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eBay Promoted Listings. THE INSIDE STORY

Published on: December 10 2022 by RockstarFlipper

- eBay Promoted Listings is a powerful tool that can help sellers boost their visibility on the platform.

- In this article, we will take a deep dive into how Promoted Listings work and share some insider tips for making the most of this feature.

What are Promoted Listings?

- Promoted Listings are a form of advertising on eBay that allow sellers to pay for increased visibility in search results and other areas of the platform.

- They appear as sponsored listings with a special icon next to them.

How do Promoted Listings work?

- Sellers choose which listings they want to promote and set a percentage rate for how much they are willing to pay for the promotion.

- eBay then uses an algorithm to determine when and where to display the promoted listings.

- Sellers are only charged when a buyer clicks on their promoted listing and makes a purchase within 30 days.

Benefits of Promoted Listings:

- Increased visibility and exposure for listings.

- Higher click-through rates and sales.

- Ability to compete with larger sellers and brands.

Tips for using Promoted Listings:

1. Start with a low percentage rate and gradually increase it over time.

2. Monitor your metrics and adjust your rates and promoted listings accordingly.

3. Use high-quality images and titles to attract buyers.

4. Focus on promoting your best-selling and highest-margin items.

5. Experiment with different ad types, such as Top of Search and Category.

6. Consider using Promoted Listings during peak shopping seasons and holidays.

- eBay Promoted Listings can be a valuable tool for sellers looking to increase their visibility and sales on the platform.

- By following these tips and monitoring your metrics, you can make the most of this feature and drive more traffic to your listings.

eBay Promoted Listings. THE INSIDE STORY

- Promoted listings have gained popularity on social media and the YouTube channel, prompting many questions about how they work on eBay.

- This article will discuss promoted listings and how they work on eBay, as well as insights from an expert in the advertising industry.

What are promoted listings?

- Promoted listings are a type of eBay advertising that allows sellers to choose a percentage (1-100%) to promote their item.

- If the promoted item sells, the seller will pay eBay an additional fee of that percentage.

- The promoted item will appear in search results twice: once in the regular listing and once in the sponsored listing.

- Buyers may not realize that both listings are from the same seller.

- Promoted listings are different from promotions (e.g. 10-20% off, buy one get one free).

How do promoted listings work?

- The higher the percentage chosen to promote an item, the higher it should appear in search results.

- However, this is not always the case, as eBay's algorithm also takes into account the quality of the listing (e.g. good title, photos, description, returns policy).

- An expert in the advertising industry explains that eBay likely uses a quality score, which takes into account the maximum bid and the quality of the listing, to determine search result ranking.

- Experimentation with different percentage amounts is recommended to see what works best for individual sellers.

Benefits of promoted listings:

- Promoted listings can increase exposure and potentially result in more sales.

- Duplicating the listing can give the seller double the chance of making a sale.

- Promoted listings can be a cost-effective advertising option, as the seller only pays the additional fee if the item sells from the promoted listing.

- Promoted listings can be a valuable tool for eBay sellers looking to increase exposure and potentially make more sales.

- However, the amount of the percentage chosen to promote an item should be carefully considered and experimentation is recommended.

- The quality of the listing is also important in determining search result ranking.

- Overall, promoted listings can be a cost-effective and beneficial advertising option on eBay.

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