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Efficient Bulk Price Updates with Shopify

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

The purpose of this video is to provide an easy way to update pricing for your products on Shopify using a flat file. The goal is to avoid manual updates and make the process more efficient.

Steps to update pricing:

1. Go to All Products and export all products as a CSV file.

2. Remove unnecessary fields and filter out information, such as vendor and product type.

3. Delete any blank rows.

4. Keep the handle, option values, title, variant SKU, and compared price.

5. Use a formula to calculate the new price based on the original price and desired discount.

6. Import the updated CSV file.

7. Verify that the update was successful.

8. Check the front end to see the updated pricing.

Benefits of using this method:

1. Avoids manual updates, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

2. Allows for easy application of discounts without requiring customers to enter a coupon code.

3. Provides flexibility for future discount promotions.

Updating pricing for products on Shopify can be a tedious task, but using a flat file can make the process more efficient. By following these steps, you can quickly update pricing and offer discounts to customers without requiring them to enter a coupon code.

FASTEST WAY to Bulk Edit Prices on Shopify!

Hey guys, I wanted to share a quick video on how to edit prices on Shopify quickly and efficiently. After struggling to edit prices and watching a few videos, I realized that there is a faster way to do it that not many people know about. In this video, I'll show you what I figured out and how to save a lot of time in the process.

Steps to Edit Prices on Shopify:

1. Group Similar Items Together:

If you're selling clothing or jewelry, make sure to group similar items together in the title. For example, if you're selling t-shirts, add t-shirt in the title. This will make it easier to edit all the prices for that category at once.

2. Open Inventory and Edit Variants:

From the Products page, click on Inventory. Then, click on Actions and select Edit Variants. This will open up all the prices for that category.

3. Use Command/Control Key:

To quickly edit prices, use the Command key (Mac) or Control key (Windows) to select multiple items at once. For example, click on the top item, hold the Command key, and click on the bottom item. This will highlight all the items in between. Then, simply enter the new price.

4. Open Multiple Tabs:

To save time, open multiple tabs and repeat the process on each tab. This way, you can edit multiple pages at once and save a lot of time.

5. Save Before Closing:

Make sure to save each page before closing it. This is important because if you close the page before it's saved, you'll lose all your progress.

Editing prices on Shopify can be time-consuming, but with these simple steps, you can save a lot of time and get it done quickly and efficiently. Remember to group similar items together, use the Command/Control key to select multiple items, and open multiple tabs to edit multiple pages at once. And most importantly, don't forget to save before closing!

Bulk Edit Price, CAP & CPI | Shopify

In this video, we will cover the following topics related to price comparison and cost updates in Vela:

- How to access the bulk edit page

- Display of current pricing, compare price, and cost per item (CPI)

Bulk editing:

- Options to increase by, decrease by, or change to

- How to deselect listings and revert back to original prices

- Unifying prices for listings with no variations

- How to apply changes and sync updates to Shopify

Individual updates:

- How to make updates for cost, compare price, and price individually

New feature update:

- How to utilize the copy from price button to easily add compare prices

- Setting discounts and reverting back to original prices after a sale

- Updating prices and costs is a crucial part of managing an online store

- Vela provides easy and efficient ways to bulk edit and make individual updates for price, compare price, and cost

- The new copy from price feature makes it even simpler to add compare prices and run sales for your listings.

How to Bulk Edit Products on your Shopify Store / Bulk Editor And CSV Files

In this video, Clayton Bates shows two ways to bulk edit products on Shopify. One is through the Shopify store, and the other is on an Excel file.

Bulk editing through Shopify:

- Click on Products in the back end of your Shopify store

- Click Export and select All products

- Open the Excel file sent to your email

- Edit product information, such as title, tags, and price

- Save the file and import it back to your Shopify store

Bulk editing through Excel:

- Click the Select all button in the All products section

- Click Edit products

- Add fields you want to update and edit the information

- Save changes frequently to avoid losing progress

- Can update almost all fields except for product description and images

Bulk editing products on Shopify can be done either through the Shopify store or an Excel file. However, it's important to be cautious when using the Excel method for stores with over a thousand products. Shopify provides a user-friendly interface for bulk editing fields such as title, tags, price, and availability. Frequent saving is recommended to avoid losing progress.

FASTEST WAY To Change All Price Variants On Shopify | Bulk Edit Prices On Shopify

The Fastest Way to Bulk Edit Prices on Shopify

Are you tired of changing the prices for all the variants of your products on Shopify one by one? Well, in this tutorial, we will show you a faster and simpler way to edit all the prices at once using Shopify's built-in features.


1. Go to your Shopify store and click on Products.

2. Select the product where you want to change the prices for all the variants.

3. Scroll down to the variants section and select all the variants you want to change the prices for.

4. Click on More actions and select Edit prices.

5. Add the new price you want to apply and click on Apply to all.

6. Click on Done to save the changes.

If you have many products and variants, you can also use the bulk editor to change the prices faster. Here's how:

1. Click on Bulk editor.

2. Select the boxes where you want to change the prices.

3. Stretch the boxes down as much as you want.

4. Click on the top box and change the price.

5. The price will be changed for all the boxes you selected.

6. Save the changes.

Changing the prices of all the variants of your products on Shopify can be time-consuming, but with these simple steps, you can do it quickly and efficiently. Whether you prefer to change the prices individually or using the bulk editor, Shopify has you covered. Try it out and let us know how it works for you. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more Shopify tutorials.

How To Bulk Change Prices On Shopify

In this video, Bianca Moore of B Moore Successful Marketing shows viewers how to bulk change prices in Shopify. There are several ways to do this, and Bianca demonstrates each one.

Ways to Bulk Change Prices:

1. Individually Changing Prices - This method is not recommended as it takes a lot of time.

2. Using Bulk Editor - Click on the box and open the bulk editor. Then, drag the blue square in the corner down to the bottom and change the first box. This will change everything in the boxes below it.

3. Individually Selecting Sizes - Click on the size you want to change, go to more actions, and select edit prices. Change the price and select apply to all.

4. Saving Changes - It is important to save changes to avoid losing any work.

By following these steps, viewers can bulk change prices in Shopify efficiently. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to Bianca's channel and Facebook page for more helpful videos.

How do I edit prices on Shopify ?

How to Update Product Prices in Shopify Using Conical's Bulk Price Editor

Are you struggling to update the prices of your products in your Shopify store? Do you want to know how to automate the process and save time? Look no further than Conical's Bulk Price Editor. In this article, we'll show you step-by-step how to use this tool to update your product prices.


1. Log into your Shopify store and go to your apps.

2. Type in Conical and install the app if it's your first time using it.

3. Click on Conical to access your account.

4. Filter your products by title, keywords, product tags, variant title, status, product type, vendor, or collection.

5. Configure the prices by choosing to reduce, set a specific amount, or a percentage.

6. Set promo and price validity if desired.

7. Submit the price change request and confirm it.

8. Check the price history for an overall impact and the option to revert changes.


- Use the filters to narrow down your search and save time.

- Use the bulk price editor to reduce, set, or increase your prices.

- Set promo and price validity for temporary changes.

- Check the price history for an overall impact and the option to revert changes.

Updating your product prices in Shopify can be a daunting task, but with Conical's Bulk Price Editor, you can automate the process and save time. Follow these simple steps to configure your prices and see an overall impact on your sales, profit, and volume. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Conical for help.

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