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Ebay International Shipping Tool saves DIRECT SHIPPERS money.

Published on: December 11 2022 by RockstarFlipper

As the world becomes more connected, more businesses are looking to expand their reach internationally. However, shipping products across borders can be a complicated and expensive process. Fortunately, Ebay International Shipping Tool is here to help.

Benefits of Ebay International Shipping Tool:

1. Saves money: Direct shippers can save money by using Ebay International Shipping Tool instead of going through a third-party shipping service.

2. Simplifies the process: The tool handles all aspects of international shipping, including customs forms and taxes.

3. Increases sales: By offering international shipping, sellers can reach a larger customer base and increase their sales.

Features of Ebay International Shipping Tool:

1. Easy to use: The tool is user-friendly and requires no special training.

2. Automatic pricing: The tool calculates the shipping cost based on the product's weight and destination.

3. Customizable settings: Sellers can set their own shipping preferences and restrictions.

Ebay International Shipping Tool is a must-have for any direct shipper looking to expand their business globally. It saves money, simplifies the process, and increases sales. Don't miss out on the opportunity to reach a larger customer base and grow your business with Ebay International Shipping Tool.

Ebay International Shipping Tool saves DIRECT SHIPPERS money.

In this quick YouTube video, the Rockstar Flipper shares an awesome product that can save money when shipping internationally. The product is called Size Me Up and is a tool that helps determine the exact measurements for international first-class letters and packages.

Key points:

- Theresa Cox, a friend of the Rockstar Flipper, created Size Me Up to help eBay sellers save money on international shipping.

- The tool is less than 12 inches and can measure the exact dimensions of first-class letters and packages for international shipping.

- Using Size Me Up can save up to $7 compared to using global shipping programs.

- The tool is available on Theresa's store, Club Red 97, for $19.99.

- The Rockstar Flipper provides a link to the store and encourages viewers to use it to purchase Size Me Up.

If you're an eBay seller who ships internationally, Size Me Up is a must-have tool that can save you money on shipping costs. Theresa Cox's invention is easy to use and accurate, making it a worthwhile investment. Don't hesitate to check out Club Red 97 and get your hands on Size Me Up today!

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