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ebay dropshipping banned

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

How to start eBay Dropshipping Without Being Banned!

why is it that some drop shippers start an ebay account and get banned pretty much right away, while others go on to do hundreds of thousands of dollars a year? well, let's find out what's up. everyone, paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful ebay drop shipping store. now, if you log into different ebay drop shipping facebook groups these days, you're going to hear from some people who are claiming that they've been banned on ebay specifically because they're doing drop shipping. but once you start to pull back the curtain, you begin to see that what they're saying doesn't quite make sense. now, if you tok to some of the people who have been banned on ebay, a lot of them will tell you that they've been banned the very same day that they created their ebay account. why is this? well, people are forgetting that ebay is a marketplace and, as a marketplace, any buyers on ebay are not your customers. they are ebay's customers and ebay really wants to protect that relationship because they want their customers to come back to ebay and they want their customers to have a good experience on the website. so when you create a new ebay account, they want to make sure that you're not a scammer. they want to make sure that you really are who you say that you are, so, a lot of times, what you'll find is that, once you create an ebay account, ebay will actually temporarily suspend you shortly after creating it, and all they want is for you to contact them and verify that you are who you say that you are. i've had this happen to a lot of students. all they do, though, is call it ebay, verify their identity, and then ebay lifts the restriction and they're able to keep selling. now, unfortunately, a lot of people don't know about this additional verification step, so a lot of people think that they've just been banned from ebay and just give up. right there, don't give up, guys. call ebay. chances are they will lift the suspension or the temporary ban as long as you verify your identity. now, there are things you might do that could result in your account getting permanently banned the very same day that you create your ebay account. things like using a vpn while setting up your ebay account, or if you already had an ebay account that's been suspended in the past. or you know you have mismatched addresses, where in one place it has one address and another place it has another address. anything that looks kind of suspicious like that could result in a permanent ban, just because ebay is being super careful. also, if you're trying to sell on ebaycom and you live abroad, my advice is to sell on your own ebay, don't sell on ebaycom. use the ebay that's for your country. so the moral here is: just be careful with the setup process, don't do anything to suss and you're gonna be fine. remember, thousands of people sign up for ebay accounts every single day and don't have any issues. just play straight, you'll be fine. now another problem that comes up for sellers as a result of ebay being a marketplace is that ebay has a set of rules that you need to follow as a seller, and if you don't, that is a really good reason for them to ban you. so there are a bunch of rules that you have to abide by. some of them are pretty obvious. some of them are written rules that ebay actually doesn't enforce. i want to go over the main reasons why i see people being banned on ebay, and the first has to do with tracking numbers. gosh guys, just upload your tracking numbers. it's not that hard, and i see this happening with a lot of people where they will not upload their tracking numbers, they'll forget to do it, they'll be lazy with it, they won't upload them on time. that's an issue. ebay wants those tracking numbers. ebay wants them because customers want them. so make sure that you are uploading all the tracking numbers that you have. second thing, make sure you're responding to all your cases. anytime a customer wants to return an item, they're going to open up an item not receive. or they're going to open up a return case. anytime they claim they didn't get the item, they're going to open up an item not received case. you have to respond to these. if you don't, they are going to put a ding on your account. it's going to impact your metrics and that has consequences like raising your fees, for instance, but also, down the line, it could result in you getting banned on ebay as well. so it's very, very simple: just respond to those cases in a timely manner. and third, be careful of vero, the verified rights owner program. these are basically brands that have said: hey, we allow you to sell our items on ebay, which is fine, but you're not allowed to use our stok images and stok descriptions. those are copyrighted. we don't want you using them. so if you do use the stok images and stok descriptions for those brands, you could run into trouble on ebay. now, luckily, if you use a software like the one that i use to list items onto ebay and you try to list one of those viral items, you'll see a warning that says: hey, this is vero, you may not want to list this item. so abide by that warning, don't just dismiss it, because that could get your account in trouble. and the other kind of cool thing is that you're not going to get banned right away for vero. they give you lots of warnings and lots of chances to fix the issue. so that one's pretty easy. just make sure you're listening to your software when it tells you: hey, this is a vero item. now let's get to the question that you all really want answer, which is: is drop shipping even allowed on ebay? so let's go right to the rule. all right, so let's go into my computer and actually look at the rule directly on ebay's website. so ebay says on their website: drop shipping, also known as product sourcing, is when you buy stok from a supplier and work with them to send items directly to your buyers without handling them yourself. that's a pretty good description of what drop shipping is, although i take issue with the fact that they make drop shipping- two words, which no one else does, and they call it product sourcing, which makes no sense regardless. doesn't matter. let's keep reading. what's the actual rule? well, it says drop shipping where you fulfill orders directly from a wholesale supplier is allowed on ebay. so right there, we see that drop shipping in and of itself is not banned on ebay. it is allowed. if we keep reading, though, it says listing an item on ebay and then purchasing the item from another retailer or marketplace that ships directly to your customer is not allowed on ebay. so ebay draws a distinction here between drop shipping from a wholesale supplier and drop shipping from another retailer or marketplace. so what's the difference? examples of retailers are websites like homedepotcom- right, it's another site that's catered to the public, where consumers can go on the website and directly purchase the items themselves. an example of a marketplace would be like walmart. walmart's both a another retailer and a marketplace, because other people can sell on walmartcom too. wholesale, on the other hand, is where you have to actually form a direct relationship with a supplier. you can't just, as a consumer, start buying products from a wholesale supplier. you actually have to apply and get approved and then sell the items to your customers and then get the items from your wholesale supplier. now there is some gray area here, because there are some suppliers that are kind of wholesale and are kind of retail. so sam's club maybe not the best example, but they do claim that they offer wholesale pricing. but they market themselves directly to consumers and one of the kind of criteria for a wholesale supplier is that they give you special pricing that otherwise wouldn't be available to the general public, and sam's club says that they do that. and there are a lot of other different chinese websites, for instance, that are kind of in this gray area as well, where it's really not clear: are they a retailer or are they a wholesale suppli?

eBay Dropshipping: #1 Reason Sellers Get Banned AND How To Avoid 2023

hi guys, neil waterhouse, in this week's video i'll share with you the number one reason ebay sellers get banned for drop shipping, and i'll also share with you how to avoid this from happening to you. and also i'll show you how you can see what your stats are and what ebay sees in your account. if anybody knew this channel, my name is neil waterhouse. i've been selling ebay for 24 years. i'm the author of million dollar ebay business from home and creator of dropship formula. so let's launch straight into it. some people say that ebay does not like third-party fulfillment or drop shipping, or it's not allowed by ebay. however, that is not correct. ebay clearly states in their terms of service that third-party fulfillment and dropshipping is allowed. any newbies watching this video? the term third-party fulfillment means using a third-party warehouse to hold and ship your inventory. drop shipping and third-party fulfillment are very similar. ebay allows drop shipping and third-party fulfillment. however, what ebay does not like is customers not receiving the items that they ordered. when a customer orders an item but they don't receive it, the buyer opens a case on ebay. that case is called an item not receive case. these are known in the industry as inrs, which is short for item not received. ebay very closely monitors the ratio of how many inr cases each seller receives compared to how many items they sell, and i'll show you in the video how to see how many inr cases your ebay account or ebay accounts have received. the big point to note here is: ebay knows how many inr cases an average ebay seller receives compared to how many items they sell per month. like i've been saying for years, to survive on ebay and amazon for a long haul, your shipping averages only need to be average, but, of course, always strive to make them above average. it's like the old saying how fast you need to be to outrun a lion. the answer, of course, is just a little bit faster than the person next to you. it's the same with drop shipping on ebay and amazon. your shipping times only need to be average to keep off the radar. one big mistake that many drop ship beginners make is they do not put in place a methodology that continually checks their supplies inventory levels to make sure their suppliers have stok for all the items they have listed. selling items that your suppliers sold out of is what creates oversell situations. if your supplier runs out of stok of an item, it is critikal to make the listings on ebay, amazon, shopify etc. to show zero available, so the items don't oversell. you can do this manually or you can fully automate the process using a program like scarcity manager or scarcitymanagercom. scheduling manager, or sm as we call it, continually checks your supplier's inventory. if an item runs out of stok, sm will automatikally make your ebay, amazon and shopify listings go to xero available so buyers can't purchase them. selling items that your supplier does not have in stok in the industry is called overselling. what ebay and amazon don't like is when buyers place orders but the buyers don't get what they ordered, or the item does arrive but not in a time frame. so a seller states on a listing. for example, if an ebay seller shows a one day handling time but they consistently sit in three days, this can put the seller on the ebay radar. let me show you in this screenshot you can see this new ebay seller has sold six items and one item has not been received, therefore creating a 16.67 item not received ratio. i'll put a link at the end of the video where you can pull the same information from your ebay accounts that you can see the ratios for your ebay account or ebay accounts on this same page. you scroll at the bottom. it shows download report. note, though: this download report button will only show if you have inr cases. if you have no inr cases, the button does not show. if you click on this download report button, you can download a csv file that shows any item, not received cases or any later rival cases in your account. from this download you can see the date a customer purchase an item, the handling time that you have specified in your listing, the shipper you selected, the estimated delivery date that is based on the postcode you selected in the listing and the postcode of your customer, and the handling time that you specified when you listed the item. also the tracking number and, most importantly, the date the item arrived. note that this is the exact same information that ebay uses to compare you and every other seller on the platform. if one ebay seller's ratios are radically different to the average seller, that is what makes one seller show up on the ebay radar. if you need the link to check your inr's, i'll put a link on the screen below. i'll also put the link to scarcity manager that automatikally checks your supplier's inventory and can make your ebay, amazon and shopify listings go to xero available if your supplier runs out of stok. if you need more drop ship suppliers, i'll also put a link on the screen and below to where you can download over 900 dropship suppliers from all over the world right now for free. if you need help finding top-selling dropship products to list, make sure you check out this video up here. that's all for this week. if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below, and if you found any value in this video, please give it a thumbs up as it helps the channel, and make sure you give the subscribe button to the no fluff and free challenge. teach us, step by step, how anyone can make a full-time living from their home using less than a hundred dollars until next week. stay safely small. sell more. neil waterhouse.

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eBay Dropshipping Is DEAD!!! - Here's Why

eBay Drop Shipping is dead. how is that even possible? how is that even coming from me, from someone who had a YouTube channel with over 60 000 subscribers? over 200 videos on that channel were dedicated to eBay Drop Shipping, with over 3 million views worth of videos. how am I now telling you that eBay Drop Shipping is dead? well, you need to watch this entire video because I'm going to go through it in so much detail. I'm going to break down why eBay Drop Shipping is dead, why you really shouldn't be wasting your time Drop Shipping on eBay. although there are YouTubers out there who are telling you eBay Drop Shipping is fantastik, software developers are telling you this is a fantastik business model. I'm going to give you real examples from real sellers who have stopped Drop Shipping on eBay. people who are doing over a hundred, a thousand pounds a month in sales aren't Drop Shipping anymore. so this video here with over 150 000 views. I am now going to delete it because I do not want anybody to watch Drop Shipping videos on eBay, eBay anymore and on that channel, as you can see, all these videos with thousands of views, I have privatized every single one of these videos about eBay Drop Shipping- what was once a fantastik business model is now pretty much dead. so why is it that when you go over to YouTube and you type in eBay Drop Shipping, there are still loads of videos out there toking about eBay Drop Shipping, making so many videos about eBay Drop Shipping from different YouTubers? it's simply because this search term gets loads of views. if you actually have a look at Google Trends, you can see that more and more people are searching for eBay Drop Shipping and at the end of the day, if so many people are searching for eBay Drop Shipping, then you can milk a lot of views from YouTube and if you get anything between two to three thousand views a day on all your YouTube videos about eBay Drop Shipping, you will be making more than three thousand dollars a month from YouTube ad Revenue. so it pays a lot of money. this is why people are making videos about it. now you guys might be thinking: Hold Up, Wait A Minute. didn't you used to upload videos about eBay Drop Shipping? why are you contradicting yourself? why, when something worked two years ago, it doesn't mean it needs to work now? eBay Drop Shipping was fantastik two years ago, three years ago and way before that. it was so easy to copy and paste information from suppliers like Amazon, AliExpress, CJ, Drop Shipping and make some really good sales. and the biggest issue was it being easy. because it's easy, there's so many people who went onto eBay and started a casual eBay Drop Shipping business. they provided a bad user experience and ultimately eBay started clamping down on these type of Sellers and it got to a point where not only drop shippers got affected. the ones that were Drop Shipping from retail suppliers and marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress- people who are actually using a legitimate Drop Shipping suppliers were being affected. and how are people being effective? first of all, your products start to rank lower on eBay's platform. where you might have appeared on the first or second page, you're going to start appearing on the third and fourth page, which can cause quite a lot of problems, because if you had a couple of 500 items on your store and you are doing a few hundred pounds or maybe a few thousand dollars a month sales, this will now plummet very, very fast. so where you would have had a couple of hundred products, you will now need a few thousand products to actually get the same amount of sales. and then, on top of that, there are many people who are Drop Shipping from suppliers like Amazon and what actually happens is Amazon are now shutting down accounts. as a matter of fact, this YouTuber here called Renee I've made this video where she has been Drop Shipping on eBay for a year and on this video she specifically toks about that after nearly a year that if you put in 40 hours a week, you will make about 9.59 an hour. take a moment to let that sink in. that's after one whole year, putting in 40 hours a week, which is like a full-time job. so when you watch these YouTubers they tell you: hey, you can do this for two, three hours a day. do you really think that's true? you're gonna have to pay virtual assistance and everything else from that. how much money are you really going to be walking away with? so another reason why people are promoting content on YouTube is not just for the YouTube and revenue. but then you get course sales where people are selling courses between three and five hundred dollars, and just imagine they even do just 50 course sales on a monthly basis- how much money they're going to be making. now remember when I said earlier that where you would have made money from a few hundred products, you're gonna need a few thousand. well, look at these software companies that automate eBay Drop Shipping. you're going to need a package that's around about 300 a month to manage a store with 500 products on there, and these influencers will be getting 20 of that. now just imagine these influencers convince 50 people to spend 300 a month on software. the software company will be making 15 000 a month and they'll give 20 percent of that to the influencer, which is around about three thousand dollars. so three thousand dollars on software affiliation, three thousand dollars a month on YouTube ad revenue and another three to five thousand dollars a month on core sales. guess what this YouTuber or this influencer on Instagram or tik tok or wherever else is now made making over ten thousand dollars a month, sending you a dream where you get paid less than minimum wage. as a matter of fact, have a look at this Facebook post I posted on the eBay Facebook group, which I'll leave a link to in the description of this video. this seller had his account flag and I helped him fixed it. now you can see from this seller now he's only got nine active listings. he's done 841 pounds in sales. this is after his fixed his account. you can see that his feedback score is over a hundred and thirty thousand. he used to drop ship on this account and this seller was doing over 100 000 pound a month in sales. now, why would this seller- who's doing- who was doing over a hundred thousand pound a month in sales- completely Stop Drop Shipping and then move over to a wholesale business model, get the account fixed? and now that he's got his account fixed, he's going to be buying a lot more products wholesale so we can resell them because he's fixed the flagging on his account where he was getting reduced traffic. as you can see, this is exactly what happens when you mess around with Drop Shipping on eBay. now listen, people will tell you that you can still Dropship on eBay by Drop Shipping from proper, legit suppliers, while drop shipping supplies are not these marketplaces, like Amazon, Walmart, Argos or any of these. but at the end of the day, do you know what's broken? eBay's bot is broken, the system that eBay used to flag drop shippers who drop ship it from marketplaces. this bot isn't able to differentiate between a proper supplier and a Marketplace, so that's why it's also flagging accounts that are using legitimate Drop Shipping suppliers. another example I posted about two months ago was this seller. he was Drop Shipping from A supplier called CJ Drop Shipping, which is a proper Drop Shipping supplier, and his account got flagged. and guess what? when he removed all his listings and he started selling proper products, he fixed his account and got his traffic back. I'm making this video to tell you from my experience- from over 60 000 subscribers on YouTube, with a Facebook group with over 20 000 members in there getting feedback from real people who are Drop Shipping. I can tell you from my experience that eBay Drop Shipping is now on a very big downward spiral. you're going to end up putting in more and more hours to get less profit out of it. for that reason, once I started realizing that this was happening, I took dow.

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How to Dropship on eBay as a Complete Beginner in 2022! (Complete Guide)

ebay drop shipping is an amazing opportunity if you're looking to start your first online business, because you're able to create a relatively passive form of income for pretty cheap. sadly, though, what most people are teaching about drop shipping just doesn't work anymore, so in this video, i'm going to show you what actually works in 2022 and how you can get started with just a laptop and an internet connection. [Music]. what's up? everyone paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful drop shipping store. now, before we get into the strategies for 2022, we first have to cover what ebay drop shipping is to begin with. so if you're not familiar with ebay drop shipping, this is basically how it works. first, we have a customer who is shopping online here- she is right here, and she is buying an item on ebay. so she's going to pay, let's say, 100 to purchase an item from a seller on ebay, and that seller is you. now, the interesting thing here is that the item that you just sold, you don't even own that item. you've never even touched or handled that item. instead, as soon as that customer purchases the item from you, you then purchase the item from your supplier. so here's your supplier, and you are only going to spend a portion of that- let's say about 80 or 75- purchasing the item from your supplier, and at that point supplier will then ship the item directly to your customer. so this means, with this model, you never touch the inventory, you never handle the inventory, you don't have to buy the inventory up front or store the inventory. your supplier handles all of that. all you have to do is list the items up for sale on ebay as soon as it sells. you then get the supplier to fulfill the orders for you. so it's a relatively simple business model, and the really cool thing is that i believe that anyone can really make one sale using this model. and as soon as you make one sale, all you have to do is go round and round and round and round and round and continue to do it over and over and over again. now the first thing you're going to need- if it wasn't completely obvious- is an ebay account. so just come on over to ebaycom and click on the top left where it says register, and this is where you can sign up. now they give you the option for both a personal account or a business account, if you have that option available. i would go with a business account, but it really doesn't matter. you could sell under a personal account as well. so if you already have an ebay account that you're not using anymore, that's a personal account. you can go ahead and use that one for ebay drop shipping as well. so this might be a good time to tok about why we are selling on ebay to begin with. now i know a lot of people probably assume that ebay is dead with amazon taking over and shopify and etsy and all these other websites. are people still buying stuff on ebay? well, the truth is yes. there's still a lot of money being spent on ebay every single day, and what really stands out about ebay is a few things. first of all, selling on ebay is not like selling on shopify or your own website, because ebay is a marketplace, which means that it already has customers there purchasing items. instead of building your own website and trying to get traffic to visit that website and then trying to get that traffic to actually purchase from you, you can actually go where the customers already are. it is a lot, lot easier to get started on a marketplace than to build your own website. in addition to that you're going to spend a lot less money because you don't have to buy ads like you would if you're driving traffic to your own website. now, comparing ebay to other marketplaces, ebay is one of the simplest places to get started, one of the lowest barriers to entry, and they tend to be not as strict when it comes to other websites like amazoncom. amazon- if you mess up as a seller, you can really just get banned pretty quickly. you can get in trouble with amazon. ebay is a little bit more lenient and forgiving. i just find them to be a lot, lot more beginner friendly. so ebay is an excellent place to start drop shipping if you are a complete beginner looking to get started selling products online. now, during the registration process with ebay, they are going to ask for your bank account information. that is necessary so that they can pay you the money that you receive or that you get for all the sales that you're making. in the past, ebay used to work with paypal, so all the money would go flow through paypal. that's not the case anymore. you don't have to have a paypal account in order to sell on ebay. now everything is integrated in one and you will receive your payments directly through ebay, which is why they need your bank account information. before we actually find items to sell and list them for sale up on ebay, we first have to find a supplier that is actually going to sell those products and dropship them for us. now there are primarily two types of different suppliers. we have retail suppliers and we have wholesale suppliers. so you have to choose whether you're going to do retail drop shipping or wholesale drop shipping. now, retail drop shipping is when you buy the item directly from another retail store, such as amazoncom or walmartcom or homedepotcom, and have them ship the items to your customers. on the other hand, wholesale drop shipping is when you connect yourself up with a wholesale supplier who will then dropship the customers, the orders that you receive on ebay. now, with wholesale drop shipping, it is definitely a bit more difficult to get set up because you have to contact the suppliers, you have to ask them if you can work with them and they have to approve you. so in terms of setup, it's a lot easier to do retail drop shipping and it's harder to do wholesale drop shipping. in addition to that, we have a lot of software that we use to help us run our drop shipping businesses. now that software primarily only works with retail drop shipping, and this software is awesome because it really automates so much of the drop shipping business for us, which is why so many people that do retail drop shipping are able to scale it up so high because of the automation software. so retail drop shipping has the benefit of automation software. wholesale drop shipping has some software that works with it, but it doesn't really work that well, at least not as well as retail drop shipping, and it's a lot more money. so my opinion: there isn't great software for wholesale drop shipping. now. the third thing up here, though, is competition. so right now, you're looking at this and saying: retail looks pretty good, but here's where things start to kind of muddy the waters a little bit. the competition with wholesale drop shipping is really really low because it is harder to set up. most people aren't going to go through all the steps necessary in order to start doing wholesale drop shipping, and that lowers the competition if you are willing to take the action necessary to set up a wholesale drop shipping business. so in terms of competition, wholesale drop shipping definitely wins here. in addition to that, and really because of that, the margins with wholesale drop shipping are better as well when you are drop shipping from retail websites like amazoncom. i mean, think about this: amazon is getting those items from a wholesale distributor themselves, so they're taking the wholesale price and marking it up, and then you're going to take that price and mark it up even more in order to make a profit. but when you're buying it directly from a wholesale supplier, you're getting it at the wholesale price so you can sell it at a markup and still be at or below the amazon price and definitely below what other people are selling it for if they're doing retail drop shipping. so the margins for wholesale are much better than retail in general. of course, there's always exceptions to this. the last one i want to tok about is what is allowed now. selling on ebay th

7 Dropshipping Mistakes That'll Get You BANNED!

if you are trying to succeed with Drop Shipping, make sure to avoid these seven new mistakes, or else you could lose it all. so the first mistake is copying a competitor's website word for word, and if you've seen my other videos, you would know that I actually recommend the copy paste method when first testing products. so a quick recap is here's the competitor: cloudy sharks. they're selling these shark slides, but they're lined with fleece, so they're perfect for the winter. so again, this is the competitor and this is my version of this site. so wherever they had a gift, for example, well, I was basically copying that same GIF onto mine. so this is a copy pasted website. everything on the competitor store is also on my store, and I know I just said that copying and pasting can get you banned. so you're probably like: okay, Anthony, then why are you telling us to do it then? isn't that a little bit counter intuitive? and the exact answer is yes. so when I first test products, what I'll do is I'll copy and paste from a variety of different websites and then throw it all onto my product page. that way, one, it isn't an exact copy paste, but then, two, it also just saves me time from having to manually write it myself, so I recommend doing that for the image and the text. now, of course, if you start getting sales in your profitable, then I would go back and make it all 100 personalized. but when you're first testing a product, there's a huge chance that it's not going to be profitable. so don't spend 200 million hours trying to make it perfect. instead, use what resources are available and Implement that into your product page. and remember if you're copy and pasting at all. yes, there's always a risk and something can go bad, which is why, once I start getting sales and unprofitable, I always go back to the drawing board and personalize it out, but for testing purposes. again, not every product is a winner, so I just want to make it easy on myself to save some time. mistake number two is actually copy and pasting competitors ads for your tiktoks. again, if you've watched my videos, you've seen me tok about using your competitors ads and uploading them into tiktok. when you're testing a product, so when you're using other people's content for ads, there's always going to be a risk that your posts can get flagged by the Creator. so when I'm just testing a product, a lot of times I'll just download existing tiktoks so that way I can test to see if the product is profitable in the first place. then if you're profitable with a product, it makes sense to get your own custom videos made. so that way, as you begin raising your budgets and scaling, you're scaling with your own videos and you're not going to have any issues. but if you were to begin scaling with somebody else's ad creative such as these, and they were to come across your tiktok, well then they could report you and you could get flagged. so if you're just testing, your budget is going to be so low that the odds of the owner actually seeing it is very, very slim to none. so if you're testing again, you want your life to be easy and you want to test products fast. but once you start getting momentum similar to the product pages, I would make it more personal. so that way you're not going to have any issues. real quick, make sure you join my Discord group, The Ecom Mafia. it's a hundred percent free to join and we also have our store checklist in there. so that way you know if your store is a winner or a loser and if you're trying to take it to the next step. we recently launched Ecom Mafia premium. inside we have three courses and all these are jam-packed. I'm just showing you some of these lessons now so you know it's not any BS and that this course is actually damn legit. so if you guys are looking to get access to it, join the econ Mafia. the link is in the description below and premium access is only 35 dollars. so it's a no-brainer and I hope to see you guys in there now. mistake number three is to prevent testing a patented product, and I'm gonna give you 2, two real life examples here, one that happened to me and one that happened to a friend of mine. so the first is this product: Jaws or size. they sell this little ball that you put in your mouth, you chew on and it's supposed to give you a good jawline. I'm sure you guys have seen some sort of product like this before. so I ordered this product off Amazon to test it and right when I was about to start uploading I realized this is actually a patented product and only Jaws or size can sell this ball version of it. so I got lucky and nothing happened to me because I never started selling it. but you can literally see right here: last purchased February 24th, uh in. the second example is with this little back shaver. I know some guy who is getting into Drop Shipping and he was testing this product on Facebook ads and he actually got sued by this company for ten thousand dollars because, again, they own the patent on this product. so when it comes to patent checking products, I can't go into too much detail now, but if that's something you'd like me to go over, we can always save that for another video. mistake number four is missing essential pages on your Shopify store. so, looking at my footer, these are the six pages I would have on every single Shopify store and I always put them in my footer in this order. so we have a track order page, a contact us page, our refund policy, shipping policy, privacy policy and then our terms of service, so you can generate most of these policies in your setting. for the refund policy, there's literally a replace with template button and there's also that same exact button for the privacy policy and the terms of service. so you literally just come here, hit replace with template and it auto populates it for you. now for the shipping policy. this is blank by default, so you have to manually enter this in for yourself and then for contact information. I always leave this one blank as well- and then we also have our track order page where they can just enter their order number and hit track. and then we also have a contact us page, which again they can enter their name, email and leave any question or concern, and then we can hit them back later. mistake number five is not actually tracking your profits. so this app right here, true profit, has been my best friend over these last few years. so it takes your overall orders in revenue and tells you how much you've generated as a whole, but then it also gives you the total cost to fulfill all that. so that means how much it costs to ship your orders out, how much money you spent on ads, how much money you paid in transaction fees, and it's gonna spit out your overall net profit in your net profit margin. this is super important because transaction fees add up a lot over time and if you're not properly tracking your ad spend, then it can be really easy to lose track of how much profit you've actually earned. additionally, even true profit won't be 100 accurate because on Shopify we have our cost per item set at a fixed price. however, every customer is gonna live in a slightly different location. therefore, the shipping on every single order we're sending out is gonna vary by a few cents or maybe even a full dollar. so, with that being said, true profit is still a great way to figure out where your net profit is generally, but when you actually break down the numbers, it is going to be off by a little bit mistake. number six is having a terrible customer experience. right now we're on my Shopify orders page and these are all customers who have purchased from my store, and the first mistake a lot of drop shippers mess up is with order tracking. it's really important that each customer is being notified with their track order links. that's one reason why I always use CJ Drop Shipping. they automatikally add the tracking links for me, which just saves me a ton of Hassle. and, on top of a track order link, make sure the customers are actually receiving the products, because if a customer never gets their order, they can file a c.

My account got suspended after I tried ebay dropshipping - 2021

hey, youtube, renee christine. here and today i'm going to tok about how my ebay account got suspended after i tried ebay drop shipping for like the last year. we're going to go through the whole journey and why ebay suspended our account and the course and direction we decided to take after that happened. all right, let's get to it. but first, after reading these comments, a lot of haters keep that passive income going. remember the words of orrin woodward who said: learn to use the critikism as fuel and you will never run out of energy. don't forget to like this video. remember each light gives you a digital cupcake in your hand. and also make sure you check out cupcaketrainingscom. popularity for the new popularity pack that just got out. if you want your business to be popular, 30 day money back guarantee on that. now on with the show, alright. so last year, pandemic- we started trying all these new ways of making money and ebay drop shipping. holy smoly, we actually started making money. long story short, because we have all of the ebay videos on our channel about how we built it up and the course that we used to do it. i would say we made around 700 bucks the first month and every month after that we made a couple grand, so good, like basic level income, better than the stimulus checks being sent out, at least. and all along the way i was making videos, kind of telling you guys where we were and how we built it up. each step along the way i told you the different tests, like we did, like a seven-day test or a nine-day test and then a three-month test, and we told you all the things all the way, and for each one of those videos you can find comments below that says your account is gonna get suspended because ebay does not allow drop shipping, they do not like drop shippers. and we just kept going thinking we're just gonna not tell anybody, and we didn't. but our account still got suspended, like last week. and i wouldn't say we panicked, because i'm an entrepreneur and i've been doing stuff like this for 15 years, i'm so old, so i didn't panic because like, ah, you know one more thing to figure out. so in figuring it out it was quite complicated and ebay gave us a little notification like you're suspended and we don't like you anymore, and we asked ebay why and they didn't really tell us. but it's so weird. at amazon, facebook, now ebay, they all seem to do this really weird thing, whether they can just blanket statement what you're doing is against our terms of service, even though they don't tell you exactly what you're doing wrong. it's almost like a justike system where they can't tell you the law that you're breaking. it's just whatever they feel like and they can cover themselves by saying: oh, it's against our terms and service. i've had a lot of problems done like facebook doesn't let me advertise on my personal account anymore because of that and i had stopped. i had given facebook over 400 000 in ad money and then i stopped and turned off the ads and then, like a year later, they suddenly said: oh, you're against our terms of service. and i wasn't even running ads. i was like what, what does this mean? but again the whole blanket terms of service. so it's really hard to figure out what their cards are, that they're seeing, that they're, you know, in their company notes. it's like you're almost guessing. like the officer like: do you, do you know why i pulled you over? oh, was i speeding? that's always the first thought that goes through your head. like speeding, could it be? my registration has lapsed. and you're like having to tell the officer: oh, maybe it was this and you're always wrong. but the one difference with ebay seemed to be that after we were suspended, ebit actually had instructions in the account on how to get the restriction or suspension like removed. so i was so grateful for that. and some of the instructions were like: you need to close all the returns and issue the refunds that are due, and like cases like that need to be closed because when you're doing ebay there are a lot of returns and it's not a big deal because if you're drop shipping, like for example from amazon, you know they return the thing to you. you return the thing to amazon, you get your money back, so you don't really lose money when there's a return. it's just a little bit of a headache, but some of the cases for those returns weren't closed. our account had okay feedback, but that was one of the instructions that ebay gave us like: do this and you will be in our good graces again. and then we also had to go gather all of the tracking numbers to put in and plug them all in like i guess some were missing. so we were able to do that and kind of clean it up that way, although for some of the items we could not provide a tracking number, and we were really nervous, like: could ebay still give us our account back or are we just going to be suspended forever because we don't have, like these three tracking numbers for these three orders over here? i think the key was, though, the final thing that got us back into ebay's good graces after doing all that was inside paul's ebay course, and i'll have a link down below to a course review for paul lipsky's ebay drop shipping course. that's the one that we followed. that is the reason that we're just making money month after month- a couple thousand- and in paul's ebay dropshipping course, it actually had like a copy and paste message that you could give to ebay to try to get them to give you your account back. so, after we cleaned up everything ebay wanted, we copied and pasted that message, and i don't feel comfortable telling you what that message is here on a youtube video, since we we paid to get that information in his course, so it could be like proprietary information. ultimately, we used that, and then, four days after we sent that message- and we sent that message after we cleaned stuff up- they gave us back our account. now we think that one of the reasons we got our account back is because we were in such good standing before that. also, we really try to keep our store in good standing. so we think that's the only reason that paul's message worked. like for a really spammy, nasty account it would not have worked. but thankfully we followed paul's course to a t and he kind of shows you, make sure you do this, this and this and this in this exact order and if people are doing returns, make sure you're clicking these exact things for the return so it looks good on your account and it just. thank goodness we followed his course because we would probably have to quit right now and we'd just have a mess on our hands. so everything is back up and running. but we did hit, you know, that little bit of a snag. so obviously our numbers are down. so from march 16th through the 31st we made 6031.95 and normally we would have hit a thousand dollars at least during that period. but still, you know we're 400 shy but seeing as our account was suspended for much of that time, we're still really happy with those numbers. the only thing about ebay dropshipping i have to say is it's hard to scale because you almost have to just keep hiring vas and open new ebay stores up and then each one makes a certain amount. i have a hard time with the scaling aspect of ebay drop shipping. because of that i'm just gonna keep doing the ebay drop shipping on the level that it's at and get a couple thousand a month and then use that to pay for our brand. we're building a baby clothing line brand and that's gonna be like a seven figure brand, so that thousand dollars can really go a long way to pay for product pay, for marketing things like that over here. so it's kind of like fueling from asset to asset and then everything will kind of compound. that's how you grow money. you know i could take the two thousand dollars and you know buy a tv or you know pay for cable or whatever rent each month, which is good if that's what you need to do, that's good. but i'd rather take that money and fuel a bigger potential business with it. i hope that makes sense. now tell me if you've ever gotten your ebay acc.