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emmacloth dropshipping

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

The Best US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Dropshipping Business (eBay, Amazon, Shopify)

all right, what's up, guys, and welcome back to the channel. so in today's video, I'm gonna show you how you can find local us suppliers for your drop shipping business. now, these aren't gonna be wholesalers, nor they're gonna be manufacturers, because if you want to start working with them, you will need a business license and a reseller certificate, which, if you don't have it, then you can't work with them. but in today's video, I want to show you how you can find some local small businesses that you can start working with, even if you don't have any of those documents and even if you don't really have a website or anything. because when I first started drop shipping, I would work with suppliers off of Etsy and I would basically just go and called, call them and I would just message as many suppliers as I can to try and get as many suppliers for their different products. so that's what I'm gonna show you, and this is honestly one of the best beginner methods or, if you're just looking for to diversify your suppliers, this is also a great method for that. so let's get into the today's video now. the best place to find suppliers, in my opinion, is going to be Etsy. you can either think of it as a marketplace, or you can think of it as one big catalog with a bunch of different companies that you can connect. all of the items are unique and they're not sold anywhere else, giving us an advantage if we wanted to sell them on eBay or even potentially, Amazon. so what? the way that I would do it is I would go ahead and just search for different shops. you can be in a certain niche and you can sell, or you can search those niches for specific stores. but the way that I always do it is I would go and I would see the pop of the right now and then I would pick a certain category with the popular items and then just browse from there. so now you have all of these items and now we have to make sure that the seller is in the United States and that we actually have in a good items on our hand. so you're gonna go right here. you're going to shop. location has to be in the US. then you also want to find it. you can set the price. you can also set the colors. you can select the free shipping or ready to ship within one to three business days. so we can select ships within three business days and then it's just going to narrow down the selection and, again, what I also look for is shops with over about 300 reviews and between 300 to 800. the reason is is that if they're under 300, then you don't really they're not as trustworthy, and if they're over 800, then they're going to be too big and they might not work with us and there's actually a lesser chance that they will work with us. now there are exceptions and you don't have to follow those parameters, but that's just usually what I tell people. so you can also set your price margin if you're going to be selling with any certain, if you want to sell high tiket or low tiket. but the way that I do it is I basically just set to 50 to 100 and then I will just go from there. so let's say, I pulled up this item right here, this on this shop right here. so again, it's a shop located in Vermont, which is in the US. they've been on Etsy since 2011. they do have over 800 reviews, but they have 77 products. so they have a lot of different items that I can list and I have some really nice items that, again, they seem to be doing pretty well. you'll see that 4 people have this in their cart. 4 people have this in their cart and they also look very nice. so what I would do is I would, you know, basically just browse the items, read the reviews really quick and then I would just shoot them a message. so the way that you can do that is you can just press contact and then up there, or you can go down and you can press contact shop owner and just do it from there. so again, that's how you do this on etsy. the next site where I would do this is on house and you just go on to house and you would basically do the same thing. so the reason that I'm showing you so many different sites is that each site sort of serves is separate niche. Etsy search serves like the handmade, unique, handcrafted items and house is more like the home decor. you know, grant, you know the more professional home and living type of items. so house is going to be a little different than Etsy. what the company is going to be? more money, no, bigger companies. Etsy is more for artisans, handmade items. so you might find a better bet on Etsy, but I did find some suppliers on house and some of the suppliers that actually sell on Etsy also sell their products on house. so you can do it the same way. you can go to the shop by department or you can go ahead, try and find their popular items. but let's say that you're selling in home, in decor, or you're selling in a certain category. you would basically just go by category and you would try and find certain items. so now what we want to do is we want to go to the items and you're basically just going to follow the same process again. you might want to sell in a certain price, category or whatever, but you're basically going to look for a quick shipping times and then you're going to try and find the store name or the owner's name of the actual item. so what you're going to do on the listing is you're go - click shipping and seller information and then it's going to bring you down to this, which has all of the sellers information, and now you'll see that this is sold by several people. so this is probably not a good bet, because these companies are probably distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers, etc. when you're searching on house, the key is is that you want to find sales or you want to find listings, with usually only one seller and that their business is not too big. now the way that you're going to check this is, again, you're just going to go and you're going to click into a listing and then it's going to bring up everything. so let's say we want to sell these, and then we're going to go and we're going to find in items. so let's say that we have this item right here. the way that we would do it is we would go and we would basically just follow the same process, so shipping and seller information, so it's sold by house itself. so this is not a good example, but what you do is it with the sellers name. you would just go like this and you would search Google for that seller and then you would basically just see all of their business information. so check their Google profile, check their website, check their social medias, etc. the next step website where you can do this is on Wayfarer. now, Wayfarer again, these are an order of like: most likely to work and Wayfarer is the least likely to work without a business license or a reseller or certificate. and that's because Wayfarer the businesses are much bigger. you know, it's a much bigger website. it's a much bigger competition. these are items are more mass produced. these are items that you know are more made by bigger companies. so you basically just follow the same process where you'd go: you click on a listing, you'd go and you try and find the seller- so classic accessories- and then you would just follow the same process so you can also contact them. you can also just search them up on Google. so, again, you can highlight this and you can find out their email from their website or whatever, and you would ask to sell their products. now the next site where we're going to look is on Aliexpress. now, I've gotten a lot of slack for this in the past, but the reason I'm showing you Aliexpress is because you can find suppliers on Aliexpress that are located in the United States. so these sellers that have factories and facilities in the US, that enables them to basically be located in the US and, let's say, these items are mass-produced, they can ship them out quickly and if you can arrange an agreement with them and if you can find a supplier with a drop shipping program that is based in the United States on Aliexpress, you can essentially find good suppliers with quick shipping times on items on Aliexpress. so again, yo,

The Best China Wholesale Vendor? I Aphrodite Wholesale Unboxing & Try On

hey you guys, and thank you for tuning in to another video. so today we're doing one of my favorite types of videos and that is an unboxing video with a wholesale supplier. so if you're new to my channel, my channel typically focuses around the concept of a business and running a business, um, more specifically, a boutique business. but the things i enjoy doing is working with um up-and-coming wholesale vendors or, um actual current wholesale vendors that are trying to reach a audience, you guys, and then you guys that are trying to get outside of the typical fashion go in the la showroom trying to find other suppliers to get things and what you need for your online business. so today that's what we're gonna do. i've been working with a company um called uh. the company's name is aphrodite. i'll put it up here for you guys. they are a wholesale uh company based out in china, um, so i've been communicating back with some of the girls over there and they're super nice and they've sent over some products for us and we're gonna unbox them. i've been waiting to unbox this because i want to unbox it on camera for you guys so you get the actual, real life reaction in regards to the items. i haven't looked at them. i don't know what they look like. i've seen pictures. that's the only thing. i've gone by and again, i've been toking to the girls via what's up. so the reason i enjoy doing these videos is because a lot of you guys- um, i've made other videos in which i say, hey, you can go on to la showroom, you can go on to fashion, go and find a lot of these vendors that are based here in the us, um, and you're able to order from them. now a lot of you say, hey, i don't have my wholesale license, i don't have the funds to get a wholesale license. um, i don't know how to get a wholesale license and sometimes that may be considered as a hindrance to you and starting your business. so people always ask: does this supply require wholesale license? this supplier require wholesale license. so i definitely want to come and bring some vendors that do not require a hosa license. this vendor does not require wholesale license. again, they are based in china, so you can buy from them directly. but, yes, you can buy from them without having to have a wholesale license. um, i'm gonna go and again show you guys some of the things in which they have sent over, so you can see the quality, um, and see what they have to offer to see if this may be beneficial to you and your online boutique. um, so, again, the name of the company is called aphrodite- wholesale or aphrodite- that's the name of the company. they are, again, based in china. um, they specify the company is committed to wholesale and drop shipping, so that is another avenue. if you're looking to do drop shipping, they do offer that as well. um, they see they mainly engage in women's clothing, shoes and packages. i'm not sure what that means, but they do do women's clothing and shoes. um, let's see here: pretty much, they're there to help customers who do not have a business, who want to start a business, and then let customers who already have a business develop their business even the better. so they're there to help you better gain a better online boutique. again, buying direct from them as opposed to going through. somebody is just going to mark up the prices to make you have to have a higher price on your stuff, so, or, you know, shorten your profit gains, but nevertheless, um, they do have a website. i'm going to put the links down below for you guys. they have a really, really dope uh facebook group. it has quite a few members on there. they go on there and they post like: hey, these are the new things that we have. they interact really well with the customers. there's other customers on there. they'll tell you about their experience and the items that they've ordered. um. so that facebook group: i'll put the link down below. i joined it as well and again, it's really dope and you can see the girls on there too, because they go on there and they do like little videos and stuff. so it's really cute to be able to have a better connection with the supplier. um. so again, i'll put that down below. but the part you all came here for: we are going to unbox what they sent over. i'm super excited. so these are some items from their fall and winter collection- i guess the startup of their fall and winter collections. so this is what they sent over to me. it came pretty fast. it's full of stuff in here and we are going to open it up. and, yes, i'm going to be trying it on in this video so you guys will be able to see as well. so i got my scissors. i'm being safe this time, because in my last video you guys were like: oh my gosh that night that night cutting open that box. so i got scissors this time. so you guys want to be so concerned so i'm gonna open it up. it is stiff. so this is how the items came. they're all individually packed. again. it is stuff. they do some good uh packaging because i didn't know how to package this like this one. when i ship my items. i suck at packing my items because i'd be like, oh, it won't fit, i gotta get a bigger bag. nah, i need to do like this and stuff that puppy. so i'm just gonna start pulling. oh my gosh, so i'm gonna start pulling stuff out. so this is how the first item came. so this is what it looks like. if i can find the picture of what the picture online looks like, i'll put it in here. if not, i didn't find the picture, but this is the first item. wow. so, coming out the bag, it is really good. it's, you know, it's a nice quality. this is the um. the material is nice. it's not that thin, flimsy material, it's actually a really nice material. so i like that. i ordered a medium and everything because i wanted to see how sizing would compare. um, because i wear medium here in the states, and so i want to see, if i order a medium over there, is it the same medium over here? so that way i know, if i were to order from my own business, would it be comparable like? should i get it for my customer? so this is a two-piece set here. so this is what the top looks like and, like i said, it's a really nice material. i don't know if it's going to pick up on it, but it's a really nice. it's super stretchy material, has the elastik on the inside. um, this would be easy. also, i think they could do put tags in there. i don't know, you'll have to probably reach out, but this would be really nice because you can throw your own tag in there for your business. so this is a two-piece set. so that's the top, and then, oh, these are the bottoms. so these are the bottoms. this is what it looks like like that, um, so i am going to try it on for you guys. so it is a medium. i'm really nice, i, i really like this. so i'm going to try it on for you guys. okay, so this is what the outfit looks like. i put it on. sorry, i'm kind of like in my room i'm covering up because it's a little see-through. so it's actually really good material. um, it's not my personal style, but for those whose personal style it is, it's actually really cute. um, it's very nice material. it's not too thin but it's not super thick either. um, it's long enough. yeah, super cute. has a little tie right here. has a little ruching in the top right here. so definitely super cute. okay, so that was the first outfit. i'm actually really, really, really surprised, um, that i actually really like this outfit. like i said, the material is really nice. it's super soft against my skin. it's actually really good quality compared to some other vendors in which i've tried out um and i wasn't pleased with. so, yeah, thumbs up in regards to what it was shown to me in a picture versus what i got. so we're gonna keep moving and keep pulling out what else is in this bag. so the next thing: oh, oh, they sent this little necklace, so there's some jewelry in here as well. this is what it looks like. so it's a little heart necklace package like this. so some cute little accessories, um that you can throw in if you sell these kind of things online. so this is really, really i'm gonna get close up there we go. this is really really, really cute. look again out of my personal aesthetik, but it is super.

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hey guys, it's isabella and, if you can tell by the title of this video, i am doing another vendors video. i did, i think, about two of these last year and they did very, very well. um, i had a couple people reach out to me asking me if i can do another one. so this is my gift to you all. um, i will say: do not skim through this video really, really fast, because somewhere in the middle or at the end i am doing a 500 uh giveaway and this is going to go towards any business owner who is trying to buy inventory. um, business cards, paper promotion, whatever you want to spend this five hundred dollars on, that is business related. there will be three winners. so pay attention, get a pen in the pad and let's get started. okay, so i had to write them down because i i'm not going to be able to just remember them off head, off the top of my head. so the first vendor that i have for you guys is actually a vendor that i wanted to give you guys in my last vendors video. the name of the vendor is queen mania. now i will upload some of their stuff on the side of the screen just so you guys could see. um, i think i shopped. when was it? i shopped with cream mania, probably um a little bit before christmas. i did a big purchase because i have my summer and, well, my spring and my summer collection coming out. normally i hold up the items to show you guys, but i'm not ready to release, um, any of my new styles yet, so just hold off, i'll put some of their styles on the side of the screen just so you can see what they have to offer. i've shopped with them online as well as in person. so when i tell you guys it's a good vendor, it's a really good vendor. um, so the next- let me put this off- the next vendor that i have for you all in dot one. so i'll put it across the screen so you guys can see that, but it's in one. um, they too have a lot of staples. you can get a a lot of those, just um, uh, those staple pieces that you know, something that you can just like, dress up outfit, that one item that may take your outfit from: oh okay, she look good. so, um, in that one, a lot of theirs, um, a few of their clothing items actually went. i don't want to say they went viral because it's a clothing piece, but if you can hear people in the background, those are my kids. but a few of their clothing pieces were actually extremely popular over the summer and over the fall, and i'll put some images on the side of the screen so you guys can see what i'm toking about. this is one of the vendors that i also shopped with right before the holidays for my spring and my summer collection, so highly recommend. if i had to write them, i would probably say five out of five, to be completely honest. so, um, yes, in one. now the next vendor, um, let me, let me see. the next vendor that i'm going to give you is a vendor called magia. if you go back to my first vendors list video, i toked about a vendor called capella. majia kind of reminds me of capella a little bit. they have a lot of cute sundresses, um, and then the sun dresses that are kind of like the everyday wear. um, the price point is pretty decent i want. they're not as affordable as capella, but they're not as expensive as some of the other vendors either. they're right there in the middle, so i feel like they are a great vendor, um, probably one of my personally, one of my must-have vendors. they also have a lot of really, really cute two-piece sets. so don't sleep on, maggia. now, the last vendor that i want to give you all is a vendor that has a lot of cute two-piece sets, whether it's pants, shorts. i shop for all seasons with this vendor. um now i will say- because i get a lot of questions about this, because there are vendors- when people purchase my vendors list, when you go to their website or their page, it's not going to be as inviting. you kind of have to have an eye for things. but if you do, you can find some of the most amazing, uh, two-piece sets from there, and i'll put some on the side so you guys could see exactly what i'm toking about. did i give you guys the name? i don't think i gave you the name. okay, the name of the vendor. i'm sorry. the name of the vendor is zanah. price point: i feel like it's fair. um, it's not as expensive as other brands, but it's not as cheap as other brands either. so it all depends on what you think is affordable versus you know, just outrageously expensive, um. so now that we've got that out the way, it's time for the fun part: the giveaway. so for my giveaway, i'm going to pick three winners and let's tok about number one. to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is follow, subscribe to my youtube channel, like this video, and in the comment section down below, please put um a way that i can contact you. whether it's um, put your name and put- i don't suggest you put- put your phone number, put your name and then put your instagram. if you do not have an instagram, then you can leave your ins, your email, down below. i just want to have a way that i could reach out to the winner and all i'm going to do is put everyone who enters uh, leave me their information, whether it's your instagram, your email. i'm gonna write them all down, put them in a hat and then we're gonna pull from there. i'll probably let one of my kids pull the name out. they had um, something fun for them to do. but there will be three winners. the first winner is going to get- let me see, because i wrote it down for you guys- a lot on this page. it's on the next. so, winner number one, you're gonna get the 500. i don't know if i'm gonna do a visa gift card cash app. i haven't figured it out yet, but you're going to get 500 to go towards your business, as well as a free vendors list. my vendor lists have over 60 or 70 vendors on there, so, um, that 500 is actually gonna go a long way. winner number two is going to get number one. you're going to get the vendors list and, second, you're gonna- hold on, wait, i got a surprise for you. so the second thing outside of the vendor's list that your winner number two is going to get is this: inside of this box: hold on, let me cover up my address. inside of this box is some inventory that i actually ordered too much of, and i was gonna send it back, um, but i decided i was like i'm just gonna, i'll keep it and i'll use it for a giveaway. so what's in this box i'm trying to see? do you guys, do you want me to keep it as a surprise or do you want to see what's in this box? what i will say is: um. winner number two. if you don't, you have to pay for shipping. um, sometimes shipping can get a little expensive. i'm sending you inventory. the least you could do is pay for shipping. if that's not something you're interested in, then i'll find something else for you. whoever winner number two end up being: um, yes, but if you're willing to pay for shipping, you will get this. now for a winner number three, what you're going to get is number one. you're going to get a vendors, because everyone is getting a vendors list. okay, um, you're gonna get the vendors list, which is good, because that vendors list i have on my website for 110 dollars. you're getting it for free. so, outside of the vendors list, you're also going to get a coaching card on this call. it's going to be a 30-minute call. you can ask me whatever questions you want to ask, anything pertaining to business. you have 30 minutes. get creative, i don't care if it's 100 questions. write them down and we'll go over at every last one of them. um, as long as it's within that 30 minute time frame and you will be good to go. yeah, but that's pretty much it for this video. i just really wanted to get this information out to you guys. everyone that supported me and purchased my vendors list last year, i was really, really, really appreciate it. i am trying to be way more active on this channel. i have tons of videos that are edited that i'm going to start rolling out this week, so make sure that your notifications are on, make sure that you like, comment and subscribe to this channel, because we have a lot to go over. i'll see you, ladies, in my next video. bye you.

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Get tips on dropshipping clothes [FOR BEGINNERS]

Dropshipping clothes can be a challenge, considering the fierce competition in this niche. But fear not. Today I will teach you how to dropship apparel and get your share of customers. Hello guys, I’m Olesia from AliDropship. Our company started with a number of dropshipping stores that successfully function to this day, So all our tips are based on this experience. To make dropshipping easier, we have created AliDropship plugin, which we use in all our stores. If you’re interested in the dropshipping business, you can use it too. In this video, I will show you how to run a successful clothing store. You will also learn about our solutions that inspire customers to make impulse purchases. They work great for clothing or any other niche. Let’s begin: Think of your store concept. Ok, you’ve decided to start dropshipping clothes, But what kind of clothes? If you have to face serious competition, it’s a good idea to narrow your offer to a specific niche. Such stores are easier to promote and monetize. You can choose a clothing category according to the materials it’s made of. For example, you can focus on denim wear or dropship apparel made of silk, etc. Another option is to concentrate on a certain pattern, color or decoration type. How about making a store with polka-dotted clothes? only Style is a common choice. for clothing stores, For instance, one can narrow down to vintage dresses. Lastly, you can stik to clothes designed for certain activities, such as sports parties, swimwear and so on. Another important thing is to understand your potential buyers. What kind of people want to purchase your products? How old are they? What message do they want to hear from you? What motivates them? For example, gothic music fans and Japanese Harajuku style fans need different products and specific promotional strategies. You can start analyzing your target audience by going to forums and social media groups devoted to the niche of your choice. Pricing policy is important too. If you can beat the prices your competitors ask, you’ll attract more clients. Learn more about pricing from the artikle in our blog. SEO, optimization and advertising. To ensure your dropshipping store is easy to find, you must properly optimize it for search engines. You can find the links to the materials you need in the description. However, keep in mind that if the competition in your niche is too strong, you might find SEO useless. In this case, you will have to rely heavily on advertising. Some people in e-commerce give up SEO entirely and promote their business on social media only. That might be your case as well. Trigger: impulse purchases. An impulse purchase is when a customer didn’t plan to buy anything, but suddenly decided to do it out of emotion. Creating conditions for impulse purchases can substantially improve your sales, But before that you need to make sure your product pages look perfect and nothing distracts your potential buyers. To do that, you need to provide enough photos of your product so that visitors can be sure the apparel will suit them. Product details are another important part of this page. When dropshipping clothes, provide customers with a true-to-fact size chart and other valuable information. Lastly, provide feedback from real customers by importing their reviews from AliExpress. Someone else’s real experience can hugely motivate new buyers. Now that you’ve got your product pages ready, it’s time to inspire your customers for impulse purchases. Here are some tricks to do it. First, provide social proof for your customers. As I mentioned above, customer reviews work really well. If you dropship apparel, it’s a good idea to show how your goods look on your customers. If your site is powered by AliDropship, you can use our free Customer Gallery Add-on to gather all the pictures taken by your clients on one page. Another efficient way to stimulate your site visitors is to create a sense of urgency. Make your customers think that if they don’t buy now, they’ll miss the opportunity To do that. you can use countdown timers For AliDropship users. we have Countdown Timer Add-on as well. It tells site visitors that the products are running out, Or make use of Recent Sales Pop-up plugin for AliDropship. It tells visitors what product has been purchased by another customer just now to fire up their curiosity. You might find similar solutions on other platforms. Another tool compatible with AliDropship plugin is Upsell Add-on. It offers your clients related products in the shopping cart and on the Thank You page to motivate them to purchase additional items. Promote your business creatively. Finally, you have an advantage over people selling devices or tik accessories. Apparel is a bright, vivid and appealing type of product, and you can make use of it by creating unique content. Besides, clothes go well with visual content, which is great for promoting on Instagram or Facebook. Moreover, if you can use product videos, it’ll be super great. And don’t forget that you’re not the only one working in this industry. When dropshipping clothes, you can cooperate with bloggers, influencers, photographers, makeup and hair artists or accessory manufacturers. Together, you can try doing Instagram giveaways, guest posting featuring guests and all sorts of collaborations you can imagine If you want to dropship apparel but you’re still not sure what kind of clothes to sell, use our Niche Research service. This tool will help you understand what type of products suit you best. Find the link in the description of this video And be sure to download our AliDropship plugin if you’re going to build your dropshipping store on WordPress. You might think I’m saying this because I work here, But seriously, it’s a really powerful solution for WordPress sites and it’s a one-time payment: Buy now, use forever. If you have no idea how to turn a WordPress site into an online shop, leave it to us. We’ll build a custom store for you, fully ready to operate right away. You will find the links to these products and artikles in the description. As always, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and leave comments, Ask questions and offer topics for new videos. See you soon. Bye.

New update Dropshipping Ninja

either garlic here from dropshipping ninja. in this video I want to tok with you about how to install our app from App Store and how to start using it. so first of all, let us install dropshipping ninja app from shot by app store, or that we have to with Shopify app stores first and type here: job ninja. we will see the icon here, dropshipping ninja. press add up edit button here. short file will now install our app and in a minute we will be in our website, which is throw triple negative net and you can see here both both features of a press and example. it provides the list of full websites which which we provide and recommend you to subscribe to our standard plan or that. just press select button here and, with the help of Shopify, you will get subscribed to our 7-day free trial. just press the start, start with red button and, very important, to install Chrome extension by pressing button here. after installing it, I will be installed. it to install did. you can click another second year button to go to web apps. in third, you can go any of these websites and start importing products. in product list Department, you will see all the products which are already imported to your store in the order listed, you will see all old or all the orders which are which I which are related to products imported by drop shipping. ninja, here also we have a page, pricing rules, where you can set custom pricing rules for the for your store. so let's move on, for example, to good, calm and imported product 12 store. let's see how it goes. what's the process of importing product? so, hmm, just a minute. okay, let's move on. and important, for example, t-shirt from here, main t-shirt. you will see in any product page you will see its button in blue on the left side. so just press the button and in seconds you will see notification. the product was edit and you can go back to your to admin page and import list. you will see that the product is already imported now to your app, but not to your store. you can see all the product information: product name tags, product type, a collection description, which were all customizable variants, with all the images and in the images which or you can choose which ones to add to your store. and after clicking proof to store button, now, in seconds, this product will appear in your store. but before that, you can customize all the information and save it for later. but now I will ready put another button and success notification notifies us that the product is already on our store and we can see product list page. yeah, thank you for watching, will artists? tutorials will be continuous and until the next time, bye, bye.

How I Made Money Dropshipping and Why I Quit | South African

hi guys, welcome, welcome back to my channel. it is me, the soccer father, and i am back with a new video. so this week i'll be toking about my experience with drop shipping and why i decided to stop drop shipping. so if you enjoy this video or find it helpful, please do give it a thumbs up and please do subscribe. guys, we are so close to 10k, which is so crazy and i'm so crazy. i'm so excited. please subscribe. it means so much to me. if you have any questions or comments, please drop them down in the comment section and i will respond. if you have any other questions, you can dear me on social media or email me. all my information is in the description box and before you get started, if you like my nose ring like the video, i gotta use me. but anyway, let's get started. [Music]. so a couple of months ago i made a video about my 10 streams of income. i'll put up in the cards, but it was basically just me sharing the different ways i've made money before. so i mentioned that i have done drop shipping and i said i would make a video about it. so you know, a couple of months later, here i am to share that video. so, for those who don't know, drop shipping is when you sell products that you don't physically own. so how that works is: i have like a supplier and then, um, i create like my own website and so on, and i sell my supplies, products, on my website- um, at a higher price, obviously, so that i can make a profit. so when someone orders the product from my website, i then buy it from the suppliers websites website and then ship it to that person. so that's basically how drop shipping works. so a few years ago i was like 17 or 18 years old- i was young, i was looking for ways to make money. so i went online and i was like: how to make money online? and you know, they always say, like all these things. you're like i don't even have the skills. but then there was drop shipping and i was like, hmm, i can do this. this thing is pretty interesting. so i started watching a lot of youtube videos about it and i started watching all these videos. but i'm like i need a website, i need a domain name, i need a supplier. like i'm only 17, how am i gonna do all of these? but you know, guys, i spent a lot of time researching and eventually i found out that a lot of people actually make use of aliexpress as their supplier. so i was like, okay, supply it, tik. i was broke. i had no money for hosting or a domain name, so i use society6. so society6 is a platform where you can create a website and, um, they- it's kind of like etsy, but not really- so they take a percentage of, uh, the money that you sell on their platform. but i was like, oh, you know what, any kind of money that i can make is fine, even if they take like a percentage. so i went on aliexpress and i was looking for a product and i decided on t-shirts. um, if i do like i remember i remove everything from my store, but if i do find it, i'll add like screenshots of my store. so i ended up deciding to sell t-shirts, which might not be the best you know items to sell. i think t-shirts are very basic, but that's my personal opinion. but yeah, i ended up selling t-shirts with little like random slogans, like you know like. but first coffee or um girl, again, i don't know. i just got a whole bunch of t-shirts that i thought like had really funny or cool like little slogans on them and i put them in my store on society6 and i was ready to go. i also um posted on my facebook page. i was like: hey guys, i have an online store now and i shared it. and i also shared on like all my social media accounts and i was ready to go. so that was the only marketing i did for my store. so obviously things were pretty slow for the first couple of days. i didn't get any sales. but i do remember i was at the mall when i got my first sale. i got an email and i was like someone just bought a t-shirt. i remember the t-shirts were about like fifteen dollars and i was selling them for about thirty dollars but i had to pay like fees for society6 and then paypal and then i had to like there's like transaction fees and like i had to pay. i ended up with about five dollars like profit. but you know, five dollars, you know i think it's a pretty decent amount, especially since i don't own the product and i'm just literally getting it from aliexpress and then, um, you know, just shipping it to the. i'm not even shipping it, i'm just entering the details and shipping it to the person. so that's how i got my first order. i ordered on um aliexpress. i shipped it to the person. i was like okay, and then i ended up getting another order and i was like, okay, this, but it's not the same day. a couple of days later, and then a couple of days after that, i got my third order and i wasn't doing any type of marketing but, um, on society6. like, people can go on society6 and search for stuff and then if your products relate to whatever they search, then they can find your product and buy it. so that's basically how i made the sales. so, um, this was my third product. and then, a couple of hours after the person ordered, they emailed me like, hey, i found this item cheaper somewhere else and my, please have a refund. and then i was like, okay, and then i gave the person a refund. i hadn't ordered the item from aliexpress yet, but i just started thinking like, oh my gosh, what if i had ordered it and i didn't have money to give that person a refund and stuff like that, and i don't know how to like cancel on aliexpress and if they'd actually, you know, cancel my order? and i started panicking. so a couple of a couple of days after that, i closed my store because i felt that i'm not really, um, you know, in charge of, like, the customer service and so on. i also had never ordered anything from aliexpress, so i didn't know if these things were actually arriving and if you know what kind of quality people are receiving. so i really made me nervous that, you know, i don't really know what i'm selling or how things are working, like i'm just entering the person's address and then hoping for the best. so that really just gave me like what if i get in trouble? i'm like i'm only 17.. now, i'm not trying to go to jail or something like that. so i kind of freaked out and then i stopped dropshipping and that was my experience with dropshipping. so i did get to make some money, which is great, but then, um, you know, i stopped, but i didn't really put much time and effort into it. so recently i came across a video about drop shipping. um, it's a south african guy. i just forgot his name. i'll put the video in the description box and up here. but yeah, i was toking about drop shipping. you made like 175 000 runs in a month. so that's what made me thinking about, made me think about drop shipping again. i was like, hey, wow, people are making money. maybe i should try this again. so i was like aliexpress- um, i'm not really sure about aliexpress because it takes so long and i'm not really a huge fan of that. you know, like i have to wait like six weeks before i can say, okay, i've made this money. you know, after, like, the person orders, because before then they haven't received their products. so i was like, and i started researching again and then i found this platform called zendrop and it actually looks pretty cool. i checked it out, i signed up and i was ready to launch my store and they have foster shipping times. then aliexpress and they have some cool products. because i was looking on, i was looking for, like, uh, products that are trending on tiktok and twitter because, you know, i thought, like it's 2021, t-shirts are not gonna work. and i started searching products on tik tok and i was ready to start, but i was like, hmm, let me think about this. and then i took some time to think about it and i decided, you know what, i'm actually not going to do this. so the reason i decided that i'm not going to do it because i currently i'm working full time. i work at nine to five and then after my nine to five i make videos, and then i have my candle business and there's other stuff that i'm involved in, so i don't really have time. what i learned from the first time dropshipping is that it's not jus.