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editing shopify website

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How To Design A Shopify Store In 10 Minutes (Step-By-Step)

having a bad website will kill your chances of success on shopify, even if you have the best products and ads. it's so much harder to see results with a low quality store. so in this video, i'll be sharing the exact store template that i'm using right now to generate over a hundred thousand dollars a month, and i'll be showing you, step by step, exactly how to easily build one for yourself. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my ecommerce brand with as much transparency as possible. so if you're interested in starting your own online business, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. also just want to say thank you guys so much for 50 000 subscribers. so to give back to you guys, i'm gonna do something that i usually don't do. i'm gonna give away a free one-on-one coaching call to one of you. to enter the giveaway, just drop a comment down below, follow me on instagram and dm me. when you're done, i'll be announcing the winner for this next friday. anyways, let's get started with the video. first things first. here are some live results that i'm getting with this exact template. so, as you can see halfway through the day, i've already done over 2500 in sales and if we look at yesterday's stats, you can see that this store is averaging around five thousand dollars a day. everybody is always asking about profit, so let's take a look. yesterday i did around fifteen hundred dollars in profit and today, so far, halfway through the day, i'm at around in profit, which is close to 30 daily margin. i'm not showing this to brag, but just to prove that this layout is working. today, i figured the best way to explain this would be to make a sample store that follows this exact template, so that's what i did. let's have a look at that sample store. so this is a store that i created in the home and garden niche- the type of stores that i like to build to test products look just like this. basically, we're building a nice, clean, branded store with good logo, good images, multiple collections inside of that niche, high quality products and images and, overall, a trustworthy and legitimate feel. i get dms every single day of people asking me: why am i struggling to see results? and then i look at their store and it looks like this: if you take the time to make a nice, clean, branded website, seeing success with ecommerce is going to be so much easier. this kind of store is perfect for testing products because it is branded, it has a trustworthy feel, but it's also broad enough that you can test a variety of products without being too constrained. i like to call this kind of store a hybrid store. it basically bridges the gap between a general and niche store. building a store like this is really not that difficult, so i'm gonna break down how to do it right now. the first thing that you're gonna need to come up with is a clean name and logo. to come up with names, i highly recommend you guys check out this tool called lean domain search. basically, you can take any word or phrase that you like and plug it into here and they're gonna show you websites that are ready to go that have this word inside of it. so in my case, i used the word flora because it fit perfectly for the home and garden space, and i scrolled and scrolled until i found the name flora flow, which i really like. all of the names on this website are available to purchase for the com domain right away, so i would take some time and try to come up with at least five phrases that would fit with your branding. so now that you've come up with a name, you need to create a logo now. i know graphic design might be intimidating to a lot of you, but nowadays there are a ton of tools that make it incredibly simple. one of my favorite tools to do this is actually called canva. canva has a bunch of these logo templates already built into the app, and it's actually what i use to build the flora flow logo. you can literally scroll through their library and find a clean logo for your brand in seconds and know this video is not sponsored by them. i just really like their product. so, as you can see, the template that i use for the floraflow logo is right here. i literally typed in flower. i looked at the options, i found this one and i just simply typed in the logo name and then i made it a little bigger, centered it in the middle and i deleted the bottom and i made a logo for the brand in 10 seconds. now, look, it's going to take you longer than 10 seconds and you shouldn't rush the process, but i would highly advise you guys. use that tool to build your logo. i'm also a big fan of photoshop. for my brand that i'm running right now, i designed my logo in photoshop, but it's a lot more advanced and not very beginner friendly. once you've got a name and a logo, the next step is to build out a nice home page for your store. now, when you're running ads to this store, typically you're going to send people to the product pages. yeah, you might have a cool product, you might have a cool product page, but if your customer starts browsing around your website and they get a weird vibe, they're not going to spend money with you and even if they do, the chances of them remembering your brand and buying again are so slim. so this is the exact layout that i use for all of my home pages. let's break it down. there are a ton of themes to use on shopify and it can kind of be overwhelming. this store is actually built on the impulse theme, which is by far one of my favorite paid themes, and if you're looking for a good free theme, i recommend that you guys check out debutify. i've used both of them and personally i like impulse a little better, but if you're on a low budget, debutify is an amazing option. first things first. we need a nice and clean header. try to come up with something creative that introduces the people to your brand in a very inviting way. now i could have easily wrote the best products for your home and garden, but i think it's much better to put something that has a little bit more flair and life to it. so in this example, i put stylus essentials for the modern home designed to elevate your lifestyle. if you're struggling with copywriting, just go look at some of the biggest brands out there. in terms of this image and all the images on the site, shopify actually provides a bunch of really sick free images and a lot of people don't know about this. so if you go down to image and you click on change and you go to free images, you can search up almost anything. so in my case, i searched up flower and you'll see that shopify has a bunch of these really nice high quality images that they're constantly updating almost every single week, and they're really fire. the next thing i do is typically put one of our collections on display. in this case it's the best sellers, because those are my favorite products on the store, so i wanted to put those front and center and when they click on it, you're gonna see that these are our top selling products and a nice, clean, organized page. we also give them an offer with up to fifty 50 off on the select products, and it's just something that gives them some incentive to click and start shopping. the next thing that i really like to do is show some type of mission statement for the brand. i think that this really helps your customers connect with you and feel like they're a part of something greater than just buying a product. so you can see, what i put here is that we want to help over 10 000 people create their dream environment through providing our own unique products worldwide. now, this is going to be different for everybody, so make sure that you come with something unique for your brand. and once again, i just took the image directly from shopify. now, the next thing that i threw in here: it was just a promotion. you don't need to have this, but i included it because i thought it looked nice, so you can just see it's 50 off of our spring and summer collection. and then i just put a little blurb about stay at home and stay at peace with these essentials t.

How To Build A FREE BRANDED One Product Dropshipping Store With Shopify 2022

this is the exact method that we're using to create our six figure and seven figure drop shipping shopify store designs, and i've just created an example one for you guys, and you can see how beautiful this looks. we have the thumbnail for the youtube video on the website. you've got the drop down menus right there to give people more information without having it all bulky on your website. then you've got the side-by-side images going over more details of the product, and then you've got the button. if we keep scrolling back up, you can see how beautiful this website looks, and i'm going to be teaching you exactly how to do this in this video. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille sannon is the ecom kingdom. in today's video, i'm gonna be teaching you step by step on how you can create a one product store that looks really branded and professional and that converts extremely well in 2022 and 2023.. this tutorial is going to be around about 30 to 50 minutes long. i'm not joking. it's going to be step by step so you can carry and follow along with your laptop or your computer if you want to create a shopify store that looks like mine. now i'm also going to be giving you guys copy and paste templates that you can use on your store for things like privacy policy, terms and condition and shipping and delivery, and as soon as we hit 2 000 likes, i'll leave it in the pin comment and in the description below. so if you've been somebody wondering how to design a shopify store that's going to convert really well and look really appealing, then i'm going to give you the exact formula right now that will work with every product that you choose, and you can also convert this into a niche store if you want to, and this has been proven to work for me for the last 12 months because i'm using it right now in some of my six figure and seven figure stores [Music]. so before we can start creating our one product shopify drop shipping store, we need to have a product in mind that comes with good photography and good information to make our life easier and to give us the best quality store. now, if you haven't already got a product in mind, you can use a website like pixarcom and head over to the winners section, and this is going to show you loads of wooden products in different industries, different niches, and it's also going to give you all the relevant information about these products. so, for example, let's say i like this product, i'd click details and then it would show me everything about the product. now this is gonna be my product choice in the video. so this is the product that i'm gonna be using to design the website about. it's called the cordless air duster and you can see it's gonna give me the description and i can use this for my website. it's gonna give me the aliexpress link, the alibaba link, the amazon link, and later in this video you're gonna understand why it's important to have the amazon link, the aliexpress link, the alibaba link, also other stores selling it so you can see how they've designed their store and take good things from their store and repurpose it for your store. but if you haven't already got a product or you haven't got good information, then i recommend you use peekster to help you get that. so once you've got your product in mind, you want to head over to the aliexpress link for your product. you can see this is my product. it's got a thousand orders, 4.8 star reviews. you only want to be going with a product that has got good reviews and has got good photography, because if you scroll down you can see this is the photography that's going to come with my product, because this is the imagery that i'm going to be using on my website. so if it's not good photography, or if it's not good imagery or they don't have good videos, then it's going to make your website look bad. a great extra bonus is if your supplier can give you a video of the products you can see here. i've also got a video of my product, and the reason why is because you're going to be using this video on your website after you've edited it to be suitable for your landing page. now, once you've done that, you want to download a chrome extension called ali save and that will give you the option to actually download all the images by clicking this little icon once you've downloaded the chrome extension, and it will also give you the option to download the video. if you've got the pro version- for one dollar- and i'm not sponsored by them at all- and for the images when you scroll down on the listing, you will either have to contact the supplier and ask them to send you them, or you'll just have to print screen them, because you can't actually right click these images and save them, and some of the images in the listing below is actually better than the main images in the actual product info. now, once you've done that step, you want to head over to this link here, which is my exclusive shopify 14 day free trial link, and by using this link, you'll get 14 days for free, and sometimes you can actually get even more than 14 days for free. it just depends when you use the link. now, once you've set up your shopify account and you've started your 14 day free trial, your screen should now look like mine, and you want to head over to the bottom here where it says apps, and you want to click on it, and then it should open up this page. now, once you've done that, you want to go to where it says recommended apps, and then it should pop up this page, and then you want to go to at the bottom where it says shopify app store, and you want to click that link. once you're on the shopify app store search bar, you want to search for these two apps. the first one is going to be called auto ds. now, what auto ds lets you do is it lets you import the product through aliexpress and loads of different other websites, like cj, drop shipping and loads of other ones, and it will also automatikally fulfill every single order for you once you get orders on your website. now, an alternative to this used to be oberlo. that was the really common one, but they shut down now. another alternative to auto ds is actually ds's. now, i think auto ds is better than ds's because it actually gives you the automatik fulfillment option and loads more features. the only downside to auto ds is it does have a 30 day free trial and once that's done, it will then be a paid subscription. now, if you do not want to do that, then you should use dss, because it is free forever as long as you're on the lowest tier. now, once you've downloaded the also ds up, you want to head back over to the aliexpress link for your product, like here, and it should say somewhere around here: import through auto ds. mine's not saying it because i've already done it, but you want to click that grey button and it will import it into your website. now, once you've done that, you want to head into the auto ds app by going back into shopify, clicking apps, then auto ds, and you want to go to where it says drafts, and where it says drafts, it should show you the product that you've just imported and you want. you want to click the import button. after a few minutes it should show the product in the product section here as a live product on your website. now the best way to double check that this is actually worked is by going to where it says products in the shopify dashboard and making sure the product shows up under active now. as long as your product shows up here, then it has worked. so now we've got all that out the way. we can move on to the fun part of this video, which is creating the shopify store right now. so you want to head over to the shopify dashboard, go to where it says online store and then it should take you to a section that looks like this and it should have the dawn theme as the current theme. then you want to scroll down to where it says popular free themes and you want to go to where it says the refresh theme- this one right here- and you want to click the add button after a few minutes. after you've done that, it should now show it und.

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Customize your Shopify Theme FAST | How to Design Shopify Store 2021

let's be honest, your store design matters, and if you have a really ugly site, people are just going to leave and they're not going to purchase from you. so in this video, i'm going to show you exactly how to customize your shopify store design. as soon as someone comes to your site, they only have about seven seconds before they decide if they want to look longer on your site or leave. so those seven seconds really matter and design matters when it comes to that. you want to make sure that your site is eye-catching and it really speaks to your ideal customer. so how do you do this? you really need to pick out your shopify theme and make sure that it works based on what kind of imagery you have. if you have a lot of really great big images, then pick a theme that's going to highlight those. but if you don't have a lot of great product shots, then you want to make sure that you pick a theme that's not going to be heavily reliant on that. once you've chosen your shopify theme, then it's time to customize it, and this is where it's important to create different assets, choose your fonts and colors to make sure that it's appealing for your ideal customer. so this is super important, but a lot of times people kind of overlook the design step. so i'm going to show you really quickly how to actually customize your design in the back end of shopify for both your home page, collection page and product page. so to get here, you're going to click on online store and then you'll see themes there from the list. so now that we are on the themes page, you can see your live theme here. this is what your customers are actually seeing whenever they come to your site, as well as your online store speed. we've done another video on how to speed up your site, so i will link that in the description below and in the info cards above as well. and you can also see the theme library so you can upload your theme if you've purchased it somewhere else, or you can explore the different theme options available. so, for example, if you click on explore free themes, you'll actually see a pop-up of all of the different free themes that are available here. the one problem with this is, if you click into it, you can't really see how the site overall looks, as well as how it looks on mobile. you can just kind of see the different styling aspects. so what i do recommend that you do is actually visit the theme store. so if we just click on this here, you can see the full theme store, and this is both free and paid themes. so what i like to do whenever i'm trying to decide on a theme for a shopify store is i'll actually go to all themes up here at the top and then you can see the sidebar here of sorting options so you can actually sort through and you can see. you know, based on you just want to see themes that are just for single products. so if you click on that, then it shows you just that product or specifications on the right hand side so you can better narrow down what kind of theme that it is that you are looking for. so if we unclick this, let's just go ahead and go with a free theme and we can click on free here and now we can see all of the different free themes. that, again, we did see in that pop-up already. but the difference is now we can actually click on the theme, we can again see the different styles that it includes as well as we can view the demo. so if we click on this here, we can now actually view the demo of the theme, see exactly how it looks, as well as a really important feature, which is seeing how it looks on mobile. so if we click on this mobile phone device, we can then see how it looks on mobile devices. so we also just posted a video about how important it is for mobile devices and stylizing your site. so i'll also link that below if you want to get a little bit more information on how to make sure that your site is really performing well on mobile devices. so if you decided that you wanted to go with this theme, you would just hit add theme here. let's go back to our shopify store backend and we're just going to go ahead and use the default brooklyn theme that we already have set up. so you have a couple options. you can click on actions. you can rename the theme, duplicate it so that that way you have a copy of the original. you can also download the theme file and edit the code. so this would be if you knew exactly. you know specific things that you could edit in. or if you were a developer, you could go in and edit the code. you just want to be careful here because you don't want to make any changes that you're not going to be able to fix, and then it's going to edit your site and you're going to have issues. you can also change the languages of how things appear on your site, so this would be more tiknical terminology. so you can go in and do these different options. but what we're going to be doing in this video is we're going to be customizing this theme. so i'm just going to go ahead and click customize here and now we can see here we've got some default things added in on the left hand side that we can customize as well, as this is the default setting. so we're going to start going through and doing these different options. i do want to mention real quickly that this is just a test site that i'm using for this video. so all of the images and products that i'm using are from a company called rifle paper company. if you like any of the products or images that are featured here, definitely go check out their site at riflepapercodecom. so back to our site here. let's just start off first with the header area. so you can see, here this header area is going to be default and standard throughout our entire site and that's right here, with the logo that we will change out, as well as our navigation. also, if we scroll down to the bottom, you can see here there is a footer area that's going to be the same throughout our site as well, and then all of these areas in between are specific to this home page design. so we'll go ahead and do the header and the footer first, and then we can come back to the home page design. so let's click on header and then we can see all of the options that are specific to this header. so first off, we can add in an image here so we can hit select image, and i've already got a few added in. but you could just click upload and upload that from your computer as well. but i'm just going to add our logo in, click on it and hit select. we can then see that we can change the width of this so we can make it bigger if we wanted, or we could make it smaller. all the themes are going to have different options based on the theme that you choose, so you're not going to see exactly what i'm seeing in terms of the options here, so you'll just want to go in and play around a little bit. we can also change the color for links and icons and have a transparent header. so right now we have- this is our big slideshow image and we have our logo and stuff laying on top of it. if we didn't want to do that and we wanted it to be a white bar behind it or another color, we could just click on this here and now we can see that's a little bit more prominent. so let's go ahead and leave it like that. if you were going to have your logo over the homepage slideshow, this theme does have additional options, like you can add a white version of your logo or change the header, links and icons, just to make sure that it shows up a little bit more. we can also see here we have different types for navigation. if we wanted it to how we wanted the navigation to display, we will just keep that as it is. we can also see we could change the menu out, so we just have one menu for the main menu area here, but we could go in if you had multiple different types of menus and you could change that out. and there is a secondary sidebar menu which would, i'm guessing, show on mobile devices. so we'll just keep that at the footer menu for now. and lastly, we have different things here for the announcement bar. so that's this up here at the top, so we can choose to only show this on the home page. change out the text.

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How to Create a ONE PRODUCT Shopify Store in 2023 (Step by Step)

what's going on. my name is Simon and in this video, I'm going to show you, step by step, how to create a branded one product Shopify store from complete scratch. so even if you are a complete beginner and you have never built an online store before, after watching and following along with this video, you'll walk away with a professional and branded one product Shopify store. this simple but effective store setup is going to work for any product that you want to sell, no matter if you're Drop Shipping or if you're selling your own product. you have a lot to cover in this video. so turn your phone to airplane mode, get a cup of coffee and then let's get started building our store. foreign now, to make sure you get the best deal when signing up for Shopify, you want to make sure to use the first link Down Below in the description to sign up. this will take you to my special shoppie Fair landing page, where you can always find the best deals. so currently there's a three day free trial, which is going to be more than enough to set up our store, and then, after the three days, you're gonna have three months of using Shopify for only one dollar per month. so once you're here, simply type in your email address and then click on start free trial. when you get to this step, here you want to Simply type in your store name or your brand name. if you don't know what your brand name is going to be yet, don't worry, you can always change this later on. so just type in something random and then click on create store. once our store is created, we get to our Shopify dashboard, which looks like this: now, here the first thing that I like to do is go ahead and pick a plan, because this will allow us to use all the features within our free trial period. so we're going to go and click on pick a plan here on the top, and then here we want to go for the basic Shopify plan. this has everything that we need for our store and, as you can see, you get the first three months for only one dollar per month, which is almost free. so definitely a great offer. so let's click on choose this plan. here we're going to leave the billing cycle at monthly and then also add a payment method, and then click on Start Plan. now the next thing we're going to do is choose a theme for store. this is going to determine what the overall design is for our e-commerce site. so let's go to the left side, click on online store and then go to themes. now the theme that comes pre-installed with every Shopify store is the dawn theme. the dawn theme is pretty good, so you can check it out if you want to. however, I actually like to choose a different one for this storm. so when we scroll down, we can see a couple of free themes that we can also simply install onto our Shopify store. or, if you want to have more options, you can click on visit theme store right here and then you get to this page where you can find multiple themes for all different kinds of stores. however, most of these themes cost around three hundred dollars. I would recommend to Simply go with a free theme, which is exactly what we're going to do in this video. so the themes that I recommend the most for a branded one product store is either the refresh theme or the sense theme. I find that both of these themes are very easy to customize and work for pretty much every type of store. now, for this store, I'm going to use the sense theme, so I'm going to click on ADD right here once the theme has been added. we want to click on publish and then again publish, and now we have updated our store theme to the sense theme. now, before we go ahead and customize our store website, I want to First add the product that we intend to sell here on this store. now, if you're selling your own product and you're building a branded Shopify store for your own product, then you want to Simply go to products here on the top left and then you want to click on add your products. then you can simply type in the title of your product description, add the product photos, enter the price and so on. however, I know that many people watching this video are actually Drop Shipping from places like AliExpress, CJ Drop Shipping and so on. so I want to show you in this video how to Simply import any product from AliExpress directly onto your Shopify store, which makes the process a lot easier, and it would also make the fulfilling process a lot easier once you get your first sales. so I've decided to build this store for this specific product right here. this: this is an electric mini portable blender that you can basically use on the go. it has a good reviews here on AliExpress and we can get it for around 25. I also found a similar product here on CJ Drop Shipping- see the GTA Drop Shipping. they have us warehouses so you can get quicker shipping times, which is a lot better, obviously, for your customers. so just to make it clear, because I see a lot of people are copying the stores that I show you how to build in my YouTube videos- I don't recommend you sell this product right now because it's already very saturated. so I'm just using this product as an example to show you how to build a one product Shopify store. so to import our product directly from AliExpress, we're going to use a tool called deezers or de-essers. I'm going to leave a link to this tool Down Below in the description, so click on that link, then you get to this page right here now. once you're here, click on try it free and then simply create your account. once is logged in, we're going to click on Shopify and that will take us to the Shopify App Store where we're going to click on add app, then click on yes and then install app. then here we're going to go for the free plan and click on get started and then link our account to AliExpress. so we're going to click on AliExpress and then, if you're already logged into your AliExpress account, you're going to get to this page here. but if you're not logged in or you don't have an AliExpress account yet, simply Follow The Prompt, create your account and then you get to this page as well, where we're going to click on let's start importing products. then here we can simply skip the tutorial, and that takes us to the deezer's dashboard. now we also want to add the deezer's Chrome extension. so we're going to go to home on the top left and then click on Chrome extension, click on add to Chrome ADD extension and then, to always have our deezer's extension visible here at the top, we want to go to the puzzle icon and then make sure the pin here is blue, and that will pin our deezer's extension here to the browser. then we also need to log in again with our extension. so we're going to go to the deserts extension, click on deezers here, which will take us back to the deezer's homepage, then click on login and that should automatikally log us into our deezer's account. now, once that's done, our extension is working, so we can go back to AliExpress, the product page where we want to import the product from, in my case, for this store. as an example, I'm going to import this product here. so now, because we have the extension, we have now a new button here that says adds to Deezer, so we're going to click on this button and then we can see that this product is now being imported to deezers, and when that's done, we can go back to our deezer's dashboard and click on import list here on the left side, and then we should see the imported product right here. now, before we import this product to our Shopify store, we want to also click on edit product right here and then go to variants, and then here you want to go through all the different variants and delete every variant that you don't want to sell on your store. to delete any variant that you don't want to sell on your store, simply click on the trash icon here on the left side and then click on yes. when that's done, we're going to click on Save, and now we can send this product to our Shopify store by clicking on the orange Shopify icon. then I'm gonna untik this one here and make sure the also publish to online store is tiked, and then click on push to Shopif.

How to edit a Shopify Theme - Development Best Practice

hey, das ist jan vom letzten end days video ever made for small modifications to existing team der golf. das video ist die show. you can use the developer tools to find out exactly when its place changes- energiewende, ballast video of the week and find the correct team pfeil, die pending und change. you want to make the front and the fear hätten massives. bevor die vier euro. die familie musste shopsystem. we can stop the way. ok, so beck immer development store ohne page and to give the story of the world's gesamte letzte posten: helfe client, ente, client wants to remove des little sale text lag hier bei den city-fans one: fördern ein bett displays, tailings ist erfolg, sagt mit gc you save up to 15 prozent. over the wall ist der safe und das product eine fixe. überlasst video. you might think, okay, let's go tell it on the open update and later products, including der voerder section character and let there be just for fun action template ein bisserl, bring you tube template filewich konzert auf dem elend. liquid 104, just starting out, diesmal mit computing overwhelming. so, christian beeck, sexy die unicum exchanges. indessen, exercise 100 postämter, implement changes. union vigo hat manchesters problem. ok, superstores front and inspect element. automotive news. pace award gold to the losail text right click and inspect ein display bringt. bei chrome developer tools einige hätten ziehen. die ist wie vor. basically sie hier ist old age tml auf der website nsa hannover, die elements der elemente kate heiratet und websites und web site auf das windows tool des css sulz, der applied to any element in folge sampl, remove the context no longer be beugt wurde. auch eine focus on right now the search for us cs s klasse. select the one for sale. text vollpreis, item label. which way birgit prinz point to search for, in diesem fall ein oder holz notike ist der charakter: information center, container, div, class, quadrat, preis, so dass es demnächst reference point arbeitswoche in das team fall. zuletzt hauptbecken verletzt. okay, die very first thing. the search for that is des css glas verpackt an was für anders gehabt und es ist es die only match in dem very likely, das ist der place we wanted to about that i can always the test as safe, diesem fall effekte frontend. ein verliebtes test will appear at position sowie zwei piloten von der preisfront. perfekt. so instead of writing testen wie credit suisse cs s class tailings links und judith action zuletzt verdankt dort komplettpreis. next meines the park kreischef raed know that we wanted someone to display. result in präsent, denn die weide bei der kompressor produkt dort komplettpreis. next kloster, likud-blocks, editors and is [Musik] said and the front and we can say: you say the perfect, but we can do ist inspect. das elemente can relate to factors and i can't you. next ist: klickt es mit plus aktuelle news, es den autorinnen select of our new age tmn element, denn die linke wird sonst teil des erfolgs. ampel wie warnte kaller to get my baby wants to be wild, wird small, and we won't wait to be ok, actually i don't want to. the way to the bold - dies tue wird erstmals ein kapitel selector bss fall auf das team. the way to the bottom css, the wall of worry - be implemented first. you know, they saying, it just works and have any variance. update des change the whole story bietet. ferner hat das ist gut demonstration. ok, so lassen die saytec head business class aufpreis item label sowie katherine, falls das ist, wie das new sail ist, extended enterprise information is coming von disney park press. so let's go to the city and product dort preis researchcom label, preis item label hat. ist es die only imagine dokument in document sowie can be pretty sure that is it. play stay. don't want to remove das in teil, i just want to commit suicide und ist back. check the front and the text ist perfekt. aig ist ein letztes foto video zu dem hobby on something new, something ort der des made to basic, beide hände für just starting out. think des videos, super important questions of it. blicken livecom in section topix-index video zu. if i don't want to subscribe to the channel in die nächste video, weil

How to Create and Edit Shopify Pages on Your Shopify Store

hello everyone. today we're going to be looking at adding pages to your shopify store and editing pages to suit your liking. so, from your shopify admin, head on over to online store in the left-hand navigation and then, from there, click on the pages tab. next, simply click on the add page button down at the bottom or at the upper top right hand corner. the first thing you're going to do is add a title for your page. so let's say, we want to create a page that's announcing an upcoming sale. so once you've written your title here, you can go ahead into the content box, and this is where you will be adding things like text, links, images and so on. so now that i've added this very little bit of text, i'll show you how to update um and customize some of this text. so, just like you would a word document, let's say we wanted to bold something, just highlight it and from there, click on the bold. you can also do things, like you know, italicize the text as well, which, again just like a word document, you can use your command or control i key so you can also add links to the text. so, for example, if you wanted to link social media, you would highlight it and then click on the hyperlink icon here and then add your link. so i'm just going to use google as an example: open this link in. so this drop-down currently is set so that when they click on a link it'll just open in the same page. but in most cases, if anyone's ever going to leave your website, you want it to open up in a new window so that it's easy enough for them just to go back to the other tab and still engage with your website, and then i'm just going to click on insert link. so at the moment i can't actually preview the page, and i would like to do that. so, in order to preview, hit save and then shopify will give you the option to preview it. so now i just hit save and the page is live, which is fine with me. but if you wanted to hide it, you could select the hidden option here. but i'm going to go ahead and leave it as visible. so now, if we want to view the page, simply click, obviously, the view page button and then, this way, we can kind of see what it's starting to look like. obviously incredibly boring page. we would definitely want to add more to it. and another thing that you can do is every theme has a different set of page templates, so this is a free theme. it's incredibly limited and right now we only have a page and a page- contact. so if i change the template, suffix to pagecontact and then i save, it's going to look like a contact page and because this is just an announcement page that we're going to highlight a few sales, we really don't need the contact form, so i'm going to go back and change that back to page. now, if you have a premium template that you've paid for, likely you will have more options than that. you'll have things like a wide layout and other different options that you can play with. so i'm just going to leave it on page and save it again. so the next thing that we're going to do is add an image to the page. so click on the area that you want to add the image. i simply hit enter a couple of times and then click on the insert image button. from there, you can use an image that you've already uploaded. you can upload a new image. you can also grab an image from an existing product that you have, or you can throw in a url of an image that's already sitting on a website somewhere. so in this case, i already have uploaded the image that i want, so i'll go ahead and click on it: [Music]. i can then add image alt text, and alt text is great in that it makes your website more accessible and it also increases your seo. search engines will be able to crawl your website and grab these little bits of text that you've added to your images. you can then select the size of the image. so the original image is quite large, so i'm actually going to make it a bit smaller here. let's go with the 600 by 600 and then insert image. if you'd like to see what that looks like, hit the save button and click on view page. so this is what our page is looking like so far. now, to be honest, i'd rather this be a bit wider or at least centered, so i'm going to go back, click on the image and then we can play with the alignment. so, just like text, we can have left align, center align and right align. i'm going to go ahead and click on center, then we can hit save again, and at least that way it's in the middle. you can also add things like videos to your page, so i'm going to add a title here for the video and right now the format of the text is simply the kind of default paragraph text. but i want this to be a header. so i'm going to head up here to the formatting and select one of the different headings and from there we're going to go ahead and add a video. i'm going to add a youtube video to this page and in order to do that i'm going to need the embed code from the youtube video. so, to embed a youtube video, we're going to grab the youtube embed code from the video, and i'm just going to use this one as an example. of course, it has nothing to do with a black friday sale, it's just for example purposes. so once you get to the youtube video that you want to embed, click on the share button and then from there, click on the embed button. it's going to pump out a bit of code that you're going to need to copy and paste into your page. you do have the option to start at a certain point in the video, which we won't do in this case, but go ahead and click on the copy button and then you can close this and head back to your shopify page, and for this part, we can't just paste it into the page. i'll show you what happens if we do do that. but basically you're copying and pasting code into a formatted page and it's not going to work. it's just going to show you this text. so if we hit save and then go and view the page, you'll see that the code is purely just text, and of course that is not at all what we want on our page. so i'll head back and i'll remove this. but from here i'm going to click on the show html button. this will show you the code. now it's not going to look all that pretty once you're back there, but this is where you're going to want to put your embed code for the video and this is where you're going to want to add the embed code for your video. so click the very end of the current code and hit the enter key, then paste the code and you can then go back to show editor, which will take you back to the formatted view, and if you scroll down, you'll see the embedded youtube video. so we can hit save and then view the page again. and now we've got an embedded video. there's definitely too much space here, so just go ahead and delete that. now i'm going to go ahead and play around with a little more text. if you wanted to add a bulleted list, simply click there and then you can add your different items. [Music]. you can also add numbered lists. another thing that you can do is add a table. so let's say you had a page and you had maybe like a price list or something that you'd like to add. you can do that using a table. so head on up to the insert table button and click on- funny enough- insert table. now, with most tables, you're obviously not just going to want to have one row and one column, right. so go back up to the insert table button and from here you can add columns and rows. so let's go ahead and create our pretend price list now. to create that next line, i just hit the tab button and this table just simply has text in it right now. so let's hit enter after the table, just to space it out a little bit. and we haven't had a look at our page in a little while, so i'm going to hit save and then go and refresh the page now. this page is going to look messy, of course, but it's really just an example as to all of the different options that you have when creating a shopify page. so, again, we've got text up at the top that we've, you know. we've made certain parts of it bold italic. there's a link here, which is that google link that we created before. we've got bulleted lists, numbered lists, a table filled with text at the moment, along with an image a.