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Effortlessly Sell Phone Accessories with Dropshipping

Published on: May 13 2023 by pipiads

Berga: Dissecting a Successful Shopify Store

In this video, the presenter dissects a Shopify store called Berga that sells iPhone cases, Airpod cases, and MacBook cases. The store is clearing over a million dollars a month, and the presenter shows viewers how they could replicate Berga's success on their store.

Key Points:

- Berga offers a buy two, get two free deal, which is a great offer for customers.

- The store sells iPhone cases that are not cheap, but customers are willing to pay for the unique designs.

- Berga has a good Trustpilot score, which helps build trust with customers.

- The store has a clean layout, with tabs to browse different products and add-ons.

- Berga has a strong social media presence, with over 300k Instagram followers.

- The store uses a lot of video ads on Facebook, testing different creatives and angles to see what works best.

- Simplifying things is always a good idea; confusion leads to a lack of sales.

Berga is an excellent example of a successful Shopify store that is making over a million dollars a month by offering unique iPhone cases. By analyzing Berga's success, viewers can learn valuable marketing information that could help them replicate that success on their store.

How To Start A Phone Case Business From Home (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

- Starting a phone case business can be lucrative, with high profit margins and low upfront investment.

- There are 8.5 billion mobile device connections globally, but only 7.6 billion people on earth, making it a large market with potential customers.

- 44% of smartphone users upgrade their device every two years, creating a consistent demand for phone cases.

- In this article, we will learn how to start a phone case business from scratch.

Defining Your Niche:

- Start by deciding what kind of phone case you want to sell and define your target audience based on the benefits your phone case offers.

- Brainstorm potential ideas, such as a durable case for outdoorsy people or a sleek, minimalist case for design enthusiasts.

- Choose a niche that you are passionate about, and think about which devices you want to target.

Sourcing Materials:

- There are three ways to make phone cases: print on demand, make at home, or white label.

- Print on demand is a method where you design your own cases, but only pay for them when a customer orders them. This option is low-risk but has lower profit margins.

- Making cases at home involves sublimation, where you print your design onto blank phone cases. This option allows for more customization but has a higher upfront cost.

- White labeling involves reselling an existing product under your own brand. It is less time-consuming but can be competitive.

Setting Up Your Online Store:

- Shopify is a centralized platform where you can source and sell your products, design your store, and take advantage of powerful apps like print on demand services.

- Use social media and content creation to market your products, and consider using TikTok for behind-the-scenes videos.

- Subscriptions to Shopify have a 14-day free trial, and the drop-shipping option can get you up and running in as little as a day.

- Starting a phone case business can be a profitable venture with low upfront investment and consistent demand.

- Defining your niche, sourcing materials, and setting up your online store are crucial steps to success.

- Marketing your products through social media and content creation can help increase sales and grow your business.

Dropship Phone Cases: Why You Should Give This Popular Niche a Try

- Phone cases are a popular product niche for dropshipping

- AliExpress offers a variety of phone cases to sell on your website

- This video will go over the pros and cons of dropshipping phone cases and the best phone cases to sell

Pros of Dropshipping Phone Cases:

- Each phone model requires a unique case, creating a stable demand for phone cases

- In-store prices for phone cases can be more expensive than online prices

- Phone case covers are generally cheap and trigger impulse purchases for online shoppers

- Retailers sell 1.5 billion smartphones each year, providing a large potential customer base

Cons of Dropshipping Phone Cases:

- The phone case market is highly competitive

- Customers have varying tastes, making it difficult to know what models to specialize in

Best Phone Cases to Sell:

- Fitted cases are the most popular type on the market due to their sleek look and non-bulky nature

- Flip cases and wallet cases are in high demand and provide added protection for phones

- High design cases and phone bumpers are trendy and popular among young people

- Waterproof phone pouches and shockproof cases provide ultimate phone protection

- Battery charger cases are a must-have for any phone accessory retailer

- Dropshipping phone cases can be a profitable niche, but it is important to consider the competition and customer preferences

- AliExpress offers a variety of phone cases to sell on your website, including fitted cases, flip cases, wallet cases, high design cases, phone bumpers, waterproof phone pouches, shockproof cases, and battery charger cases

- To learn more about dropshipping niche ideas, visit the AliDropship blog or download their free guide on the most profitable niches.

$150,000 Dropshipping Phone Accessories (2019)

In this video, the speaker shares tips on how to dropship phone accessories profitably using Facebook ads. The focus is on a product that can sell well across Tier 1 countries, and the speaker emphasizes the importance of upsells to increase average order value. The video demonstrates the use of Add Chill software to quickly create a video ad and launch it on Facebook, with the option to automate ad scaling and audience testing. The speaker also stresses the need to test different creatives, copy, and audiences to identify winning combinations that can maximize conversions. The article highlights the importance of putting in the work and testing multiple ad combinations to stay ahead of the competition. The speaker promotes Ad Show as a tool that can save time and improve ad performance, with features such as creating hundreds of lookalike audiences in seconds, managing multiple campaigns and accounts, and manual bidding. The article ends with a call to action to try Ad Show and see the benefits for oneself.


Today, we will be discussing how to start a phone case business using dropshipping. We will cover creating the phone case dropship store, sourcing phone cases, marketing and sales, and how to make over $300 within the first three days of launch.

Creating the Store:

- Use Shopify to create your website

- Install Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to track customers and retarget them later

- Purchase a domain name through Shopify

- Install dropshipping apps such as Oberlo, Horrify, and Abandonment Protector Plus to help with dropshipping and generate sales

- Customize your theme and add collections for your products

Sourcing Phone Cases:

- Use the O Berlow Chrome extension to search for phone cases on AliExpress

- Choose trusted suppliers with high ratings and who use ePacket shipping

- Edit your product descriptions and prices in O Berlow before importing to Shopify

Marketing and Sales:

- Choose a niche and target market through research and competitor analysis

- Create a design for your ad and advertise on social media platforms such as Instagram

- Contact influencers and negotiate a price for them to post about your store

- Use apps such as Horrify and Abandonment Protector Plus to create a sense of scarcity and bring back customers who have abandoned their cart

Starting a phone case business using dropshipping is a great way to generate sales and income. By following these steps, you can create a successful online store and reach your target market effectively. Remember to continue to market and advertise your store to keep generating sales.


In this article, we will be exploring five popular phone accessory Shopify sites and their products. It is important to note that all the data presented here is estimated, so use it mainly for entertainment purposes.

1. Skinnydip London:

- A pink-themed lifestyle store primarily for young women.

- Had about 170,000 website visits last month, with most of their traffic coming from search engines.

- Their phone cases are one of their most popular product lines, and they have a strategic partnership with Disney.

- Estimated annual revenue of $52 million according to Zoom Info.

2. Spigen:

- Sells armored phone covers for tech products like smartphones and tablets.

- Had about 880,000 visits last month, with most of their traffic coming from search engines.

- Their AirPod strap is a popular product.

- Estimated annual revenue between $100 and $500 million according to Ink Fact.

3. PhoneSoap:

- Sells phone chargers that clean your phone.

- Had about 130,000 visits last month, with most of their traffic coming from the United States.

- Their most popular product is the smartphone UV sanitizer, which comes in numerous colors.

- Estimated annual revenue of $7.44 million according to Dun and Bradstreet.

4. Moose Co:

- Sells robust phone cases.

- Targets a more male minimalist crowd.

- Had about 660,000 visits last month, with their main source of traffic coming from the United States.

- Their blog has helpful articles, and their Facebook ads are fun.

- Estimated annual revenue of £12.3 million according to the branding agency Piper.

These five Shopify sites offer a variety of phone accessories that cater to different tastes and needs. Their estimated revenue shows that they are successful in their respective niches. Consider checking them out and see if there's something that catches your eye.

Dropshipping Phone Accessories (PROVEN METHOD)

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