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El Paso Food Deals: Shop at Food City Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Food City supermarket in El Paso, Texas is closing down, causing sadness in the community.

- The supermarket has been a staple in the area for many years and provided quality service and food to the residents.

Reasons for Closing:

- The decision to downsize was a tough one for the owners, who have been in the grocery business since 1964.

- The Fox Plaza location has been open for 50 years but due to staffing shortages and other reasons, it will be closing in August.

Impact on the Community:

- The closure of Food City is a severe impact on the community, as many livelihoods are now in jeopardy.

- Some residents may have to travel further to get their groceries, causing inconvenience and difficulty.

- The supermarket was a popular choice for its freshly made tortillas, chili milanos, and amazing burritos and tamales.

Future Plans:

- Food City still has two locations in El Paso, and customers are welcome to visit the Ranchland store and the Amidalia location.

- The owners appreciate the many friendships they have made along the way and thank their valued customers for the honor of serving them.

- Although the Fox Plaza location is closing, the owners hope to see their customers soon and won't say goodbye.

- The closure of Food City is a sad event for the community, and many residents are upset about the loss of the supermarket.

- The owners have made a difficult decision to downsize but hope to continue serving their customers at their other locations.

- Despite the closure of the Fox Plaza location, the memories and friendships made at Food City will always be cherished.

Food City Volg Wednesday September 7, 2016

On September 7th, 2016, the weather was around 75 degrees and very dry in the area. The yards were parched, and there was no grass due to the lack of rain.

Heading to East Ridge Middle School and East Ridge High School, the vlogger went to Food City to buy some groceries.

Some of the items bought at Food City were a $2.99 loaf of bread, football game balloons for $1.29, and a gallon of milk. The vlogger also found some ice cream that was usually sold for $4.00 for $1.99.

The vlog took place in Tennessee, and the vlogger lived near State Line Road, which divided Tennessee and Georgia.

The vlog ended with the vlogger thanking viewers for joining them on their store run vlog and wishing everyone a blessed Wednesday.

The vlog provided a glimpse into the vlogger's daily life and their grocery run. Despite the dry weather, the vlogger managed to find some good deals at Food City and shared them with viewers. The vlog was a fun and lighthearted way to spend a few minutes.

Special Report: Food truck madness hits El Paso

Food Truck Madness Takes Over El Paso County

Food trucks have become a common sight in El Paso County, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Despite concerns about their safety, food truck owners are committed to providing delicious and unique cuisine to their customers.


- Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular in El Paso County.

- They offer fast and convenient service that can be found anywhere.

- Customers can find their favorite trucks on Facebook, where operators post their menus and locations.

- There are 363 active mobile food service permits in El Paso County, and owners are held to the same strict standards as restaurants.

- Food safety manager Santiago Videla ensures that all food trucks meet safety requirements.

- Food truck owners Pedro Cortez and Carlos Vela work together to create unique and delicious cuisine.

- Customers can enjoy a variety of foods from Mexican to barbecue to sweets.

- Food truck owners hope to open restaurants someday, but appreciate the flexibility that comes with owning a food truck.

Food trucks have become a beloved part of the El Paso County community, offering tasty and unique cuisine. Despite concerns about safety, food truck owners are committed to providing quality food and service to their customers. The popularity of food trucks shows no signs of slowing down, and they are here to stay.

YC5 - Games and Community Input

In this week's YC5, we have a lot of exciting stories to cover, but it may be challenging to fit them all in under the five-minute deadline. We start by congratulating the new police officers who recently graduated and acknowledging the firefighters who put out a massive fire at the DeSoto hotel. We also discuss the city's ad hoc charter advisory committee, which is reviewing proposed amendments to the city's charter, including changes to sections related to city elections, term limits, and the initiative petition process. Additionally, we highlight the popular annual financial report, which provides residents with a summarized format of the city's finances and organizational information, and the ongoing renovations at the Grandview Senior Center. We also talk about the 22nd El Paso Senior Games, which offer competitive events for older adults to stay active. Lastly, we feature the entertaining TikTok page of the public library and the upcoming Fiesta de las Luces on El Paso street.

Key Points:

- New police officers graduated from the 128th academy of the police department, including firefighter Jared Knotz, who became a fire marshal investigator.

- The city's ad hoc charter advisory committee is reviewing proposed amendments to the city's charter, and the next meeting will be held virtually on March 10th.

- The popular annual financial report provides residents with a summarized format of the city's finances and organizational information.

- Renovations are underway at the Grandview Senior Center, funded by the 2012 Quality Life Bond, and the center should be complete by next year.

- The 22nd El Paso Senior Games offer competitive events for older adults to stay active, and participants can sign up at any recreation center or visit the website.

- The public library TikTok page serves as an educational tool to promote library programs with humor and has caught the eye of a library in Canada.

- The Fiesta de las Luces on El Paso street will be held on March 12th, featuring live music, art vendors, and food trucks.

In conclusion, El Paso is a vibrant city with many exciting events and ongoing projects. From the new police officers and ongoing charter amendments to the senior games and library TikTok page, there is something for everyone to enjoy. We encourage residents to participate in these events and stay engaged with the community.

The REAL Cost Of Living In El Paso TX 2022 (SHOCKING)

In today's video, we break down the cost of living in El Paso, Texas, whether you are single or a family of four. We will cover property costs, safety, the overall quality of life, and touch on a few other things like food, entertainment, and travel expenses.

Quality of Life Index:

- The data is pulled at a national level and given a score of 100 for the average.

- El Paso has an overall score of 178 compared to the national average of 100, meaning our quality of life is better than the national average in categories like purchase power, safety, healthcare, climate, price to income, traffic, and pollution.

Housing, Renting, and Cost of Living:

- Housing in El Paso is around an 81, while Texas is at a 93, which means our cost here for housing is lower than the national average.

- Renting in El Paso sits at 40 compared to New York, which is at 100, so it is much cheaper to rent here.

- The cost of living is at 56, almost half of the national average.

Detailed Pricing:

- The national home price is around $290,000, while in El Paso, it is $160,000.

- Rental prices range from $700 to $1200 depending on size and location.

- The average mortgage in El Paso is around $1100, including interest, taxes, and insurance, based on a 3% interest rate with a $160,000 price tag.

- Utilities range from $120 to $300, and the internet is around $50 a month.


- El Paso ranks number five of the safest cities in Texas, based on violent crimes, gun crimes, and property crime rates.


- The average income for a single person in El Paso is around $25,000 annually, and for a couple, it is $50,000 annually.


- A meal at a low-end restaurant or fast food is around $10 on average.

- A meal for two at a mid-range restaurant is around $50 for three courses.

- Domestic beer for a pint is around $3, and an import is around $3.81.

- Coffee ranges from $1 to $4.


- Gas prices are around $3 per gallon, and Uber is about $1 per minute of travel.


- A movie ticket is around $7 to $12, and gym memberships range from $10 to $50.

- Bowling is $10 to $20, and arcade games are $1 to $20.

- Mini-golf is $7 to $10, and go-karting is $8 to $25.


- Childcare can range from $500 to $1000 a month, depending on the type of daycare and length of stay.

Total Cost of Living:

- For a single person, the average living cost in El Paso is around $780 a month, and for a family of four, it sits at around $2650 a month, based on the average costs discussed.

In conclusion, El Paso offers a lower cost of living than the national average, with affordable housing, rental prices, and entertainment options. The city is also ranked as one of the safest in Texas and offers a good quality of life overall.

Living on the "West Side" of El Paso, TX

Exploring the West Side of El Paso

The West Side of El Paso is a neighborhood located just west of the Franklin Mountains, and it is a great place to live. In this video, we will break down some of the different neighborhoods, schools, amenities, and outdoor activities that are available in this area.


- Enchanted Springs or Desert Springs: new construction, great residential neighborhood, easy access to 375 Trans Mountain, great amenities nearby

- Cimarron: closer to Mesa Street, newer homes, larger and slightly more expensive than Desert and Enchanted Springs, beautiful views, great schools nearby, a lot of families live here

- High Ridge Neighborhoods: older portion of the city, great dog park, easy access to Mesa Street, homes have character, great scenery

- Artcraft Estates: west of I-10, has a country feel, more green, newer and older homes, great outdoor activities like horseback riding, an up-and-coming area


- Franklin High School and Coronado High School are the most requested high schools on the West Side

- Tippin and Lundy are two of the most popular elementary schools

- The West Side is in the El Paso School District


- The West Side has a great food scene, including restaurants, bars, and coffee shops

- The West Town Marketplace has a lot of different restaurants and shopping options

- The Montecillo area has Top Golf, iFly, and Alamo Draft House, great for entertainment

- Outlet malls are a great place for outdoor shopping and fresh air

- Sunland Park area has great hiking, the Chrysler Redeemer statue, a casino, and Western Playland

- There are a lot of different outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and walking your dog

The West Side of El Paso is a great place to live with a lot of different neighborhoods, schools, amenities, and outdoor activities. It is an up-and-coming area that combines the older part of the city with some newer development, making it a great place for families and entertainment. If you're looking to move to El Paso, the West Side is definitely worth considering.

Food City...

Sarah is walking on the sidewalk, accompanied by someone else who is not named. They have a conversation about abstinence and a random dude in a car who is tripping. They also discuss getting a job and paying for someone's daughter.


- Sarah and her companion discuss the money Sarah's mother gave them for food.

- They enter a store called Food City and comment on its size and temperature.

- They debate which snacks to buy, including Dots, trail mix, Jolly Rancher gummies, and Twizzlers.

- Sarah expresses a desire to walk to another store to visit someone named Jonathan and play with miniature cars.

- They notice comic books for sale and remark on them.

- Sarah becomes excited when she sees donuts for sale.

The article provides a brief glimpse into a conversation between two people as they walk and shop. They discuss various topics, including personal finances, job prospects, and snack choices. Despite some random interjections and colloquialisms, the conversation flows naturally and provides insight into the speaker's personalities.

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