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etsy shopify dropshipping

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Etsy Dropshipping in 2022: A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

hey guys, mike fasil here, and in this video we're toking about etsy, drop shipping and how beginners earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience- more that after than joe whoa- hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here, welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online, we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days. check it out in the free workshop below. all right. so drop shipping is one of those things that could completely change your life if you do it the right way, like, for example, when i did it really seriously back in 2015. i went from zero to 1.5 million dollars in sales in 12 months, and the beauty about it is it finally gave me the freedom that i deep down wanted for my family and my loved ones. but the problem with most people when they first get started is like: well, how do i actually go ahead and started? what are the pros, what are the cons? what are the easy steps? for me as a beginner, go ahead and get started. this is the video that i wish i had when i first was getting started. the first thing is understanding the pros when it comes to etsy drop shipping. the pros is you don't need actually your own products. you can use other people's products and the beauty about that is you don't have to buy it until after you've already made the sale. for example, you see a customer right here, they go on to your store- it could either be on your etsy store or it could be on a similar store- but you use etsy as a supplier, right. when someone buys it for like 200, you go to the supplier and buy the exact same product for 150, right. you take the customer's money and you buy from the supplier for a lesser price and the supplier ships it to your customer. you essentially are the middleman and the beauty about that is that allows you to have less risk onto you. another pro is you don't need a huge startup investment cost. you know, back when i was like selling, for example, on amazon, i would need like a thousand or two thousand dollars to just put my foot in the door to see if these products would sell, and if they wouldn't sell, i would lose like a bunch of money. the pro about, you know, drop shipping with etsy is you don't have to suffer those consequences. and the third pro is it allows you to work from anywhere in the world and make money online and start winning back your time. now the cons with etsy drop shipping is, if you don't do it the right way and you don't follow this video, you could have lower profit margins. another low is sometimes, you know, the amount you could scale is very, very little, because some suppliers that you're dealing with etsy- uh, they can't make hundreds or 500 units per day. right, there are certain limitations that you go ahead and do, but don't worry, in this video we're going to go over how to circumnavigate those cons. now let's tok about the different ways you could go ahead and actually do etsy drop shipping on etsy. the first way is actually using etsy as a marketplace. okay, so what i mean by that as a marketplace is people are going to etsy right now and they're searching for for products that they want to buy. you know, every single day, people are, for example, typing in candles and they're going ahead and buying candles. people are buying things for, you know, their home, so they go and buy their homes. one of the things that you notiked when i typed in candles is all these things are popping up right? these are what is known as search engine optimization keywords. this is exactly what people are searching for every single day on etsy: to go ahead and buy things. so your goal is to put a product in front of these people that are more likely to go ahead and buy it. a very easy way to get started with: print on with uh, etsy drop shipping is literally just starting with like design work and yoga pants and t-shirts and whatnot. if i type in cat yoga pants, you see that there's all these people selling yoga pants for like a bunch of reviews. you know, this one has 2 000 reviews, this one has 250 reviews, this one's 500 reviews and all these things people are going ahead and selling. but you're probably wondering: well, mike, that's great for them, but how can i actually go and sell yoga pants without actually have to buy the products in bulk and i can just drop ship it? well, you know there's literally services like printfy that if you scroll down, they connect with etsy, and the beauty about this is there's all these other products that you could sell from, like t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and mugs and phone cases, and the beauty about this is when you connect this with your etsy store, what happens is you literally have access to thousands of inventories that you don't have to buy yourself until after you've already made the sale. if i just look at the products right now, you will see that they have all these things like, for example, you see these yoga pants. they go for 22 dollars, uh, with printify, right, and you can put your own designs on it. so how this service works is: you put and upload your own design on printfy, you then push it over to etsy and when someone buys this for four dollars, you get the forty five to forty four dollars and you literally buy it on printf for only twenty two dollars. so you profit the difference and, of course, after like the etsy fees, you still have like an increased amount of money. you still have profit, right, but the only the but the positive side is you don't have to actually buy hundreds or thousands of products from, you know, printfy. you only have to buy only after you made a sale. the benefits about that is: think about it. you don't actually have to, you know, put a startup cost. you could get started for very, very low cost and all you really need is some designers to go ahead and get started with this. where i like going to get designers for very, very affordable prices is upwork. i can literally just type this in graphic designer and i would scroll down here and i would find a graphic designer in the philippines and i would find them at an hourly rate of ten dollars an hour- low. now, the coolest thing about this is for very affordable prices. you know, some of these are like ten dollars an hour or eight dollars an hour. they can literally create like really good designs for you to upload on printify. that would allow you to start selling these products on, you know, etsy. another good one, for example, is t-shirts. if i just type in cat t-shirt, you see all these things come up. i could just type in cat t-shirt text right there and just like that- all these shirts. no, none of these people actually own any of these shirts. okay, none of these people actually store them like in their basement, right? a lot of these people use print on demand services and drop shipping services like printfy that connect with their etsy stores and allows them to make passive income just by making as much designs for all these things as possible. you see, look, there's 2 000 likes and it's a very simple cat in the pocket and all these things. what you could do is screenshot all the ones that are working really, really well and, like i said, going up to your graphic designer and asking them: can you make a very similar design to this? odds are: if it's already selling well, you could also kind of start modeling exactly what works. but, of course, if everyone started doing that, everyone's designs would look the same, so you need to look elsewhere. another place that i look like looking for designs is on pinterest. i like going up to here and just typing in, for example, cat t-shirt. now let's see what people are actually saving to their desktops every single day, because if they're saving it, it means they want to go ahead and buy it later on. look at this. there's all these ideas that you could go ahead and screenshot and send it over to a graphic designer and say, hey, can you design something similar like this? and the beauty about printf is you could literally put it on all these t.

Etsy Dropshipping in 2022: A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

how do you make money drop shipping on etsy? now, this video is going to be a complete step-by-step tutorial. i'm going to show you absolutely everything that you need to know, including how this works, how much money you can make and how you can get started making money on etsy as soon as today. so if you are interested in making money online and making money with etsy, then keep watching, as this is going to be the most valuable video you ever watched. now, before we jump into this video, i just want to mention that my mentor has opened up a few spots for his free workshop. as i said, there is only a few spots, so it is a first come, first served basis, and this workshop actually allowed me to earn my first seven thousand dollar month online. so it is definitely worth your time, and if you want to sign up, you can use the link down in the description. okay, now there is actually two methods that i'm going to show you on how to do this, and the first one is probably the one that you expected, and this is like regular etsy drop shipping, okay, so to do this, you want to load up facebook right here, and we are actually going to go over to the facebook marketplace now, as you can see, guys, we have like gemstones and a bunch of a lot of different things being sold on etsy, but one of like the main things that people come to this website for is homemade items. so if we type in home made and just basically search this and see what comes up, we can see like homemade vegan brownies, homemade asian desai ghee- i'm not entirely sure what that means- boba stuffed plush milk tea- and we can see that there is a bunch of things right here that is homemade. now, if we actually go over to facebook- now if we actually go over to facebook and we try and find the same things, and we will actually notike that they are selling for more expensive on etsy. so, for example, if we take a look at this vegan, plant-based moisturizing soap- i think this is, this is eight pounds and this has over 6 000 sales- now if we click onto this, we can see that this is a soap. okay, so if we type in handmade soap, we will be able to see that this is popping up on facebook marketplace. now i'm actually going to now, if you guys notiked, i actually saw this exact thing on a etsy right here- and look at this, guys. this is pretty funny. this is actually the exact listing on etsy that we can see over here on facebook. i actually think it's. it's this photo right here. yes, it is. so this person is listing it for two pounds and then this person has lifted it over on etsy for three pound 99 and, of course, if you sell it for three pound to 99, you buy it for two pumps. you're going to make a very nice profit right there. so that is awesome. right there, guys, and you can really see how this actually is working and you can see this happening in real time. now, whether we can find some exact ones like we just did, i'm not sure. however, if i just pull this up again, vegan, plant based, handmade moisturizing shea butter- we can see we have this eight pound soap right here under. yeah, let's try and find a similar thing over here on facebook. now, this: i don't think it is the exact same, but we can see that it's pretty similar. this is lifted for four dollars on facebook, and i'm not sure why this is in dollars, to be honest, guys, but anyway, we can see four dollars on facebook and over here on etsy it's being listed for eight pounds. so you can definitely command a much higher price on etsy than you can on facebook marketplace. because, look, guys, if you had, if you were going to get something of either facebook or etsy, which one would you perceive to have the highest value? it's going to be etsy, right? so people are just willing to pay more on etsy. now let's see if we can find like these little bears. so if we go, homemade bare soap- okay, so compared to the rest of these bear soaps, yeah, i probably wouldn't sell this one because it's probably not as good as the other ones. but, guys, you basically get the idea right. you just want to spend some time here on facebook looking through. this doesn't even have to be soap, this can be like, uh, candles, and you basically want to find candles that are cheaper on facebook than there are on etsy so that you can resell them for a higher price. like, look at this one, for example. this is the last example i'm going to show you, guys, when it comes to this type of drop shipping. but we can see handmade soy wax candles and they have like these little flowers in that look awesome and this is going to cost five pounds on facebook. over here on etsy we can see a bunch of candles like this: uh, 18 pounds right here, six pounds, six pounds, once again, 13 pounds. so you can see that you can command a much, much higher price on etsy than you can on facebook, and all you basically have to do to list these guys. i can't believe i didn't mention this before, but you don't even have to buy these items to go ahead and list them. all you have to do is right click and save these images and then you can just go ahead and list them on etsy, basically copy the description and everything like that. copy the description, copy everything about them and just list them for a bit of a higher price for this one, like maybe eight or nine pounds, and this would mean that you can make a nice profit in between. now some of you guys might be thinking: yeah, okay, but if i list this up for a higher price and i basically copy everything, i copy the images, i copy the text and everything like that- isn't this person going to be a little mad? well, no, they're not right, because because if you make a sale on etsy, you're going to be buying this candle. so if they are selling their product, they don't really care how it gets sold, as long as it gets sold, right. so, guys, this type of drop shipping is an awesome way to make money on etsy, and that is type number one, probably the type that you were expecting me to tok about now with. this. second method is drop shipping in a different way, and this is actually drop shipping with print on demand product. now, etsy is actually huge for this. like, for example, if we go up and type in t now, this should come up with a bunch of t's and you can see that these are all print on demand. now, if you guys don't know what print on demand is, let me go ahead and explain this to you. we can see right here that you design a unique product that fits your brand. so you'll basically be putting these designs on these t-shirts right here. a potential customer finds it and makes an order to your store and your printing partner produces and ships the product while you get paid. so all people need to do is create these designs right here. they don't need to own the shirts, they don't need to print them themselves. all they need to do is upload the design and every time the shirt sells, they are going to get a percentage of that sale. now, as i said, this is drop shipping, right? so of course, we are not going to be creating these designs ourselves and we are going to be completely outsourcing these using a website called fiverr. now look at this, guys: if i come over to fiverr and i type in print on whoopsie, print on demand, you will be able to see that there are a bunch of people right here who will create print-on-demand designs. so i will do bulk print on demand t-shirt designs. so 10 for 50, 30 for 120 or 50 for 150 dollars. so that is a pretty good value. right there, we can see 50- 50 designs for 150. this would work out as three dollars per t-shirt design and, guys, if each of these designs just sells one time, you are going to have made your money back. so that is pretty good value in my opinion. 150 dollars for 50 t-shirt designs, three dollars each. that is very, very nice value. like if i just show you how much profit you can make from each t-shirt by coming over to this website called printful and just to show you, guys, this is the website that we would use to create these designs, so all you would do is upload your designs to this website. uh, printful is going to take care of everything for you, so they would. they would print the shirt out, they would.

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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

so in this video, i'm gonna start a brand new shopify drop shipping business and attempt to take it from zero dollars to over one thousand dollars in just one week. and i'm not going to be using any money for this challenge, and i know a lot of people think you can't start a drop shipping business without any money, but we're gonna prove them wrong in this video and i'll be starting the drop shipping business completely from scratch and walk you through the entire step-by-step process, and at the end of the video, i'll show you exactly how much money the business makes. honestly, i'm hoping it's gonna make over a thousand dollars, but we're just gonna have to wait and see. so i have a lot of stuff that i have to get done today, and the very first thing i want to do is just find a good product to sell, and then after that, i'm just going to find a good supplier. then i'm just going to create my online store with shopify and then after that, i'm going to start creating advertisements, and for this challenge, i'm basically going to be using pinterest, instagram and tiktok and just basically post viral videos on there for free. and yes, this method does work well, since i do use it on my current drop shipping businesses that make over six figures. okay. so the first thing i want to start by doing is trying to find a good product to sell and, honestly, as long as i can create viral videos with the product and it has high demand, it's something i can work with. and, honestly, i find about 99 of my viral products on tiktok, so i'm going to kind of show you my strategy and how you can do this yourself. so kind of what i do on tik tok is just search up tiktok made me buy it- then i'll just click on that little hamburger icon in the top right corner, then i'll just change the date posted to this month and now it's going to show you a bunch of relevant winning products that are selling right now. and some other hashtags you can do this with is amazon fines, drop shippers exposed and tiktok viral products. but anyways, i'm going to take the next 20 minutes to try to find some good products to sell and once i do find something, i'll come back and update you okay. so, honestly, i found a ton of really good products, but there is one that stood out to me the most, which is the cordless hair curler. and for anyone who doesn't know? the cordless hair curler is really convenient for females, since you can kind of touch up your hair anywhere you go, and there's so many stores on tiktok selling this product, so if they're doing well, i'm sure i can also do the same. all right. so the next thing i want to do is find a supplier that i can get the product from, and so for this video, i think i'm going to use spocket. so i found the cordless hair curler on spock it for 28 dollars and 30 cents, which is really good, and the shipping times are only seven to 14 business days, which is also ideal, and i think i'm gonna sell the product on my store for 59.99. now i've actually seen a lot of stores sign this product for over a hundred dollars, but because i do want to sell a lot of product in a short period of time and i don't want it to be too expensive, i think 59.99 is a good number to stik with, and if my customers do see that other stores are selling it for over a hundred dollars and i'm only selling it for a fraction of that cost, i'm sure they'd rather buy it from my store. now i do want to add one other product to my store, and i'm thinking just to make it an upsell. so, anyways, i found this heat protectant spray and i think it goes really well with the cordless hair curler, and i'm thinking to sell it on my store for 19.99, and it's only going to cost me eight dollars and 27 cents, which is pretty good, and if you do need a supplier for your drop shipping store, i'll leave a link for spock it in the description of this video. but, anyways, now i got the product, which i'm happy about, and so the next step now is to actually start building my shopify store, and i do want my store to look like an actual brand, and so it is going to take me a little bit of time to build it. so, anyways, i'm going to start working on the store right now and then i'll update you tomorrow once i'm done. all right, so it's the second day now and i finally finished the store and i made it look very simple and clean, and i'm going to show you the page that the customers get redirected to. so, anyways, i have different color options here, and i also did add a sales timer to create sense of urgency. i also included a ton of high quality photos, which is really important, and i also added this to build more trust with the customers. and if you scroll down here, you can see i put what's included in the package, then i tok about the benefits of buying the cordless hair curler, then i added some frequently asked questions and then i also do have a 30 day money back guarantee. a lot of customers won't buy your product if you don't have this, so make sure you do. and if you scroll down here, you can see that i did include how the cordless hair curler works, so this just makes it look really easy and straightforward. and all the way at the bottom of the page i did include some customer reviews. now, i obviously did import these reviews to my store, but usually i do have real customer reviews. but that's pretty much it for the store and i think it looks pretty good. but anyways, now that i'm done with my store, the next important thing i have to do is add a shopify app called after sell to my store, and the reason i'm going to use after sell is because it can increase my revenue anywhere from 10 to 15, which is exactly what i want. and afterstok is for post purchase upsells, and if you don't know what that is. it's basically when you offer a customer a product to purchase after they've already purchased something from your store. for example, after someone purchases the cordless hair curler from my store, i can then offer them another product to purchase. so in my case, i could upsell the heat protectant spray, since it works well with the cordless hair curler. and post purchase upsells work so well because if a customer just purchased something from your store, they're more likely to purchase another item, since you already built that initial trust, and you can even give them a really good discount on the upsell offer, which will then make them want to buy it even more. now, one thing you never want to do with upsells is actually offer them to the customer before they've made a purchase. this will just end up confusing them and they might not end up buying the product at all. but the good thing about after sell is that the upsell offer only comes after a customer makes a purchase, which is exactly what we want. but anyways, i'm actually going to create an upsell offer using after sale for my store right now and kind of walk you through the process step by step. okay, so the very first thing you want to do is go to the shopify app store and just search for after cell and it should come up. so it's going to look like this: after sell, post purchase, upsell. so let's add the app. okay, so once you're in after sale, the first thing you want to do is click here on enable settings. then it's going to bring you to the shopify page. so just make sure you click on after cell, then just click on save. okay, back here, let's just refresh the page. okay, now the first thing we want to do is actually just set up our first funnel. click here on create and i'm just going to name this funnel: heat protectant. so here i want to click show this funnel to all customers. since i only do have one upsell product. okay, now i'm going to choose the upsell product and basically what i'm going to be upselling is this heat protectant spray. now, the cool thing here is, if the customer actually does end up purchasing this product, you can offer them another upsell, and if they decline this product, then you can offer them a downsell. now, since i don't have any other products, i'm just going to keep it like this, but you can add products in here. now. next thing i want to do is click here on edi.

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Hai. assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, kembali lagi ke channel aku, Domani channel. Pada kesempatan kali ini aku bakal ngebahas carado dropshipping dari oleh Express ke FC dan juga penentuan harga produk dietschy beserta ongkos kirimnya. jadi, pastiin kalian tonton video ini sampai akhir dan jangan lupa untuk like video ini dan juga subscribe channel ini. terlebih dahulu, ya, The Corrs cover. terus ke Freddy kamu. Oke, kita langsung saja mulai ke videonya. Nah, untuk yang pertama itu kalian buka aja AliExpress, aliexpresscom, ya Hai. Nah, nanti untuk link-nya itu aku taruh di deskripsi di bawah. Setelah kalian buka AliExpress, kemudian kalian The Sign in terlebih dahulu. nih, sign in, The Sign in terlebih dahulu, ini ketik email dan password atau langsung aja pakai akun Google. di sini aku langsung aja pakai Google account. Hai, Aris, ini kita tunggu dulu loginnya. Jadi kalau kalian pakai Google Account, itu dia langsung otomatis login. ya, di auto login Hai, nah, ini sudah langsung login itu Ya. terus, gimana caranya untuk masukin produk dari AliExpress ke FC? itu tinggal kalian pilih aja salah satu produk. pilih yang mana aja, bebas ini aku contohnya yang ini: ya, lampu LED Hai, s104, kita pilih murah ajah nih, Rp72.000. Oh ya, kita pilih produknya. Hai, nah, ini adalah produknya harganya Rp72.000 Nyi ada macam-macam jenisnya. terus, gimana caranya kita bisa download free download gambarnya naikkan. ada gambarnya banyak nih, Hai ini, kalau misalnya kalian Klik Kanan Ini safeimage contohnya, ya, aku contohin kita save langsung gambar dari websitenya download, nah, dia ini tipenya adalah web file, bukan JPG, jadi dia enggak bisa ke self gambarnya itu atau langsung contoh ke gambar yang besarnya. nih nih, kita Klik Kanan save image as, Hai, nah, dia formatnya bukan JPG, ya nggak bisa, jadi nggak bisa langsung klik kanan, kayak gitu. nah, caranya, gimana kalau kita mau gambil gambar dari AliExpress, itu caranya ada yang namanya ekstensi Google Chrome. jadi pastikan browser kalian itu adalah Google Chrome. Oke, jadi nama ekstensinya itu adalah alis shaft. nih, nih, ya, nanti link-nya aku taruh di deskripsi di bawah. kalian tinggal langsung download aja. pastikan dulu browser yang kalian pakai itu adalah Google Chrome, karena ini ekstensinya untuk Google Chrome. setelah itu ini kalian Langsung aja etuk ROM, langsung extension, Hai, nah, ini dia lagi proses menambahkan. nah, ini sudah ditambahkannya. ini ada logonya. kita close aja. gimana cara menampilkannya di sini? itu kalian klick biang bagian gambar ini, nah, terus sini ada jenis ekstensinya alis save. nih, kalian langsung klik aja disini pin Hai, Nah, jadi dia sudah ada di atas Google chromenya. ini enggak usah nyari-nyari lagi, saya langsung kita coba ke produk yang tadi. Nah, ini kita mau download Gambarnya, masuk aja, tinggal klik ini alis F, kau tunggu. nah, ini aku contohin. Kalo kalian mau download semua gambar dan semua video, nih harus pakai yang pro. kalau kalian mau gambar, download semua gambar, itu juga harus pakai yang pro. jadi bisanya kalau yang free, ini sebenarnya free, tapi kalian hanya bisa mendownload gambar utamanya jernih, gambar utama dari produknya, hanya bisa yang mainnya saja. nah, ini lagi proses download, jadi yang terdownload itu adalah gambar-gambar utamanya saja, gambar utama dari produk nya nya free download. Hai, nehe, Coba kita buka satu ya. Hai, nah, ini adalah gambar yang terdownload Andi tuh, Oh gitu. Hai, nih, jadi caranya kayak gitu untuk menggunakan alis f, tapi dia hanya mendownload gambar-gambar utamanya saja. itu sudah lebih dari cukup. kalian bisa cukup berjualan dengan menggunakan gambar ini saja. gambar utamanya meggambar nya aja juga udah bagus. jadi gitu caranya. nah, buat kalian yang ingin mendownload videonya, nih ini ada videonya sebanyak bisa di-download, tapi harus dengan versi yang pro. Nah, untuk versi Pro nya itu kalian harus berlangganan setiap bulan gitu. Jadi kalau kalian ingin proper jualannya Kalian mau ada videonya atau gambar dengan kualitas yang lebih bagus, Hai, berlangganan lah yang pro. alis savefro, itu enggak terlalu mahal ya, kalian hanya cukup bayar 2,99 dollar perbulan. Nah, ini tinggal masukin email kalian aja dan informasi Kartu kalian, kita lihat ya, 2,99 dollar, itu berapa rupiah sih Hai murah kok sebulannya Hai nih. 2,99 Hai cuman rp42.000 perbulan. dengan rp42.000 kalian bisa download video dan juga semua gambar yang ada. tapi itu pilihan Kalian sih. kalo menurut aku, untuk yang versi freenya itu juga udah lebih dari cukup, karena gambar yang di-download juga kualitasnya bagus kok Hai dan sudah mencukupi. Oh gitu ya Hai. Terus, gimana caranya Masukin ke toko FC kalian produk-produk dari ekspresi ini kalian mau masukin ke toko sekalian itu tinggal buka lagi toko fb-nya, pergi ke shop Manager Nia, kemudian klik clear Sting, ingat, untuk menambahkan produk dia situ Namanya listing Hai. nah, ini kita langsung aja tambah at listing. nah, ini caranya sama ya, tinggal tambahin foto Nih, fotonya juga the banyak ingat, maksimalnya 089. sekali lagi aku ingetin untuk cara membuka toko di etsy. itu sudah ada di video sebelumnya. nanti link videonya aku taruh di deskripsi di bawah. jadi buat kalian yang masih bingung gimana caranya buka toko etsy atau masih ada kendala dengan Bang, itu sudah aku jelaskan semuanya di video sebelumnya. jadi Tonton dulu ya, pasien, kalian Tonton dulu itu Hai. Nah, ini tinggal di semua gambarnya Sudah terupload. ya, aku mau pindahin untuk tamnel yang ini Hai terus untuk Ito, itu sebenarnya kalian Langsung aja bisa copy paste dari sini. Hai, nah, Hai nih. your title cannot contain more than Three Old Capital worth. jadi kapitalnya jangan banyak-banyak, enggak boleh. kita hapus the Bear gb-nya. saya enggak usah, gak papa dah. Terus ini humirit ID wz finish product 2020-2021. kategori Hai koi Din naik Lights Hai. nah, ini angkot aja deskripsi itu kalian tinggal copy paste aja, nggak Hai dari ahli Express copy kontrol C controls. dah selesai tesnya. kita isi halide coindy string light Hai, LCD light, Kyle Zefanya, semua tak yang berhubungan dengan produk kalian. untuk harganya, nah ini penentuan harga, ya, di sini aku bakal langsung jelasin Gimana cara penentuan harga. nah disini harganya adalah 163000. anggap aja 164000 untuk pilihan yang 28353 Hai nih, untuk pilihan yang Hai pengiriman dari Cina, panjangnya lima meter, shipping nya 29300, sangka pria, Rp30.000, jadi 164 ditambah 30109, puluh empat ribu ya, total harga barang dan juga ongkos kirim. langsung kalian hitung. Nah, ini kan deliverynya ke Indonesia. kita coba, misal key United States Hai United States, a fly Hai nih bisa Kano ongkos kirim dari masing-masing negara itu kan berbeda. nah, ini aja dari Indonesia, tadi kita bayarnya 23.000. Nah di sini aku coba deliverynya ke United States, itu free shipping. Ternyata kalau dia ke USB, nah gitu ya, jadi aku ingetin kalau ke masing-masing negara akan berbeda-beda nih ongkos kirimnya. nah gimana cara menanggulanginya? jadi itu kalian aja, ambil Bang si Hai di harga produk, jadi harga produknya ini biasanya aku Naikin harganya jadi dua kali lipat gitu. eh, harga produknya aku naikin jadi dua kali lipat gitu untuk menanggung apabila di suatu kondisi misalnya kita harus mengirim ke negara yang ternyata tidak free shipping, gitu, misalnya harus bayar 10 Dollar atau pun $5 untuk ongkos kirimnya, Nah itu sudah akan tercover dari harga produk yang sudah kita naikin tadi. gitu, Jadi, kalau aku tipsnya itu, kalian naikin harga barangnya dua kali lipat atau 100% untuk mengcover biaya tidak terduga dari negara-negara yang ternyata ada ongkos kirimnya. karena kan, kalau ini hanya untuk yang yunited stetsya misal, nanti aku contohin ke yu'e Australia deh, Hai, astrali, kita lihat ada atau enggak ongkos kirimnya. Hai, nah, di Australia ternyata fashion juga gitu. Nanti, kayak Indonesia tadi Indonesia akan berbayar tuh, Hai, ada 23.000 tadi ya di Indonesia, nah gitu mungkin ada negara-negara lainnya yang yang pakai ongkos kirim gitu. jadi, untuk menanggulanginya kalian mark-up harga produk kalian jadi dua kali lipat minimal untuk mengcover biaya ongkos kirim dari negara-negara yang ternyata membutuhkan ongkos kirim. gitu caranya jadi jangan bingung lagi untuk mengen.

How To Make Money With Etsy Dropshipping For Beginners | Shopify Dropshipping On Etsy

if you want to make a lot of money online, like me, then first of all, you need to understand the science behind the online earning, the actual theory like why someone will pay you, how someone will pay you. so nowadays, if someone is having a problem, they don't discuss that problem with their father, their parents, their friends or any other human being. they just go to their laptop, they just pick up their phone and they just type their problem in their phone so they can get the solution. so nowadays, search engine are most popular to providing the solution for people's problem. so internet is a thing where you can find many people having problem. so if you can find a solution for their problem, they can pay you. so now the question is where you can find those people who are actually searching for their problem. so the answer is the search engines, and the best example of search engine is google. but the google is a kind of old search engine now, because nowadays people know that what are their actual problem and exactly where they will find the solution of their problems, and the best example of this is e-commerce website. for example, someone is having a problem in their teeth or someone is looking to give the gift to their parents. so they just go to e-commerce website like amazon, pc or ebay and they just type here what they want and when they find the actual thing, what they want, they can purchase and the seller from which they purchase will get the money. so in today's video, i'm going to show you the best way from which you can make a lot of money from the website called hc, because it's either search engine and as it is a search engine, there must be many people finding the problem to their solution. so in today's video, we will see how we can just find the people who are actually looking for the solution of their problem and how we can actually find the most popular problems, and then we will see how we can actually make money. so i'm gonna explain you the whole process step by step, without skipping any part. so keep watching this video till the end so you will also understand that, how this method will work and how you can just start this method today and make some actual money. so, without any further delay, let's start the video. but before getting started, i was here and i said my products on amazon, ebay, shopify, click funnel and redbubble, and on this channel i share my knowledge with you people so you can do the same and build your online business. so if you're interested in learning about the fastest and easiest way to make money online which can give you profit in your first seven days, then make sure to sign up for my free 30 minutes webinar from the link below, so you can also achieve financial freedom, like me, and leave a nine-to-five job. so, without any further delay, let's start the video. all right? so, as you can see here, i'm on hc website now and here we can find many products here. but at the top you can see that there is a search bar. this is the search bar. this is the search engine where the people type for the problem. so we are going to be using this search bar today to find the problem which people are actually having. so let's suppose someone is having a birthday of their friend and they want to decorate their room for the surprise birthday party. so what thing they will search here? uh, for the decoration, let's suppose candles. if i type candles and i type space, so we can see that. i can see here many phrases that people usually search on hc who want candles. you can see that the number one is candle holders, candle molds, candle gift, candle stik holder, candle making kit. so you can see here all the phrases that are searched by the people. so let's say, i click on candles in jar when i click on this, so after searching that, i will be able to see the result for candle jar. you can see that these are the glass jars which are having candle wax in it and we can just lighten up that jar and they will look super cool while doing the birthday decoration. so when i go down i can see many listing and here we need to find out the listing who are having many good reviews. so you can see that out of all those listing, this listing looks good because it is having 131 positive reviews and they are selling for 25. so when i open that listing. so now here i can see there is a listing and the main two things on its your any ecommerce platform which actually brings sales- are the title and the main image. so we can see that their main image is actually looking so attractive like they are having three jars of different color. and in the title we can see that there are many phrases and keywords. here you can see that aura jar, parasoy candles, gifts for her and gives for him. so if you don't know, parasol is a material which is very famous for the candles. so that means people are also searching for parasite candles. that's why this seller insert this keyword in their title. so if your title is good and if your main image is good, then you can bring a good amount of traffic on hc searches to your listing. so the more traffic you will get, the more sales you will get. so now as we find a problem and a solution, so here we need to do smart work. we need to go back on ac and here, after doing a research for 10 or 20 minutes, we need to shortlist five to ten sellers who are actually having a low price and a good reviews and a good image and title. for example, this seller in front of me i can see, you can see that this seller is having more than thousand reviews. the price is very cheap- 7.34 dollars- and the main image and title is very good. you can see that the title says dried flower candle flower candle, natural soy wax and all the good keywords they are having. so after getting a product, after shortlisting all those sellers, you need to go on shopify. you can just navigate to this page from the link in the description below so you can get 30 days free trial for your shopify store. so here you can just create your shopify store and upload all those candles to there. by the way, if you don't know how you can create the shopify store, i have already made a detailed video on that in past. i will put the link of that video in the description of this video so you can just go there and learn how you can create your own shopify store. so when you create a shopify store and when you list all of your candles there, so now you will be the main seller for all those candles and etsy seller will be the supplier. for example, there is a candle which you have found selling at seven dollars or eight c, you can just put that product, that candle, for fifteen dollars on your shopify store. and same goes for other products. if you found some product for 20 dollars, so you can just list that product for 25, 30 or even 35 dollars for shopify. so now you have find the problem which people are searching on hc. you know the solution. you have the shopify store, you have uploaded all of those candles on your shopify store. so now the last and main important part is how you can bring the traffic to your shopify store who are actually looking to buy some candles and they can place the order on your shopify store for all the scandal, and when they place the order, for 40 dollars, so you can just go on your hd supplier and then ship out that product to your customer. so to get quality traffic and to make this listing long lasting and sustainable, you need to go on youtube and type for best candles. so you can see that i'm just typing best candles, because in this video i'm discussing about candle. but if you found any product, any problem. so you can just type the keyword or your theory on youtube as per your product. so when you find some influencer that are posting some videos related to your product, then you can just shortlist 10 to 20 influencers from youtube, from tiktok, from instagram, from pinterest, and then you need to send them a message in which you offer their partnership that if they put your shopify store link with a coupon code on their description of the video or any content, they po.


but we'll, in this video I'm gonna be showing you how to do product research on Etsy. now, Etsy is a fairly new platform compared to all the other platforms out there. you know people use Shopify to sell. people use, you know, besides Shopify, there's WooCommerce. people use Facebook ads, Instagram ads, but no one ever really toks about. you know Etsy. right now Etsy- there's a lot of traffic that comes through here. they had over thirty, nine, point five million buyers last year. I think they had fifty, fifty million buyers this year did over five billion in revenue promptly- more than that. but Etsy guys is very, very powerful. I compare ed C to like Google and Facebook ads, like it's a mixture of Google and Facebook guys. like it's crazy. the potential on here is crazy. I've only been on here for about a month. you know, experimenting, making a couple sales here and there, nothing too exciting. but I wanted to make this video because you can actually find products on Etsy that are untapped, meaning they have proof of concept- because they're doing very well on Etsy but no one has started to sell them. you know, using Facebook ads or Google Ads etc. because a lot of people on Etsy they're drop shipping. you know Etsy is known for a marketplace of items that are handmade or, you know, items that you really can't find anywhere else. um, they're crafty, so people go on Etsy to find these things. you know, Etsy is very popular with personalized custom items, but, um, a lot of the sellers on here are drop shipping, like straight up from aliexpress, drop shipping on Etsy, making millions of dollars, guys, millions like seven to eight figures. and I'm about to show you one of the sellers here and I'm about to show you how you can leverage the Etsy platform to help you find products for your Shopify store or even maybe inspire you to start an Etsy shop, like I did, and start drop shipping directly from Etsy. so let's get straight into this video, alright, guys. so what I want to show you first is the craziness on SEO, right? so this product, right here, it's a hand. it's like a hand handwriting necklace. let me click on it. it's basically a necklace where you submit your handwriting and the seller is able to make a bracelet- not a necklace, actually, they're actually able to make a bracelet and make it look like your handwriting. now, as you can see, this seller has done over 8,000 orders. now, that's 8,000 and 600 reviews. not everyone that orders leaves a review. so you can only- you can only- guess how much money they're making anywhere else- and a review right here, December 25th, December 22nd, and then even like a top seller- this is just someone who had a product right there that I clicked on. they're selling this for $34. keep going. just some product pictures right here, as you can see, you know, simple product description. simple product description right here, how to order, etc. links to their other products. now, the reason I say at sea is like Google is because, unlike when you have a drop shipping store and you're selling using Facebook Ads, Instagram adds the title of your product has to be keywords. when you're using Google Ads and you're selling using Google Ads, it's all about keywords, right, and you can see, based on their title, that it's all about keywords. you know their. their product doesn't really have one name, it's just a bunch of you know keywords that people will likely type into Etsy so they can see their listing. so, as you can see, it's handwriting jewelry, custom handwriting bracelet and sterling silver personalized signature bangle gift for mom and grandma, and then this is like a SKU or like a variation of the product, I guess. but, um, when you're listing a product on Etsy or when you're trying to find something on it. it's solely based on keywords, solely based on SEO, right? so the way to do well on Etsy- and this isn't gonna be a video on how to drop ship on Etsy, imma make that a whole separate video- but I just want to say, if you want to do well, see, you gotta be creative with your keywords and kind of know what people are searching. so it's very, very similar to like when you're selling with Google Ads. but, um, I actually want to go to a top seller. I actually already have a pulled up. so, as you can see, this person's name is Caitlyn minimalist. she's done four hundred and fifty three thousand and five hundred and twenty four sales. guys, that's not revenue, that's not. I'm not saying she's done four hundred and fifty three thousand dollars in sales. I'm saying she's sold four hundred and fifty three thousand and five hundred and twenty four products on Etsy. she's making stupid bread right now. guys like this right here, Kate Kim, and these are the products she's selling now. I just want to show you real quick. she's selling the hand riding bracelet as well, so I'm gonna click on it and she's selling it way more than what the other person was selling it that I just showed you. you see, she has 66,000 reviews on this product, selling it for twenty seven. um, if we actually go to Aliexpress right here- and let me type in driving, why do I keep saying necklace bracelet, let's see what pops up, you're gonna see that she's actually straight up just drop shipping this product, right? a lot of people on Etsy, or a lot of consumers on Etsy, think that because a product is on Etsy, its handmade or the seller you know directly has it in their house. you know they're sourcing it directly from their home. but that's not the case. as you can see right here, this bracelet is ten dollars on Aliexpress, has five star reviews, so I'm guessing it's very good quality. the supplier on Aliexpress is able to, you know, make these custom. you just send them your handwriting and they're able to make custom. just like how, when I was drop shipping, one of my winning products was the name- that which is a very popular product on etsy as well, and you know, I would just send my supplier the names that my customers submitted on my website and my supplier was able to, you know, make those custom name necklaces and ship them to my customers. same with this bracelet, right. so, as you can see right here, this bracelet, this same exact picture that's on Aliexpress, is the same exact picture that she's using on her listening and she's done over 66,000 sales using this product, and sixty-six thousand is a lowball, because that's only the, the ones, the people that left a review. I don't know if Etsy makes it mandatory for you to leave a review- I don't think so- but, um, that's only the people that have left a review on this listing. no, I want to show you, guys, this link right here, or, actually, I don't have a pulled up. let me go to our shop again and show you the other products on the pulled up because, guys, my mind is blown by, like, the information that I've discovered in the past few weeks being on Etsy. so, another product right here that is very, very popular that she's selling is the pet photo necklace. now, guys, I tried drop shipping this product before in the past. it didn't work out well for me, but she is doing very well, and Etsy with this product. as you can see, January 7, that's today, January 7th s today, today, today. so for orders alone, just today, I can go to more, our four of you. she got just today, quick, more, I see her. so load up. this was yesterday, yesterday, yesterday. and then, if we got expressed and type in pet photo necklace, we'll be able to see that she's directly sourcing this product from China and drop shipping it on her Etsy store. so, as you can see, there's a variation of the product right here, there's another one right here. no, there's Aliexpress suppliers on here that do exactly what she saw and is probably her exact supplier right here- looks like it. but, um, she's making pink with that product on Etsy and I will say, a lot of the stuff that you sell on Etsy won't work, you know, on Facebook or on Instagram. it might just sell on Etsy because, like I said, I ran this product before on face. we're gonna didn't do well for me, but this is a product that will do very well on Etsy and, like I said, it sees a place for crafty items. cute little gi.