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escort ads okc

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

How to Treat Escorts According to an Escort

Treating escorts with respect and professionalism is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips on how to do so:

1. Read Their Ad Copy or Websites:

Most of the answers to your questions will be there. Don't waste their time by asking unnecessary questions.

2. Do Not Send Unsolicited Photos:

Sending explicit photos is non-consensual and unprofessional. Only do so if the escort requests it and if you are willing to pay for it.

3. Do Not Negotiate Rates:

Cash is king, and rates are non-negotiable. Don't haggle with the escort; it's disrespectful and unprofessional.

4. Provide All Necessary Information:

Provide your name and other necessary details in the first email. This helps the escort screen clients efficiently and saves everyone time.

5. Do Not Speak Explicitly via Email or Text:

It's not a smart idea to discuss illegal activities via email or text. It's frowned upon by the law and can get you in trouble.

6. Don't Assume Payment Methods:

Assuming the escort accepts PayPal or other forms of payment can be risky. Always confirm beforehand and have cash ready.

7. Be Respectful During Intimate Moments:

Don't make dead hooker jokes, and accept their offer for a shower. Communication is key, so discuss BDSM activities beforehand.

8. Do Not Assume All Access Pass:

You are not buying a person, but a service. Don't assume that you have all-access to the escort's body. Respect boundaries and consent.

Treat escorts with respect and professionalism, and you'll have a safe and enjoyable experience. Remember, communication and mutual respect are essential for a successful encounter.

No escort section? No problem for prostitutes on backpage.com

A recent investigation by Channel 2 Action News has revealed that despite a highly publicized move by a classified ad website, prostitution still remains a big issue. The site in question, Backpage.com, has been found to play a significant role in prostitution and busts, with some serious crimes, including a possible murder, being tied to it. This problem transcends county lines and affects young women, some as young as 14 years old.


- The investigation involved prostitution busts, a murder, and the role that Backpage.com may play in both.

- The crack DeKalb police Vice unit was involved in the investigation, and it was found that Backpage.com is still a vehicle for prostitution despite removing its adult content section in January.

- Ads for prostitution have simply migrated elsewhere on the site and use code words to avoid detection.

- The Vice unit conducted undercover operations and made 16 arrests in three days, with all of them stemming from Backpage ads.

- Backpage.com lawyers claim to have spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars working with or training law enforcement, but the Vice unit still has an inexhaustible supply of ads to investigate.

- Backpage.com has been found to be a significant contributor to the problem of prostitution, which affects vulnerable young people who are not ready to make good choices.

The investigation by Channel 2 Action News highlights the continuing problem of prostitution and the role that Backpage.com plays in it. Despite the site's efforts to remove its adult content section and work with law enforcement, the problem persists. It is important for authorities to continue to crack down on prostitution and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. The vulnerable young people affected by this issue need to be protected and given the help they need to get out of these dangerous situations.

How to make sure an Escort is LEGIT?

In this article, we will be discussing tips on how to properly book an escort, how to make sure she is not a cop, and which escort sites are legit.

Tip 1: Avoid Low-End Escort Sites

- Do not use sites like Escort Babylon, Escort Alligator, List Crawler, or Mega Personal.

- These sites host girls from low-end motels who rush you and do not put effort into their appearance.

- Mega Personal and List Crawler have high traffic and girls might have other appointments scheduled, which could affect your experience.

- Eros, Adult Search, and Trice.link are better sites to use.

Tip 2: Use Legit Escort Sites

- Eros, Adult Search, and Trice.link are legit escort sites with professional photos and higher-quality girls.

- Private Delights is also a good site as it verifies that you are not a cop, and you can verify the girl too.

- Expect to spend $200-$500 or more on these sites.

Tip 3: Research the Girl

- Follow the girl on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) and see how often she uploads.

- Subscribe to her OnlyFans to get a preview of her performance.

- Avoid rushing and booking last-minute appointments.

- Take your time to ensure your safety and know who you are meeting up with.

Tip 4: Do Not Ask Explicit Questions

- Do not ask explicit questions over the phone or in text.

- Search for the girl's reviews on Google or the Erotic Review.

- Meet up with her and talk to her in person about your preferences.

Booking an escort can be risky, but following these tips can help you ensure your safety and have a good experience. Do your research, use legit sites, and avoid rushing or asking explicit questions.

5 REAL Hookup Dating Sites [Get Laid!]

Welcome to Online for Love, your go-to resource for dating by the numbers. In this article, we will be discussing the top five hookup sites.

1. Ashley Madison:

- Demographics: 60.41% of users from the US, followed by Brazil, Canada, UK, and Australia.

- Social Networks: Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit.

- Age Range: Majority of users fall between 25 to 44, with a significant amount of men over 55.

- Who is it for: Initially a cheating site, now used for casual encounters and discreet relationships.

- Features: User-friendly and intuitive interface, privacy and discretion, and successful for finding hookups.

2. Victoria Milan:

- Demographics: Denmark has the most visitors with 24.12% of users, followed by Brazil, US, Spain, and the Netherlands.

- Age Range: Skews younger, with a lot of couples looking to spice up their marriage over 35.

- Who is it for: Specifically a cheating site, with reprehensible content.

- Features: Easy and straightforward registration process, sleek design and user interface.

3. Be Naughty:

- Demographics: Majority of users aged 25 to 34, with visitors aged 35 to 44.

- Social Networks: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

- Who is it for: People looking for very casual hookups, in-person or through the internet.

- Features: User-friendly interface, profile verification to reduce fake users or bots.

4. Adult Friend Finder:

- Demographics: Majority of users from the US, followed by Canada and the UK.

- Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

- Age Range: Majority of users are over 30.

- Who is it for: People looking for casual hookups or exploring different sexual experiences.

- Features: User-friendly interface, various communication options, and a large user base.

5. Tinder:

- Demographics: Majority of users from the US, followed by the UK, Canada, and Australia.

- Social Networks: Instagram, Spotify, and Snapchat.

- Age Range: Majority of users are aged 18 to 25.

- Who is it for: People looking for casual hookups or relationships.

- Features: User-friendly interface, swiping system to match with potential partners.

There are various hookup sites available, catering to different needs and preferences. It's important to be cautious and ensure privacy and discretion when using these sites. Check out our deals page to save money on different dating apps and sites.

Inside Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

In rural Nevada, prostitution is legal but listing prices for sex work is illegal. This means that sex workers have to negotiate, and success depends on their sales skills rather than just their physical appearance. The Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel is one such place where negotiation skills are valued, and the women here describe their worth in terms of the deals they strike.

Negotiation Skills:

- The women here have to negotiate their prices with clients.

- They describe their worth in terms of the deals they strike.

- They have to be good at negotiating to be successful.

- Young women are particularly bad at negotiating, but they get good at it fast here.

- Sales skills are crucial for success.

Tea Party:

- The daily top bunnies are announced in the weekly sales meeting.

- It is part pep rally and part primer in financial literacy.

- The women wear funny hats and set investment goals.

- They are taught negotiation skills tailored to what they are selling.

Tips for Negotiation:

- Focus on what you bring to the table before talking about money.

- Make the person you are negotiating with feel like they are getting a deal.

- Take away the seduction, and many negotiation tips apply to most negotiations.

- It helps to know what others are earning.

Success at the BunnyRanch:

- Success at the Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel depends less on beauty and more on negotiation.

- Alice Little used to sell cell phones, but now she sells herself and is successful because of her negotiation skills.

- Dumb bunny of the week hardly booked $9,500 the day before.

- The negotiations can be uncomfortable and ugly, but they are essential for success.

Success at the Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel depends on the negotiation skills of the women who work there. They have to be good at negotiating their prices with clients and describe their worth in terms of the deals they strike. The brothel's weekly sales meeting, called the tea party, teaches the women tailored negotiation skills and financial literacy. Knowing what others are earning and making the person you are negotiating with feel like they are getting a deal are two essential tips for success. While negotiations can be uncomfortable and ugly, they are essential for success at the BunnyRanch.

screening red flags. - advice from an escort

In this article, we will discuss the various red flags to watch out for in text messages and phone conversations when interacting with escorts or high-quality girls. We will provide a list of these red flags and explain why they are important to avoid.

Red Flags in Text Messages and Phone Conversations:

1. Request for more revealing photos: Asking for more revealing photos of an escort is a major red flag. It shows a lack of respect and is often an attempt to collect pictures to jerk off to.

2. Request for specific acts for a specific dollar amount: Any exchange where a specific act is requested for a specific dollar amount is a red flag. This is often done by cops or individuals who are not serious about meeting and just want to waste your time.

3. Insistent on meeting within a short time frame: People who insist on meeting within a short time frame, such as 30 minutes or an hour, are often rushing you and are not worth your time. It is important to give someone an appropriate amount of time to get ready.

4. Use of slang and improper spelling: Using internet slang and improper spelling is a red flag. It shows a lack of communication skills and may be an attempt to trick or rob you.

5. Request for a discount for couples: Any request for a discount for couples is a red flag. It is important to charge more for couples, as there are two people involved.

6. Green text messages: Green text messages are often associated with burner phones or text apps, which are often used by scammers and tricksters.

7. Unsolicited dick pics: Sending unsolicited dick pics is a major red flag. It is disrespectful and often shows a lack of respect for boundaries.

It is important to watch out for these red flags when interacting with escorts or high-quality girls. By avoiding these red flags, you can save yourself time, avoid confusion, and have a better chance of finding a serious and respectful partner.


Live TV can be unpredictable and entertaining, especially when things go wrong. From bloopers to wardrobe malfunctions, live TV offers a glimpse into the human experience. In this article, we will explore some of the funniest and strangest moments caught on live TV.

Strangest Places:

- Have you ever found a snake in your toilet? This reporter did!

- From a giant snake to a giant burger, it seems like anything can be found in unexpected places.

TV Bloopers:

- When live TV goes wrong, it can be hilarious. From teleprompter fails to mispronunciations, the bloopers just keep getting better.

- Even the most seasoned professionals can make mistakes, as seen when a reporter accidentally reveals her password on live TV.

Wardrobe Malfunctions:

- When clothes fail, it can lead to some memorable moments on live TV. From ripped pants to falling skirts, reporters have learned to own their wardrobe malfunctions.

Fitness Fails:

- Even fitness experts can have their moments of embarrassment, as seen when a woman rips her pants while demonstrating a workout on live TV.

- Spotting fails and equipment mishaps can also lead to some entertaining moments on live TV.

Natural Disasters:

- Live TV can capture the raw power of natural disasters, but it can also capture the humor in unexpected moments. From reporters getting blown away by strong winds to getting hit by flying debris, live TV can be unpredictable.

Live TV can be unpredictable, but it can also be entertaining. From bloopers to wardrobe malfunctions, live TV offers a glimpse into the human experience. While it may not always go according to plan, these moments can bring a smile to our faces and remind us that even the most serious of situations can have moments of humor.

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