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Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

The Best China Wholesale Vendor? I Aphrodite Wholesale Unboxing & Try On

hey you guys, and thank you for tuning in to another video. so today we're doing one of my favorite types of videos and that is an unboxing video with a wholesale supplier. so if you're new to my channel, my channel typically focuses around the concept of a business and running a business, um, more specifically, a boutique business. but the things i enjoy doing is working with um up-and-coming wholesale vendors or, um actual current wholesale vendors that are trying to reach a audience, you guys, and then you guys that are trying to get outside of the typical fashion go in the la showroom trying to find other suppliers to get things and what you need for your online business. so today that's what we're gonna do. i've been working with a company um called uh. the company's name is aphrodite. i'll put it up here for you guys. they are a wholesale uh company based out in china, um, so i've been communicating back with some of the girls over there and they're super nice and they've sent over some products for us and we're gonna unbox them. i've been waiting to unbox this because i want to unbox it on camera for you guys so you get the actual, real life reaction in regards to the items. i haven't looked at them. i don't know what they look like. i've seen pictures. that's the only thing. i've gone by and again, i've been toking to the girls via what's up. so the reason i enjoy doing these videos is because a lot of you guys- um, i've made other videos in which i say, hey, you can go on to la showroom, you can go on to fashion, go and find a lot of these vendors that are based here in the us, um, and you're able to order from them. now a lot of you say, hey, i don't have my wholesale license, i don't have the funds to get a wholesale license. um, i don't know how to get a wholesale license and sometimes that may be considered as a hindrance to you and starting your business. so people always ask: does this supply require wholesale license? this supplier require wholesale license. so i definitely want to come and bring some vendors that do not require a hosa license. this vendor does not require wholesale license. again, they are based in china, so you can buy from them directly. but, yes, you can buy from them without having to have a wholesale license. um, i'm gonna go and again show you guys some of the things in which they have sent over, so you can see the quality, um, and see what they have to offer to see if this may be beneficial to you and your online boutique. um, so, again, the name of the company is called aphrodite- wholesale or aphrodite- that's the name of the company. they are, again, based in china. um, they specify the company is committed to wholesale and drop shipping, so that is another avenue. if you're looking to do drop shipping, they do offer that as well. um, they see they mainly engage in women's clothing, shoes and packages. i'm not sure what that means, but they do do women's clothing and shoes. um, let's see here: pretty much, they're there to help customers who do not have a business, who want to start a business, and then let customers who already have a business develop their business even the better. so they're there to help you better gain a better online boutique. again, buying direct from them as opposed to going through. somebody is just going to mark up the prices to make you have to have a higher price on your stuff, so, or, you know, shorten your profit gains, but nevertheless, um, they do have a website. i'm going to put the links down below for you guys. they have a really, really dope uh facebook group. it has quite a few members on there. they go on there and they post like: hey, these are the new things that we have. they interact really well with the customers. there's other customers on there. they'll tell you about their experience and the items that they've ordered. um. so that facebook group: i'll put the link down below. i joined it as well and again, it's really dope and you can see the girls on there too, because they go on there and they do like little videos and stuff. so it's really cute to be able to have a better connection with the supplier. um. so again, i'll put that down below. but the part you all came here for: we are going to unbox what they sent over. i'm super excited. so these are some items from their fall and winter collection- i guess the startup of their fall and winter collections. so this is what they sent over to me. it came pretty fast. it's full of stuff in here and we are going to open it up. and, yes, i'm going to be trying it on in this video so you guys will be able to see as well. so i got my scissors. i'm being safe this time, because in my last video you guys were like: oh my gosh that night that night cutting open that box. so i got scissors this time. so you guys want to be so concerned so i'm gonna open it up. it is stiff. so this is how the items came. they're all individually packed. again. it is stuff. they do some good uh packaging because i didn't know how to package this like this one. when i ship my items. i suck at packing my items because i'd be like, oh, it won't fit, i gotta get a bigger bag. nah, i need to do like this and stuff that puppy. so i'm just gonna start pulling. oh my gosh, so i'm gonna start pulling stuff out. so this is how the first item came. so this is what it looks like. if i can find the picture of what the picture online looks like, i'll put it in here. if not, i didn't find the picture, but this is the first item. wow. so, coming out the bag, it is really good. it's, you know, it's a nice quality. this is the um. the material is nice. it's not that thin, flimsy material, it's actually a really nice material. so i like that. i ordered a medium and everything because i wanted to see how sizing would compare. um, because i wear medium here in the states, and so i want to see, if i order a medium over there, is it the same medium over here? so that way i know, if i were to order from my own business, would it be comparable like? should i get it for my customer? so this is a two-piece set here. so this is what the top looks like and, like i said, it's a really nice material. i don't know if it's going to pick up on it, but it's a really nice. it's super stretchy material, has the elastik on the inside. um, this would be easy. also, i think they could do put tags in there. i don't know, you'll have to probably reach out, but this would be really nice because you can throw your own tag in there for your business. so this is a two-piece set. so that's the top, and then, oh, these are the bottoms. so these are the bottoms. this is what it looks like like that, um, so i am going to try it on for you guys. so it is a medium. i'm really nice, i, i really like this. so i'm going to try it on for you guys. okay, so this is what the outfit looks like. i put it on. sorry, i'm kind of like in my room i'm covering up because it's a little see-through. so it's actually really good material. um, it's not my personal style, but for those whose personal style it is, it's actually really cute. um, it's very nice material. it's not too thin but it's not super thick either. um, it's long enough. yeah, super cute. has a little tie right here. has a little ruching in the top right here. so definitely super cute. okay, so that was the first outfit. i'm actually really, really, really surprised, um, that i actually really like this outfit. like i said, the material is really nice. it's super soft against my skin. it's actually really good quality compared to some other vendors in which i've tried out um and i wasn't pleased with. so, yeah, thumbs up in regards to what it was shown to me in a picture versus what i got. so we're gonna keep moving and keep pulling out what else is in this bag. so the next thing: oh, oh, they sent this little necklace, so there's some jewelry in here as well. this is what it looks like. so it's a little heart necklace package like this. so some cute little accessories, um that you can throw in if you sell these kind of things online. so this is really, really i'm gonna get close up there we go. this is really really, really cute. look again out of my personal aesthetik, but it is super.

The Best US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Dropshipping Business (eBay, Amazon, Shopify)

all right, what's up, guys, and welcome back to the channel. so in today's video, I'm gonna show you how you can find local us suppliers for your drop shipping business. now, these aren't gonna be wholesalers, nor they're gonna be manufacturers, because if you want to start working with them, you will need a business license and a reseller certificate, which, if you don't have it, then you can't work with them. but in today's video, I want to show you how you can find some local small businesses that you can start working with, even if you don't have any of those documents and even if you don't really have a website or anything. because when I first started drop shipping, I would work with suppliers off of Etsy and I would basically just go and called, call them and I would just message as many suppliers as I can to try and get as many suppliers for their different products. so that's what I'm gonna show you, and this is honestly one of the best beginner methods or, if you're just looking for to diversify your suppliers, this is also a great method for that. so let's get into the today's video now. the best place to find suppliers, in my opinion, is going to be Etsy. you can either think of it as a marketplace, or you can think of it as one big catalog with a bunch of different companies that you can connect. all of the items are unique and they're not sold anywhere else, giving us an advantage if we wanted to sell them on eBay or even potentially, Amazon. so what? the way that I would do it is I would go ahead and just search for different shops. you can be in a certain niche and you can sell, or you can search those niches for specific stores. but the way that I always do it is I would go and I would see the pop of the right now and then I would pick a certain category with the popular items and then just browse from there. so now you have all of these items and now we have to make sure that the seller is in the United States and that we actually have in a good items on our hand. so you're gonna go right here. you're going to shop. location has to be in the US. then you also want to find it. you can set the price. you can also set the colors. you can select the free shipping or ready to ship within one to three business days. so we can select ships within three business days and then it's just going to narrow down the selection and, again, what I also look for is shops with over about 300 reviews and between 300 to 800. the reason is is that if they're under 300, then you don't really they're not as trustworthy, and if they're over 800, then they're going to be too big and they might not work with us and there's actually a lesser chance that they will work with us. now there are exceptions and you don't have to follow those parameters, but that's just usually what I tell people. so you can also set your price margin if you're going to be selling with any certain, if you want to sell high tiket or low tiket. but the way that I do it is I basically just set to 50 to 100 and then I will just go from there. so let's say, I pulled up this item right here, this on this shop right here. so again, it's a shop located in Vermont, which is in the US. they've been on Etsy since 2011. they do have over 800 reviews, but they have 77 products. so they have a lot of different items that I can list and I have some really nice items that, again, they seem to be doing pretty well. you'll see that 4 people have this in their cart. 4 people have this in their cart and they also look very nice. so what I would do is I would, you know, basically just browse the items, read the reviews really quick and then I would just shoot them a message. so the way that you can do that is you can just press contact and then up there, or you can go down and you can press contact shop owner and just do it from there. so again, that's how you do this on etsy. the next site where I would do this is on house and you just go on to house and you would basically do the same thing. so the reason that I'm showing you so many different sites is that each site sort of serves is separate niche. Etsy search serves like the handmade, unique, handcrafted items and house is more like the home decor. you know, grant, you know the more professional home and living type of items. so house is going to be a little different than Etsy. what the company is going to be? more money, no, bigger companies. Etsy is more for artisans, handmade items. so you might find a better bet on Etsy, but I did find some suppliers on house and some of the suppliers that actually sell on Etsy also sell their products on house. so you can do it the same way. you can go to the shop by department or you can go ahead, try and find their popular items. but let's say that you're selling in home, in decor, or you're selling in a certain category. you would basically just go by category and you would try and find certain items. so now what we want to do is we want to go to the items and you're basically just going to follow the same process again. you might want to sell in a certain price, category or whatever, but you're basically going to look for a quick shipping times and then you're going to try and find the store name or the owner's name of the actual item. so what you're going to do on the listing is you're go - click shipping and seller information and then it's going to bring you down to this, which has all of the sellers information, and now you'll see that this is sold by several people. so this is probably not a good bet, because these companies are probably distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers, etc. when you're searching on house, the key is is that you want to find sales or you want to find listings, with usually only one seller and that their business is not too big. now the way that you're going to check this is, again, you're just going to go and you're going to click into a listing and then it's going to bring up everything. so let's say we want to sell these, and then we're going to go and we're going to find in items. so let's say that we have this item right here. the way that we would do it is we would go and we would basically just follow the same process, so shipping and seller information, so it's sold by house itself. so this is not a good example, but what you do is it with the sellers name. you would just go like this and you would search Google for that seller and then you would basically just see all of their business information. so check their Google profile, check their website, check their social medias, etc. the next step website where you can do this is on Wayfarer. now, Wayfarer again, these are an order of like: most likely to work and Wayfarer is the least likely to work without a business license or a reseller or certificate. and that's because Wayfarer the businesses are much bigger. you know, it's a much bigger website. it's a much bigger competition. these are items are more mass produced. these are items that you know are more made by bigger companies. so you basically just follow the same process where you'd go: you click on a listing, you'd go and you try and find the seller- so classic accessories- and then you would just follow the same process so you can also contact them. you can also just search them up on Google. so, again, you can highlight this and you can find out their email from their website or whatever, and you would ask to sell their products. now the next site where we're going to look is on Aliexpress. now, I've gotten a lot of slack for this in the past, but the reason I'm showing you Aliexpress is because you can find suppliers on Aliexpress that are located in the United States. so these sellers that have factories and facilities in the US, that enables them to basically be located in the US and, let's say, these items are mass-produced, they can ship them out quickly and if you can arrange an agreement with them and if you can find a supplier with a drop shipping program that is based in the United States on Aliexpress, you can essentially find good suppliers with quick shipping times on items on Aliexpress. so again, yo,

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How to setup shipping rates on Shopify

Hey guys, today I want to tok about the shipping rates and how to set it up. First thing you want to do is to go to your Shopify admin dashboard, Click on the "Settings", link "Shipping" And go to the shipping zones. Here you can set up multiple zones and for each zone his on rate or his own rules. Let's delete this specific zone and make a new one. let's click the add shipping zone. Give it a name. ok, and this example: just go with rest of the world And we are working with weight based rate. so click the "Add rate" and give it a name. let's go with "free shipping" and let's say that from 0 to 10 kilogram it is free- Alright. let's add another rule: add rate and "Standard Shipping". Let's say that from 11 to 15 it is 9.95- alright, click "done" and "Save". Now let's see how it works when we're using one of the apps, let's say Importify, Expressify or Zonify. Just go to product URL, Wait for the Add button to appear, click the "Add" button. If you scroll down, you can see the weight here. I'd say that this one I want to give it for free shipping. and "add product". Let's add another one. Let's add this one, And for this one I want to charge 9.95 for shipping. Click the Add button and go to weight and set it, let's say, for 11- Remember that 11 is 9.95- and click the "Add product". Let's go back to the first product and here's the Importify message with the view store link. Let's click it And let's add to cart view cart. Click the checkout button and you can see that this one is free shipping. Let's go to this product and see if it works correctly. Click the view, Click Add to cart- View cart. let's remove this one and check out, And here we charged 9.95. That's it. Thank you for watching this video. bye, bye.

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How To Spy On Your Shopify Competitors Stores in 2020

Hey guys, in this video i'm going to show you how to make a product research using Importify and how you can find successful Shopify stores in your niche and see exactly what are their best seller products and what products they are promoting these days. We will also see what Facebook ads they are running for these products. So first, log into your Importify dashboard and select "Best selling products" from the menu On this page. you can see a list of Shopify stores from our database that contains more than 100,000 Shopify stores, And for each store you can see the rank and the daily traffic. You can filter by a niche or you can search by the name of your niche or specific store's name. let's try to type dogs and search. So all of the results we got are Shopify stores the sell products in the dogs niche. Ok, so now let's try to pick one with a decent amount of daily traffic. So if we take this store, for example, we can see that it has daily traffic of 2800 visitors, which is not so bad, and this number can give us some indication if this store is actually making money. if we click on the reveal products button, it will redirect us to their store and will show us a list of their best selling products. Now, if we go back to the importify dashboard And click on reveal ads, We will be redirected to the facebook ads research tool. We can use the facebook ads research tool to see exactly what ads this shop runs these day. So i will paste here the shop name and search And i will pick the Facebook page of this shop. Ok, so these are the currently active ads of this shop and if you found a match between a products that they are currently promoting and also appears on the best selling page, so this is an indication that this product is probably making money for this store. Let's visit the product page. and now let's see how we can find a supplier for this kind of product. So in most cases, these sellers are dropshippers and the best way to find the source of this product is to google the product title or to use the google image finder extension. If you're using the google image search extension, then right click on the image and click on search google with this image. Ok, so we got one search result of amazon. let's check it out. And we found some similar products for the sleeping bag on amazon. so this is the method that we recommend using with the importify research tool. if you haven't picked your niche yet, don't worry. we added a niche list that contains most of the popular niches and you can check them by using this drop down. That's it. thank you for watching this video. please make sure you subscribe for our youtube channel for more drop shipping tips and importify updates. see you next time.

Importify Vs Oberlo - Which Is Better?

Hey guys, in this video, i'm gonna show you the differences between Importify and oberlo so you can decide which one is a better fit for your needs. We're gonna explore the main features that both apps offer and we're gonna see some examples. Ok, so let's get right to it. The first thing i would like to compare is the overall rating that both apps have on the shopify apps marketplace. Shopify users are the main audience for these apps, so you can get a sense about what other users think. So Importify has a rating of 4.6 stars and Oberlo has a rating of 4.2. Now let's tok about the free trial version and the pricing. Both apps offer a free trial version. Oberlo has a free plan with limited features and Importify offers one day free trial for any paid full features plan. The importify basic plan starts at 14.95$ per month and the basic plan on Oberlo starts on 29.90$ per month. The supported platforms by Importify are "Shopify", "Woocommerce" and "Jumpseller", And on Oberlo, the supported platform is only Shopify. As far as for supported suppliers, websites to import products from Oberlo currently works only with Aliexpress, And with importify, you can import products from a long list of us and chinese suppliers. Ok, the next thing we're going to tok about is imported products limitations. While on importify you can import unlimited number of products to your shop, On Oberlo you have a limit. number of products to import depends on your plan. The "one click save to app" is a feature that exists on importify and not on Oberlo. In fact, with Oberlo you need to go through two steps when importing a product and with Importify it can be done with just a click from the supplier site itself. Spying on other shopify stores and find proven products in your niche is a feature that Importify offers and doesn't exist on Oberlo. With this feature, you can find a successful Shopify store in your niche and see exactly which products and ads this shop is running these days and promoting. The order fulfillment feature: On Oberlo, only Aliexpress is supported and on Importify you have a semi-automatik order fulfilment that will fill your product and customer details automatikally at your supplier site. This feature is supported for Aliexpress, Amazon, Dhgate and Wonify Reviews integration. On both apps you have reviews integration to other apps to show customer reviews of products at your shop. The last feature i'm gonna tok about is the "Shopify to Shopify importer". This feature exists only on Importify and it allows you to import Shopify products from another shopify store to your store, And this is a quick example about how this feature works in Importify. Thank you for watching this video. if you enjoyed it, please hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more dropshipping tips.

How to Create a Killer Aliexpress Listing on Shopify (Reviews, Video & HQ images)

hey guys, on this video, i'm going to demonstrate two new features we just released on importify. the first one is the ability to import external product description from your supplier page, and the second one is the ability to import and explain a video from your supplier page directly to your product page. please note that video importing is available for premium users only. at the end of this video, i will also show you how to improve your conversions by adding social proof, and we're going to add some real customers reviews to the product page. in fact, we are using the exact methods i'm going to share with you on this video on our drop shipping stores in order to get a higher conversion rate and make more sales. okay, so we're going to start by visiting the product page that we would like to import to our store. so i'm going to use this aliexpress product page and i'm going to click on the red add button and the importify extension will be open up and you can edit the product title, the collection and the pricing. let's move on to the description tab and you can see that by default, we get the short, a very informative description of aliexpress. if you're gonna click on the extended description, we're gonna get much more of the description on aliexpress, which contains high quality images and actually much more information about the product. so if you drop ship shirts, for example, you will probably find the sizing chart in the extended description and you can select to import it as well to your product page. in case the supplier page contains a video and you would like to import the video as well, select the include video option. importing the video is a great way to improve the overall look of your product page and give the customer more information about the product. in case that product page contains more than one video, you can go to the video tab and import the video from there. once you're done setting the description, click on enter your store and now click on the view link and that's the imported product at our store. and here's the extended description. okay, now let's improve this product page even more, and we're gonna do that by adding social proof and we're gonna import customer reviews to this product page. in order to import the reviews, we're gonna use the importify integration with the editorify reviews app. so make sure that you install editorify before importing the reviews and then visit the importified dashboard. visit the product's import list page, find the product that you would like to import the reviews to and then click on get previews. you will be automatikally redirected back to the supplier page and the editorify will load all the available customer reviews for this page. select the reviews you would like to import and scroll down now. select the product page you'd like to import the reviews to and click on import now. now click on the view link so we can see that 10 reviews has been imported and here are the reviews. that's it. thank you for watching this video. if you have any questions, please contact our support. see you next time.