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ebay dropshipping store for sale

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to Ship an Order When You Dropship or Sell on eBay - Order Processing

all right, what's going on, guys? once again, my name is Kurt Buchannon. welcome to a new video. I'm going to make this video really short and quick because what I want to do is to show you that is also. go about processing an order right. once you'll receive that feel in your eBay store, also buy, go ahead and process that order. I've been wanting to do this videos since yesterday, but I didn't want to log in to my my primary eBay account, so I was wasting on us feel in my secondary account, which only has probably about 10 to 15 listings. anyways, I'm going to jump into that account right now and I probably still black holes on the information because, I don't know, I may just start growing that store as well. so if you happen to see some of the sections being blurred, OS or blocked out, I'm doing that on purpose. let's just jump right into it. I'm going to go into my store show you have to have an actual feel and where to look, alright. so when you log into your store, alright, you come to this Bell right here. I will say: you have an item paid, ship now, right. so when I see that, alright, the next thing that I usually do is both mice kubrick. so I know this item is, as it says, right here, also a galvanized clock. okay, so I come to my skew grid. if you have named this in your skill grid, you can search for it. alright, as you see, I'm in the clock, I have it right here. so it's a target item. because on from the suppliers link, when you put that in school grade, tells you where the supplier food supply is. so I can just click that link and go directly to the item. alright, what I want to do in the meantime, while this page loads, is to go and grab the information for that partikular person. so I'm going to go to Philly, then I'm going to go to the can see right here when one of those are weight in shipment and this item is always in shipment. what I want is to go to view sales record, right, so I can get the information for the pile. all right. so once that loads, as you can see right here, I have the buyers: full name, bio, street address, city, state, contact information for the buyer, right? so then I'm going to go back over to target item is right here. I'm going to add this art item to cart. we can see $29.99. all right, that's the only item on shipping. all right now, since this video is just for demonstration. and, guys, you want to ensure that you have your EB cash back button highlighted in green. if you're using Chrome, Google Chrome browser, you can have this um as an extension. when it's highlighted green, that means it it's active. so the next thing that you want to do right here, when you land on this page and target, is to say, okay, I'm ready to checkout, plug-in a Salafist sighs. I need one stop sign into my account. I want to go right and add a new address, right, so then I'll come back here and copy this. Alicia is a person's name. is Alicia I street address in the same disability this, so need to copy all. is it just the first city on the sea? is this automatikally filled in most of its items on target? not all the time. okay, I click Save on continue. this may change the tab when on state, as you can see, went up a little bit. and now, okay, guys, when you're on this page, if you have gift cards, this is where you put your gift card number right. if you have discounted gift cards, you can buy those in order to buy gift cards. I'm not gonna show you that right now but for this time demonstration, I'm just going to use my PayPal to check out and then you click the PayPal. all right, I want to check my order just to ensure that of everything. all right. some jumpy right now. [Music]. [Music]. all right, so Silesian us to address Winslow, Arizona. all right, clock. let's click place order. okay, so the order has been placed. on a confirmation, you get a confirmation number and target shifts out real fast. I really like using them as a supplier and hopefully, maybe by tomorrow early they will send me the tracking number. so always, please. item will be sent to the talisha right and now already split and you receive your tracking number from your supplier. then you'll come back to your eBay store versus add right here checking number ad. you'll just click that button, alright, and this is where your place tracking number that you will receive from Target maybe tomorrow or maybe later. once you place the tracking number there and the carrier with a UPS or FedEx things most of the times on target uses GPS, you place a tracking number and you click Save and not order is basically done. once that is done, receive bye Felisha. then you can come back in and then, if she hasn't reviewed, are left of feedback for you, you can ask her for a feedback on your account. ambassador, is pretty simple, all right, thank you so very much for watching and if you liked the video, please go down. liked the video and then please subscribe to the channel for more. all right, peace.

How to Get Your First eBay Dropshipping Sale in 24h Hours

what's up, daniel, my name is guys, and this week we're toking about eb drop shipping and how to get your first sales in the first 24 hours. so let's start this video with some cold hard facts. and that is proof. so here's the listing and, as you can see by the actual date and time in which this order was received, it came in yesterday at 11 pm, which means that actually, this listing sold in less than 24 hours. you may be asking yourself: so why does this matter? and it's important because your sell through rate improves dramatikally when you find products like this that will turn around quickly, that customers want to buy, it's the right price, it's something that's in demand and it's really going to help your ebay drop shopping store, uh, improve your sales velocity. your metrics are going to get better and you're going to have a lot more repeat customers to your ebay drop shipping store every single day. so now allow me to demonstrate exactly how you can find these great items that i think will sell, and so often, and not only that- will probably sell a lot quicker, similar to the example i just showed you, and what i'm going to be using for this demonstration is going to be the ebay marketplace and seek analytiks, which is by far the best product research software out there for everything- ebay, drop shipping. so let's go back inside of my computer and let's walk through this step by step. so let's go, okay. so we're inside of my computer, so let's get started. and if you haven't yet liked the video, then you know, give it, you know, two thumbs up. and if you're new to the channel, please subscribe. i do make a video every single week and if you want to learn more about ebay drop shipping, then you want to subscribe. so this is the example i was referring to, and what you want to see here is the sales history. so when you go to ebay and then you click on a product and you click on the sales history, this is what you want to see. so i want to start out with may, because it seems like this is when they really started to make sales and get some traction on this listing. you're seeing that there's consistent sales, you know, almost every single day or every other day, the entire month of may, and as you start heading into the months of june, you start to see that the momentum does continue, uh, with this partikular listing. so we just started the month. so so far, one, two, three, four, five, six, six sales currently. i mean to me this is a very good listing, a very good product. it's in demand, people want to buy it, it's popular, and these are the kind of items that typically will sell within probably the first day of listing, or maybe within the first few hours. and i'm going to show you how to find these products so that you can have a successful ebay drop shipping store, especially if you are first starting out. and the other thing i want to say is that what's really going to help here, too, is that you need to find a supplier that is already known, you know to be used by drop shippers. it's going to help you find the product a lot faster and also, uh, finding a drop shipper who's already selling on ebay marketplace is really gonna help to identify these products much, much, much faster. so i'm gonna walk you through every single step and show you exactly how to accomplish that. so stay tuned, don't click away. keep watching, because this is some good stuff. the good knowledge bombs are gonna be dropping on you over in the next few seconds. now i do want to say that in order to do this um method of finding these products that will sell- and sell well often and quickly- works better when you're using a supplier that is lesser known or a bit more obscure. if you're gonna be using suppliers like walmart or home depot- you know the ones that every drop shipper knows about- it's not. i mean, it's going to be easier to find the product, but you're going to find a lot more competition. so what you want to do is you want to find those suppliers that are maybe lesser known or not as popular, because maybe it's a lot more difficult, uh, to utilize them and people don't want to bother. you know, those are the suppliers that you want to look at, and i'm going to give you an example exactly of one of those, and that way it'll help you to get started right away. so if you're interested in learning more about these obscure or lesser known suppliers- and i highly recommend you- join my private community- uh, the link will be down in the description- and also it gives you the opportunity to connect with me one-on-one. okay, so we're back inside of my computer and i already found a product. so, for the sake of time, i went ahead, and i'm sorry, i went ahead and already found a product. okay, so this one is actually a brand that is sold by costco. now, i love using costco for ebay drop shipping. um, i've started to use it a lot more recently and you can find great products. it's a lot easier to find other drop shippers on ebay who are selling from costco because they have their own private label brand, which is kirkland right, and if you can find retailers that have their own brands, then you can easily find all the products, everything that they sell under that one brand. so that's a little bit of a tip for you. you can do the same thing with walmart, like, for example, mainstays. so if you find everything mainstays it's a you know private label brand and you can take that, plug it into ebay and you can find all the products and then find the drop shippers. so same process, but with costco. okay, if you haven't yet smashed the like button, then go ahead and do so right now, and if you haven't yet subscribed, then please consider subscribing. it really helps my channel and i highly do appreciate it. so next step here is, once you find the product, you want to bring the seller who is drop shipping that product. you want to get the information when i get their store name and bring it over to zeek analytiks. i will have a link down below. it is an affiliate link. it really does help the channel, so if you haven't used it- analytiks before are considering utilizing it, then what i really would appreciate if you go through my affiliate link down below. so when you want to look for here, is a very high sell-through rate. so you want, you know, obviously as close to 100 or more as possible. now this partikular seller. you know i already browsed through the entire listings and they look to be only drop shipping from costco. so that's probably why, um, you know, their earnings are not higher. if they were maybe drop shipping from multiple suppliers, they'll probably be earning a lot more. but he's doing very well drop shipping just from costco. so earnings about 13 000, which is pretty good. i mean, to me, if you can do 13 000 a month on ebay, that is actually very good. so then what you want to do here is you want to start scanning through the listings and you want to see, you know, what products, how they're selling. they'd look to be very much into the, i guess, vitamin niche. um, they're selling a lot of those vitamin products. um, here's another kirkland product. uh, these are the, you know k pots. uh, if you like drinking coffee- like i do, you know, get yourself some pacific bold coffee. um, so yeah, you can scan through it. and then what i would recommend is: you want to sort through their 30-day sales and go after those products that have, like, the most sales, right? um, you only want to. you know cherry pick the best sellers from every single you know drop shipper that you're able to snipe. you want to get those best sellers because those are the ones that are going to sell. you know, a lot faster and maybe within that first, you know 24, 24-hour window, like i was mentioning earlier. now, the other thing i want to point out is that, if you notike that, the items that are selling well are pretty much, you know, below 20 or somewhere in between that 20 to 25 range. and considering how everything is right now with the economy, you know prices are very high. consumer spending is somewhat low when it comes to non-essential items. um, you want to look for those products out of thos.


How To DROPSHIP On Ebay As A Beginner STEP By STEP (Copy And Paste Job)

what's up- everyone Carter here in with me- is million dollar eBay dropship- apology, Lipsky. and today we're gonna break down how you can dropship on eBay step-by-step, as a complete beginner. it's almost as easy as a copy and paste job. it really is, you're gonna see, it's just that's pretty much the only skill you need. yeah, as long as your fingers work and you can click a mouse and you have some Wi-Fi on the computer, you can drop trip on eBay. so we're gonna go on to Paul's computer, we're gonna share his screen and we're gonna go into just how you can start your own an ebay drop shipping business. so let's get right into it. cool, so I know I've been showing you this kind of all day, but we only have like a short amount of time to show people at home, so I'll try to make this quick. there's obviously a little bit more that goes into this, but this is basically how it starts. so what I'm going to do here is I'm gonna start by going over to Walmart. okay, so in this case, what we're doing? this type of drop shipping. we're drop shipping from websites like Walmart onto eBay. so once the item sells on ebay, then I buy from Walmart, ship it directly to the customer. so first we have to find the right items to put up for sale on eBay. so I want to use Walmart here. so literally you're gonna search for any item. it doesn't matter at this point, don't, don't anything, don't overcomplicate this. I'm gonna search for bookshelf, bookshelves, bookshelves. yeah, and this is not necessarily an item that you're going to dropship. just literally just pick any random item here. I'll just pick the, the first one that comes up. I'm just going to open it in a new tab and I'm going to copy the title again. this might not even be an item I drop ship. you'll see why this is important in a second- and then I'm gonna come over to ebay and search for that item and we'll see what comes up. because our goal here is we are looking to find other people who are drop shipping this item, because if they're drop shipping this item, they're also drop shipping other items home, right? so once we lock into that, we can see: okay, what are they selling? can we sell the same items? and if you- no people are already selling the items, you can start selling them right away, okay. so once we pull that up, I first come over here in Walmart. I look at the photos, like try to kind of have put in your short-term memory what these photos are. so here's one with the door halfway open, here's one with the measurements on it, here's a corner. and then I come over to ebay and I look for listings to have the same photos, because that means they're drop shipping it. so this one kind of looks like the same thing, right, yeah, so let's open that one up. yeah, it's got 51 people watching it. yeah, a lot of people are interested. okay, sorry, so four times already. yeah, so don't don't get ahead of yourself. okay, first we got to make sure it's the right item and I can get exciting. okay, so these are obviously the same photos, right, you see that? mm-hmm. so we just found a person who's drop shipping their, drop shipping this item. we go from Walmart onto eBay. here, it is right here. so that's like step one. we found another drop shipper, right, yep? step two would be: let's see what else they are selling. now, in this case, we got lucky because we did, because this item is selling, it's already selling. you can see that right here. this is we're kind of skipping ahead here, but yeah, we're gonna take advantage of this because, um, the great thing about eBay's: they tell you what sells. well, it tells you right here, look at that for sold. so you don't have to guess if an item is going to sell. well, you can see it. it's right here. it says for sold. so this is an item that I would dropship again. we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. well, let's, unless that's let's. we did step one, we found another drop shipper. let's go onto step two. we can always come back to this later. oh yeah, so I'm gonna click on their name, which is over here on the right, and this is going to open up their, all their items, and you can see all them. buy right here says items for sale, and then number. click on that and what you're looking for is anything that they've sold. so right here at the top, we seize: this item sold 189, 189 times. this one sold one hundred and eight times. this one sold ninety-seven. these are all items that are being dropship. so right now you have a large variety of winning products right here. so let's, um, let's pick up, pick a random one. so let's do this. one is coffee table. again, we can see that's sold 55 times. so this is kind of like the next step. we found an item that they are already selling. well, okay. so the next step after that would be: we now have to find where they are drop shipping this from so that we can sell it ourselves. okay, so I'm gonna scroll down to the description, which is right here. see this block of text. I'm just going to copy it. so again, copy and paste. yeah, yeah, I didn't clickbait this video at all. literally copy and paste. so if you guys don't know how to copy and paste, I'll teach it to you. uh, right-click. or if you have a macbook, you hold down control and click oh my gosh, and you press copy and then you go to google, google, and then you paste it in there and you click search and I'll actually show you a shortcut later, that's if that wasn't fast enough. so you search for the entire description and what it does is it will find the item. in this case is Walmart. so, but if they might be drop shipping from Home Depot, they might be drop shipping from amazon. so when the search results come up, pick one of those- in this case is Walmart- and now we're gonna do the reverse of what we did before. so we are going to make sure that this is this item. we're gonna make sure that these match up. so again, we're gonna look at the photos. let's look at all these photos on ebay. so here's one with like candles on the top and books on the bottom. this one is more books and flowers on top. and then here, yeah, yep, flowers, the same item. so right here, boom, we just found an item that's being dropship. so this is an item that I would sell right here. so just to kind of recap that part of it: one search for a random item on Walmart and then we copy the title, pasted it into eBay and searched and everyone that came up that had a matching item. those people are dropshippers. so step one: we just found a whole bunch of dropshippers. step two: we came in to this drop shipper, looked at all their items and we saw what items are selling well. so that's step two: we see what items are already selling in their store. and then step three is we copied the description and we search for it on Google and we found an item that we could dropship. so let me show you just that last step. one more time. let's find another one and then I'll show you how to actually get your item onto eBay. so let's look at this one. so 47 times looks pretty good. you have to be ready for $121, so 47 times it's a lot of revenue. I would like that like that. so again going down to the description highlighting it, and this time when you right-click, if you're using Google Chrome, you actually see there's a button here that says search Google for. so that's kind of a shortcut that will actually search on Google for you, saves you like a step. and then here's the item on Walmart. probably, Oh No, okay, no big deal. this happens sometimes. yeah, it could be. this item is no longer available. let's check. I've never dropped ship from this website, but maybe this is where they're getting it from. yeah, good be possible. let's see what else we have. we have been Amazon listing. let's check out that one. that's not right. it's too expensive. they might just be drop shipping from that random site, wherever that. yeah, it could be. or maybe they were. we're doing it from Walmart. maybe they're. Walmart's just has a glitch or something. I mean that happens, that's. that's part of that's. this is part of the process, honestly. so, um, like, you'll go through and you'll run into these roadblocks, so it's kind of good that it came up. okay, sweet, yeah, but I'll show one m.

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How To Use Saleyee | Saleyee Dropshipping For Beginners

hello and welcome back to our channel. this video is a complete tutorial on sale yi. in this video, we will elaborate on what cle is, its features, the platform, membership levels and much more so watch this video till the end to better understand the marketplace. saliacom has been an expert dropshipping wholesale supplier since its launch. the clu shipping platform pulls in a huge number of visitors worldwide, consistently enlisting impressive surges in deals with over 30 000 beneficial skus. moreover, in view of large data based research, its free product suggestions makes drop shipping simpler on amazon, ebay, wish, walmart and other online commercial centers. the main features of using salee as a drop shipper are over 30 000 quality skus. salee offers more than 30 000 quality and profitable skus, strictly selected from reliable factories. local warehouses: sali has more than 630 thousand of global warehouses to ensure orders are dispatched from the nearest local warehouses. free and fast shipping: your orders are quickly delivered to your customers from the nearest local warehouse for free. strong id support: salee supports syncing orders, stoks and tracking numbers with your online stores and, lastly, worry free service. the salee support team offers professional sales consultation and after sales service. now let's look at the salee platform. on the top of the page you can see this search bar which you can use to find your product. you can search for it using a keyword or sku. this is the beginner's mission button. if you complete the given steps, you will get a 20 coupon as a welcome gift. on the top navigation bar you will see the various tabs like all products, new arrivals, best sellers, popular brands, clearance and promotions. from the left sidebar you can see that salee has products in all popular categories like home and garden, sports and fitness, pet supplies, lamps and lighting, health and beauty, musical instruments, automotive accessories, toys and hobbies, tools and equipment, arts and crafts, cell phones and accessories, consumer electronics and camera and photos. here you can see that salee supports all popular e-commerce platforms like amazon, facebook, ebay, shopify, hc, woocommerce, groupon, walmart and many more. to use saili for any of these platforms, you need an account on cd for this. click on the sign up free button on the top right corner. this is the sign up page. enter your email id here, create a password here. re-enter your password here. tik the terms of service in privacy policy box and then finally click on the sign up free button. after successfully signing up, you first need to complete your profile. fill in all the required fields here and then click on the save button at the bottom of the page. this is your dashboard. in the left sidebar you will see tabs like my salee, product management, order management, third party platform, stok reservation, billing and, lastly, account. under the my salee tab you can access the my salee cart news and my exported files sections. in the product management tab you can view product management, import list, brand authorization and product notike. in the order management tab you can access the my order platform sync orders, bulk order, abnormal order and the returns and refunds sections. in the third party platform tab you can access platform sync authorization, order sync settings, sku mapping, logistiks mapping, stok update settings and, lastly, stok update record. in the stok reservation tab you can see the apply for reservation, reserved stok, unsealable orders, query reservation, cancellation order, inquiry and out of stok inquiry sections. in the billing tab you can access my balance, my bills, my coupon and billing information and under the account tab, you can access my profile, address book, security center, invoice management and the white related info sections. now, here you can see your customer id and here you can see your membership level. if you hover your mouse on your membership level, you will see all its features. the features which are highlighted here are available for you, and for the other features you need to wait to upgrade your membership. to know more about the different membership levels, click on the learn more about membership benefits button here. you will see that salee has seven different membership levels. the most beneficial aspect of salee is that you don't need to pay anything to upgrade your membership level. just use salee to fulfill your dropshipping orders and as the order worth increases, your membership level will also increase. a pro tip from us is that the more e-commerce platforms you connect to your sale yi profile and the more orders you get on each of those platforms, the sooner you can increase your total sales and thus reach a higher membership level on salee and enjoy maximum benefits on the platform. the first membership level is registered member and in this the sign up is free. the second membership level is the verified member. you will be upgraded to this level when you complete your profile. the third membership level is vip1. you will get upgraded to this level when your monthly sales reaches two thousand dollars and you also get an extra discount of one percent. the fourth membership level is vip2. you will get upgraded to this level when your monthly sales reach ten thousand dollars and you will also get an extra discount of two percent. the fifth membership level is we- ip3. you will be upgraded to this level when your monthly sales reach fifty thousand dollars and you will get an extra discount of three percent. the sixth membership level is we- ip4. you will get upgraded to this level when your monthly sales reaches two hundred thousand dollars and you will get an extra discount of four percent. the seventh membership level is vip5. you will get upgraded to this level when your monthly sales reaches five hundred thousand dollars and you will also get an extra discount of five percent. scroll down and you will see a comparative view of the features of all these different levels. now let's go back to the dashboard. here you can see the contact details of your account manager, which includes their name, skype id, live id and email address. here you will see the to-do list section, which includes orders to be paid, orders to be dispatched, order to be received and many more. below you will see the monthly order volume trend section, which shows the graph of your earnings with time, and further below you can see the sales volume rankings section and, lastly, the appeals ranking section. so this was all about the basics of the salee platform. with this, our video on salee is complete. we truly hope you liked it. if you have any suggestions or want us to make a video on any specific topic, feel free to comment below. and for more such videos, make sure to stay tuned and stay subscribed to our channel.

How to Automate your eBay Dropshipping Store! (Detailed Guide)

we all dream of having an eBay Drop Shipping Store where we can just Lounge on the beach and let the money roll in without doing any work. it's a reality check. that's not really possible. it's going to take work from you all the time to make a successful Drop Shipping Store, but in this video, I'm going to show you how you can create a semi-automated eBay Drop Shipping business that can automate a lot of the tasks for you, so you don't have to spend as much time running your business as most drop shippers out there. now. Drop Shipping is a very simple business model where you sell physical products online without holding any inventory. in fact, you never even have to touch or handle the items ever yourself. so that means that this is a business that you can run anywhere in the world, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. now, one of the really cool things about this business model is that there's some great software out there that can help you automate a lot of the business for you. after all, with any type of business, especially when, with Drop Shipping, there's going to be tasks that have to get done every single day. now, in the past, these are things that you would have to do yourself manually. but with this software and some of the other tikniques I'm going to show you later, you're able to automate a lot of this process for you, so you don't have to spend as much time running your business. so let me show you an example of what I mean. this is a product for sale on eBay. take a look at it, you see. it's this bookshelf with one, two, three, four, five shelves. it's 69.88 here on eBay and if we come over here, this item is being sold the exact same one on Walmart. you see this exact same photo. it's a lower price here, obviously, because whoever is going to drop ship it from Walmart onto eBay is raising the price of the item. now, as you can see, this whole Drop Shipping model is pretty simple, because all this seller has done was download all of these images, copy the title, copy the description and paste it into a listing here on eBay to create this very simple. the problem with this is that that actual creation process of this listing will take some time. like I said, you have to download everything. come over to a new listing here on eBay, upload each of the images, copy the title, paste it in copy description, paste it in. you know it's not terrible. we used to do this in the past- but it takes about, you know, four or five minutes per listing and if you want to have a lot of listings that can take a lot of time. the worst problem, the bigger problem I should say, is what happens if this item on Walmart that's 39.88. what if it suddenly goes up to like 59.88 and you had it listed for 69.88 here after fees and that price raised? you'd actually lose money if someone were to pay this much for the item. so we needed to in the past go in every single day, check these items on Walmart, see if there is a price change and then change the price on eBay or sells. all of this meant that this Drop Shipping business was not something passive. it wasn't something that could be audio. it was something that we had to stay on top of every single day to keep up with all of these changes. and that is where automation software comes in. I use the software called Auto DS. what autods does is it automates a lot of our Drop Shipping tasks for us, so we don't have to spend as much time doing the strenuous kind of tedious tasks that don't really help our business grow- tasks like listing products and checking the price levels and the stok levels and different things like that. let me show you what I mean. so this is a software right here. it does a whole lot of different things. I'm not going to show you everything here today. I'm going to show you the basics, the core of it, what I consider to be like the most important stuff of it. so after you get this set up, you're gonna sign up for an auto DS account, connect it with your eBay store and then the first thing you're going to do is start adding in products so you can literally just click this big button here that says add product and I'll click on single product here. and now it's asking for a URL for a product. so I'll come over here to Walmart to that product that I want to sell- this is it right here? and we will highlight the URL of this product. come back over to autods, just plug that in and click on publish to store. and now literally what this is doing is it's pulling this item from Walmart, is pulling the titles, pulling the images, it's pulling the description, it's going to create a listing on eBay with all of that. so it's going to look exactly like this seller has their item in their eBay store and, based on our settings, it's going to take the price and raise the price of that item as well, so that we can cover our fees and actually make a profit as well. what I think is actually more important is that once this item is inside my store, I can come over here on the left and see all the products. I'll click on products right here. we can see all the products I have listed for sale in the store right here. and the cool thing is, now that it's in this system, literally if there's any price changes on Walmart or whatever other suppliers that I'm using, Autodesk will be able to detect that and update the prices on eBay or the stok levels. if the item goes out of stok, you'll make the item go out of stok on eBay for me automatikally. so all that is done hands off. I can turn off my computer, go to sleep, and it'll happen during the night as I'm sleeping- all completely automated. now, if alone, if that's all that this software did, that would save you a ton of time, time that you could instead be focusing on the most important thing for you to be working on on your business, which is product research. you might have been asking yourself: this item that you're listing up for sale, this bookshelf- why this bookshelf? why did you list up this bookshelf? and that's because I did product research. I saw that this seller is selling this item. this seller has sold this item twice, so that tells me if this person sold this item twice, I can sell it as well, and so I would come in here and sell that exact same product. that's product research in a nutshell. there's a lot more that goes into it, but the point is that is what you should be focused on on your business. that is the most important thing that will grow your business: adding the right products to your store and adding them the right way with optimization. so by freeing up all your time, you can spend more time doing that. but this gets even better because Autodesk has additional features that can save you even more time. specifically, what I'm toking about is auto ordering with certain suppliers. Auto DS, as orders come into your eBay store, can actually fulfill those orders for you from certain suppliers. so if you come over here to the orders tab on the left in Auto DS, this is a order I had inside one of my test accounts for this bookshelf. you can see I absolutely love bookshelves when it comes to eBay Drop Shipping and this item came into my store, autods saw it because I had Auto ordering set up. then Auto DS was able to see that product, order it from Walmart for me. they put in the buyer's shipping address, Walmart ships it directly to my customer. autods gets the tracking number. they upload that tracking number to eBay. they update me and say, hey, this item has been delivered again. all that that could be done literally while I'm sleeping or vacationing or again looking for more products to add to my store, all automatikally. now do be aware, if you are going to sign up for auto DS, I will have my affiliate link for it down below. but with that link you get a trial for, I think, like one dollar. you can try out Autodesk for yourself. but I do want to let you know that the auto ordering feature does cost additional money and will be some additional settings that you have to set up for that. now there is a natural limit to what software can do. for instance, it can't do customer service for.

Shopify Dropshipping Stores For Sale: How To Buy An Online Business

did you know that you can buy a ready-made e-commerce store? who knew right? for those of you just starting out, buying a pre-made shopify store can really help you skip some critikal steps, and for those of you who aren't beginners, this is a strategy that can also help you scale your business a lot faster. hi everyone, my name is neely, and in this video, i'm going to show you guys how to find and purchase a shopify store that someone already created and managed. also, this channel is full of strategies and tutorials on how to grow and scale your ecommerce business. so if you want to stay up to date, make sure to hit that subscribe button and give this video a like. [Music]. so you can always create your own shopify store, and we do have plenty of tutorials on how you can do that. i'll drop a link to our playlist down below. or you can create your own shopify store and buy a shopify store. it's really up to you, but there are major benefits to buying a pre-made shopify store. so let's delve into some of those benefits really quick, okay? so the first benefit, obviously, is that this is going to save you time. this is going to save you time. you can buy a already beautifully designed website, you don't need to put in any of that effort, especially if you don't have the eye for design. and not only that, it's going to save you time with product research, which is usually one of the hardest things for beginners that are just starting out. so you're going to have a store that already have products in it that are ready to be sold. product research is usually the most time consuming task for drop shippers. so if you have a store that already has products in it that are ready to be sold, this is just gonna really save you a bit of time here. so the second benefit that you're really going to see from buying an existing store is having an existing customer base. so this is really important on shopify, because shopify you don't get organic traffic. you usually need to work for people to see your store, usually through facebook ads or influencers. there are plenty of marketing strategies to go with. so when you have an existing store, you have that existing audience and you'll be able to get instant sales. also, something specific to shopify that you don't see on other platforms like ebay or facebook marketplace, is that your customers are yours long term. you get to have their personal information, which is amazing, and you can add them onto your mailing list and promote future products and listings to them. on that note, our third benefit that you'll see is saving time on marketing. so this is especially helpful if you're a beginner. buying a store can give you an edge up on marketing because you can tok to the previous owner of the store and see what marketing methods they use, what works for them, and you can continue the same process from there. so now that we all understand the benefits of buying a premade store, let's get down to it and i'll show you guys exactly how you can find and buy a store for yourself. i'll show you guys the two best marketplaces for buying shopify stores, which filters you'll need to put on to find exactly what kind of store you're looking for, and voila, you'll have yourself a shopify store by the end of the day. so the first platform we're going to look at is called exchange. so over here, this is shopify's marketplace to buy and sell businesses for entrepreneurs. it is specifically made for this purpose. what you're going to want to do is go to that top left corner. you're going to click on browse all, and this way you could see all the listings of all the stores that are for sale. now we're gonna want to get more specific. so we're gonna go over to business type. we're gonna click over on drop shipping, because that's what we're looking for- drop shipping store. then over here we're going to want to click on more filters and just see what kind of store exactly we want. so over here we've got industry and that just basically means: does the store have a niche and what kind of niche you want to go into? so if you're interested in all of them, you can just click the clack all of those and see what you want and apply filters. right? so we chose three category, three categories. so now we see our options that are listed here. additional filters that we could choose are things like selling price. you know how much are we buying this store for, which is pretty important, and that's up to you- it's personal- how much you want to invest in a pre-made shopify store. the range over here really goes from 500 up to, you know, a hundred thousand dollars plus. also, something that you could set is the average monthly revenue. this is the average monthly revenue of the existing store. so you could choose a store that, on average, is already making 15 000 plus in sales. this is probably going to be more expensive, but again, it's all up to you and what's in your budget, so let's apply those filters. what you can see is for the store, you can see the average revenue, the average profit and their inventory value. so that's usually what you're going to see on all these listings. not only that: if you're not feeling like you're getting enough information here, you could actually personally contact the seller of the store and ask them any more questions. see, over here you've got contact seller. you can ask them any more questions that you have about the store and really feel comfortable before you make this purchase. once the purchase is complete, the migration team at exchange transfers the ownership of the business to the new buyer, which would be you. so both the buyer will get a notification via email that the transfer is complete. but if you have any more complications with this new store- you're not used to it, you don't know how to go about the store settings- you can always contact exchanges customer support. they're available 24- 7.. so the second website i wanted to show you guys for buying e-commerce stores is flippa. so flippa is another great, great website over here. you could type in in the search bar- shopify store- and see what comes up. you have a lot more filters here, a lot more customization, so you can really get down into what exactly you want. right now you can already see we have over- you know- 2 800 results, a lot of things to choose from, and over on the side here you have all your different preferences that you could put in and see what you want, and on the listings itself you'll also get more information. so let's say, i click on one of these websites that are for sale. i could see some more information about it here, like how old the website is, what their monthly profit is- here it's zero dollars, so i'm not sure how great this one is- and you'll also see things like their average profit margin, and usually you'll want one with a bit more details, but you could go through the whole list here and see which ones will work for you. all right, so you have your shopify store. you didn't have to start it from scratch. you've got a business that's already made and now you just get to dive right into it. i recommend you check out auto ds and you start really utilizing all the tools that they have to offer, because they could really save you time with your drop shipping business. you've got things like automatik price in stok monitoring, you've got auto fulfillment of orders- so the list of tools keeps going and you could really just sit back and let your store profit for you. it can turn into a more passive business. i'll include a link below to our one dollar trial and i really recommend you take advantage of these tools. all right, thank you guys so much for watching. good luck with purchasing your shopify store. if you need more tips and strategies for getting that store to grow and really profit, make sure to hit that subscribe button, because we're always coming out with great content. alright, thank you guys, so much for watching. i'll see you guys in the next video. 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