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Elon's Ad Issue: Twitter's Need.

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Elon Musk, the world's richest man, has expressed his disdain for advertising. However, as he prepares to take over Twitter, he may soon discover that the platform needs Madison Avenue more than the other way around. Ads account for approximately 90% of Twitter's revenue, and advertising executives are willing to move their money elsewhere if Mr. Musk eliminates the shields that prevented Twitter from displaying ads alongside hateful speech and misinformation.

Bullet Points:

- Advertising executives were previously hesitant about advertising on Twitter due to several objections, including the inability to target ads as well as competitors like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

- Mr. Musk has discussed different ways to make money from Twitter, including charging some users to be on the site and relaxing the platform's content balance policies.

- Twitter's co-founder and some investors who are joining Mr. Musk's bid have dismissed the need for advertising and insisted that the company needs to break away from it.

- Twitter's customer base is heavily weighted with large mainstream companies that are cautious about their ads appearing alongside risky content.

- Twitter earns the majority of its ad revenue from brand awareness campaigns, which are harder to evaluate than ads that target users based on their interests or prompt an immediate response, such as navigating to a website.

- In 2019, Twitter banned all political ads and introduced warning labels about misinformation associated with elections.

- Some advertising executives doubt that Mr. Musk will consider their interests due to his history with the industry, but others believe that his entrepreneurial spirit will motivate him to reset Twitter as a strong advertising machine.

Despite Mr. Musk's aversion to advertising, Twitter's dependence on its advertising model presents a challenge for the platform's new owner. While some advertising executives are willing to move their money elsewhere, others believe that Mr. Musk's innovative approach could transform Twitter into a potent advertising machine. In any case, it remains to be seen how Mr. Musk will balance his vision for Twitter as a safe haven for free speech with the need for advertising revenue.

Twitter's Ad Pullback Has Elon Mad

Elon Musk has announced a drop in revenue and blames activist groups for pressuring advertisers over content moderation issues, causing big names like GM and Pfizer to leave Twitter. However, advertisers are looking for returns on their investment and need to support either free speech or political correctness. This is a problematic situation for Twitter, especially as they have recently had to lay off half of their workforce and are now facing a class action lawsuit from employees who feel their termination was wrongful.

Points to Consider:

- Advertisers need to choose between free speech and political correctness when advertising on Twitter.

- Twitter's recent layoffs and struggles to find leadership have caused a lot of chaos within the company.

- The swift decision to lay off employees has raised questions around legality and a class action lawsuit has been filed by some employees.

- Big names like GM and Pfizer have left Twitter due to pressure from activist groups over content moderation issues.

Twitter is facing a challenging time with layoffs, leadership struggles, and a class action lawsuit. Advertisers are leaving due to pressure from activist groups, which is causing a drop in revenue for the company. Twitter needs to find a way to balance free speech and political correctness while still providing returns for their advertisers.

Twitter Is Not Fine

Elon Musk's Troubles with Twitter: An Overview

Elon Musk recently announced that he may step down as the head of Twitter, which has raised questions about the future of the company. This article aims to explore how Musk's decisions have impacted Twitter's market share and finances, and how it has affected his own image and reputation.

The Ban of Outside Links

Twitter recently banned outside links to certain social media platforms, which sparked a wave of new competitors. This decision was met with backlash from users and even some of Musk's biggest fans, such as Mr. Beast.

Musk's Poll and Resignation

Musk conducted a Twitter poll asking if he should resign as the head of Twitter, which resulted in a majority of votes in favor of his resignation. However, he later stated that finding a new CEO who can keep Twitter alive is the real challenge. He also admitted that Twitter is on track to lose six billion dollars next year and only has one billion in cash, which has caused advertisers to leave the platform.

Musk's decisions have caused significant damage to Twitter's finances and market share. It remains to be seen if he will step down as the head of Twitter and if the company can recover from its losses. However, it is clear that Musk's actions have had a negative impact on both Twitter and his own reputation.

A Timeline of Elon's Twitter Mistakes.

Elon Musk's foray into Twitter has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, full of twists and turns. From buying a massive stake in the company to offering to buy it outright, Musk's actions have caused chaos in the world of finance and social media.

Key Points:

- Musk's initial investment in Twitter led to a 27% increase in the company's stock price.

- Musk's appointment to the board of directors caused concern among Twitter employees.

- Musk offered to buy Twitter for $43 billion, citing his desire to protect free speech and remove spam accounts.

- Musk proposed turning Twitter's San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter, which was met with skepticism.

- Musk's attempt to back out of the deal was met with a class action lawsuit from Twitter shareholders.

- Musk eventually closed the deal and became CEO of Twitter, firing several top executives and introducing a controversial new revenue model.

Elon Musk's tenure as CEO of Twitter has been marked by controversy and chaos, with his actions causing significant upheaval in the world of finance and social media. While Musk has made bold claims about his plans for Twitter's future, it remains to be seen whether he will be able to deliver on his promises and turn the company into a profitable and sustainable enterprise.

Elon Musk "Versus" Twitter - SOME MORE NEWS

Elon Musk's Twitter Meltdown: A Billionaire's Quest for Coolness

- Elon Musk, the CEO of four companies, made a bid to purchase Twitter for $44 billion

- Musk's announcement came shortly after his breakup with Grimes and the birth of their second child

- Musk's relationship with Twitter has been problematic, with instances of casual market manipulation and spreading COVID misinformation

- Musk's recent meltdown on Twitter reveals his desperate desire to be seen as funny and cool

The Drama Unfolds:

- Musk sold $8.4 billion of his shares in Tesla and promised to secure $33.5 billion in debt to make the purchase

- Musk's bid for Twitter was looking less and less like a serious business deal and more like an attention-seeking bluff

- Musk's announcement caused Tesla's shares to drop 20%

- Musk has a history of casual market manipulation and making public details of transactions

- Musk's bid to purchase Twitter was likely a publicity stunt, and he may have been nervous about the discovery period that goes along with joining the board of another company

- Musk was hit with another SEC probe for not divulging that he was purchasing Twitter shares for 11 days

- Musk's recent claim that he's flipped from a Democrat to a Republican is transparently a personal vendetta against unions and class action lawyers

Musk's Quest for Coolness:

- Musk desperately wants to be seen as funny and cool, but his attempts often backfire

- Musk got into a Twitter feud with satirical site Hard Drive after he shared one of their articles without giving them credit

- Musk accused Hard Drive of not being funny because they're woke

- Musk's recent meltdown on Twitter revealed that he considers anything that criticizes him specifically to be woke and leftist

- Musk's recent claim that he's flipped from a Democrat to a Republican is likely a personal vendetta against unions and class action lawyers

- Musk's anger with The Onion over an apartheid joke made at his expense shows his inability to handle criticism and his desperate need to be seen as cool

- Musk's recent Twitter meltdown reveals his desperate desire to be seen as funny and cool, even if it means making questionable business decisions

- Musk's personal vendettas against unions, class action lawyers, and anyone who criticizes him specifically show his lack of concern for anything but his own image

- Musk's obsession with Twitter and need for attention suggest that he may not be the genius he's often made out to be

10X ENGINEER QUITS TWITTER: Elon Musk vs George Hotz (Twitter Space)

Breaking News: Self-proclaimed 10x engineer and celebrity programmer, George Haas, was unable to save Twitter after announcing his resignation on Twitter last night. Elon Musk had to show up at 11 pm to do some damage control. Interesting details were revealed about Twitter, including that it only had about four months of runway left before running out of money. Twitter's code base seemed messy to George Haas, who complained about wanting to refactor it. However, refactoring just for the sake of it is a form of premature optimization. Twitter has a complex code base with three database centers, which makes it challenging for new engineers to become effective quickly. Elon Musk talks about Twitter's burn rate and how they're trying to shift more of their revenue into subscribers. Twitter spends $5 billion per year and has $12.5 billion of debt. The interest rate is high, making it difficult for Twitter to make profits. The burn rate is high, and Twitter had to lay off 80% of its workforce and cut its food budget. Elon Musk also mentioned how their advertising program isn't optimized for clicks, which is an example of how having the wrong metrics can sabotage your team. Twitter is also incentivized for monthly daily active users, which has been messing up their incentives for the features they want to do. Twitter plans to increase the length of video files, which will allow them to run ads on the videos and become a pseudo competitor to YouTube. They also want to have another metric called unregretted user minutes. George Haas is more of an experienced hacker than an experienced programmer, and he prefers a smaller code base with fewer engineers. John Carmack also recently quit Facebook, saying that it felt slow-moving and clunky. He also preferred a smaller code base.

How Elon Destroyed Twitter in 2 Weeks.

Elon Musk's foray into Twitter has taught him a valuable lesson about the power of advertisers on social media. Despite boasting record-breaking usership, Twitter has always been a minor player in the digital marketing space due to its smaller monthly active user base compared to Facebook, YouTube, and other big platforms. Advertisers were never heavily invested in or reliant on Twitter, making them more likely to pull their money if they get spooked for any reason. Musk's promise of a more free speech social network on Twitter has scared off advertisers, who are abandoning the site in droves. Musk's solution to this issue is Twitter Blue, a premium product that offers users perks like a verification badge and priority visibility for $8 a month. However, this move is unlikely to fill the revenue gap left by departing advertisers, as advertisers still run the internet and Musk has overestimated the number of Twitter Maniacs willing to pay for these perks. Ultimately, it's up to advertisers where they want to spend their dollars, and Musk's attempts to shame them for not advertising with him are hypocritical and ineffective.

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