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eharmony ads

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

russian anti gay commercial

[музыка],я будильник на 9 поставила молодец а,теперь выключи его завтра воскресенье,завтра же дел много еще на выбор на там,светит на выбор собралась уж ты-то без,тебя там не выберут кандидаты завтра,вечером рыдать будут крокодильи слезы,лить президента будет сказал выключи,будильник сейчас же политик спим за счет,приняться за работу всех дорогая и,работа пришли забирать вас форме какую,армия не 52 года отлично при одной,возраст поднялись до 60 кто поднял как,тут президент сами за него голосовали да,не за кого я не голосовал досвидание,день по в доме четыре миллиона мне в,школе на охрана сдать надо,[музыка],сейчас я мама спрашивала как это,дебильная плюс и так это что еще за хрен,я вообще ты гей на передержке,то ну ты чего все не по закону любая,семья должна брать гей на передержку тех,которых партнера ставим у неделю,осталось если он никого не найдет себе в,пару тогда тебе придется снимать закон,ней закон актами с вами очень серьезно,говорить,вообще это листопад,внимание количество посещение туалета,ограничено внимание,они,[музыка],[музыка],[музыка],чо-чо нам эбру вставай быстрее,это просто будет давал

Dating Service Commercial (Jon Lajoie)

I couldn't handle the dating scene,anymore I mean I thought it was gonna be,single for the rest of my life I'd given,up I was convinced there wasn't anyone,out there who was compatible with me and,then a friend told me about dating,match.com online dating I have to admit,I was pretty skeptikal it was so easy I,just went to the website filled out the,form and they gave me my potential,matches and that's where I met Aaron we,messaged back and forth a couple of,times and then I asked her out on a date,from the moment I met John I knew that,he was the biggest [ __ ] could stand,her,gosh was materialistik self-centered,arrogant unattractive shallow stupid,sexist kept going on and on about how,her mom was a pole vaulting champion in,the early 90s or something who gives a,[ __ ] terrible listener my mom who was a,pole vault champion she's dead now she,would have hated him,kunti is that a word he kept farting and,blaming it on the Asian guy sitting next,to us there was this Asian guy sitting,next to us kept farting the whole time,gross why you farting it's a restaurant,even got angry because I'd never heard,of this robot police movie I understand,if you've never seen Robocop I get it,but you've never heard of Robocop come,on,you've heard of Robocop what the [ __ ],worst date of my life why would someone,pretend they don't know what Robocop is,because,I couldn't take it anymore so I just,started ordering drink after drink after,drink I just kept pretending to go to,the bathroom but really I wasn't,counting tequila shots at the bar,Charlie Sheen style winning and he kept,making these awful outdated references,an hour into the date I was Hasselhoff,wasted I got so drunk you guys seen that,video,Hasselhoff eating a burger and,unfortunately when I drank I get horny,the alcohol kind of helped me overlook,everything I hated about her which was,everything about her I should have just,gone home to my vibrator but he was,there and I hadn't gotten laid in a,while and then we went back to her place,I can't remember much but I think I went,down on her I want what I thought he was,gonna go down on me and then he just,went under the sheets and started,whispering is that how you like your,pancakes is that how you like your,pancakes ba ba bouche then we had sex,and I was pretty good I think not only,was his dick small and crooked and for,some reason it's not like old vinegar,but he could barely get it up even,though I was drunk I was still able to,get a full straight erection,super super straight when I woke up the,next morning I felt so ashamed all I,could think of was my mom up in heaven,with those beautiful pole vaulting,medals around her neck just shaking her,head in disappointment I even look at,her I just got up put on my clothes and,got the hell out of that crazy [ __ ],apartment what a nightmare,then nine months later I gave birth to,our beautiful daughter Gillian we've,been together ever since it's four years,now,as my mom would say you can't pull,vulture out of this one oh [ __ ] shut the,[ __ ] up about your mom already I'm not,joking,she wasn't a good bull vaulter she was a,bronze medalist that's Madeleine yes,bronze medalist very crazy and crazy you,why would you pretend to not know what,Robocop is yeah I'm pretending the dad,from that 70s show is the bad guy you're,a huge that 70s show fan so I wouldn't

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Eharmony Commercial

all around me are familiar faces,worn out,out places,bright and early for the daily races,going nowhere,going nowhere,their tears are filling up their glasses,no expression,no expression,hide my head i wanna drown my sorrow,no,tomorrow,no tomorrow,what's this,oh jeez,so i guess we met,two years ago,two years ago,it was a lonely time in my,to life know share some things with it's,kind of funny because uh i'm a,washington fan he's a philadelphia fan,you know get over it you know we was,we've had our struggles we got our ups,and downs but,it worked for us,well heck if it worked for them maybe it,can work for me,let me check out these guys hmm there's,so many to choose from,how about,biff mctufferson,my name is biff mcdufficien,and i'm crazy,my hobbies include disrespecting women,and working out,and vandalizing and loitering,and you and me and some nice candles and,we gonna have us a good time,coming,i'll give one more a try,derek sunshine,hi i'm derek,sunshine i enjoy gazing passionately,into people's eyes serenading women with,my sweet puppy dog voice,writing poetry,walking along the beach and picking up,the seashells and listening to them i,kind of dabble a little bit in gardening,i will occasionally take my telescope,out,side and,just stargaze for a little bit and,you know just looking out there and,thinking about how,vast the universe is it just really,makes me feel like,there's really somebody out there for me,i can feel it,well this looks like an easy choice,i'm gonna go with,biff mctufferson,and after dinner you and me are gonna do,some love making and we're gonna make us,a baby,you look really good how good do i look,yeah,straight face for the rest of the time,like there's no more jokes,well i would i was never um,once a week,you can't keep,two years ago two and a half years,uh,um,you

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EHARMONY on ad:tech and 2017

hi I'm Nicole McInnes I'm the managing,director of a harmony here in Australia,the revolution at a harmony involves,changing the product all the time,constantly innovating and improving what,we did last year was reveal the,compatibility so you could see whether,you were not interesting compatible on,conflict resolution for example with,someone or like that you're only fifty,percent on emotional intensity and then,make choices for yourself which one is,what which trait is more important to,you and therefore which match would be,better for you the next thing that we're,doing is actually studying humor in,people on how that attracts people to,each other making sure that that humor,is compatible is really important and,we're going to add that to our algorithm,this year what's changing and growing at,eHarmony is that in Australia locally,we've actually brought digital channels,in-house to manage them internally so,it's a really exciting time to be,studying that attribution of every,channel introducing new tales and seeing,what that does to the audience and what,changes it makes our registration levels,so what we've seen so far is a really,good sign so we're continuing to build,that capability internally and trying,new ways to buy traditional channels or,so,the two challenges that we face in this,marketplace is competitive pressure from,new free apps which puts course downward,pressure on our prices and we have to,work a lot harder to demonstrate value,to our customers and the second thing,that we face is relying too much on data,coming out about digital channels and,forgetting that our customers are still,humans and they still like to engage,with brands on a very human level so,balancing those two things is really,takes up a lot of our time day to day,[Music],some of the challenges we have with our,stakeholders are very much tied to the,data that we now get from our marketing,efforts so they get so excited about the,return on investment that we can,demonstrate through attribution the,problem is that attribution is not the,full picture and it doesn't actually,always help us to connect with customers,so we have to balance giving them data,and return on investment but also,explaining to them when we can't do that,why it's valuable to still conduct,activities that we can't measure up,[Music],the opportunities we have in 2017 are,very much surrounding how we connect to,our customers and in which channels so,that's the focus for this year also as I,said previously our product is changing,all the time so making sure that our,customers know about those changes and,that they are they do value those,changes so again feeding back all the,time between customers and the product,team back in the u.s. to make sure that,we're delivering to our customers and,exceeding their expectations,I'm really looking forward to adtik,Sydney 2017 because at adtik every year,it brings together such an eclectik mix,of people across marketing and the other,great thing is that you always hear,about the latest thing in Edtik amato,ad tik gives you that chance to find,out where everything that and then take,advantage of it,you

LeBron and AD vs. Young Shaq and Penny | The Portal E8

- This can't happen again, Rob. Trade Russ, maybe a pick, and we get Kuzma and KCP.,What? Yeah, I—Duh, Rob, I know. Make the trade, Roooob!,The arena outside of space and time.,- Welcome, The King, LeBron James...,- Finally. Me and him.,I can't wait to compare Space Jams.,- ...to our first two-on-two Portal matchup.,- Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah. Two-on-two? But KD got his own—,Oh, yes. I like this. Because I am a good teammate.,- [Old-school announcer:] Versus Shaquille O'Neal.,- And me! NBA All-Star Penny Hardaway!,- All right. Let's destroy this old man.,- Whatever, man, at least I get to play with—,- [Modern announcer:] Joining LeBron is Anthonyyyy Davis!,- Hey, LeBron! It's me, AD!,- Oh, come on. He's not even my best sidekick.,- Ha, Penny's not Shaq's best either.,- What? I'm no sidekick.,- [Modern announcer:] Y'all know the deal: play to 11, win by two.,- I'll check Penny.,- Man, if you don't get your lanky ass down in the paint and guard Shaq.,- Barbecue chicken.,- [Old-school announcer:] Shaq hammers it home with authority.,- Damn, did that hurt?,Use Portal Cream, the only interdimensional ointment–,- [Modern announcer:] Shaq wasting no time hawking products.,- [Old-school announcer:] Shaq sent that flying into the next dimension!,- [Fan:] Damn!,- All me!,- [Modern announcer:] Shaq with the filthy handles!,- Hey, I need you to step your game up. My legacy can't afford a Portal loss.,- Help, help!,- Aaah!,- [Modern announcer:] AD with the help D.,- You see that, LeBron? I did good, right?,[Shaq chuckles],- Taxes complicated because you sometimes work in space?,Try ShaqTax! Isn't that right, Lil' Penny?,- Man, I am regular Penny.,The puppet isn't 6’ f--kin' 7”!,- Look, I don't want us ending up like those two.,- If we cool, why'd you go to Disney World without me?,- Because you can't fit on the rides!,- So if you don't want to play as a big man, that's fine.,Just be yourself. As long as it means me getting a win.,- You might be Superman in the paint, but you're Kazaam on the perimeter.,- You know, Shaquille, at times like this, I worry about the 1990's Orlando Magic dynasty.,Thanks.,- [Old-school announcer:] Oh! Shaq with the follow slam!,- [Modern announcer:] That bucket puts them back within one.,- I'm open!,- I'm Shaq. Ah!,- [Old-school announcer:] And now, game point!,- AD!,- [Modern announcer:] LeBron and AD pull off an improbable win!,- Must be nice in L.A. Tons of media opportunities.,- I have one eyebrow and I keep getting offers.,- Later, Penny. I'm going with them.,- Shaq, you son of a b---h.,- Wow, I am a team player.

Watch Out For Homosexuals: Awful 50s public information film

that looks innocent enough doesn't it,lots of young people hitchhiked seems,like a good way to get from one place to,another,but sometimes there are dangers involved,that never meet the eye,let's take the case of jimmy barnes,jimmy played baseball all afternoon and,he didn't feel like walking home so he,decided to thumb a ride,he'd done it a hundred times before and,he didn't think anything was unusual,when the driver struck up a friendly,conversation,in fact he seemed like a real nice guy,he asked jimmy if he played baseball in,the park often,jimmy told him they practiked three,times a week and played a rival group on,friday afternoon,the stranger was a good listener too and,it only seemed minutes before they,pulled up in front of jimmy's house,when jimmy got out the stranger gave him,a friendly pat,[Music],then he told him he'd see him again as,he always drove by the park on his way,home,[Music],jimmy hadn't enjoyed himself so much in,a long time,[Music],then during lunch ralph showed him some,pornographic pictures,jimmy knew he shouldn't be interested,but well he was curious,what jimmy didn't know was that ralph,was sick a sickness that was not,visible like smallpox but no less,dangerous and contagious,a sickness of the mind you see,ralph was a homosexual a person who,demands an intimate relationship,with members of their own sex,but by now jimmy felt a fondness for,ralph and they continued to go places,together,ralph was generous and took jimmy many,interesting places and did many nice,things for him,he bought presents and even gave him,money,but payments were expected in return,you see jimmy hadn't recognized ralph's,approach soon enough,when ralph first asked jimmy to go,fishing alone,he should have discussed it with his,parents or teacher,finally jimmy told his parents and they,reported it to the juvenile authorities,ralph was arrested and jimmy was,released on probation in the custody of,his parents,but all homosexuals are not passive,some resort to violence is in the case,of mike merrick,in the heat of competition no one,notiked the man who sat,and watched and when the game broke up,and the others left mike decided to stay,in practike a little longer,[Music],the stranger joined him he was friendly,and well it was better than playing,alone,but after a few shots mike realized he,had already overstayed this time,and suggested he better leave the,stranger told him if he'd like to stay,longer he'd be glad to drive him home,when they finished,sounded great to mike chance to play,longer and get a ride home too,[Music],when they finished the stranger told him,to make a fine player someday if he got,lots of practike,the companionship the praise the,friendly attitude dispelled any,misgivings mike might have had about,going with a stranger,he probably never realized until too,late that he was writing in the shadow,of death,but sometime that evening mike merrick,created his life for a newspaper,headline,public restrooms can often be a hangout,for the homosexual,bobby and his friends hadn't notiked the,man who had been in the restroom when,they changed,and as it was lady suggested they take,the shortcut under the pier,but the others preferred to take the,more traveled way home,[Music],when bobby recognized the stranger as,the man in the restroom,the shortcut under the pier didn't seem,like a good idea at all,[Music],after all it's more fun to stay with,your friends anyway,bobby had made a wise decision it may,have saved his life,one never knows when the homosexual is,about he may appear normal,and it may be too late when you discover,he is mentally ill,so keep with your group and don't go off,alone with strangers,unless you have the permission of your,parent or teacher