's birthday.

- I presented my homemade gift and wished them a happy birthday.

- Grateful for the gesture, my partner expressed their joy.

- Introductions were made as my friends joined the celebration.

- Susie, a new acquaintance, caught my partner's attention.

- I overheard whispers of disapproval regarding Susie's outfit.

- Suddenly, a hot beverage spilled, causing chaos and confusion.

- The arrival of an unexpected guest added to the confusion.

- The guest revealed that they were searching for our doll.

- Surprised by their discovery, I questioned how they found me.

- Conflicted between my love for Sean and my father's plea, I struggled to make a decision.

- Love has the power to change lives and bring unexpected twists and turns.

- Despite the strange occurrences throughout the day, love prevailed in the end.

Bay Area police chase: Suspect crashes into cops, runs across freeways

New Footage Reveals Dramatic Weekend Pursuit Involving Carjackings and Arrest of Victor Topete

In a thrilling weekend pursuit, law enforcement agencies across two counties traced and apprehended Victor Topete, a man facing manslaughter charges. This article will provide a detailed account of the events, highlighting Topete's daring escape, multiple carjackings, and eventual arrest.


- Pittsburgh Police encounter Topete, who escapes that night.

- Lafayette Police approach a stolen vehicle and spot Topete in a white truck driving in the opposite direction.

- Topete allegedly crashes into an officer's car before abandoning the truck and fleeing.

- He jumps over a retaining wall and runs towards the freeway.

- While running across the freeway, he is hit by a car but continues to evade capture.

- Topete attempts to force entry into a car and succeeds, driving off with someone hanging onto the car.

- He enters a tunnel and eventually exits onto the wrong side of the road, colliding with another vehicle.

- Topete sheds his clothes and continues running southbound alongside the freeway.

- Law enforcement monitors him from the air and eventually closes in on him with a canine unit and officers on the ground.

- Topete puts up a fight during his arrest.


- Topete is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, attempted assault with a deadly weapon (three counts), resisting arrest, carjacking, attempted carjacking, evading arrest, reckless driving, probation violations, possession of stolen property, trying to harm a deputy's canine, and felony hit and run.

The dramatic weekend pursuit involving Victor Topete highlights the tenacity and coordination of law enforcement agencies across two counties. Despite Topete's attempts to escape, he was eventually apprehended and now faces a multitude of charges. The entire incident was captured on video, providing strong evidence against him.

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