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Effortless E-commerce: Dropshipping with Johnny FD

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

value” is added? None. This is not real dropshipping. Real dropshipping is becoming an authorized dealer for a brand or company and selling their products at MSRP or MAP. This allows the customer to have access to products they may not have been able to purchase otherwise, and the seller can provide customer service and expertise on the products they are selling. It is a fulfillment model that allows for location independence and can lead to building a real online business. Dropshipping should not be confused with arbitrage or selling cheap products for a markup. It is a legitimate business model that can provide opportunities for those who may not have the resources or skills to start other types of online businesses.


Hey guys, it's Taiya and today we're talking about dropshipping with none other than Johnny FD, a pioneer of the digital nomad movement and founder of the Digital Nomad Summit. Johnny has been traveling the world for the last 10-12 years building different streams of online income, primarily through dropshipping. In this article, we will discuss some of the key takeaways from our conversation.

- Dropshipping is a fulfillment model for e-commerce businesses that eliminates the need for physical inventory and warehouses.

- Johnny FD has been dropshipping for over seven years and has been able to do it from anywhere in the world.

Tips for Success:

- To find the right product to sell, make a list of the last 50 products that you bought over the last five years that were over a certain amount and ask yourself if there is a website you would rather buy it from.

- Follow one course from a reputable source such as Anton's course or Johnny's free course and don't mix and match from different sources.

- Ad spend has increased over the years, and it is important to have a minimum spend of at least $500-1000 for ads, depending on the market and niche.

- Success in dropshipping requires a minimum of two to three months of effort and a willingness to pivot and try new things.

- Dropshipping can be a lucrative online business if done correctly.

- To succeed, it is important to follow a proven method, invest in ads, and be willing to pivot and try new things.

- Remember that starting any business, online or offline, requires hard work, time, and investment.

How Curtis Made $10,000 Dropshipping in just a Month!

Hey guys, my name is Curtis and I want to share my dropshipping journey with you. A few years ago, I was working as a parking garage attendant when I heard about dropshipping. I searched for dropshipping podcasts and came across Johnny FD's Travel Like a Boss podcast where he interviewed Anton Kraly of Dropship Lifestyle. Johnny made dropshipping sound super simple and honest, unlike other internet marketers who promise quick riches. Inspired by Johnny's podcast, I got started with dropshipping and was able to quickly replace my income and take a month-long trip to Japan without working at all. My best month, I made $10,000 with dropshipping. Thanks to Johnny and Anton, anyone can do dropshipping and succeed.

- Sharing my dropshipping journey

- Learned about dropshipping as a parking garage attendant

- Found Johnny FD's Travel Like a Boss podcast

- Inspired to start dropshipping and succeeded

Bullet points:

- Johnny FD made dropshipping sound simple and honest

- Replaced my income and went on a trip to Japan without working

- Best month made $10,000 with dropshipping

- Thanks to Johnny and Anton, anyone can succeed in dropshipping

- Anyone can succeed in dropshipping

- Johnny and Anton provide honest and helpful advice

- Join Anton's course at AntonMethod.com with Johnny's link for a free jump start success course

- Join Johnny's new course, Dropship Lab, to ten extra profit

Anton's Method - Drop Ship Lifestyle Review

- Johnny from San Francisco, living in Chiang Mai

- Wanted to make money while traveling

- Started teaching scuba diving, muay Thai, and blogging

- Introduction to online world and e-commerce through Anton's method


- Anton's method: dropship lifestyle

- Took two months of hard work to get the store up and running

- Replaced 9-5 income, never have to go back to a normal job

- Recommended course to everyone, but only works if you put in the effort

- Desperation led to dedication

- Met Anton through Facebook, explained e-commerce and dropshipping

- Idea clicked and started putting in effort

- Time difference from US to Thailand was 18 hours, had to stay up late/early for customer service calls

- Now have an employee to handle calls, only spend less than an hour a day maintaining business

- Anton is genuine and course is genuine, made money from it

- Highly recommend course, but only if you take it seriously

- Nothing to lose with 60-day money-back guarantee

- Anton's course holds your hand through the process

- Eight people Johnny knows have made sales and profit from the course, three did nothing with it

- Honest review of Anton's method dropship lifestyle

- Find your passion, don't be stuck in a job you hate

- Anton's method worked for Johnny and highly recommends it

- Get the course at Antonmethod.com

- Read more about Johnny's journey at JohnnyFD.com

Dropshipping: Inside My Shopify Dashboard

Hey guys, it's Johnny from Johnny Aftercalm and today I'm going to give you a sneak peek inside one of my Shopify stores. I'll be showing you the actual dashboard, sales, and everything else. The reason I'm doing this is that there are people online who think that everything online is a scam and that there's no way to make money online. This video is for those of you who have the abundant mentality and want to put in the work to build a Shopify store.

Inside my Shopify store:

- This store is one of my side stores that made a profit over Christmas break about two years ago.

- For the last 30 days, we've had four orders, 529 visitors, and $7,941 in sales.

- The reason why I don't normally do a screen share of my income reports is because there's a lot of confidential information inside these dashboards.

- None of my screenshots have ever been doctored or photoshopped besides censoring out private information.

- This store is not my main store that I've sold. I'm starting about two stores this month which hopefully will become even bigger than this.

Why I recommend Anton's course:

- I've met hundreds, if not a thousand people in person who have done it successfully, so I know it works.

- If you really want to have a step-by-step plan, go to AntonMethod.com.

- I can help you personally one-on-one to achieve the same results if not better.

- This is why I recommend Shopify in my resources.

If you follow the formula and put in 110% effort, I know it works. I hope to see you guys out here and I hope you guys are successful in whatever you do. If you don't want to do this, that's fine. I'm just showing you what has worked for me and what has worked for my best friends and people I know. Good luck!

My $1,000 Dropshipping Course is Actually FREE! Learn to start a Dropship Business!

Hey everyone, it's Johnny FD and I'm thrilled to bring you my free dropshipping course in a series. You might be wondering why I'm doing this, and the answer is simple - dropshipping changed my life. It was the first business I was able to run from anywhere in the world, and I've been telling people for years that it's the best way to start an online business. However, there are so many people teaching it the wrong way, which is why I decided to create this completely free zero-to-success dropshipping course just for you.

- Free dropshipping course in a series

- Why I'm doing this - dropshipping changed my life

- Too many people teaching it the wrong way

- Course is completely free

Section 1: Overview

- What is dropshipping?

- Fulfillment model vs. business model

- Different ways to dropship

Section 2: Niche and product selection

- Difference between a niche and a product

- How to choose a niche

- How to choose a product within a niche

- Researching your competition

Section 3: Getting approved by suppliers

- Pros and cons of different methods

- How to email or call suppliers

- Scripts to use when contacting suppliers

Section 4: Overcoming roadblocks

- Finding a good store name and URL

- Common roadblocks people face when starting a business

Section 5: Setting up a store

- Using Shopify to create a store

- Uploading themes and logos

- Creating an About Us and Contact Us page

Section 6: Business setup

- Setting up an LLC or sole proprietorship

- Understanding taxes and sales taxes

Section 7: Getting approved by suppliers

- What to say when contacting suppliers

- Different methods of getting approved

Section 8: Product listing optimization

- Creating product pages that convert

- Getting reviews

Section 9: Driving traffic

- How to drive traffic to

Dropshipping: More Sales and More Profit - How to Optimize like a Boss

In this module, we will discuss how to scale up and increase profitability in your dropshipping business after making your first sale.

1. Add More Products:

- Always be getting more suppliers to add more unique products to your store.

- A minimum of 100 unique products in your store is ideal.

2. Get More Traffic:

- Use different types of paid ads and test to find the most efficient ones.

- Retargeting ads are the most efficient type of paid ad.

- On-page SEO and optimization can also help bring in more traffic.

3. Optimize Product Pages:

- A sales page is different from a product page and can increase your conversion rate.

- Use optimization techniques for your title, photos, description, and other elements to make a more effective sales page.

By following these steps, you can increase profitability in your dropshipping business without necessarily increasing your ad spend. Remember to always test and optimize to find the most efficient methods for your specific store.

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