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Enhance Ads with Expanded Text Ads in AdWords

Published on: May 10 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, Yvonne here at evonmana.com. In this video, I want to show you how to create expanded text ads with Google Ads. Now that they're slowly trying to phase them out, it's important to know how to create them without the option in your dashboard.

- How to create expanded text ads with Google Ads

- The option is being phased out, so it's important to know how to create them without the option in your dashboard


- Click on the little plus sign in your Google Ads campaign dashboard

- No longer see the option for expanded text ads

- Click on the plus sign in your specific ad group

- Only see a responsive search ad option

- Sometimes see the option to use expanded text ads, but eventually, Google will remove this option

How to create text ads without the option:

- Utilize the responsive search ad format

- Click on the plus sign and select your ad group

- Write out what you want in each headline spot

- Utilize pins to set where each headline and description should show up

- This gives you full control over your text ads

- Creating text ads without the option is possible using the responsive search ad format

- Utilize pins to set where each headline and description should show up

- This gives you full control over your text ads and allows for split testing

- Don't forget to hit like and subscribe for more helpful videos.

Google Ads Expanded Text Ads

Google Ads Phases Out Expanded Text Ads in Favor of Responsive and Dynamic Search Ads

Google Ads used to have expanded text ads as a powerful tool. However, they have recently phased it out in favor of responsive search ads and dynamic search ads. This article will discuss why Google is doing this and what it means for advertisers.

Why is Google Phasing Out Expanded Text Ads?

Google is phasing out expanded text ads because they want to move everyone towards using responsive search ads and dynamic search ads. With expanded text ads, advertisers were able to test different headlines and descriptions to some extent. However, through their AI technology and algorithms, Google feels that they are better at creating winning ads than people are.

What are Responsive and Dynamic Search Ads?

Responsive search ads are where advertisers give Google a whole bunch of titles and descriptions, and then Google goes and crafts the ads for them. They create different variations of the ads, testing different combinations of headlines and descriptions to figure out which ones perform the best. Dynamic search ads are similar, but they use the content on the advertiser's website to create the ads.

What Does This Mean for Advertisers?

The phasing out of expanded text ads is exciting because it means that advertisers have an even better tool to use within Google Ads. It also tends to be easier, especially for those new to using Google Ads, as Google does all the work of testing and figuring out which titles and descriptions work best for the ads in the campaigns.

In conclusion, Google Ads has phased out expanded text ads in favor of responsive search ads and dynamic search ads. This is because Google feels that their AI technology and algorithms are better at creating winning ads than people are. Advertisers now have an even better tool to use within Google Ads and can take advantage of the ease and efficiency of responsive and dynamic search ads.

Using Expanded Text Ads in AdWords - AdWords In Under Five Minutes

Hi everyone, I'm Erika from the Google AdWords team and in this video, we will be talking about a new type of text ad in AdWords - the expanded text ad.

Key Points:

1. Expanded text ads provide more space for your ad text and are optimized for mobile devices.

2. They have two headline fields instead of one, with each headline allowing up to 30 characters.

3. The two description lines have been merged into one field, giving you more control over your ad's messaging.

4. The display URL shows the domain of your ad's final URL, and you can combine it with up to two new path fields.

5. Expanded text ads are easy to create and follow the same best practices as standard text ads.


1. Use at least one of your keywords in the ad text to ensure high relevance.

2. Capitalize the first letter of each word in your ad to help it stand out.

3. Rethink your ad's messaging to make the most of the additional text space, especially in the headlines.

4. Ensure your two headlines are easily scannable and make sense when read separately.

5. Take advantage of the new path fields to give your customers a clear idea of where they will go after clicking on your ad.

Expanded text ads are a great way to reach potential customers on the go. Follow our tips to create an effective expanded text ad that will help you get the most out of your advertising campaign. For more information and tips, check out the AdWords Help Center or join the AdWords community. Thanks for watching!

Goodbye Expanded Text Ads in Google Ads!?! What You Need to Know About Their Removal

- Google Ads to discontinue expanded text ads by June 2022

- Responsive search ads to be the only ad format available

- Importance of being prepared

Differences between expanded text ads and responsive search ads:

- Expanded text ads have 3 headlines and 2 description lines

- Responsive search ads have up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions

- Automated combinations in responsive search ads

Creating expanded text ads before the deadline:

- Possible to create until June 2022

- Steps to create an expanded text ad in Google Ads

Creating a responsive search ad similar to an expanded text ad:

- Pinning option to control headlines and descriptions order

- Mimicking a text ad with a responsive search ad

Reviewing ad performance:

- Comparing click through rate, conversions, and conversion rate

- Removing underperforming ads and creating new ones

- Viewing combinations and using them to inform ad text

Testing ads:

- Recommended to have 2-3 ads in each ad group

- Combining responsive search ads with broad match keywords and automated bidding strategy

- Creating ad variations and campaign experiments

- Opportunity to experiment with different ad formats

- Importance of being prepared for the change to expanded text ads

- Encouragement to share experiences and watch more videos and courses on Google Ads.

Expanded Text Ads

Advantages of Google's Expanded Text Ads

In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of Google's Expanded Text Ads, which provide significantly more room for ad copy.


1. More Room for Ad Copy:

- Expanded Text Ads provide almost 50% more room for ad text, which is significant.

- This pushes competitors further down the page, giving you a competitive advantage.

- The internal studies show up to a 12% increase in click-through rate with the new ads.

2. Optimized for Mobile:

- The new ads are optimized for mobile and desktop.

- Bigger headlines increase the click-through rate on mobile devices.

3. More Opportunities for Creative Ad Writing:

- You can ask and answer questions within ads, which is effective for certain products and services.

- You have more breathing room to write more creative and engaging headlines.

4. Better Display URL:

- The new formatting is strictly better than the old formatting.

- The display URL now has two paths, which automatically includes the domain and gives more characters for keywords.

Overall, Google's Expanded Text Ads provide significant advantages over the old formatting, such as more ad copy and better optimization for mobile devices. It is recommended to update your ads as soon as possible to take advantage of these benefits.

[NEW] Google AdWords Expanded, Expanded Text Ads

- Justin from PPC Pros talks about Google's expanded expanded text ads and how to use them

What are Expanded Expanded Text Ads:

- 30 character headline and up to 90 character description

- Example of ad for breast implant exchange deal

- Third headline may not always show and may be separated by a pipe on mobile devices

- Use strongest benefits in headline and secondary information in description to increase confidence and clicks

Using Expanded Expanded Text Ads:

- Example of roofer in Broward County using expanded text ads

- Add these as additional ads to client accounts to avoid losing impression share

- Don't completely switch to new ad format, phase them in to avoid losing impression share

- Use expanded expanded text ads to increase confidence and clicks

- Add as additional ads to client accounts and phase them in to avoid losing impression share

Google Ads Expanded Text Ads

Google AdWords has introduced a new ad format that allows ads to be even bigger than before. This is both good news and bad news for advertisers as it provides more space to promote products and services, but also means organic rankings may be pushed down the page. This article will discuss how to use the new ad format to create effective ads.

New Ad Format:

- Third headline up to 30 characters

- Description up to 90 characters

- Green buttons in front of headline 3 and description line 2

- Warning symbol to put in HTTP for SSL certificate

- More room to play with messaging in ads

Creating Effective Ads:

- Put keywords in headline 1 for relevancy

- Put offer in headline 2

- Put headline 3 about the product or service

- Put pricing in headline 3 to prequalify clicks

- Put feature about product or service in description line 1

- Put benefit in description line 2

- Include call to action, such as sign up or buy now

Using the new ad format, advertisers have the opportunity to promote their products or services effectively. By utilizing the additional space, advertisers can provide more information to prequalify clicks and increase the chances of conversion. It is important to update all ads in campaigns to take advantage of the new format. If struggling with Google Ad campaigns, seeking a free consultation can be helpful.

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