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easy dser dropshipping

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Dsers Aliexpress Dropshipping For Beginners (2022)

these years. aliexpress drop shipping- step-by-step tutorial. hey guys, welcome back to the youtube channel. in this video, i'm going to be showing you how to get started with drop shipping using desert, so let's get into it now. you might be wondering what is drop shipping, what is teasers and how should you get started with this platform? well, drop shipping, as you already might know already, is one of the most lucrative ways to make money. it is when you indirectly sell products from a third party source, usually from aliexpress, or you source it from some other cheaper website, and then you can resell them on your own website that you can create using any ecommerce platform like wix, shopify or ecwid, and then you can just remarket those same products and then sell them to your customers and make money. now, why should you? you, why should you use a platform like these years instead of just directly opening up? like, let's say, if i just go on to aliexpress and open up the products myself, now, why should i use diesels as my getaway tool? well, if i go onto aliexpress, you can see i will be filtered with a lot of information. it's going to be difficult for me to navigate through properly. and then there are also certain limitations and restrictions to certain products. you know some products are not going to be shipped worldwide. some products have other limitations and restrictions and you will be able to easily manage all of that on these series, instead of just directly going on to aliexpress now to get started with desert, you're just going to go on to dscom, which is d-s-e-r-s dot com, and then you're just going to click on try for free on the top right over here and once you click on get started for free, you're just going to have to create your account. so we're just going to input our email address and our password and then we're just going to click on log in or, obviously, if you're creating a new account, you're just going to click on sign up and now you can see i have been logged on. now i already have a wix ecommerce store so you can go onto a platform like shopify. so shopify is ecommerce website building platform that you can easily create your website on, or you can even go on to wix, which is available for free. so if you want a more premium experience, go for shopify, but if you're just starting out and you just want to try this, then you can go on wix and create a free website. now you can see over here if i go back onto teasers and i can go- and i'll show you guys a overview. first, on your left you have your navigation panel. you have your home page where you can just find your summary of everything you have, find suppliers, you have your supplier optimizer. you have your import list where my product links your open orders and your archived orders. below that you have your settings. so in your settings you also have basic, uh, basic things that you have added, like your wix stores, so, or like whatever store you have, and i'm just gonna click on disconnect store, delete quick store, and i'm just going to update and add a new store. so i'm just going to take this one over here, copy this, and then we're just going to click on reselect and then you can link any of your wix or woocommerce or shopify stores and we're just going to click on link eight wig store and then we're just going to link our wig store. so we're going to click on select over here. this is the site that i want to link. click on add site and in this way i have synchronized my deezer's product list basically with my shopify or with my wig store. so in this way, whenever i import products onto my dj's account, i can push them onto my shopify store or my wig store without having to even wait for a approval, or i won't even have to actually go on to and open up the wix platform. it would directly be added from the research platform. so you can see. on your left side you find suppliers, and i'm going to show you guys how to start adding products onto your website and how to customize these labels on your website as well, because, uh, everyone can just add products onto onto their website. you need to make sure they sound like a premium product. they need to sound very professional, they need to sound very well thought out. so first, what we're going to do is we're going to search for a t-shirt over here, so we're just going to look for clothing, or you can just go on to any of these categorizations as well, so you can just open up this drop down menu, click on women's clothing, click on blouses and shirts, and then this would just open up the category like this, so you can see there are quite a few different options available. like this shirt is selling for like two to four dollars and i'm pretty sure i could easily sell this for over 20 dollars. so what i'm going to do is i'm just going to click on the shirt over here and this would open up the aliexpress link, and what i'm just going to do is i'm going to, once you browse the aliexpress link, once you're, once you're satisfied with that, what you're going to do is you're just going to go back on to teasers and you're going to click on import over here and once you click on import, your product will be added into your import list. so we're going to click on our import list and now you can see i have previously added this, but i'm just going to delete that for now, and now you can see the t-shirt has been added to my import list. now, once a product is in your import list, you basically have the option to either choose to push this to wix or click on edit product name, like this, and click on edit product name, and then you can first customize the product, customize the tags, customize all of that information and then later on, push to your store so you can just go on to find suppliers, browse the categories. so we're just going to take another look and you can just add multiple different like: add all of the items that you like onto your import list and then you can filter out the ones that you want to add to your store and then leave the ones that you don't want to add. so i'm just going to go onto my import list. now i want to have these two products and i'm going to click on edit product name and i'm going to name this witch t-shirt instead of having, like this long, super long name, and i'm going to add this um textured blouse like this, and i'm just going to click on save. and now what i'm going to do is you can also click on tag management and add and remove your own tags. but now i'm going to click on push to wix and now you can see you can use your pricing rule or you can add your own custom pricing. i usually recommend that you use the basic pricing rules because they're super efficient and easy to understand, and then you can also publish this to an online store and continue selling one out of stok. but i recommend you don't select those options. and now you're just going to click on push to wix and now it's going to take a couple of minutes for your product to be sent on to your store. so we're just going to wait for our products to be entered onto our wig store and you can just go and close this for now and just you know, open up your supplier list and browse products and just wait for that, and once we have done that, i'm just going to refresh my wix store. and now what i can do is i can open up my wix dashboard, click on select site over here and then, just to make sure everything is synced up properly, you can click on store products and then you can click on your product over here and now you can see these are the two products that i added and these are currently, you know, invisible because i i haven't synced this up properly. but now i can just make these visible from my wix dashboard and i can also choose to add them in a certain category. so i'm just going to open up the wish t-shirt and maybe i just want to add this into the new drop section. so i'm just going to add this in the new drops in women's section. click on save over here and now, if i go onto my wig store and refresh this, you can see my new product has been added and if i ope.


hey, there guys, my name is marcus and in this video i'm going to show you step-by-step process how you can use the scrs. uh, in a few steps. so let's start now. when you want to log into the dscrs, you're going to see multiple things here. on the left side is the home, then report. when you're going to see like all the reporting of orders, then you can find suppliers here. you can see also supplier optimizer and you just like find similar products using the aliexpress url. then you're gonna see the product and import list. we will get to it too. then you would see orders here like pending or waiting order or those that you have to pay for, and then you're gonna see the affiliate here as a reward season that you can share and request rewards here, and then you're going to select the new feature. so this is how the basics of dscrs works. now, when you would come here, you can link to more stores. i'm not going to show you how you can actually like connect with your shopify account, because it's like really simple. all you have to do is just go in apps and visit shopify app store and just like download the application. the one thing i recommend is just like downloading extension from chrome or safari. i have chrome, so i'm going to install chrome so you can use it. add extension. okay, now i see it here. i'm going to just log in and voila, here i am. so this is how you can simply do it. and now what you can do is this, so how we can actually import the products. first, you can use the find suppliers directly in the crs, or you can find it and find similar products when you just like. copy the link from the aliexpress website. so let's say that i have- i don't know what i'm going to like- this shoes here. right, what you can do first is a simple import. okay, i'm going to stay, because let's say that i want to [Music], i want to find another product. or i can go with a case, and here i gotta see that. okay, for iphone 12, i'm going to import the two. what you can do is to click here for supplier optimizer and just it's going to automatikally paste the link and you just have to wait until it's going to load and you're going to see older similar products. this is a huge advantage. the crs got comparing two different, different tools, like the scrs, that you can actually find similar products that you can like which are going to be cheaper, and you can buy it from those suppliers if you find it trustworthy. when you're gonna import. i'm going to products and import list. here i will see the product that i'm imported and then i can edit product. i can delete it, i can add text to it or i can sprint it into multiple products. so what can i do? i can simply edit the product here and now i can change the title. i'm going to move my camera a little bit so you can see everything. you can select the store. then you can add the collections that you created in your store. in shopify you can add a type text: vendor. this is all what you can actually add in dscrs. then you're gonna see variance here. then i automatikally- uh, get it from like the crs aliexpress store description. what i really like this is going to automatikally get also the photos- and this is huge because plenty of tools are not getting those photos- and here you can have it. then you're going to see images and then shipping info. now what you can do is when you would edit everything with the variants, with the products, and that you can change the images. i can come here and push to shopify and here. so this is the shopify store that i created and i'm going to add a product in pricing rule applied to this product if you have manually edited the product price, and this will uncheck this box. so this is going to be directly from aliexpress and also publish to online store. what you can do is to directly publish it and now push to shopify, and when i would go here to shopify to all products. i can see it right here, i can see it's active, i can see the description here and i don't have to do anything, right. what can i do now is to simply go to my online store, go to catalog and here i'm gonna see my product and i can simply add to cart and i can view the card here and you can simply check out, right. so this is how you can actually do it. and now how to actually pay when you're going to check out. it's really simple. also, what you have to do is when you're going to have like be my products, you see that these are imported. i can click on orders open and here you're gonna have like pending and then you can like, simply pay for it, and then what you need to do is like pay, and then you're gonna be here in aliexpress trade when you're gonna open the account in aliexpress, or like connect it with your dscrs account and you can simply pay now. so, right now, payment methods, i'm going to pay 1 million of dollars, which is pretty effective and pretty cheap. so, again, i click here pay month and i just paid, and this is pretty much it how it works. it's really simple. i don't know what else should i show you guys, because i think it's like intuitive. what you can actually do and how we can actually use the scrs, in my opinion, is much better than overlaw. and here, like when you would use even the extension, when you're gonna surf it by yourself, any experts that you're not going to uh, use in in the scrs, you can simply come here and add to the scrs and right now, as you can see, aliexpress product import success and i go here back to the products import list and voila. here it is. i can again edit the product or i can simply split into multiple ones. if i want to. i can split it by variant or by option and then i can simply edit the product if i desire to write. so this is pretty much it how we do it now. uh, what i also like is that they just choose a free plan. if you're just starting out, you don't have to actually pay, and even when you're gonna have like seven thousand, seven thousand, five hundred products, it still is going to be good and the pricing is like really cheap comparing to overlaw and others. i'll now i don't know what else should i show you. i just wish you the best, guys, and definitely focus on those facebook ads, instagram tiktargets and sell your products there, but definitely be wary of what kind of products you gonna sell. that's like kind of really important, because many times, people are selling products. uh, people are just selling products which are not, i would say, um, effective and good. they're just like dropshipping or shipping everything they see. and also, what i recommend is just like sell products that you actually understand. in that way, you're gonna like win big and have a good product. it's going to take time to actually find it, but when you're gonna find it, you can win big. so thank you guys for watching. i hope this video was helpful. have a great day and goodbye, see ya.

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Dropshipping Changed FOREVER (DSers)

overload's gone. i'm not too sure that it'll ever come back. as some of you may know, shopify has made some major changes to the platform that will affect every single drop shipper using shopify. they stopped using oberlo as a partner and started using this new app called desserts, which is even 10 times better than overload. so, you guys, don't be tripping, don't be sad, forget about it. in this video, i'm gonna explain exactly why this is a good thing, exactly how this affects you and exactly how to use this new app called desserts that is essentially the replacement for oberlo. so, you guys, now that we're in my computer, the first thing that i'm going to do is go into my shopify dashboard and go down to where it says apps. what you're going to do once you go to apps is go ahead and go to customize your store. we're going to type in desserts, right, i cannot spell at all. i believe it's pronounced dusters, but you guys, if i'm wrong, go ahead and drop in the comments and roast me for sure. but anyways, as i said, go ahead and click on desserts. you guys, this app- essentially what it is- for those of you who don't know- is oberlo- basically got removed from the shopify app store and desserts is essentially the replacement for oberlo. this change was something that, at first, i was a little like. what? like? kind of like, how's this gonna affect us? this is insane. like what's going on? shopify, like, come on, i thought you had our back. this app is actually a very, very solid app and i believe it to honestly be better than oberlo. with that being said, you guys go ahead and click add app. as soon as you click add app, it's going to go ahead and set you up to download it to your store. this app is a really, really easy setup and don't be nervous about it at all, you guys, about switching from overload: super, super simple. what i'm gonna do is create an account for me. all right, you guys. so actually, the first thing we got to do is go ahead and choose a plan. you guys, i'm going to go through each one and explain to you guys a little bit of what they each are. so, first off, i just want to say enterprise and pro are things that you guys aren't going to have to worry about. what i usually like to stik to is just going with the advanced. obviously, the basic is what you start off with, but if you're going to do any of the paid plans. you guys, once you start making sales, the advanced is really really all you need. your product limit is literally 20 000 products per account and there's no way you guys are going to be putting 20 000 products in your store. if you are, you should definitely consider deleting them and watching the other videos on my channel. i just want to let you know that i'm going to be giving away a free premium shopify theme to every single one of you who stays until the end of this video. so all you have to do is stay until the end of the video to find out the details. you can have up to 10 stores. it's a really cool thing that you can actually connect your desktop account to multiple stores. so if you wanted to just pop up another store and add, like, the same products and everything, you guys can literally just log in on that store. you already have that. you have three available on the free plan which, in reality, you're probably never gonna have to use that feature. it's just something cool that they threw in there. the next thing is you guys have customer support. always, you guys can process order in bulk, which is amazing, you guys. but to get started, you guys, all you're gonna have to do is do the basic and go for that. so, as i click get started for the basic, the next thing i'm going to do is link my store and aliexpress. so, you guys, if you don't already have an aliexpress account- right, i obviously have one, so it automatikally connected, like that. but if you don't, you guys, on that step aliexpress will pop up and they'll ask you to make a quick account. it's just your name, your email, like any other account making thing, right, you guys? you guys already have an aliexpress account. it's going to bring you right to this page, just like it did for me. so you guys can go through this little tutorial process or whatever, but you don't need to, because that's exactly why you're on this video. you guys follow the channel for a reason, so you guys don't have to do stuff like this. so, you guys, i'm going to break it down for you without having to actually read the directions. so once you guys are inside of home, it's going to basically walk you through a little get to know. you know, desktops thing, where you can add your first product, push products to shopify, store mapping, set up suppliers, process your first order. then next is going to be reports. this is where, once you're making orders, you will see all of your reports. obviously, i'm on a test store, you guys, so there's no orders on the store, but, as you can see, right, you guys, this is exactly where you'll be able to see your sales dashboard. you can see sales, profit, all that good stuff. next thing is going to be finding suppliers. this is really, really cool compared to oberlo, and this is honestly why i like it so much. oberlo did have aliexpress. you know products on their website as well- but ultimately you would always have to go to aliexpress if you want something specific, because overload just didn't have all the selection. but desserts actually completely changed that, you guys- and this is one of the coolest, easiest ways to navigate a platform like this i've ever seen- you guys literally do not have to even use aliexpress if you're using dessert. no more days of having 30 tabs open while you're shopify drop shipping in fulfilling orders. all you guys need is one tab, and that's deserves right here, you guys. so right in here, you can literally search up any product you want to sell: blender bottle. so right here, you guys: blender bottle- literally a ton of different options come up, and this is why this app is so amazing. it not only finds you products quickly, but it gives you a ton, ton of options. as soon as you're ready to, you know, copy a link. if you want to copy a link to the product and, you know, maybe pull it up on the side tab and actually look at the aliexpress listing. you guys want to go and add this to your import list, just like oberlo, where you would import the product to your store. click that right there, you guys. you don't need anything else other than that. you guys can also go ahead and get the google chrome desktops extension. if you guys want to use aliexpress outside of deskers, honestly, most products are on here and i would recommend just using it right inside of their software. moving on, supplier optimizer is another really cool feature. let's type in one. that's an actual example. so we'll go back to the blender bottle. what i'm going to do is click on one. i'm going to copy the link and then i'm going to go in here and search it. basically, what it does right here, you guys, is pull up all the other suppliers who are selling this product that they can find and kind of price compare for you so you could find the best one. this is an absolutely insane feature and probably my favorite about this whole entire app, just because you can literally just price shop right here. that easy, you guys. on aliexpress, it is extremely hard to go through and filter and find all the products that you want or all the suppliers selling that same product. it's absolutely insane, and this is a very, very key tool when you're looking for a good supplier to start with. obviously, eventually, you're going to want to use a private sourcing agent. next is going to be your import list. so, you guys, this is where you're basically going to be doing what you used to have to do on oberlo, and that is edit and import products into your shopify store. so, as you can see, i have this little shaker cup on my import list. i'm going to do if i want to put this on my store is: hit, edit product details and, just like in oberlo, you guys, you could put whatever title you want- shaker cup- and then you can add it to whatever collection. right, you can put type on it: tags: vendor.

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DSers Shopify Tutorial | How To Use DSers With Shopify

teaser shopify tutorial. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in this video i'm going to be telling you how you can use these here on shopify and how you can use it to drop ship items. so let's get started. so, over here, what i want you guys to do is just simply, you know, sign into your shopify account or sign up, whatever it is that you want to do, and then we will continue. all right, so once you've logged in, this is how it's going to look like, right? so you're just simply going to use this deezer app to add products, right? so it's pretty simple. your homepage is going to look like this. what you're going to do is you're going to go into apps over here, and once you come over here on apps, you will see you have the deezer aliexpress drop shipping app right here. but if you don't have that, what you can do is click on find product options over here and click on view more in collection, and over here, you will see the dc ali express drop shipping application right here. so just simply click on the application right here and then just simply click on a find app over here. you can just simply add this application into your shopify account. so, as you can see right now, it's loading up right here, and then what you got to do is just simply click on install app over here and once it's installed, this is how it's going to look like. so now you just have to register yourself, create an account for you, or register yourself. so let's go ahead and create an account for us registry, and then we are good to go. so then it's pretty simple. now all we need to do is just, you know, get started. so we're gonna choose the free plan for now and get started. so step number three is to link your aliexpress. okay, so simply click on aliexpress and now we just simply sign in with our aliexpress account, and now we just simply agree to their terms and services and just simply click on authorize, and now it is done and we are good to go. so let's start importing products. all right, let's go ahead and do that. so it's pretty simple. we just- they basically show you a small little tutorial and you are good to go. so now what we're going to do is we're just simply going to click on find supplier and over here, this is aliexpress, and over here we have these. all these different products are from aliexpress. so all these products are from aliexpress and we can go ahead and start importing them. so just simply choose the product that you want. all right, let's say we want to import this one, so we'll just hover our mouse over here and, as you can see, it has the option right here. we have copy link, import or, you know, have the supplier optimization. so if we go over to import list, that is one way to do it. but there is another way: we just have to import the aliexpress product by url or search product over here. so let's go ahead and open up aliexpress. so over here, um, we are already logged in, no, but it doesn't really matter. okay, we are logged in. so now what we'll do is we'll actually go ahead and start to, you know, from import different products. so let's go with men's fashion over here and, uh, we'll just choose casual pants and it should be over here. here we go. so, as you can see, we have all these different pads. so let's say we want to import this one, right, so we'll click on the product, we'll copy the product url, we'll go back to deezer and then we'll just paste the product over here and we'll just simply click on this button, push to shopify, and we'll click on ok and here we go. so we have this product now. when we want to add this product into our shopify account, we just simply click on push to shopify and then continue selling when out of stok and also publish online store as well. so we're not gonna continue selling it once it's out of stok. so of course we can't sell it because it's out of stok. but then we just simply click on push to shopify and then it's gonna be added into our shopify account, as you can see over here. let's just wait for it to be added and we'll, and i'll show you. okay, i believe it has been added. let's go ahead and check it out. we'll go back to products, go back to our shopify account and in products, as you can see, we have it over here. so now you can go ahead and click on this product and start editing it out like. you can choose which variants you want to sell, you can change the name, you can edit the prices, the colors, all of that. so, as you can see, this is the description. we'll leave it at that, as it is. then we have the sizes, we have the variance over here. you have the prices as well and the quantity in stok as well. so luxury, straight business, casual pants. so we'll just say this is straight. we'll just get 2022 luxury out the way and we'll say we'll also get this one as well. so this is a straight business or casual- i'm gonna add, like ore- or casual men's pants. all right, this is how it looks like. then over here, we can change the pricing of it as well. so currently, this was going over for 3 000 over here, including shipment. including shipment, it should be around 5 000, so i'll just say 5 000.. 5000 means it's going to be at least 50 dollars, so don't worry about that. i have, i'm sorry, five thousand is gonna mean it's gonna be at least um twenty dollars, or twenty five dollars, i believe. and once you've added all of your icings, over here there's a lot of variants- the different sizes, different colors, so you're gonna have to do this tedious task for a little while. there isn't, unfortunately, any button for you to change all the prices at once, but you know you can go ahead and do this manually, but it's going to take some time. but, as you can see, didn't take a lot of time, but we are good to go now. so then, once you have added the prices and all of that- actually there should be there- we go edit prices. oh, i could have, oh my god, i could have done this and that could have saved a lot of time. so over here, you just enter in the price and just simply click on apply to all and you should be good to go. damn, i should have done that. but once it's done that you are good to go, then you just simply click on save and now you are good to go. so, as you can see, it's pretty simple, guys. another cool thing about deezer is their supplier optimizer. what that basically means that you can find the same product by using aliexpress product link and click here. so if i click the link over here, let's say: this product- right, this was the product. we'll just copy the link, we'll paste that over here and we'll click on search. it's going to upload pictures of the product supplier. then we can download the pictures as well and you can find multiple. you know suppliers for the exact same products and you can see which one is cheaper, which one it has better reviews, which one is much more better. so, as you can see, they're all casual pants and they all have different prices over here, different shipping methods, different variants and different ratings as well and different sales numbers. also, we'll go with the highest sale number. so this is the person that has the highest sale number. highest sale number over here: three dollars. over here, shipping 25, you know, dollars per product, three dollars per shipping and, as you can see, 105- 15 products have been sold. another thing we can do is maybe we want to have like another thing, like we want to upload something else. let's go with these pants. i mean, these pants looks pretty nice, so what we'll do is again copy the link, go back to deezer and i'm gonna post it over here. this is a pretty cool option that they provide. not a lot of people provide this option: the supplier optimizer, which helps you get the best supplier out of them with the highest rating and the highest sales and the cheapest products. right, so over here, let's go with the sales number. here we go. so this is the person right here: eighteen dollars and zero dollars for shipping and 24 sales and 19, and has a rating of 4.5. it doesn't have the highest ratings. this one has the highest rating, but not a lot of sales all right. so actually these also have the highest sales number as well: eight dollar.

DSers Tutorial For Beginners - Learn How To Dropship With DSers

Drop Shipping apps are great to use when you're just getting started and launching your brand on Shopify, and dsters is one of the most popular apps. it's one of the few apps that Shopify recommends when you first get started and you open up your account. so this video tutorial is for you: to start your Drop Shipping Store on Shopify using the de-esser's app. for context, I'm David. I'm the CEO of the brand ygn and I run an influencer agency helping Shopify Brands grow faster by helping them partner with creators. so in this video, I'm going to show you how to install the de-esser's app, set up the most important settings, find winning products and I'll show you what it looks like when you get your first order and how you'll go about fulfilling that order in AliExpress. but before we get into that, let's tok about why you'd want to use the de-esser's Drop Shipping app on Shopify. it's basically a connector between Shopify and AliExpress. it can make your life a little bit easier by helping you find information about certain products you'll want to sell in your store. it syncs product information, such as pricing and product availability, to your store, so you're never selling a product that might not be available in AliExpress once you're set up and you're getting your first sales, it'll automatikally send those sales directly to AliExpress to make it easier for you to fulfill that. so let's get started and let's jump into my laptop. the first thing we'll need to do is install the app. so we go over to apps here. as I mentioned, the de-essers app is a recommended app, so let's click on recommended apps here and you can see de-essers AliExpress Drop Shipping right here. so let's click add and then we go forward with installing the app and then let's just use create an account for you. as you can see, there are multiple plans. when we're just getting started, all we need to use is the free plan. that'll get us exactly what we need. we just need to be able to find the products, send them to Shopify and allow de users to send the orders when we get them over to AliExpress. so let's just use the free plan. the next step is connecting your de-esser's app with AliExpress. if this is your first time setting up the dsrs app, you might not have an AliExpress account if you don't click on register and go through the registration process. if you do, you can just sign in, and that's what I'll do, because I already have an AliExpress account. so now it's all set up. we've connected AliExpress to the de-esser's app. it's going to drop you onto this page here. it has an annoying tutorial, so you want to skip that and say I will explore freely. before we go into searching for products, let's look at the important settings, click on settings and here we have our account. the DSs app makes it easy for you to create different types of configurations for shipping settings. so say you're shipping to multiple countries. you can set it up so that there's certain types of shipping methods that are matched. so say you're shipping to the United States and then there are all these different types of shipping methods that go to the United States. you could also go Advanced and you could say: select a shipping method when it's below a certain cost so you can optimize based on cost. I wouldn't do any of this. I just turn shipping off. then you can look at it manually, price your shipping above what- the highest shipping possibly- so that you know that you're going to cover shipping automatikally and you don't have to worry about the different variations of shipping. you can also set pricing rules. so, for example, you can say I want to 2x the price that comes out of AliExpress. I usually leave these pricing rules off. you want to be able to decide how you want to price it. you might. you might say I want to be more aggressive and price at 1.5 x the price that comes out of AliExpress, or you might want to charge a premium because you know that you can position it really well. you want to charge 5x the price. so I would. I would avoid this pricing Rule and manually set your pricing when you're just getting started. then you can also see here the supplier. this is just the AliExpress account that you assign. if you want to change that, you can click the trash can. these are just settings for AliExpress. so package tracking, notifications and synchronization- these features- the synchronization- is mostly an upgrade to when a product runs out on AliExpress. you want to turn the product off on your Shopify store. you can sit as as draft, but, as you can see, you're going to need to upgrade to have access to these types of features. we can click here to the home page and then it has a set of steps that you can take and this is. it's pretty much straightforward. the first thing that we want to do is add a product. so let's go to add product. this just takes you to the Fine suppliers page. the nice thing about the DS's app- one of its its features- is that it allows you to search by where the product is shipping from. one of the biggest challenges when you're starting Drop Shipping is the shipping time. so you want to ensure that your suppliers have shortened shipping time and because I'm shipping from the us, what we can do is we can just say: I want to only ship from the US and not from China, so that I know that all the products so I didn't go in my store are going to be shipping directly from the US. and then they have this winning product section here. so let's just take a look at the popular products or the winning products that are shipping from the US. we have all these different products that are shipping from the US. let's sort by orders. these are the products that get the most orders that are shipping from the US in the winning products category. so when you scroll over the product, you'll see this button here that says add to import list. you'll also see supplier Optimizer so you can find multiple suppliers that can supply you the product, or you can just click on this image here and it will take you out directly to AliExpress so you can actually take a look at what the product looks like. on AliExpress, you can look at the different variants of the product, as well as the different shipping options that they offer. so you can see here that estimated delivery is 4 to 13 days because it shifts from the United States. so let's find a product that we actually want to sell. let's add this pet travel dog seat. we want to add that to the import list. so now it's over here in the import list. we can go to the import list to check. but we're just going to close this out, because we also want to add a product that has variations, because there is a couple things that we need to do when your product has variations as well. let's also add this tactikal dog harness. so once this is added, let's go to the import list to check. now we've added these two products to our list, our import list, which will then be pushed to our Shopify store. the way that we do this is that we check each product that we want to push to the store and click on this button, and there are a couple of settings that we want to look at. the first one is these: preferences pricing rule apply to this product. let's turn it off because we're going to be manually setting our pricing and then we, if we want to continue to sell this product when it's out of stok, but we don't want to do that, let's check also publish to online store so that when it gets pushed to Shopify, it automatikally sets the setting as the online store as the main sales Channel. okay, so let's click on push to Shopify. it'll show your status here. so let's check the status. it's push, you can click on my products and you can see that these products are now active in Shopify. and there are other settings that you want to be sure that are set correctly. if, say, you know the sizing is different, but let's keep them all mapped ships from China, it will say it ships from the United States. so these are settings that you can set. I usually just leave these alone and you just let. you just let these set.

Dsers Shopify Tutorial 2022 | Dropshipping Guide

deezer shopify tutorial. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in this video i'm going to be telling you how you can use deezer with shopify and how you can use it to start drop shipping business. so, having said that, let's just jump into the video now. first things first. what you're going to do is you're simply going to come over to shopify and you're going to create an account, and once you've created an account, you've signed in, you're logged in, whatever you want to do. this is how it's going to look like right now. once you're over here, what you're going to do is you're just simply going to go over to the app store. it's just plain and simple, just like this. what you're going to do is you're going to come over to app store and you're going to find the deezer application over here. now, if you don't find this application, what you can do is you simply click on view more application over here and it's going to take you over to the shopify app store where you can find other applications and all the other applications, and then, over here, as you can see, it's still over here, but if it's still not in front of you, what you can do is just simply click on sourcing and selling products. just simply click over here and you will find it over here. or you can just simply click on browse all apps and just simply search for it, right. so, over here, as you can see, the shopify app store has thousands of applications to choose from, right, so you don't have to worry about it. so once you found the application- the deezer aliexpress drop shipping application- just simply click on the application and just simply install it. so click on find app over here, then it's going to take you over to the installation page where you just simply install the application. so, over here, as you can see, this is the application. just simply click on install app and then it's going to ask you: do you want to create an account yourself or you want them to create an account for you? so i'm just simply going to save time and simply click on create an account for you on the top option. then it's going to create an account for me, right. then it's going to ask me over here. it's going to take me over here where you can see the- you know- plans. so there are four plans: the free, the advanced, the pro and the enterprise. so this is one of the things i like about diesel is that it's one of the great application that lets you use it for free forever, and they have hundreds of options. they have almost all the options and just some couple of options they don't give me, such as the affiliate program and the bundle mapping. they don't give you that, but anything else they give you and they also doesn't, all right. so in the free plan you will get the process orders in bulk. you will get store limit. you can only get up to three stores on the free plan, which is still quite a lot- instead of just one, whereas quite a lot of other platforms they only provide one store. but over here on diesel you can connect up to three stores and you will have 3000 a product limit and you will have inventory management notifications only. you will have cost change management. you will have notifications. only they're going to give you the notification. then you're going to have to go into the application and fix it yourself or check it out yourself, and then you have automated pricing rule, fixed or percentage increase only so. and then you have variant mapping so you can sell up to two suppliers per product, and no target region mapping, so you don't have to worry about that. but if you go with the more advanced ones, they give you a little bit more options, which i think is pretty awesome. it's they're not ripping you off. they actually give you quite a lot of options. they actually provide value to your plans, which i like about teaser. so now we're just simply going to stik with the free plan and we're just simply click on get started right then. the third step is to link your aliexpress account. so just simply click on the application right here and then they're gonna automatikally authorize your account. all right, so over here, just simply sign in into your account. i'm gonna use google to sign in and then they're gonna basically ask you to: you know, let's start getting processing orders, start importing products, or. i will explore freely or and learn later. so i'm just going to choose the third option right here and then over here. this is how the application is going to look like. this is going to be the home page, where you just simplify products and that it was the flying suppliers. and this is the home page. over here. you can see, you have the get to know the user. you can go ahead and use all of this, this checklist, to complete your account. you have your setup over here. you have the chrome extension. you can install it to help you find even more options. so this is basically how it looks like, right? so let's go ahead and see if we have actually installed the application into our account. there we go. so, as you can see, this is how it's going to look like over here. so now let's go ahead and start importing products. so to do that, what you're going to do is come over here on the left side and click on find supplier. this is going to help you find the supplier, which i will get to in a minute. but what you're going to do is you simply click on import list, all right. or just simply click on my products over here. you're going to see all of your products, right? so what we're going to do is we're just simply going to click on import list and over here, we're just simply going to import our products, right? so what we're gonna do is we're actually gonna just simply go over to aliexpress. we're gonna open it up over here. what we're gonna do is we're just simply gonna import products into our store. so it can be anything you want. it all depends on you. so, for example, as let's take this shoes, for example, first, let me just change the currency. all right, here we go. so, as i said before, let's take these shoes right here. so, as you can see, this is the shoe right here. we have different variants, different colors of the shoe. now, what we're going to do is we're just simply going to copy the link of the product and just simply copy it and then come back to import list and we're just simply going to paste the link over here and we're just simply going to click on ok, now it's going to go ahead and find the product over here and we can just simply click, hover our mouse over this product. we can go ahead and edit the product over here, we can delete it, we can add tags, we can add some shipping info and split into multiple products, if you want, or you can directly, you know, push it into shopify and then you can import it later on. so, and then you can edit it later on. so what we're going to do is we're just simply going to push it into our store and over here, we have the option to, you know, add it into our online store, or we can continue selling it without stok. but we don't want to do that because we don't have to sell it when we're out of stok, because what's the point? so we're not gonna check that box and then we're just simply gonna click on push to shopify, wait for a couple of seconds for it to be updated or added into our shopify account and here we go so as you can see product successfully. so now, if we come over here onto our shopify store, we click on product, we can see that it is available over here and we can go ahead and edit it out up a bit, we can change the name and stuff like that. now let me just show you: one of the amazing things about these are that they provide in the free plan they have the supplier option, so they have the supplier optimizer over here. now what do we do? we just simply click on the supplier optimizer over here and, as i said before, you can even search the product just by image, right? so if you have an image over here, you can just simply paste the image and this, or you can just simply upload the link. so i wanted to, you know, add the link over here and just simply click on search. it's going to go ahead and searc.