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Ecommerce Dropshipping Offer

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we will learn how to create new marketing strategies for your online store. We will discuss examples of free shipping, buy one get one free, discounts, and bonuses. We will also cover the importance of creating urgency, scarcity, guarantees, and social proof on your sales page. Finally, we will recommend some applications to implement these marketing strategies and offer a free call to discuss further strategies.

Marketing Strategies:

- Free shipping: Offer the product for free and charge only for shipping to the customer.

- Buy one get one free: Offer a second product for free when customers purchase one or more.

- Discounts: Offer discounts when customers purchase multiple products.

- Bonuses: Offer a gift or bonus to customers who purchase a product.

- Urgency: Create a sense of urgency on your sales page by using a timer or showing limited stock.

- Scarcity: Show that the product is rare and in demand.

- Guarantees: Offer a guarantee to customers to alleviate fears and concerns about purchasing.

- Social proof: Show customer reviews and comments to create a sense of trust and credibility.

Recommended Applications:

- Ultimate Countdown Timer: Create urgency by adding a timer to the sales page.

- White Bundle: Offer discounts on multiple products.

- Loox: Import customer reviews and comments to the sales page.

Implementing these marketing strategies and using the recommended applications can increase sales and conversion rates on your online store. Creating urgency, scarcity, guarantees, and social proof on your sales page can create trust and credibility with potential customers. Contact us for a free call to discuss further marketing strategies.

Créer une Offre Promotionnelle ECommerce Dropshipping en 2021 - Refonte de Site Shopify 2/4

Bonjour à tous, c'est Pascal et aujourd'hui je vais vous présenter la refonte du site de la boutique Epsilon avec l'application Fastlane Editor. Dans cette vidéo, je vais vous montrer comment le site était avant cette refonte et comment il est maintenant.

Les changements sur le site Epsilon:

Avant la refonte, nous avions une image qui occupait la moitié de la largeur de l'écran, suivie de quatre icônes émotionnelles sur fond gris, puis le produit avec une description très longue. Ensuite, nous avions plusieurs bandeaux qui détaillaient le produit en général.

Maintenant, le site a été refait pour permettre une meilleure expérience utilisateur. La page d'accueil est plus claire et plus simple. Nous avons une vidéo qui présente le produit, suivi de cinq icônes émotionnelles et la fiche produit avec une description plus courte et un bundle à la fin. Nous avons également intégré les avis des clients avec des photos via l'application ibooks. Ensuite, nous avons cinq icônes techniques et une FAQ, des liens vers le blog et le footer.

La stratégie de commerce en ligne:

La stratégie de commerce en ligne pour Epsilon est différente de celle de Touche Pinhou. Epsilon veut que les clients arrivent rapidement sur la fiche produit pour commander le plus rapidement possible. Nous avons donc mis en place une offre promotionnelle avec une bannière pour encourager les clients à acheter rapidement. Nous avons également ajouté un bundle pour inciter les clients à acheter plus, avec un trépied qui peut aider à avoir une meilleure position du projecteur. Nous avons également ajouté un champ pour appliquer un coupon de réduction avant d'arriver sur le checkout de Shopify.

En conclusion, la refonte du site de la boutique Epsilon a permis d'améliorer l'expérience utilisateur et de mettre en place une stratégie de commerce en ligne plus efficace. Les changements ont été nombreux, notamment l'ajout d'une vidéo, la réduction de la description du produit, l'intégration des avis clients, l'ajout d'un bundle et d'un champ pour les coupons de réduction. Les résultats sont positifs avec une augmentation du panier moyen et une meilleure conversion des visiteurs en clients.

How To Create A Unique eCommerce Offer

In this video, Michael Gardner, the founder of DFYmeetings, a B2B prospecting agency, shares insights on how to create a unique offer for your eCommerce agency. He discusses the challenges of getting clients for eCommerce services such as email marketing and Facebook ads and provides solutions to help agencies stand out.

Supply and Demand in eCommerce:

Michael begins by explaining the supply and demand curve and how it applies to eCommerce services. With an increasing number of eCommerce agencies offering services such as Facebook ads and email marketing, the demand for such services has decreased, resulting in agencies lowering prices or making unrealistic guarantees to attract clients. This has created a struggle for agencies to find clients and scale their businesses.

Why are there so many eCommerce agencies?

Michael lists three reasons for the increasing number of eCommerce agencies: firstly, offering Facebook ads and email marketing services is cool and fun. Secondly, it is a low barrier to entry business, and thirdly, there are many coaches, consultants, gurus, and influencers promoting eCommerce businesses.

Creating a Unique Offer:

Michael suggests creating a unique offer or positioning to stand out in the competitive eCommerce market. He provides examples such as helping Amazon sellers diversify revenue by running Facebook ads to their own website, helping brick and mortar stores build their own website and run Facebook ads to it, and helping eCommerce stores in the UK tap into the US market by setting up new warehousing and running ads to the US.

Other strategies include offering a front-end ad platform that is less competitive to gain trust and pitch Facebook ads or email marketing later, creating content to build trust and then pitching ads or email marketing, and providing a completely unique offer such as building a podcast around a product to sell it, helping eCommerce brands sell on Amazon and retail, or building an affiliate program.

Michael concludes by emphasizing the importance of creating a unique offer or positioning to stand out in the crowded eCommerce market. By following his suggestions, agencies can attract clients and scale their businesses without struggling to find the next meeting.

Applying $100M Offers to E-Commerce: I'm Pissed

In this video, the speaker breaks down the value equation and variables that create purchasing decisions to get people to value something in excess of the price tag. He focuses on how these principles apply to e-commerce and physical product businesses.

Variables that Create Purchasing Decisions:

1. Dream Outcome: People buy things because they want to achieve a desired outcome.

2. Perceived Likelihood of Achievement: People are more likely to buy something if they believe it will help them achieve their desired outcome.

3. Time Delay: People value things more if they can achieve their desired outcome quickly.

4. Effort and Sacrifice: People are more likely to buy something if it requires less effort and sacrifice.

Enhancers of Value:

1. Scarcity: Showing limited stock or availability drives conversions.

2. Urgency: Time-sensitive deals or limited edition drops create urgency to buy.

3. Guarantees: Money-back guarantees or try-before-you-buy options decrease the risk associated with purchasing.

4. Bonuses: Additional benefits or trainings increase the perceived value of the product.

5. Naming: Explicitly stating the desired outcome in the product name can attract the right customers.

Applying these principles to e-commerce and physical product businesses can make the product more buyable, increase conversion rates, and allow for higher prices. By checking all the boxes for value creation, businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract the right customers.

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

My name is Isabella and I am the owner of two six-figure earning online businesses. Today, I'm going to show you how to build a successful dropshipping store with zero dollars and without Shopify or ads. In this article, we'll cover how to find winning products, create a free logo and name, set up a free online store, add products, fulfill dropshipping orders, and market your store for free. We'll also go over the legal and tax basics of dropshipping.

- Dropshipping is a great business model for those starting out in online selling.

- You can do it from anywhere in the world without worrying about inventory or shipping.

- In this article, we'll show you how to start a dropshipping store with zero dollars.

Finding Winning Products:

- Use TikTok, AliExpress, Amazon, and Google to research trending products.

- Look for products that you can market well and that add value.

- Hula hoops are a good example of a product with high profit margins and potential for viral marketing.

Creating a Logo:

- Use a free logo generator like Zarla to create a professional logo.

- Choose a name and slogan that's unique and reflects your brand.

- Play with colors and designs to make your logo stand out.

Setting Up Your Store:

- Use a free website host like Wix or WordPress to set up your store.

- Choose a template that fits your brand and customize it.

- Add your logo and product images to make your store look professional.

Fulfilling Orders:

- When a customer places an order, purchase the product from your supplier at a lower cost.


Dropshipping e-commerce : votre boutique prête-à-vendre en 5 minutes (Shopify, Aliexpress)

It has never been easier to launch an e-commerce store and generate online revenue. This is possible thanks to three factors: Shopify, Facebook, and drop shipping platforms like AliExpress. In this article, we will discuss how these three factors can help you start a successful e-commerce business.

Bullet points:

- Shopify is the e-commerce equivalent of WordPress, allowing you to create a store quickly and easily with many plugins to improve its performance.

- Facebook has a massive audience and an algorithm that can help you reach your ideal customer with ease.

- Drop shipping platforms like AliExpress integrate perfectly with Shopify, allowing you to sell products without holding any stock.

How does drop shipping work?

Dropshipping is a simple process that involves recruiting customers to your online store, for example, by running Facebook campaigns. When a customer makes a purchase, the order is automatically sent to a drop shipper who prepares and ships the product to your customer. You make a profit by charging a higher price than the cost of the product.

Approaches to creating an e-commerce store:

There are two approaches to creating an e-commerce store. The first is to create a niche store targeting a specific segment of customers. This requires manual targeting of customers through Facebook campaigns. The second approach is to create a general store that is filled with products that can be easily marketed through Facebook campaigns.

Starting an e-commerce store is easier than ever before thanks to platforms like Shopify, Facebook, and drop shipping. However, it is essential to remember that having a successful e-commerce store requires excellent customer service, a flawless tracking system, and building a relationship with each customer. By following these tips, you can create a profitable e-commerce store in no time.


Creating an Irresistible Offer for Your Shopify Store

In this video, we will learn how to create an irresistible offer for your Shopify store. By offering promotions and deals, you can attract more customers and increase your sales.

1. Importing Product Images:

- Go to your product page and select the product you want to offer a promotion on.

- Import images of your product, and make sure to include images of the promotional offer.

2. Defining the Price:

- Set a promotional price for your product that is lower than the original price.

- Save the new price.

3. Creating Variants:

- Click on Add Variant and enter the name of your promotional offer.

- Create values for your offer, such as Buy 2, Get 1 Free.

- Save your variants.

4. Adding Images to Variants:

- Choose a unique image for each variant to showcase the promotion.

- Save the images.

5. Previewing the Product Page:

- Check how your product page looks with the new promotion.

- Customize the colors and design as needed.

By following these steps, you can create an irresistible offer for your Shopify store and attract more customers. Remember to choose products that are cost-effective for you to offer promotions on. With these tips, you can double your profits and increase your revenue easily.

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