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erotic ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

8+1 Best, Funny Erotic commercials recutted by vagotanulo

[Music] [Applause]. [Music]: sexy coffee. yeah, baby, you know you want it. [Music] your love is. [Music] i feel good. [Music]. liquid plumber, double impact, double impact. i'm here to snake your drain. oh my, come on in. [Music] i'm here to flush your pipe, okay. [Music]. liquid plummet. double impact has twice the drain clearing power, with a long snake to grab deep clogs and a powerful tail to finish off the rest. baby, liquid plumber, double impact. the party's heating up, but no one stays cooler than you, the master of the meat. and just when it seems the fiesta couldn't be any finer, you see her, the babe of the barbecue. she's headed your way and, lucky for you, she looks hungry. can you fill this up for me? and you know that nothing can satisfy her appetite like a hot plump weiner. i'll be right back. you know how i like it. yeah, you do. moment of truth, my friend. time to deliver your dog, time to slide her, your sizzling sausage time too. that ain't gonna do the trick, bub. just because that bad boy looks clean doesn't mean it is clean. even if she can't see the funk on your hot, meaty chunk, she'll know it's there as soon as she smells it or, worse, tastes it. looks delicious. no, you wouldn't give a girl like that a dirty wiener, would you? introducing terminator brand intimate sanitary wipes? don't be a dirty dog, clean your wiener. also available: terminator gold condoms. [Music]. so [Music] perfect, okay, yes, excellent, good, yeah, that's incredible lovely. yep, bring it to camera now. oh, it's so dynamic. it's incredible. yep, down the barrel. okay, thank you very much, we've got it. cheers everybody. thank you, doug. the lg compressor plus with suction. dyson's top-selling dc 29 cars match [Music] [Music] and lulu. [Music] pure white le schwab [Music]. so [Music]. [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music], [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] so [Music] you.

Vintage Ads That Were Almost Too Sexy for Viewers

it's nearly impossible to look back on the ads from the mid-20th century that often featured egregiously sexist material and think they'd be appropriate today. not only is the world a very different place than then, but the majority of these ads weren't really even that appropriate for their time. let's take a reflective look back in time at some of these outlandishly misogynistik ads from yesteryear. hopefully, if we learn from our mistakes, history won't repeat itself. sometimes the only way to move forward is to look backwards. so let's dive on into these murky waters. show her it's a man's world, 1951.. van husen's men's world ties ran an ad campaign in 1951 where they claimed their products were quote for men only and that their power packed patterns reminded women that they lived in a man's world. and by wearing their ties men could make women so happy that it was. in one print ad featuring these slogans, a woman can be seen in a subservient posture presenting her husband with breakfast in bed. the message was clear: men were the breadwinners and women owed their existence to them. oh yeah, and donning a brand new van husen necktie was the perfect way to assert this message. can you imagine what would happen if this ran today? good thing he kept his head 1960.. mr legg's brand trousers weren't anything special. dress, pant brands were a dime a dozen back in the mid 20th century. to spice up their ad campaign, the advertising gurus at mr legs decided to throw in a little bit of sexist rhetoric in hopes of driving up sales of their mundane clothing line. quote: a display of affection is great, but enough is enough. she couldn't keep her hands off him. always. the little hugs, the pats on the cheek, sly pinches. it could drive a man to the license bureau. read the ad in question. they followed up this nauseating bit by adding that quote: it all began when he wore his first pair of mr legs slacks. but he kept his head. now everything's under control. then came the call to action, with the ad urging prospective customers to quote: try a pair of mr legs and get ready to dig. why must he dig, you ask? well, in the print ad a woman is seen buried up to her neck in sand. the ad instructed consumers to purchase their wares to find out if she had perfect legs. hey, if you're enjoying this video so far, be sure to give it a like and subscribe to facts first, if you haven't already. stay tuned to discover what the secret to wooing a woman's heart really is: blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere. tiplet brand cigars, which were basically black and milds, insisted the way to a woman's heart was by blowing harsh flavored tobacco smoke directly into her face. quote: hit her with tangy tippelette cherry or rich grapey tibalet burgundy or luscious tipplet blueberry. it's wild. read their outrageous print ads. apparently just a puff of that eye stinging smoke blown into a woman's face would make her follow a man wherever he went. broomstik's brand pants. 1960s were not entirely certain what this ad was trying to imply. it indicated, however, that wearing broomstik slacks entitled men to harass half-naked women in a group setting. five men were seen grabbing a woman wearing only her underwear, while the text of the ad urged the reader that if they didn't want to play their way, they should take off their pants and go home. whatever that's supposed to mean, that creepy bit of advertising just seemed like an endorsement of sexual assault. a cigar brings out the caveman and you. 1959. the cigar institute of america ran this utterly unhinged ad. in 1959, the text informed the reader that smoking cigars would somehow tap them into their dormant primal nature. the next line claimed: there's a man-sized feeling of power in smoking a cigar. while those statements on their own weren't partikularly scandalous, the image accompanying them featuring a man in a business suit holding a club while an attractive young woman sat at his feet was partikularly unsettling. it's nice to have a girl around the house, 1960.. mr legg's brand's slacks certainly were consistent with their deplorable ad campaigns. in this perplexing ad, a woman can be seen depicted as some kind of half-human, half-tiger who had been turned into a floor rug. a man stood on top of her pelt with the words it's nice to have a girl around the house plastered below. below that message, which was awful enough, read another block of text that took the whole thing to an entirely new level of flagrant grossness. quote: though she was a tiger lady, our hero didn't have to fire a shot to floor her. the ad went on to gloat that it was the man's mr legs branded pants that made her ready to quote: have him walk all over her. you mean? a woman can open it, 1953.. alcoa aluminum put out this revolting ad back in 1953, but it was offensive even by that era's standards. the ad declared that even a woman could open one of their glass bottles easily without the assistance of a knife, bottle opener, or even her husband. according to the ad, all it took was a dainty grip coupled with an easy two finger twist to open up a bottle of ketchup. so the harder our wife works, the cuter she looks. 1939, didn't you know? all women exist solely for the amusement of men, right? well, that's at least what this noxious ad for kellogg's pep brand vitamins wanted us to think. the ad featured a comic of a man asking his wife what her secret to looking so amazing was after a hard day of cooking, cleaning and dusting. she of course replied by informing him it was her daily use of pep brand vitamins that kept her looking so marvelous. how to hold a husband? two words, whipped cream. back in the day, supposedly, the best way to keep your husband around was by garnishing his desserts with the spritz of ready whip whipped cream. this ad encouraged wives to impress their husbands by planning a nice dinner featuring his favorite foods, followed up with a serving of pie glorified with ready whip canned whipped cream. finally, women no longer had to slave away over the mixing bowl to prepare the sweet, fluffy stuff for their husbands. with ready whip ready to go in the refrigerator, they held the keys to their man's undying devotion. thank goodness. griffin shoe polish ads- 1950s. the ad guys at griffin micro sheen decided the best way to promote their stain boot polish was with a little help from these hyper-sexualized pin-up girls. because what better way to sell something as mundane as shoe polish than with a little bit of old-fashioned, tried and true sex appeal? these ads ran through the 50s and a few of them that we didn't choose to include in this video were way more x-rated than these ones. congratulations, dear. but 1960s, long before the glory days when jello pudding featured convicted and acquitted sex offender bill cosby pitching their jiggly snacks, they ran these sexist ads that implied a woman's natural place was in the kitchen. one such ad- and there were plenty of them with varying messages- indicated that a woman, even though she was an assistant vice president for some sort of corporation, ought to occupy her time by whipping up a bowl of the pudding of all things, because innocence is sexier than you think. 1975: what could possibly be creepier than sexualizing children to sell beauty products? this ad for love cosmetiks line of body lotions, powders and bath products claimed their goods made women irresistible with that quote: clean baby smell that was grown enough to be sexy. the text of the ad was accompanied by a picture of a young, presumably underage, model clutching a teddy bear, clearly implying that youth was the ultimate holy grail that men should be looking for. want him to be more of a man, try being more of a woman. 1974.. emerald perfume not only made this vomit worthy statement in their ad from 1974, but they also implied they knew what being more of a man or a woman really meant. the ad suggested that being a man used to mean having 16 inch biceps or driving faster than everyone else, but today they declared it meant being strong enough to be gentle for women on the oth.

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Top 10 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials...

come on. [Music]. I don't really know how to say this other than to just say it. you're amazing, the best I've ever had, but things just aren't working out well. that's not completely true. I am working out. it's not someone else, it's something else. bye-bye, trainer. hello, shape ups nice shoes. [Music]. foreign. [Music]. [Music]: names from GoDaddy who won't notike a hot model in body paint? true, she stands out like a hot new Deco. they definitely get you notiked. that's why smart businesses go with DOT. cos from GoDaddy done. wow. I think we missed a spot spots. we'll see a lot more now at godaddyco. [Music]. simply because you're near me. [Music]: I'm in the mood for life. [Music]: Campari: red passion. after Reinventing the Toyota Camry, we decided to keep Reinventing. this is the reinvented couch. it also comes in mail. this is the reinvented police officer: he's also a masseuse. this is the reinvented baby: it doesn't poop, it is also a time machine. the reinvented DMV: it's a little nicer. next, the reinvented blender: it plays Lionel Richie. the reinvented plant: it fights crime. reinvented curtains: they are made of pizza. this is reinvented rain: it makes you skinny. and this is the reinvented Toyota Camry, available with everything you could possibly want. you're welcome. [Music]. thank you. [Music]. [Music]. I love going all natural. it just makes me feel better. [Music]. [Applause]. nothing between me and my 100 all-natural, juicy, grass-fed beef. introducing the all-natural Burger- the first ever in fast food, with no antibiotiks, no added hormones and no steroids. only at Carl's Jr, this little guy from Motorola as motopleur. he pulls all of my important stuff and lets me update my networks all at once. I wonder what would happen if I were to send this out and I was. just got me. yeah, grab it, grab it. [Music]. thank you. [Music]. with pulled pork on a cheeseburger, it's barbecues- the best pear. [Music]. yeah, this barbecue burger at Carl's Jr and Hardee's eat like you mean it out of fever? [Music]. [Music]. the Southwest patty melt with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and spicy Santa Fe sauce. [Music]. the classic just got a whole lot hotter. [Music]. the Southwest patty melt- new at Carl's Jr and Hardee's. um, doesn't Miller Light taste great? yeah, but I drink it because it's less filling. Great Taste less. you're feeling great, hey. [Music]. foreign. [Music]. [Music]. place called Miller time. I got an idea for the ending. let's make out [Music] and let's breathe and release right into co-preposition. continue to relax and release that negative energy. inhale Arch, thrust your pelvis to the sky and exhale, release into the stretch. good, focus, focus, focus with a great taste. it won't fill you up but never let you down. we do the hips to the sky thing again. that was great. make it a Bud Light. she's not very relaxed foreign [Music].

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Best of Funny and Sexy AXE Commercials | Don't Judge Too Quickly HD

[Music]. [Music] new acts Apollo. join now at acts Apollo calm for your chance to go to space. you- [Music]. the new body spray from axe [Music]. [Music] the axe apollo space Academy. join now at axe apollo dot-com for your chance to go to space. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. hi there, I'm Denise st Clair and I am so excited to introduce my co-host for today's exciting event. former champion of the Albuquerque open. it's Monica. break everybody, I'm thrilled to be here. Denise, why don't we get started? absolutely so. no one wants to play with dirty equipment. that's why you have to keep your balls clean. problem is: bar of soap just doesn't cut it see, still dirty. well, how can guys clean their balls so that they're more enjoyable to play with? well, there's finally a tool that can really get the job done. the axe detailer cleans your balls. why don't we start with these small balls with a soft side for lather, a rough side for scrubbing? this can make any balls sparkly in there. go ahead and play with those clean balls, Denise. Wow, go play with these balls all day. that's if the audience has any questions. you there, can you clean these filthy balls? put all those fuzzy suckers down here. [Music]. look, cleans right through the prickly surface. what about mud balsa? just drop it right here and let's get to work. [Applause]. mónica, it looks like we have time for one more demonstration. come out here, mr Hackerman. [Music]. Monica, can you help me? Matt, these turkey balls? Hank the axe detailer offers such a crazy clean, can even clean your old balls. [Applause]. Wow, they look like new- incredible. there really is no nook or cranny that thing can't clean. you are a true champion, Monica. if you've got dirty balls that need cleaning, cool now and you can get a free detailer or just visit the action or gel aisle in your closest retailer. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Music]. the water douche, exa. naughty niklas ago whose acts anti-dandruff shampoo. here's the bags. get to the girls- only three girls- and towels- amateur. yeah. so watch Ted. Ted raided a so you can take the man out of New Jersey, but you can't take your pants off in a museum. hey, Ted, I can't wait to take you home. run my fingers through that adorable hair. who says we need to wait till home? hey, I don't come here for the ambiance. acts here with teddy bear hair, you can get away with anything. get some of your own that accent. come see Ted in theaters, let it are see what he gets away with [Music]. so where there's a tree that says from my Shannon Swayze, if you come on [Music], you, [Music], you.

Banned commercials - Sexy Commercials

crap. my parents are home. young love good kid. I need a tip when you're stuck in an awkward situation. too easy: KFC's crowd pleaser: a huge variety of delicious chicken and plenty of tasty sides. [Music]. [Music]. everyone is doing it. guys are doing it with girls and girls are doing with other girls. some get together in groups and do it. some go online and do it with complete strangers. some like deeper penetration when they do it. some people get scared and pull out right in the middle of doing it. sometimes, when people do it for the first time, they don't last so long. sometimes, when people do it alone for too long, their hands cramp up. some people just like to watch other people doing it. some people have Steady Aim and others just spray everywhere. some people like to do it hardcore. some people like to be all Chatty Cathy when they do it. sons of [ __ ] do it so loud they keep up the neighbors. sometimes my dog likes to watch me do it. some people go into a domination mode and that's some Freaky Deaky. I've heard there's over 20 million people doing it now, so it's safe to say that everyone is doing it. and there's your beautiful baby any day now. really, you're eating Doritos. he's eating Doritos on my ultrasound. see what I have to do, I know. [Music]. give me that, Paul. look, it's a machine where, if you press a button, it gives you Doritos. foreign. [Music]. go get your mother. [Music] here, try cool, hey, Amy, not too heavy, not too light. Bud Light, the difference is drinkable. [Applause]. um, five words, really good. acting the night um GCSE drama. [Music]. [Music] foreign. [Music]. [Music]. Skittles are my favorite. they're my favorite. let's settle it the usual way, remember. [Music] yes. [Applause]. [Applause]. I don't know about this. oh, come on, man, there's always hot chicks in here. oh yeah, those two. [Music]. oh. [Music]. ah, what is wrong with you? [Music]. [Music]. that's better. [Music]. well, you've been stopped here for 15 minutes. can you tell me why that is? we're waiting for the stop sign to turn green. I said: how high are you, Hi? how are you so friendly, Dave? okay, I am going to have to conduct a pot sobriety test. oh man, I'm too high for that breathalyzer. [Music]. you're not gonna ask you a few questions to determine your ability to drive? why is that pizza box square when the pizza's a circle and all the little slices are tiny triangles? whoa, which of these two snacks would you prefer chips or the cookie dough? step by the car, please, let's go. please don't drive high. we're getting cookie dough all over the back of our Cruisers. a message from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Hot and Funny TV Commercials | Best Funny Sexy Commercials Compilation #2 [Mr Fenuth]

guns the bottom going out for buffalo wings. that is when they're with the guys. what buffalo chicken sandwich. new at Carl's jr. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. to help you remember our delicious new charbroiled turkey burger, we hired miss turkey [Music] and to help you remember this turkey, we put her in bikini. and to help you remember miss turkeys bikini, we had a design with little tiny pictures of our charbroiled turkey burger. and that's just the way it is: the new under 500 calorie charbroiled turkey burger from Carl's jr. it's hard to improve perfect. nobody knows this better than Jes. we have been making perfect underwear for men since 1939. the ham dick cotton is gently and delicately sorted by skilled and nimble hands. it is then carefully washed and rinsed. it is very hard work and can go on for hours and hours. all of our fabric is tested vigorously to make sure your underwear will always keep you safe and secure. with care and precision are skilled seamstresses sew the fabric into my famous jbs: quality and comfort, durability and elastikity. this underwear will live out your hardest demands. only when our jealous experts are completely satisfied they packet along with all their love, passion [Music]. continue the project underway experience. so the question is: do you really want these there for real men. I'm so sorry. [Music]: GUP, we couldn't even break up in the first place. the shitty car broke down again, this time in the middle of nowhere, and it took like forever for the tow truck to arrive. we were driving each other crazy. look for the last time I have now as a plane tiket to nowhere and some stinking memories. but worst of all, she stole my underwear. [ __ ]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. right, what's an alum? [Music]. work hard, love the maximum. [Music]. [Music] [Applause].