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Engaging Broader Audiences with Dynamic Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

At Edlucid, our clients are focused on new customer acquisition, especially during peak seasons. However, reaching the right people efficiently on Facebook and Instagram can be challenging. One solution is Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences (DABA). In this article, we will share tactics to implement DABA for new purchasers at your target ROI.

Who is Edlucid?

Edlucid is a performance digital agency for B2C and B2B brands and retailers. We specialize in helping clients grow new customer acquisition.

What is DABA?

DABA is a Facebook product that dynamically uses information we provide, based on the present situation. It uses signals such as user browsing behavior, ad interactions, and page links to find new customers who might be in the market for products like yours.

How does DABA work?

DABA allows you to create a catalog of your products, and Facebook will find your customers. It uses Facebook's deep knowledge of user activity to serve your ads to users with similar preferences.

Does DABA work as well as Facebook claims?

Yes, in our experience, DABA performs well. We have real client data that backs up our confidence in the product. One of our home decor clients scaled down their budget from 7% to 2.8% of total with no negative impact on return, and DABA ROI increased as the spend increased.

How do you activate DABA data?

To activate DABA, you need both a Facebook product catalog and a Facebook pixel on your site. It's essential to optimize both for the best results.

DABA is an excellent tool for finding new customers and scaling your social advertising program. If you need help with your performance marketing program or want to dive deeper into the strategy, reach out for a free consultation. Thank you for tuning in to learn from Edlucid's social advertising expertise.

A BETTER way to target Facebook Ads in 2022

Facebook has recently deleted thousands of interest targeting options, and interest targeting is inaccurate about 30% of the time. It's becoming more evident that people are finding the most success with their ads by using no targeting options at all. So how can you make sure your ads get in front of the right people at the right time? Here are some tips.

1. Create ads that speak specifically to your target audience

- Write copy that speaks directly to your specific target audience

- Use the headline or opening lines of copy to call out your target audience

- This may drive up lead costs, but it leads to higher quality leads

2. Use creatives that only appeal to your specific audience

- Use specific images or videos that only your target audience would recognize

- This tactic is effective because it gets ignored by the wrong people, deterring those who are not interested in your ad

3. Use hooks and talk about problems that only your audience would experience

- Use specific pain points that your target audience would experience

- Use hooks that appeal to your target audience, not just any business owner

4. Think about who your lead magnet is attracting

- Make sure your lead magnet attracts people who are ready and willing to buy from you

- Make sure your lead magnet solves a problem that your target audience is experiencing now and are in a financial position to buy from you

5. Targeting options

- Use broad interest targeting

- Use bigger, broader lookalike audiences

- Try open targeting

By following these tips, you can ensure that your ads get in front of the right people at the right time. It's essential to speak directly to your target audience, use specific creatives and hooks, and make sure your lead magnet attracts the right people. It's also vital to test different targeting options to find what works best for your business.

The Best Audience on Facebook Ads: BROAD TARGETING [post iOS 14]

What is Broad Targeting?

- Broad targeting, also known as a broad ad set, is a top-of-funnel or prospecting ad set with little to no targeting.

- It doesn't include lookalike or interest targeting and essentially targets all of Facebook.

- There are rough guidelines on age, gender, or location, but it's essentially allowing the algorithm to spend your money where it thinks it will get the best results.

Three Reasons to Use Broad Targeting

1. Facebook is still smarter than you, and the algorithm needs to be told what you want it to do.

- Use a conversion campaign optimizing for purchases to drive sales and revenue.

- Audiencing testing should not be prioritized over creative testing.

- In data pulled from client accounts, broad ad sets resulted in the most number of purchases and represented the majority of all purchases from core scaling campaigns.

2. Broad targeting is the most scalable audience.

- Facebook can always find more people that look like your buyers in that audience.

- By keeping broad targeting in your core scaling campaigns, you have an audience that is infinitely scalable.

3. Time and effort are best spent on strategizing and testing new creatives, not testing new audiences.

- Shifting focus to testing more creatives instead of audience testing has been a bigger unlock for clients in a post-iOS 14 world.

Answering Common Questions

- Should you give up audience testing altogether? No, but the focus should shift to testing more creatives.

- Can you test creatives with a broad ad set if you have a low budget or are just starting off? If spending less than 5k per month on Facebook ads, a different strategy should be used.

- Does a broad audience always work better? Not always, but it's the most consistent.

Dynamic Creatives Vol 2: DYNAMIC CREATIVE Facebook Ads Secret Weapon

- Dynamic creative is Facebook's secret weapon for ads.

- It is the most powerful tool in the Facebook ads toolbox.

- However, it is also one of the most misunderstood and poorly utilized tools.

Objective Facts:

- Facebook is a machine learning platform with billions of data points for every user.

- Facebook prioritizes the end user experience above all else.

- The scientific method requires testing to a statistical significance.

The 3-2-2 Method:

- Setting up Dynamic creatives to win.

- Three creatives, two headlines, two primary texts, producing 12 permutations.

- Allows for binary decisions and systematic, easily repeatable ways to determine success and failure.

- Prioritizes the end user experience and improves estimated action rate.

Debunking Myths:

- Advertisers have been taught to favor the wrong metrics.

- Trend indexing is the most important element of any ad.

- The estimated action rate allows for sustainable, projectable, and scalable results.

How to Get Post IDs:

- Hit preview and look at Facebook posts with comments.

- Click on the post timestamp and copy the post ID from the URL.

- Use the Page Posts section in Ads Manager to see every post ID.

- Dynamic creative is a valuable tool that should not be overlooked.

- By prioritizing the end user experience and using statistical significance, advertisers can achieve better results.

- It is time to embrace Dynamic creatives and let the machine do the thinking for us.

Google Ads Dynamic Search Ads Tutorial 2022 - Targets, How to Create, and Examples

Welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel! In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to create dynamic search ads in Google Ads. Let's get started with an overview of dynamic search ads.

- Dynamic search ads (DSA) use your website content to target your ads.

- Categories created by Google Ads can be used to target specific pages.

- Specific web pages and exact URLs can also be targeted.

- DSA automatically generates a headline and display URL.

Now, let's discuss how dynamic search ads work.

- DSA ads are displayed on the search network based on website content.

- Ads are generated based on the content of your website.

- Final URL, headline, and display URL are dynamically generated.

Next, let's discuss dynamic search ads page feeds.

- A page feed for your website can be created to target specific pages.

- Page feed data templates can be downloaded from the Google Ads help page.

- Page URLs and custom labels are entered into the template.

- Labels can be used to target specific categories.

To create a dynamic search ads campaign, follow these steps:

- Choose a campaign objective and set a budget.

- Choose search as the campaign type.

- Set location targeting and language targeting.

- Choose audience segments to observe.

- Enter your website domain and select a targeting source.

- Choose dynamic ad targets, such as specific categories.

- Create dynamic search ads and add ad extensions.

- Fix any errors and publish the campaign.

In conclusion, dynamic search ads are a great way to target potential customers based on website content. By using page feeds and specific ad targets, you can create relevant and effective ads for your business.

The Ultimate Guide To Going Broad With Facebook Ads In 2022

Yo, what's going on guys? Welcome back to the channel! My name is Dick Terry, and today I have an exciting new video for you guys. Today we'll be diving into my broad strategy with Facebook ads and how essentially I'm never testing another audience again but Facebook ads and going purely broad.

In this article, we will be discussing the ultimate guide to going broad with Facebook ads in 2022. We will talk about what broad is, the misconceptions about it, and why it works. We will also discuss how to create winning ads and target your ideal audience.

What is Broad?

Broad targeting on Facebook is essentially location, gender, and age. It targets a wide pool of people rather than specific interests or demographics. This way, you can potentially reach more potential buyers.

Misconceptions about Broad:

One of the biggest misconceptions about broad targeting is that Facebook will put your ad in front of a poor quality audience. This is false, as broad is not necessarily a poor quality audience. In fact, going broad can even help you reach a higher quality audience.

Why Go Broad?

1. No More Wasting Budget on Audience Testing:

By going broad, you no longer have to spend money on audience testing. This will bring your overall CPA down and improve your results.

2. Higher Scaling Potential:

Going broad allows for higher scaling potential. You can spend more on your ads and potentially

All you need to know about Meta's Dynamic Ads

- Welcome to the webinar on everything you need to know about Meta's Dynamic Ads.

- Hosted by Mikel, VP of Growth at Shaker.

- Recorded for on-demand viewing.


1. What are dynamic ads?

2. How to create a catalog in Meta Commerce Manager.

3. How to create dynamic ads in Meta Ads Manager.

4. Elevating dynamic ads with enhanced product images.

5. Structuring campaigns for optimal performance.

What are Dynamic Ads?

- Dynamic ads serve the right product ads to the right person at the right time automatically.

- Removes burden of creating individual ads for each item.

- Create a product catalog with all products and services.

- Meta decides the right product ad to serve to the right person at the right time.

- Two main types of targeting for dynamic ads: retargeting and prospecting with broad audience targeting.

Creating a Catalog in Meta Commerce Manager:

- Catalog includes all information needed to power dynamic ads.

- Access commerce manager under all tools in left side menu.

- Add a catalog by clicking Add Catalog.

- Choose catalog type and configure product upload method.

- Connect catalog to event source (Facebook Pixel or SDK).

Creating Dynamic Ads in Meta Ads Manager:

- Click Create button in main dashboard of Ads Manager.

- Choose Sales objective.

- Toggle on catalog campaign and select catalog.

- Select product set and targeting at ad set level.

- Select ad format (single image, carousel, or collection) at ad level.

- Elevate dynamic ads with enhanced product images.

- Structure campaigns for optimal performance.

Structuring Campaigns for Optimal Performance:

- Prospecting campaign for conversions or app installs.

- Retargeting campaign with conversion objective for past website visitors and checkout initiators.

- Retargeting dynamic ad campaign for view or added to cart in last 0-14 days and 15-30 days.

- Target past purchasers with specific product sets.

- Dynamic ads are a powerful tool for serving the right product ads to the right people at the right time.

- Creating a catalog in Meta Commerce Manager and elevating dynamic ads with enhanced product images can increase performance.

- Structuring campaigns for optimal performance requires testing and adjusting based on the unique characteristics of your business.

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