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Etsy + Shopify Integration

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey there! Today's video is sponsored by ShopUps. It's another video in my Etsy series, and I'm going to show you how you can easily sync your Shopify and your Etsy inventory. I'll also show you how you can create one listing that will show up in both shops, which will save you tons of time. If you're looking for ways to become more efficient while managing both your Etsy and your Shopify store, then you want to stay tuned.

- Sponsored by ShopUps

- Sync Shopify and Etsy inventory

- Create one listing for both shops

- Become more efficient managing stores


- Benefits of having own website (contraction)

- Using Shopify to set up e-commerce store (idiom)

- Inventory sync issue example (sub-heading)

- Solution: ShopUps inventory integration app (sub-heading)

- Tutorial on setting up the app (sub-heading)

- Explanation of app features (sub-heading)

- Exporting listings from Shopify to Etsy (sub-heading)

- Importance of not having duplicate SKUs (sub-heading)

- Shopify and Etsy inventory management made easy with ShopUps app (sub-heading)

- Tutorial on setting up and using app provided (sub-heading)

- More efficient management of stores possible

Etsy vs Shopify 2022 | How to Import Etsy Store to Shopify (EASY Step by Step Tutorial)

Hey guys, it's Tia! Did you know that you can import your entire Etsy store into Shopify with just a few clicks? In fact, you can even sync your inventory and manage your Etsy store directly inside Shopify. Today, I'll be explaining the benefits of doing this and showing you how step-by-step. I've structured this video like a checklist for the Etsy-Shopify migration process, so make sure to watch till the end if you don't want to miss any important steps.

Why You Need Your Own Website:

- Don't rely entirely on an external platform like Etsy.

- Etsy is known for suspending people for small reasons.

- Having an official home makes it easier to legally register your business and for marketing purposes.

- You don't have to close down your Etsy shop, just set up a new shop and run them in parallel.

Benefits of Shopify:

- Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform suitable for people who don't know how to code.

- Shopify is scalable and appropriate for large businesses.

- Shopify has a large range of apps, ease of use, integrations with other platforms like Facebook, Instagram shopping, and Pinterest.

- Shopify has strong security and fewer technical glitches compared to other platforms.

- Lower fees compared to Etsy, meaning more profit for you.

- You can take better control of your promotions, discounts, and pricing.

- You can collect an email and SMS list and engage directly with your customers.

- You can cross-sell your own items using a cross-seller app.

How to Import Your Etsy Store into Shopify:

- Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Shopify.

- Click on I'm already selling online or in person, then Yes, I want to move an existing store to Shopify, and select Etsy.

- Decide on a store name, select where it's located, and register for an account with your business email or Google account.

- Wait for Shopify to build your store.

- Set up your basic information, currency, payments, and shipping.

- Import your existing listings, customer details, order history, and current orders using the Import Store app.

- If you want to connect your Shopify to your Etsy store, use an app called Etsy Integration and Sync.

- Select a plan to launch your store.

- Customize your online store's appearance by changing colors and themes.

- Edit your titles and tags after you import.

- Start driving traffic to your Shopify store.

In conclusion, importing your Etsy store into Shopify can be a great way to take better control of your business and increase your profits. With the right setup, you can manage your Etsy store and Shopify store in parallel and cross-promote your products. Remember to drive your own traffic to your store and customize your store's appearance to suit your brand. Thanks for watching, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

How to Integrate Etsy with Shopify

Integrating Etsy with Shopify: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to integrate your Etsy store with Shopify? If so, you're in luck! In today's video, Matthew will walk you through the process using a third-party app called Automate.io.


1. Log in to your Etsy account or create one if you don't have it yet.

2. Go to Automate.io and click on Integration at the top of the screen.

3. Click on See all categories at the bottom left part of the screen.

4. Look for Etsy and Shopify under Popular integrations or create your own integration by scrolling down.

5. Choose the trigger (starting with Etsy) and action (ending with Shopify) for your integration.

6. Click on Try it now and log in or create an account on Automate.io.

7. Finish setting up your integration and start selling!

Additional Tips:

- Automate.io offers a variety of integration options between Etsy and Shopify, including syncing orders, listings, and more.

- If you can't find the integration you're looking for, scroll down to create your own using the available triggers and actions.

- Remember to start with Etsy on the left side (trigger) and end with Shopify on the right side (action).

- Automate.io is a useful app for integrating other platforms as well, so explore its other features if you're interested.

Integrating Etsy with Shopify may seem daunting, but with the help of Automate.io, it can be done in just a few simple steps. Try it out for yourself and see how it can streamline your selling process. Happy selling!

How To Move Your Etsy Shop To Shopify Tutorial | Etsy vs Shopify 2022

Opening a Shopify Store: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

- The need to move from Etsy to Shopify

- Benefits of opening a Shopify store

- The ease of creating a Shopify store

Step 1: Importing Your Etsy Shop into Shopify

- Benefits of importing Etsy shop data

- Step-by-step instructions on how to import data

- How to upload CSV files onto Shopify

- Time-saving benefits of importing data

Step 2: Selecting a Plan for Your Store

- The cost of using Shopify

- Comparison of Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify

- Benefits of using Shopify over other platforms

Step 3: Customizing Your Store

- The ease of customizing your Shopify store

- Importance of testing Shopify through the 14-day trial

- The basics of SEO and Google Analytics

- The benefits of creating a Shopify store

- The ease of importing Etsy shop data onto Shopify

- The time and cost-saving benefits of using Shopify over other platforms.

SIMPLE Etsy Shopify Integration | Cedcommerce TUTORIAL

In this article, we will discuss how to integrate your Shopify account with your Etsy account using the said Commerce integration. This integration allows you to sell your products on both platforms seamlessly. We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Etsy account with said Commerce and import your products to Shopify.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Install the said Commerce app from the Shopify app store.

2. Once installed, connect your Etsy account by logging in or creating a new account.

3. After connecting with Etsy, allow access to your account.

4. Import all of your products or select specific ones using the filter options.

5. Once imported, go to the said Commerce dashboard and create profiles for your products.

6. Profiles allow you to categorize products and streamline shipping details.

7. Explore the different features within said Commerce to manage your Etsy account within the Shopify app.

Integrating your Shopify and Etsy accounts using said Commerce is a simple process that can increase your sales and streamline your business operations. With step-by-step instructions and the ability to create profiles for your products, managing your accounts becomes more accessible. Don't hesitate to try said Commerce's seven-day trial and explore their different features to see what works best for your business.

How to Export Listings from Shopify to Etsy + Sync Inventory - FAST + EASY!

- In this video, I will show you how to transfer your Shopify product listings to your Etsy store with just one click using ShopUps Inventory.

- This application not only saves time and energy but also syncs your inventory, preventing overselling and giving bad service to your customers.

Features of ShopUps Inventory:

- Transfer Shopify product listings to Etsy store with one click

- Sync inventory in real-time to prevent overselling

- Track inventory across platforms

- Sync orders from Etsy to Shopify

- Shows best selling products, total sales, and cost of goods sold in one place

- Accounting factors are also included

Using ShopUps Inventory:

- Download ShopUps Inventory from Shopify app store and connect your Etsy store

- Ensure that SKUs and quantities match between platforms

- Export new listings to Etsy and choose a fixed shipping profile

- Check draft listings in Etsy to see the transferred products

- ShopUps Inventory is a valuable tool for those looking to sync their Shopify and Etsy stores.

- It saves time and energy while also preventing overselling and giving bad service to customers.

- Try it out and save yourself a headache!

How To Integrate Shopify With Etsy - How To Add Product In SHopify on a new Listing In Etsy

Title: Integrate Shopify with Etsy: A Simple Guide

In this video, Marcus demonstrates how to easily integrate Shopify with Etsy and add a product to Shopify on a new listing in Etsy. He uses Automate.io, a website for connecting multiple apps together.


1. Scroll down to the description and click on the Automate.io link.

2. Sign up with your Gmail, Facebook or normal mail.

3. Click on bots in the dashboard and then create a bot.

4. Choose Shopify or Etsy and authorize it.

5. When there is a new listing in Etsy, add a product in Shopify.

6. Move things around and add necessary details such as the product type, height, etc.

7. Click save and turn on the bot.

8. Start a seven-day free trial to test it out.

9. Contact Automate.io for any questions.

Integrating Shopify with Etsy is easy with the help of Automate.io. It's a great tool for connecting multiple apps and improving your workflow. Try it out with a free trial and see if it works for you. Contact Automate.io for any assistance. Happy selling!

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