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electric scooter dropshipping

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How I’m Dropshipping Electric Scooters On Shopify

so this video specifically is gonna be about how dropshipping electric scooters. [Music]. what is w ii should point a rich back out of another video. you haven't already made sure that that subscribe button down below, so if you haven't heard already. electric scooter, there's a huge thing and spent training for a long time. you got companies like bird and lime emerging in the big cities and everybody and their mama want to ride electric scooter, even though your mom right now let your scooter is probably not a good idea. [Music]. [Music]. so I've been trying to look for electric scooters suppliers in China, Express, Alibaba- for a long time and it was really, really frustrating because I wasn't able to find a supplier within a nice price range and it was really complicated because when you think about electric scooters, they require the battery to be really, really good quality and it's hard to make a cheap good-quality battery. so you can't really get a really really good price in China. otherwise it'll be a lot of opportunities for people to dropship. you know electric scooters from China, so the ones that I did find were suppliers that were selling it at the normal price range that it is in the US, if not more, because shipping was really expensive, since these scooters are really heavy. so I spent months trying to find Chinese suppliers and I was able to find none. so I did a ton of research because I was really really persistent in trying to find a supplier, especially during a holiday season because I knew that a lot of people were going to want electric scooters for Christmas. so during the research that I was doing I was able to find a legit supplier from Walmart, which the company was hover 1, and however one makes a scooter that's about $200, which is a really really good price, and it has a lot of features and specs to it. that is really really good for the 200 other price range that I was looking for previously from Chinese suppliers. so this partikular brand, hover one- they don't sell the scooters on that website, they only sell it go slowly through Walmart. so there's a huge opportunity, because it's kind of hard to find. you have to know what you're looking for if you were to find this brand and this scooter. so for those of you that kind of have, you know, a little bit of doubts or worry about your customers going to your website and then finding out that they can find the scooter at a lower price. that's not really the case, and the same could be said for dropshipping from Aliexpress. if your customers go to your website, they can find that product on Aliexpress for way cheaper than what you're selling it for. but in reality, your customers are not going to do that. then, 99.9 percent of the time, we're not going to go the extra mile. try to look for, you know, that specific product at a lower price. that's the power of marketing. you're going to them with the offer and they purchased the offer and that's it. that's what ecommerce is, because the same could be said with every single website, even Amazon or Ebay. if you do the extra work and search up, do a bunch of websites, you probably find a cheaper product. that's basically the same at a lower price range. so your customers aren't gonna do the extra mile to find a cheaper price and if you play the game right- which marketing is the game of drop shipping- you're able to make some profit and make money. that's what drop shipping is. so the best thing about Josh from Walmart is that they have two-day delivery, which is absolutely amazing, especially when you consider the usual time you drop in from China. it takes two weeks to get delivered, which could be a little bit of a hassle dealing with your customers, especially if they're waiting for the packages like this. so a super-fast delivery. and another really really good thing about joshing from Walmart is that the returns- if you ever decide to except returns, the returns are really really simple to do. all you have to do is return it to Walmart and then you'll be able to get your money back. if you decided to a separate turns and your judgment from China, it's a little bit of a hassle because you would have to pay for shipping to China, which is expensive, especially if you were to Josh about electric scooters or any kind of heavy item. you would have to pay and expensive shipping prices, ship it back to China, in which you probably lose a lot of money doing that if you ever decided to set returns and your jaw shipping from China. so this is a really really good option- drop shipping, because the return part of the business is really really simple. so I made a Shopify website of the SCOOTER super, super fast. I'm selling the scooter at around three hundred ninety eight dollars, which is pretty much the standard for a really good quality scooter that has the same amount of features and specs that this one has, and I'll be making 200 ollars profit per sale. so that's really, really good thinking about. if I were to just do five orders a day, that's $1,000 profit every single day. but I'm really, really excited because I finally found a solution to drop shipping electric scooters. I wasn't able to find a supplier for months and I kind of gave up because I wasn't able to find one in China. but in terms, this is a really really I think. personally, I think it's a much better solution because my customer will get the product super, super fast. so a quick overview of how this business model works: I make a website listing this electric scooter. a customer goes to my website, orders it. I've been ordered from Walmart. I answer my customers information. Walmart shipped it directly to my customer. so for Markie I'll be using Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, influencers and Google Ads - especially considering that means that people are searching up electric scooters every single day. so my opinion, Google Ads going to be one of the most effective marketing strategies for this product, especially considering that a lot of people don't know too much about electric scooters so they're doing searches on Google to find out more information about them. so Google Ads gonna be a really big opportunity to capture a lot of money and that's gonna be, I think, one of the most effective marketing strategies for this product. now I'm not going to go into the full details of the mark in the ads in this video, as I will share everything with the people, my course. I just want to say, for those of you that did not watch one of my latest videos that I uploaded, I'm me, Josh, shipping five different websites in one day. some of you watch that video literally copy my exact ad and website and it's hilarious every time I see it, or somebody hits me up about it on Instagram and shows me. but you guys use that and took it to influencers and meme pages and that's hilarious. but I can't really complain because I basically gave out free money in that video. lastly, another cool thing about Joshua from Walmart is that they have an affiliate program. so every time you get to order through your website, you then order from Walmart and if we've signed up the wall - affiliate program- you get a percentage of every order through Walmart, which is really, really good, because you could use that money to hire a virtual assistants is basically do everything for you. so everything is on autopilot and all you guys do is chill out and get paid all day. so I actually ordered this exact electric scooter for myself to see how it is, and it's actually really, really, really cool as a lot of features to it, so I'm super excited to show you guys. so, without further ado, let's check it out. so let's go to the office so you guys could see this battle su scooter bad boy right there, however, one Eagle. so this is the box that it came in right here, really, really cool. and this is the scooter, as you can see, and it comes with a brake accelerator and this is the LED screen right here so you guys can see: let's turn this on. boom, it comes on. another cool thing about it is it has an LED light. so if you want to write out light, just press this butto.

The electric scooter law LOOPHOLE you need to know

electric scooters. in as little as a year, we've witnessed them go from being a novel tik bros toy to being realized as the new mode of independent, emission-free travel and, as we discovered in our last video, more and more people were voting with their feet. i think micro mobility in terms of transport is taking over. at the peak of the pandemic, e-scooter's sales exploded and in a bid to understand them, the government fast-tracked legislation- or at least their version of fast-tracking- and launched nationwide rental trials. privately owned e-scooters, however, still remain illegal to ride on public roads. imagine only being allowed to drive a car if you were renting it and not being allowed to own one. as the months roll on and the heated debates in the comment section continues, it seems we're still clueless to where this is all really headed. what's the deal with rental trials? are the government suppressing private ownership because they're scared they can't make money from it? will privately owned e-scooters ever be legalized and if they are, how should they be regulated? it's time to dig a little deeper. i check out a couple of rental schemes, including a clever long-term hire that gives you the experience of private ownership, and speak to some of the key players in rental and retail to set the record straight, alex, thank you so much for toking with me today. thank you so much for having me. it's a privilege. this is alex klimt. he's the uk expansion manager for swedish micro mobility powerhouse. foy, the uk's biggest rental operator, the, the honor to to travel to the uk, the big island, and introduced the microability e-scooter scheme in the country of england. and, uh yeah, so far, so good. we call it the boy knighted kingdom now amazing. and and how did that all go? the first launch? it was exciting. it was. it was different, i would say, because i've been in launching cities all around germany, all around europe, where where really the legislations are different from from what it is in the uk and we really had to adapt to, to the local standard and had to really listen, hand in hand, to what the city has in mind, and this was really really new to us. the northeast piloted the uk's first rental trial in july of 2020. initially, there was positive press which quickly turned sour. artikles detailing reckless e-scooter usage on dual carriageways used, careering through shopping centers, involving near misses with the elderly and scooters left cluttering pavements, causing huge concern not only for the local authorities and rental companies, but also for those in the private sector like ride, lev and halfords. you know they do. they do get bad press, but i think it's all for the wrong reasons. you know it's for misuse. on a pavement, pedestrians walk really slowly right, so you don't want to see any scooter tearing down the pavement in germany. obviously that their crackdown was for east scooters was to no riding on pavements, which is completely the right thing to do. you know, no riding on pavements, on roads, in cycle lanes for the pavement. we are working with a company called luna where we have integration on our e-scooter that actually can can can measure and can actually recognize bad behavior. for instance, the lunar. there's a camera in build that can see that you're riding on an e-scooter. we reward good behavior. we will also punish the people with bad behavior. luna is a seriously impressive piece of ai that enables its vehicles to detect pedestrians and pavements. the scooters can essentially see what's around them. voy have also introduced ambassadors across the city to help educate riders on proper usage, implemented slow zones around heavily pedestrianized areas like parks, use license plates to identify riders and, crucially, have parking zones to cut down on the clutter. overall, voice measures have been well received by the bristol police singing nothing but praises. the local trials were described as a policing non-event, leaving them massively reassured. so well, in fact. in february of 2021, a long-term tender was introduced that allowed west of england residents to lease a voice scooter for 35 pounds a month, have it delivered to their door and use it as if it's their own weka, the west england combined authorities. they also introduced the e-scooter tender not only for short-term rental but also for long-term rent, to give the people the feeling of owning a vehicle- an e-scooter- but still be legal right. in the short-term rental for bristol and bath, you have mandatory parking where you need to bring the scooter back to a certain mandatory parking spot just to avoid clutter. but if you're in the long-term rental scheme, you don't need to buy the way to those mandatory parking zones. but we do encourage everybody. please, please, please, please, please, do not be reckless when parking the e-scooter west of england combined authority in bus tiket cost roughly 88 pounds. so you can get the e-scooter voyager 3x, which has a range of, on the full charge, 6-100 miles, depending on ups and downs, for 35 pounds a month. long-term lease offers advantages over short-term lease because it's there at your doorstep ready to go, but actually the cost to do that over the medium term is just, it's much more expensive than buying a privately owned e-scooter. so, um- and i'm quoting maybe some numbers, but i think it's about 30 pound a month. once you factor that in, you'll have bought your own excuse, while within a year i think it's about 35 pounds a week. you pay now a month exactly. so you're gonna- you're gonna write it for six months and then you're gonna want your own one. we've seen some more interest from other councils about it. now, especially that we have started, we hope that there will be legislation and regulation coming- uh, coming from going forward, and that we don't necessarily have to focus on this to give the people a private ownership feeling, and we hope that the government will introduce it to their people themselves. long-term leasing is essentially a clever loophole around the current legislation. basically, they're a good transitory stand-in for what we're all working towards: private ownership. i think it's about time we check it out for ourselves. i'm here in bath today, which is my hometown, born and bred, because i want to try the electric rental scooters from voy. now, obviously i can't try the long-term scooters because i do have to be living here, but i'm going to give the short term a go and see how they fare and try to tok some people in the community to see what they really think about them. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] here. [Applause]. [Music]. what do you think of the rental scooters here? i think they're quite cool, but i've seen people riding them in all sorts of places they probably shouldn't- shouldn't to jab. it's like an activity especially during lockdown, like it's a fun little day out, i guess. i i looked at the price. they're quite expensive and i think a lot of people are probably going to be feeling a little bit limited because you can only rent them. you can't own them. i think they're quite cool actually. um, they've got their plates on them, you can legally ride them and they're just easy to get about on, especially at rush hour traffic. you can weave in and out of traffic and they're quite easy to use. i'd love to try one. i must admit i'm not. i'm not against them, but they need careful control. what is the end goal for these trials? the government needs to get on board rather than against us. they're not, they're not. they're not hindering, but they're not helping. they just need to be a bit more proactive. the rest of europe's managed it. our preference and what we've asked for as part of these consultations is for them to be likened to e-bikes, and i think that's a reasonable assumption that that will happen, rather than the government adopting the german standard, which in some ways, is just more specific than what's already been put in place in the uk. in germany- really smart- they introduced a new vehicle class which is called the klein electro craft fatsoik.

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I Tried the Scooter Charging Side Hustle for a Day

in this video we're gonna be making some money off these rideshare electric scooters. now, if you're not sure what these are, there's basically these apps you can download on your phone, which allow you to rent electric scooters that have been dispersed on the sidewalk of a lot of major cities. you run up to a scooters scanner with an app. it charges you a dollar and then it's around ten to fifteen cents per mile after that. now, being that these things are electric and don't have solar panels on the back of them, somebody's gonna charge them, and this opens up a window of opportunity for individuals looking for a side hustle to step in and secure a quick bag. now, whether it occurs as to exactly how much these guys charging scooters make- which is a number I was definitely shocked by it- or maybe actually want to know how you can start doing this for yourself. in this video, we're gonna go through the whole process and live a day in the life of an electric scooter charger hustler. yo, what's good, guys, it's your boy via heads-up. back with yet another video and honestly, I'm glad you hear, because in this video we got another installment of the whole site hustle series that I have going on here on this YouTube channel. in previous episodes we went over working on fiber, flippin Instagram pages, print-on-demand flipping stuff on Craigslist, but in this episode we got a very special installment, which is why I'm here, posted up in a downtown Los Angeles studio apartment rather than my regular stoom. and the whole reason I'm here is that a couple weeks ago, I saw Ray's the entrepreneur, upload a video where he was toking about making money by charging electric scooters. I thought it was great. I wanted to try it out, so I came here down to the city and that's what we're gonna do in this video. now it's currently 3:05 pm. however, charging scooters is a hustle that takes place strictly during the night. I didn't think about it, but it makes a lot of sense, given that people actually have to ride these scooters during the day. so in about six hours, once it gets dark, I'm gonna meet up with a guy named Edgar who charges these scooters. that's his whole side hustle, and he agreed to take, mount a ride-along and explain to all of us how this whole business works, and hopefully he's gonna be comfortable enough to share how much he actually makes with this whole business. that way I can use that number as clickbait for this video. I mean, come on, what'd you expect? it's LA. that's true, this video, but for real, though, I got like six hours to kill, so I'm probably gonna go ahead and crack open the balcony here now I can get some of this Los Angeles cloud infused air in while I take a nap and stuff for the night. I just gained like 50 subscribers right there, because I feel like it's gonna be a long night. we're gonna be up the whole time lugging these scooters around. this is a really high effort video, so make sure you guys please smash those like and subscribe buttons. I mean, come on, did you see the force tear? I hit on one of those scooters? there was a road right after the stair set that I rode into. I mean, I almost got hit by car. I'm out here risking my life for this video. the least you could do is go ahead and smash those like and subscribe buttons. also, peep the vlog camera set up over here. I mean, come on now. Casey Neistat, who thrilled. oh, I gotta take this snap. I'll see you guys after. after the nap, I took advantage of the coffee maker in this overpriced Airbnb and headed out to meet up with Edgar at about 8:30 pm. alright. so I'm here with a man, the myth, the legend, Edgar. now, before I get into the strangers van I'm we're gonna have to ask him some questions about. you know, the whole business is one odd. so I want to start off by asking, like, how does somebody start? how did you start with a simple thing? so you download the app on your phone and then it gets an option there it says: do you want to become a charger or charge for something like that? you tap it and there you have your name and what else. you put your address, your social and that's about it. and, by the way, guys, I'm awkwardly holding my phone and like all of these shots because I was actually using it as a backup microphone in case my main one didn't work. but at this point of the interview, I think asked that gird something about if there's any competition or something like that. so there's kind of like some kind of respect to the boundaries. I still pick somewhere so it works out for me. but yeah, there's, there's a lot. oh, really. so you got like your zone, whoa, something like that. not in that sense, but in the sense that, like, so you already know which area you kind of work. so it makes no sense for you to go into another area that you don't really know, because then chances are you're not gonna make all right. and so now I wanna- I feel like that people want to know, we all want to know- like, how long have you been doing it and how much money were you able to make as a total gross revenue, not profit, Jesus. all right. so in total, doing both lamb and birds, I've done it and we'll save it up for a while, about almost five months. my last numbers that I checked up until two days ago was probably about $20,000. so, hey, it's not bad. and here's- here's the kicker in my case. I have a jobless in the startup company and I make a lot more here than I do my job and that's how I do it for a lot less time. but the thing is you have to see it as a business. if you don't have that business mentality, you can't see that far along. but yeah, you can definitely make wool over 100 feet during this. that's crazy. I might use that, it's definitely true. yet so that's kind of like the grocery boat. what about, like the electricity costs and the gas and whatnot? oh yeah, you get those questions all the time. that's what everyone's. so I'll tell you this: a scooter- it had certain percent battery, which never happens, but from zero to 100, which takes about 4 to 5 hours, which cost me about 6 cents, and that will charge it, recharge it, sake, and there's six cents, Wow, for one scooter. they'll pay me about, let's say, an average of five dollars. so I mean, that's a minute. now the next thing they're gonna say is: well, what about the gas? but I spend about $100 a week and gas and on the week I will make about, let's say, $2,000, 1,500 bucks. and then the next big thing: you know they can't, if they can't get you with that W, what about your taxes? well, the thing is, if you were, if you're willing to run it as a business and you get a tax accountant, that's worth it. and I mean that extra prayer and then a cannon, that's worth it. at the end, at the end of the year, you don't really pay much in taxes. I mean, I was toking to my, to my people, and probably I'm gonna pay 5%, and there's you can. you can take out a lot of expenses, even though, sure, you know, I get really big margins. yeah, but I had to find my Charger's. I also have to buy food, I have to buy gas, my time phone bill, everything. you can add it because it's a business and most people don't know that. most people think: well, you know, that's what you make. you pay 30 percent sex for you, okay. so after this little interview, we headed out to the city to pick up some scooters. at this point the inner vlogger and me started coming out- and I try to getting some sick transition shots along the way, which unfortunately caused my mic to fly over the camera. but the show had to go on and we eventually made it downtown. it was now around 10:00 pm, which is one of the line. brand scooters started popping up on the map and were then available for pickup. the whole process for picking them up is actually super simple. I watched Edgar dude a couple times and ended up just absolutely flawlessly executing the pickup on my first two tries. oh, you're broken. that's like I don't my dude, my father, but it's. it's really a lot easier than I make it look. you basically just choose which of the scooters you want to pick up on the map. once you roll up to it, you hit a little bell icon on the map. the SCOOTER makes a little noise. you scan it with app.

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My Girlfriend Tried Dropshipping For 24 Hours (Shopify Drop-Shipping 2020)

so today my girlfriend's gonna charge Ashura for 24 hours. what is up? you to shoot Boise Ridgeback. I have another video. if you have, I already make sure to hit that subscribe button down below. so if you watch my channel, you guys see me do a whole bunch of different experiments. you guys see me try a whole bunch of different Josh shopping challenges. today I wanted to do something a little bit different. I wanted to have my girl try Joshua for 24 hours. so, without further ado, let's introduce today's contestant, my girl, who was actually my fiancee. Juliana- that's three, soon to be Juliana Richards, aka Jay rich. so let's start with an introduction. she's actually been the e-commerce for longer than I have, so I guess she's the real econ veteran. so she started this thing called ug junk back when she was fifteen years old. so why don't you tell him more about that? so basically, my parents told me I need to get a job. I turned 16 and I was like I don't really want to. so I was already obsessed with eBay and I used to buy all my phone cases on eBay. so I started an online shop called juju junks and I basically ordered phone cases from eBay, from China, and spilled them on at my shop for money and that's how I made money on eco. yeah, so she would order the phone cases from eBay, which was actually coming from China, so she didn't know about I expressed at that time. so she was actually getting dross shipped on eBay and then she was selling phone cases to customers. but, honestly, what impresses me the most about the business that you started at 15 was that she used Instagram influences from marketing, and even some of the influences that she used have over a million followers today, and this is back in like 2015, so influencer marketing wasn't toked about as much as it is today. so I guess she's the real influence of marketing goat. so, even though she started ecommerce company at 15 years old, she hasn't really dabbling the drop shipping, just yes, so this is still completely new to her. so I'm super, super excited to see how this turns out. the first and foremost, I do want to ask, like: what's the formula? what's the steps in the process of drop shipping? step one: build the website. step two: find your product, connect your website from Aliexpress to over low so that it's easy to ship out products and you get words, mm-hmm. and then you have to market your website. yeah, yeah, you've been doing it before me before pretty much everybody, yep. so obviously she's been listening to me a lot. as you can see, she subscribed, she's been watching a rich YouTube videos, so she has a basic understanding of how this whole thing works. but, what that being said, she's still a beginner, so she's still completely new, so don't expect her to get a bunch of cells just yet. so first things first. although she said that the first step is to create a website, I usually recommend it. you find your product first. that way, you have stuff to put on the website, because it's hard to create a website if you don't have your products on there. so the first step is for her to find dropshipping products and although there's this big coronavirus going on the China right now, so shipping from China is like a big nightmare, so we're gonna only focus on a US suppliers and if you haven't watched my videos, I mentioned this a lot of times- all you have to do to find us suppliers and Aliexpress is search up the product didn't hit ship from and then only select United States as a location. all right, so it's been about five hours and she's still looking for Josh Sherman product. so how do you found a product yet phonecase everywhere we'd go like everybody complements this phone case right here. it's like a old pink phone, but it's actually a phone case, so she's gonna stay in her comfort zone. she's been doing this since she was 15 years, also in phone cases, and there's tons of Aliexpress sellers some on this, so it makes sense for her to choose phone cases as her niche. so, with that being said, there is a lot of people dropship in these products, so it's very saturated and it's low margins. it's not a hard tiket part of like you guys sell a lot to make a lot of profit. but you know we're gonna stay positive and I think that she's gonna do what okay, so without further ado, let's get straight to it. [Music]. all right, so she just finished creating a website. she created the ad and for the ad it looks really really nice. she went full photographer mode on this. she's really creative when it comes to that type of stuff. and for the influencer: she found the influencer for how much? so originally they wanted $150 for a 24 hour story post, and then I asked if they'd be willing to do $40 for 12 hours story post, and then we met at $50 for 12 hours repost. so they'll be posting tomorrow from 8 am to 8 pm. so good, she got a negotiation down already. so tomorrow they're gonna post from 8 am to 8 pm and until then we're gonna see how the results. or so, until then, my friends, great. so I'll let you guys know what we did. for the rest of the day, my girls tik-tok has been blowing up. she gained over 150,000 followers in like two months, with videos of us getting over millions of views and one video in over 12 million views [Music]. so we film a funny little tik-tok video and this was the result. and after that we just had our usual day night. two drove out to the Grove in LA to have dinner the very next evening, aren't you guys? so we just got back to the crib and i'ma let her tell you what's going on. to me happened and I got no sales. so, as you can see, she got $0.00, but she did get a little over 700 visitors. so what had happened was she forgot to put her payment settings. so people who are going to the store and not able to check out or do anything because her payment settings wasn't set up. but okay, how does that happen, Ellie? how do they skip that word? it was probably my father- [Music] two seconds later. so obviously it's very easy to forget to set up the payment settings. that my experience. I actually forgot a couple of times. I end up running influencer marketing campaigns and losing a lot of money because my payments account wasn't set up. so what happens is you want to rush through everything and get everything done as soon as possible, that you forget small things like the payment settings, and that's easy to forget. so for those of you watching this, make sure that you have that set up before you do anything in regards to marketing, so that customers can actually check out and you won't lose money like this girl right here. so usually at the end of these challenges, I have to go over their profits, but in this case, we didn't have any profits, we actually lost money. so let's go over the total costs: $50 for the inflated promo, leaving us in debt. so we ended up losing 60 bucks on this challenge. but the good thing though: the girl did show a lot of potential. she did a lot of stuff right. she created a cool-looking website, she created an amazing-looking ad and she found a good influence with our bought her a little over 700 visitors to the site, so she definitely has a lot of potential to be successful in job shipping for y'all. so make sure to LIKE this video if you guys want to see a part two of this charge, because I'm pretty sure that she learned from her mistakes. so next challenge: I think she'll kill it. so before we go, you know we gotta leave all your future. Mina is out there. Washington's real cold and that coat is. every mistake in life is literally just a lesson. so make sure you learning from all your mistakes, because it's all part of the journey to becoming successful. until then, my friends. [Music].

How to Start Dropshipping From Scratch

this is probably gonna be the most valuable in-depth drop shipping video that i've ever posted on this channel. we're gonna go through step by step as to how you can start a drop shipping business today. i'm really excited about this video at this point. i've made quite a variety of different drop shipping videos in which i've tried new marketing methods, started new stores and challenges, but i don't think i've ever actually sat down and clearly explained how someone can start their own dropshipping business from scratch. i've made videos where i started them up and gone through the whole process, but in this video i'm gonna explain step by step how you can do the same, even throw in some case studies. i helped a friend set up the kind of business we're toking about here just last week and they were able to get sales when they launched. so everything in this video, everything i'm toking about, is up to date and should work very similarly for the foreseeable future. let's not waste any more time and jump straight into what aliexpress, shopify dropshipping is and clear up any misconceptions people may have. what is drop shipping? aliexpress, shopify dropshipping is a business in which you find a product on a chinese website called aliexpress. there's other websites you can turn to, but aliexpress is the biggest and most popular one. for example, you find this face cleaning, a pimple removing vacuum- a really old, winning product- but, just as an example, it costs 12.39 on aliexpress. once you found your product, you would then head over to shopify, which is a platform that allows you to create an ecommerce website and accept payments and orders. you create a website on shopify in which you sell this face vacuum for a higher price- let's say you sell it for 34.99. now we'll get into more details later, but you would then advertise your website on social media and when someone orders this product from your website, they gave you the 34.99 as well as their shipping information. you take that and head over to aliexpress, where you proceed to order this product directly to your customers address for 12.39 and, just like that, your customer paid you 34.99. so after paying for the product, you're left with 22.60 profit for basically being the middleman then marketing the product. once you found out that this product is actually selling, you would start paying more money for ads and scale this operation up. i've had multiple products that i was able to scale into the hundreds of thousands and even into the seven figure range. so don't worry, you're not doing all this for 20. it's a scalable business. so that's just the overall summary. this is an easy concept that's a lot more difficult than practike, so before you go out there, you're gonna need to know a few more things to do this successfully. there's four pillars to successful drop spring business, so we'll break this down into four sections. pillar one is your product. pillar two is your website. three, you have your advertisement and for your marketing. so let's start with the first pillar, your product. pillar one: product- arguably one of the most important parts. if your product sucks and no one would ever impulsively buy it from an online store, you won't get very far with drop shipping. you're usually selling stuff on social media, so you have to have a product with some sort of wow factor that people could see think, hey, that's really cool, and buy it right there on the spot. it also helps to start with products that solve some sort of problem. that poor vacuum helped clean people's faces and remove blackheads. when people first started dropshipping it, no one had really seen it before, so it had a wow factor to it. people would see it on their instagram feed, they'd stop scrolling and would want to check it out this pet hair roller. pet owners would see this ad where remove pet hair in one swipe, boom, a little wow factor and it solved the real problem. now your product doesn't absolutely have to solve a problem, but my best products and ones that have been the easiest to sell usually would solve a problem for people- kind of help with an insecurity or make their life easier. you can sell products that don't solve a clear problem if the product is very novel and has a huge wow factor or if it's something people have a passion for. these ceiling stress balls, as an example: they just seem kind of fun and unlike anything people have really seen before. this penguin board game: most people have never seen it before, so when they see it pop up they might be a little intrigued because it's so novel. this dog toothbrush solves a problem and people are passionate about their pets so they're willing to drop money on them. this baby cushion chair helps newborn babies sit down and play with their toys without falling over and hurting themselves. parents are usually, hopefully, pretty passionate about babies and wouldn't want them falling boom. so- and i'm not saying you should sell any of these products right now, but all these products at one point or another, have been hot selling products, and it should give you a better idea of what really works. if you haven't had any success with drop shipping and are trying it for the first time, i would recommend not reinventing the wheel on finding a brand new, untapped, revolutionary product. instead, i would hop on a product that is currently selling. well, you can search for ads on facebook and instagram, find current ones that are performing well and see the product they're selling and pay attention to the products you get ads for. there's websites that compile lists of potential winning products. you can look at aliexpress products with a lot of orders and cross-reference to see if any drop shipping stores are selling and, just in general, do a lot of research, and i'm going to leave this section off by saying you want to find a product that either you yourself, the person who just smashed the like button, can see yourself being interested in, or at least know someone in your life who you can see buying the product. if you can't think of anyone and can't imagine anyone in your life that would want to buy it, well, congratulations, you played yourself. pillar 2 website, not going to spend too long in this part. you basically have to create a store that doesn't look like a five-year-old just scribbled crayons all over their screen. shopify's templates that you can use to create a nice, simple, clean, easy to use website. you don't need anything too fancy, just make sure it looks like a legitimate online store. shopify also makes it very easy to buy a domain through them. so think of something clean and simple, and you usually want to go for the dot-com ones, as people trust those domains the most. now, that's the design aspect of it, but you also have to choose between making a general store that sells everything, a niche stores that sells products in a partikular niche, or a single product store that only focuses on one single product right off the bat. i'm not a fan of general stores. i think the conversion rate is a little low on them. it's tough to sell car products and beauty products on the same website. i just personally wouldn't recommend it. single product stores have the highest conversion rates. they feel very branded. you can make it look very sleek, but it's hard to test products on them, since you have to create a brand new website every time you want to test a new product, which is very time consuming, can be discouraging, and those new domain costs can add up. now, niche stores are what i would probably recommend to a beginner, since you can make them feel like a brand and have a really nice fitting design throughout the entire store, while being able to test new products in the niche very quickly. if you have a baby store, you can name it munchkin bloom- something broad but fitting to the niche, and then you won't have to create a new website for every product, but instead just add new products into the store that you want to test and just build up the product pages for them. and then, if you have a

What No One Tells You About Dropshipping.

so this is what no one's telling you about the Drop Shipping business model and the long-term flaws that come with this business. naturally, now I'm going to be completely honest with you guys and tell you that the Drop Shipping business model isn't perfect, and there's three things that happen with most beginners that stop them from seeing long-term success and being able to go full time with this business model. now I do want to say that I absolutely love the Drop Shipping business model and I do believe it is the best business model and it has changed my life. personally, I've experienced the three main flaws from stopping beginners like you from seeing Mass success. so for the last two years, when I start brand new Shopify drop shipping stores, I add these three simple steps before I launch them to make sure that I don't get into any of these long-term issues, and by doing that, I've been able to generate multiple seven figures, and this year I've done over three million dollars with my Drop Shipping and e-commerce stores. so I'm going to be completely honest with you guys. most people are approaching the Drop Shipping business model the completely wrong way and they're using an outdated strategy that just doesn't work anymore. and if you- you guys- use this brand new strategy, then you're going to be ahead of most people that are doing Drop Shipping. so, before we get into the video, let me just tell you what you can expect to learn from this video. so I'm going to be showing you the three main problems of Drop Shipping right now and I'm going to be giving you examples for each one of those main problems, and then I'm going to be toking about how you can solve these problems in your own Drop Shipping Store. and before I even do any of that, I'm actually going to be showing you the proof of my drop shipping stores and my e-commerce Brands, so you know that you're learning from somebody that actually knows what they're doing. now, if you guys appreciate this transparent content, then make sure you smash that like button, because that just lets me know that you appreciate the content that I make and all the time and effort that I put into these videos. so, as mentioned in the intro, let me show you guys some proof that these strategies and these ways of approaching Drop Shipping actually work for the long term. so, as you guys can see on my computer screen, this is a brand new store that we started literally last year, and you can see that we've achieved 651 000 with this store and if we refresh the screen, you can see that the numbers are going to stay the exact same. and, as you guys can see on the screen, it's currently refreshing and the numbers have stayed all the same. now what I'm going to show you is another Shopify store analytiks, but this is to show you that this helps work in the long term and you're going to be able to consistently make money over the long term and not just in the short term. so, as you guys can see on the screen, we've done over 1.4 million dollars and if I refresh the screen, you're going to see the numbers are going to stay the exact same again. so, as you guys can see on the screen, we've refreshed and the numbers have stayed the same, and the reason why I wanted to show you that one in partikular is to show you that this store has been running for years and the numbers still keep growing. now, something that I want you guys to take into consideration and is extremely important is that this store has been running since 2018 and if I show you last month's Revenue, which is the first to the 31st of October, you're going to see we're still doing really good numbers. you can see 58 000 we did last month. so this shows you that this method actually works for the long term and not just the short term. now, with all of the proof out of the way, let's go over the three main fundamental flaws with the traditional way of doing the Drop Shipping business model that are stopping you guys from watching this, from seeing long-term success. now, the first fundamental flaw with the Drop Shipping business model is the customer's Journey, meaning when they go to your website, when they place an order, what happens after they place an order. so the first issue is these major long shipping times. the second issue is customer support- as a drop shipper, customer support has never been the best thing- and the third issue is the quality of the product and the actual quality checks of the product. now, I'm fully aware that a lot of you guys are watching this, might not truly understand the damages of the customer Journey with the traditional way of doing a drop shipping business model, and that's why I'm going to be showing you two real examples of how this can kill your Drop Shipping Store when you start to see real success and it stops you from making Mass money. the first example, as you guys can see on the screen, is I'm on trustpilot right now and this trust pilot is for a drop shipping store called Urban shoes and you can see, based on 25 reviews, it's got a two star rating, which is really poor, as it shows here. now, for those that don't understand what trustpilot is, trustpilot is a very wild, credible known place that people leave reviews based on where they go to buy things, and you guys can see here, if we look at the reviews you can see here it says one of the worst shoes I've ever bought and the guy goes over the quality being terrible. this one goes. if I could give no stars, I would. they go over how the actual store was terrible. the address was missed. they go over how the company owes them 100 euros because of the postage that they paid. so they go over the three big flaws that I just went over with you guys: number one, the quality being terrible. number two, the shipping being out of your control and being related mode on a Drop Shipping supplier, which can cause issues, and then the really expensive postage fees that can come into place. now, if we take a look at the next review under that, it says extremely unsatisfied, and they go over how they barely had any responses. they waited eight weeks for the shoes to come and they never did. and if we keep going down, we keep going down. it's the same issues with all of these reviews. now, just to give you guys more context on this Drop Shipping Store, you can see I'm on a website called flippercom and flippercom is where you come to sell your store and you can see here it's the same store, Urban shoes. if we go to the website it takes me to the same website and you can see here it says 750 000 in sales with a Shopify Drop Shipping shoe brand, e-commerce specific Niche, and they go over how much money they made. so you can see here their revenue for the past 12 months and you can see that they've made lots of money. this is a multiple six figure Drop Shipping Store and the reason why I'm showing you this is so you guys understand that this is a money making Drop Shipping Store. you can see the profit right there. they're making profit right now. bought. their customer service is terrible and it's stopping them from launching a long-term brand because of all of these negative reviews. this is stopping them from seeing long-term success, and I want to make this very clear. I am just showing you data that anyone can find publicly online just to show you that these fundamental Drop Shipping flaws are real and most people are still suffering from them because they are not moving to the new way of doing this business model. now I want to quickly show you their website as well, to show the products that they're selling, and you can see here this is the top streetwear brand for 2021. it's a sneaker brand. it's called Urban shoes and you can see here they're selling these AliExpress, Yeezy look-alike Alternatives and everyone knows these shoes that have been in Drop Shipping for a while and the website looks pretty good. to be fair to you and to show you how bad this really is, I've gone to their Facebook page and you can see that they've turned their reviews or their testimonials off, because normally it wo.