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etsy to shopify import

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

How To Move Your Etsy Shop To Shopify Tutorial | Etsy vs Shopify 2022

hello everyone. today we're gonna be going over opening a Shopify store. I am a Etsy seller. I've been selling printables on empty for a while now- about half a year- and I've sold thousands of dollars worth of printables on Etsy. but they are starting to take a larger cut of the amount sold and take away some of the freedom and flexibility that has made Etsy so wonderful for people. so I am going to open a Shopify store and this is just a walkthrough tutorial of opening my own store. Shopify is a huge company. they power over a million businesses across the US and the world. they have all sorts of tools that make opening an online store to sell either downloadables or actual goods really, really easy. so starting your business on Shopify is a great option. they also have a 14-day trial, which is what I decided to do when I signed up. I wasn't sure if I want to use Spotify, so I signed up for the 14-day trial, and that is something that you can do. with the link in the description box below, you can set up your shop in literally under ten minutes and see for the 14 days if you like using Shopify or not, and then decide at the end of the trial whether or not you want to move forward. it doesn't charge your card if you decide not to go for it, so there's really no downside to trying out Shopify's to see if it is a better fit for you than any other platform to sell your products online. and it is super easy to create a shop. as you can see, it literally takes two seconds to create the account that you're going to start with, and then they ask you to give a little bit of information about yourself. if you sell in a different platform, like I said, I already sell on Etsy and they make it incredibly, incredibly easy to move your Etsy shop from Etsy to Shopify. as you'll see in a few minutes, they actually will import all of your Etsy information so you can transfer from Etsy to Shopify in literally just a few seconds. you have to add an address when you get started to get paid, but we'll skip through that, since you guys don't need to know where I live- and once you enter that information, you go to your dashboard where you can have the import for your store. your stores already created at this point. they and make it immediately. then here you'll just do the things that make your shop ready for people to visit and to see it. so that is importing your store from Etsy, adding a theme and putting in a custom domain. you actually don't have to do any of those. you can start from scratch from here. but since I'm an Etsy seller, I decided to import my entire Etsy shop into Shopify. that was going to make it super, super easy for me and I didn't want to go through the hassle of recreating over 60 different listings when I started. so to import your shop from Etsy, you're gonna have to go back to Etsy and get a couple of CSV files. they tell you how to do it if you click on the link. it's very, very easy. you just have to export your shop data and your product out of from Etsy. it tells you exactly how to do it. it's step by step, where you go to your Etsy dashboard, go to settings, options, download data and then select the ones that you need. this is one thing I liked about Shopify- going from Etsy to Shopify- is that they made it very easy to figure out what I actually needed and what I needed to download. so once I checked out what I needed, I hopped over to Etsy, went to settings and then to options and then to the download data tab. this makes it super easy, where you download the CSV of all of your for sale listings and then you need to download the orders. so you'll select a CSV type of the sale listings and then of the orders, with the month and the year. you will want to select: all of the entire last year likely of your Etsy shop. it depends on how long you've been on Etsy, but the last year is a good amount of data. so I just selected January 2020 because that was my best month on Etsy and I knew that would cover everything, and then I went back to see what else I needed. of course, hopping back and forth between these two screens might seem like a lot, but because it's step by step, you can follow along and the exact items that you need. so, as you can see, I had to download the order CSV and the order items CSV from Etsy in order to upload it onto Shopify so that they could pull in all the data and open my shop from where I was on Etsy, instead of making me go back from scratch and upload manually each item, which, let's be honest, is not very fun. so, once you've downloaded your data from Etsy, you're going to want to import it into Shopify. you will go down here to upload files under the import- your store data- and then select the ones that you have downloaded from Etsy. you can go about one by one and then just add the different ones that you downloaded that are needed to get your shop up and running. as you can see here, it makes it really easy. it shows you which ones you need to upload where. so, for order item csv, i just clicked on and i select the corresponding it download from the ones that i just got from Etsy, and so once these are all plugged in, it will show you down here what is going to be imported and you will have all of the things that you need to get up and running. so click continue import and then it will read the files that you downloaded from Etsy and extract the data and create all of the things that you need to get your shop up and running. it will have your customers, your previous orders, your products, all of your product descriptions, everything is included. it makes it very, very simple and, as you can see, this is a tutorial in real time, so it does not take that long at all to get all of this done and uploaded. it might take you a little longer if you have hundreds of products, but because I only had about 60 something and not that many customers, it did make it very easy and very quick to switch from Etsy to Shopify. you can also do this all from scratch and just create all new listings on Shopify. however, I would highly recommend you save yourself a little bit of time at least and import the large number of files if you have them on Etsy. this will shorten the amount of time that it takes you to get up and running. it may take some of your files a little bit longer to upload, but is a much, much, much quicker option than if you are going to do it by hand manually and do hundreds of different listings during your Etsy shop import. it will likely take the longest amount of time to go through the importing of products. that is because it includes all of the information, tags and images. images can take a long at time as well. then it will successively go to the imported stage and move on to orders, which, if you have a lot of orders, can also take a minute. but overall this is still, like I said, much faster than doing it manually. once all of this info from Etsy is done and uploaded into your Shopify store, you will be starting off from a much better place than if you were starting your Shopify store from scratch. but if you are starting from scratch, it is also a great option because you get to add new listings and work on the preferred style of listing, and if you had any sort of Etsy specific language in your descriptions from your Etsy shop, then you're gonna have to go through one by one and change them anyway. so there are some benefits to not importing as well if you want to start from scratch and maybe edit down and be a little more specific and cohesive with your listings. but overall, I would recommend just adding all of your stuff via import, just so you can start off pretty quickly and you can always delete things that you didn't want from Etsy to transfer over. but it does give you a good head start. next, once your data is imported, you're going to select a plan for your store. so Shopify is not free. it is a platform that does cost money, so you will have to pay either twenty million dollars a month, $79 a month or $2.99 a month. basic Shopify will honestly cover most of what you need. this does reduce your paid rates, since, as you charges, so many lis.

How to 1 Click Import Etsy Products Into a Shopify Store

everyone out there what is going down. hopefully you're having a great thursday. i just wanted to shoot this quick video, very excited, i know. um, in our six figure uh store secrets group i've been chatting about a shopify app that we've been working on in order to one click import etsy products into your shopify store and i am super excited to kind of preview that app today. so it's a shopify app that we've been working on developing and coding that with one click more or less, go grab the url of that etsy product and paste it into the shopify app, it will automatikally import that etsy product into the shopify app. and so super excited it is- uh, in beta testing right now should be actually and launch to our founders, our founding members, within our mastery program here within the next week or so and i just wanted to preview for it, preview it for you here today, because um got me pretty excited, so excited to share it with you. if you're watching, drop me a hi, tiffany. what is happening? good to see you. happy thursday, hopefully. all is well over there in santa rosa. i know you guys got quite the hail dumped on you yesterday. that looked pretty fun. crazy weather out in california yesterday. it was like a couple inches of hail in the woodland area and along i-80. it's pretty cool. so, um, let me share my screen here with you. in just, oh, it snowed even. wow, now that that is crazy. that is crazy. not up here in yuba city, it all kind of went around us. um, let me share with everybody out there our new shopify app. it's called etsify and what etsify does is it is one click import of an etsy product into your shopify store. i don't know of any other shopify app or chrome extension or piece of software outside of. i was at ced commerce where ced commerce does the syncing with etsy and shopify for orders back and forth and there's product syncing that can happen with that app as well. very robust, great product if you're doing um, uh, inventory management and you want your orders to sync from one platform to another, which is a great product there. but what our product does is it's a more of a lightweight product where it will import that product over into your store without having to have and pay that high tiket for ced commerce, which i think they're charging two or three hundred dollars annual for for only a certain number of products that they allow to sync across each other. so you know it's an awesome product and it's kind of an enterprise, great product for for syncing your products on shopify and etsy and those orders and stuff like that. what our product is, what our app is, etsify is very simple, lightweight. go grab the url, the web address from that etsy product, paste it into the app. the app pulls in the image, pulls in images, pulls in the variants, the pricing, the description, the tags, the everything directly into your store. so you don't have to go copy the images, copy the description, copy the this, that and the other and waste all that time trying to recreate that product on your page. so, all that being said, let me share, um, the staging partners area within shopify, because when you develop an app within shopify, you more or less develop it within their sandbox. it's called the, the partners area, and let me see if i cannot share my screen with you, should [Music] cool, all right. so this is a staging shopify store where we have the app ally- awesome. i'm glad you are interested. stay tuned because i'm about to share how powerful this is. super cool, um. so this is our staging demo store. right now it's not live, obviously, with our. our software is under development. but back here we can come over here to apps and under apps we can see the etsify app. and so what is the xfi app? let's open it up one second to load. i will x this out asking for a review, but welcome. it says. welcome should. we'll say welcome to etsify. once it's ready they'll say: please enter etsy product url. i'm going to click add product. here is the url we need to paste. let's go find a product on etsy. let's find- let's just look for a mom necklace, mom's necklace with kids names- even that's cool, moms. wow, there's some great choices out here. look at those mom's necklace with kids names. let's say we did our research, keeping this in the context of our nine, our three-step system of our shopify store owners road map. if anybody's in our, our launch group, you're familiar with the image of our road map, where we're taking shopify store owners from overwhelmed and uncertain to ten thousand dollars per month and thriving. and in the context of our roadmap, when we're looking for our michael jordan product, we're looking for a high margin, high passion product that not only speaks to a broader audience but also speaks to us as well, so that we build a business that we're passionate about with a product that we know has a big market that we can scale into and um will result in those viral and impassioned sales. these are the types of products that we're toking about in our 15 point checklist. if you don't have that of how to find those types of products, just let me know in the comments and i'll shoot you over the pdf for that. but this looks like a great one. i'm just going to click in at 15, not necessarily great margin. kids names on these. those are really cool, i like those. those are nice. the discs: beautiful, beautiful discs. i love the circle very one to five kids names. that one is pretty neat. mother's necklace- my boys, let's say we like this one here. seven thousand plus reviews, thirty two dollars, sure, and it has the birthstones. i like that one. okay, so let's um, i want 62, 61 000 sales. let's go through buyers raving: great pieces, five stars looking good. are they in the us? let's just make sure. phoenix, arizona, handstand jewelry, personalized necklaces looks like could be a um, very, uh, positive seller here. anyways, let's see, let's say that this partikular product tiked all of the boxes. um, for the product that they're looking for. all i do it to use the app. come up here, click copy, come back to the etsify app in shopify, click add and then let's see it do its trick. says product added. i don't know if you can see that product has been added. there we go. so then we come up here to products. the product is now here in the products tab within the etsify app. i can come here, click on the edit pencil and i can update the title. in the backend of shopify i can add tags. it already comes pre-populated with some tags that get transferred over from etsy, which is pretty cool. we would update the title as we see fit. the description: all imported in all the doesn't look like this one has any variants. let me just double check on that. others personalization. so we would have to add some personalization on the front end and really i think that this partikular product should have variants because if those are birth stones, maybe those aren't birth stones, maybe those are just um the standard for this necklace. so no variance on birth stones. that's fine for the sake of this video, but add personalization. so we would add: use an app in shopify, like infinite options, to add that personalization. very simple, it's pulled everything else in. it's grabbed all the images and then if we change any of those things, if we change the description, if we changed any of these items back here, all we'd have to do is click save and then import into store. let's go ahead and click import into store and click products over here in shopify and click the front end. let's preview it on the store. boom, it is now live on our store. uh, of course, with a little more time i would have dolled up the, the copy here and, um, you know, made all that look good. but for the sake of this video, just to show and illustrate the power of our new app for shopify, which imports with one click etsy products, saving all sorts of time of having to go copy images, copy, copy, copy headlines, copy the variants, do all of those things that take a whole lot of time when you're trying to create products from etsy products on your shopify store. so very, very excited about that. once again, it is.

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How to upload your products from Shopify to Etsy using Shopify App? | Tutorial video.

hello everyone. this is jasper from export feed. today i'm going to show you how to upload your shopify listings to your etsy account. now, before we start, since shopify and etsy are completely different, there may be some things that you can do in shopify that you can't do to etsy. in that regard, i highly recommend you to visit this url right here or wwwexportfeedcom. etsy dash requirements, dash and dash restrictions. just have a quick look and read about what are the things that you can do or what to have before um starting the process now. on top of that, there are also a couple of things to note, or a couple of common things that you may bump into in terms of uploading your items to etsy. one of them is the error: oh dear, you cannot sell this item on etsy. error. now, since etsy only accept handmade items, it will not allow you to upload branded items. let's say, for example, you're trying to sell um branded items like nike. since obviously that is not a handmade product, fc will detect that and automatikally prevent you from uploading that. the second common error is the attributes error. etsy will only allow you to upload at a maximum amount of two variation. if you have more than two variation, it will automatikally prevent you from doing so. another common error that you may bump into is that when you're trying to upload um some items and some of the items or variation doesn't have any stok in it- um, it will. it will only allow you to upload listings that you're in stoked. having said that, you need to make sure that the quantity is not less than one, since it charges you 20 cents for every listings that you put up on etsy. um, when you're uploading your items from shopify to sc, it will only pick up the things that are not less than 20 cents, because obviously you're not gonna have any profit if that's the case. having note of all these things, uploading your items from your shopify account to your etsy store should be quick and easy. let's go ahead and crack onto the tutorial video. anyway, to start with the process of uploading your products to etsy, you're gonna want to make sure that all of the products that you want to upload are already added into a collections. so let's see, for example, say, here you have, you already have- a bunch of products. you're going to want to go to collections. all right, and add the create a collection for all those items that you're going to want to upload to etsy. in this case, i already have made um a collection, which is named tutorial video collection because it's a tutorial video, and i have added all the three items that i want to upload to etsy [Music]. the next thing that you're going to want to do is go to your app- this is the back end of shopify, by the way- and select etsy and share a cell integration, which is our application. just wait for it to load up and there you go. so next step would be click on clicking on cell, on sc right here, wait for it to load up and then select the collection that you want to upload right here- tutorial widget, video collection- and then select the category that you wish to add it to. right now, this is not important for me, since i'm just showing you how it's done, but um, yeah, obviously you don't want to make sure that it's um listed in the right category, so i'm just gonna select a random category right here and then select continue. it will also um prompt you to enter like a file name or something that you will be able to recognize when browsing through the um etsy store. in this case, i'll just name it as tutorial video when you're done already hit create product listings and there you go. as you can see here, all the three items are listed in here and then, once the application is done and verifying all those three products, you can upload the- uh, the products. now, to proceed with the process, you're going to need to click on this button right here, but you might have notiked that it says re-upload to etsy. this is because i've already tried uploading this earlier to just to test it. that's why it's showing that anyway, if i click on that button, it will go ahead and pick up all of those information from shopify and then upload it to etsy. this is the page where you can usually see if there's any errors or if there's anything in conflict when you're uploading the products. so let's just give it a couple of minutes or second and yeah, there you go. your product now is available to etsy. now to verify that, we're gonna need to log into etsy right here and check to our listings and which i believe you can go: account settings, go to listings and, as you can see, there's no items on active because it will go to your draft instead. so you will have the option to actually list it. so this are the three items that i have uploaded, as you can see: ring, butterfly, earrings and necklace. these are the three products that i've selected. now that upload is successful, i highly recommend you to review the the details of your products and when it's complete, you can go ahead and publish them when ready. please do note that for every listing that you published in etsy, etsy charges you 20 cents for those items. you can also refer to this artikle right here that allows you to connect your etsy account to your shopify account using our application. you can find this artikle by going to export feed dot com. slash documentation: shopify dash to dash. etsy dash products: dash guide. again, this is jasper from export feed. thank you very much.

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Migrating From Etsy to Shopify 2021

hi, welcome to my channel if you're new here and welcome back if you've been here before. my name is anita and i've been selling on etsy since 2011.. i just passed my 10-year anniversary and etsy has been doing some things lately, in the past year, that has been scaring some sellers, including me. so i wanted to pop on here today and tok about how i've been migrating my shop over to shopify and i also want to tok about the things that etsy has been doing that i don't agree with. so i'll start off with the the issues and then i'll tok about, um, what i've been doing the last couple weeks with migrating my shop over to my new shopify shop. firstly, they they started their new off-site ads campaign, which was mandatory if you sold over ten thousand dollars us, which i did, so i am automatikally into the off-site ads and i cannot opt out. and you have no control over the campaign, no control over where you're being advertised, and what i was finding was a lot of my off-site ad sales were coming from places like france and australia and places like far overseas- i'm in canada, so, um, i was losing money because etsy the off-site ads would cost me 20, and then the shipping. i wouldn't always have that accurate, so i'd lose money on shipping and so i was basically not making money on those sales, and quite often i was losing money. so what i did was i stopped selling to outside of canada and the usa and- guess what? the off-site ad sales stopped. so that's interesting. i do still sell a few digital patterns, because those are available worldwide, but physical items, um, there's been no off-site ad sales for me, so that's been good, except that i can't sell overseas now. so, uh, that's the one issue. the second issue is there have been stories in etsy facebook groups about etsy forcing a refund just because the customer complained- it wasn't necessarily the seller's fault- and etsy refunded out of the seller's account without the seller's permission. so that hasn't happened to me, but i've heard about it happening and that would really screw me up badly, especially if it was on a high-end item like a handmade quilt. i would have a big problem with that. so that's making me nervous. um, sometimes etsy will refund out of their own funds, which i guess is up to them, but they're kind of rewarding, uh, the scammers out there who are scamming the sellers. so i am worried about that. and then the third thing that's been happening lately is the some of the sellers are saying in the facebook groups that etsy has put um a hold on 75 percent of their funds for up to 45 days, and that is a big problem for people who sell custom made items. so for me, if i sell a custom quilt, i take the full payment up front and usually at least half of that goes to ordering the supplies to make the custom quilt. and if etsy put a hold on my funds, i wouldn't be able to buy the supplies or i would have to take it out of the family budget and then we'd be having a problem buying groceries. so that is they. they just keep taking more and more control of your own business away from you, and that is really starting to concern me. so now i've turned off all my custom quilt listings on etsy because i can't have um. it seems that they're doing it to people that have a longer processing time. so, say, your processing time was three weeks or six weeks. that's when they're slapping the hold on sellers, and this one seller who posted about it. she has been on etsy longer than me and has more sales than me. she's been on since 2009. she has over 5 000 sales. she's a five-star seller and has a hundred percent in all of their new star cellar categories, and they still slapped her with this 75 hold on her funds. so, um, it does look like her processing times are longer, though, so that could be why. but when you're making a custom quilt, you can't get it out in two days. so for me, i've had to shut off my custom quilt orders on etsy and i'll have to be running those through my shopify site. um, so it's just becoming more and more difficult to do business on etsy and on the one hand, they're telling you to offer custom- people want custom- and then you offer custom, and then they're holding up your funds and you can't order the supplies you need to make the customs. so, yes, this is very concerning. and this seller- she seems to have a perfect record, so it's not like she's been a problem seller, and it just doesn't make any sense to me. and then the whole shutting shops down and and there's no legitimate reason, and you're struggling for weeks to get your shop back open- these things are all just really concerning me and making me very nervous. so i finally bit the bullet, went back to shopify. so let me just say that i am not closing my etsy shop. uh, that would be crazy. there's so much free traffic over on etsy. definitely don't shut down your etsy shop. but in case your etsy shop does get shut down or it becomes impossible for you to work with their rules, then definitely, i think, have a backup plan like your own shopify site. i was on shopify in 2018 and then i think i closed my site down again in 2019 because i was selling mostly supplies on there and i got out of the supplies market and i felt like that having a shopify site was an extra monthly expense. but now i feel like having a shopify site is insurance for when, if and when something crazy happens to your etsy shop or your money, your cash flow from etsy. so i i feel like i have no choice. i have to go back to shopify and i don't mind shopify. it's not that i didn't like shopify, i just felt like it was one more thing to pay for. in 2018, when i started my shopify shop, there was an app to migrate your stuff over from etsy, but it cost money and so that's kind of what's been holding me up from restarting my shop is like: oh okay, i gotta pay for the shop, and then i gotta pay for the app, and then i gotta pay for a theme, and i was all feeling like it was going to be too expensive. but actually they now have a free app that you can easily migrate your etsy shop over to shopify. it doesn't cost anything. you do have two weeks free, which is good, because it's going to take me probably more than two weeks to get completely set up, but you have two weeks free before you start paying. the new themes that they have- the free themes- are awesome. now i did notike that the paid themes got way more expensive than the last time i was on there, but the free themes are cool and i've got one that i'm very happy with. so don't hesitate to get going on your shopify if you're worried about the migration from etsy or the cost of the themes, because you can get started with the free theme and and get your shop up and running at least with the migration. i migrated over 249 listings and there were three that didn't work, and out of the- out of all that- so that saved me a ton of time- all the photos, all the descriptions, all your order history, all your customer history all came over in the migration. it was awesome and no problems, except for the three listings. and then, um, you don't have to go and upload all your pictures and all your descriptions, and thank goodness, because i've been just using my phone for the last year and i haven't saved all those photos onto my computer. definitely, if you're concerned about that, i'm telling you it's, it's not a big problem. now, once you get everything in, you're gonna have to go in and update, like edit all your listings so they look nice, like, put in all the returns after sentences to make paragraphs, and, um, the listings that have variations get pretty screwed up when they come in and you have to go in and edit each variation. so that is kind of killing me right now. that's what i've been working on, but, um, still, the amount of time that was saved is well worth it. so, um, yeah, you guys need to look out for yourselves, get yourselves covered in case something goes wrong with your etsy shop. if that's your main income, which it is for me, yes, i recommend shopify, i recommend their migration app that's free, and don't hesitate to get your, your shopify site going so that you have a b.

How to Link and Connect Shopify to Etsy

how to export and sync your shopify products here etsy shop in just a few easy steps. you'll be surprised how simple this is. so let's get started with the setup. today we'll be using our shopify store as our product source. updates will come from our shopify store. then any changes to shopify will be reflected in the target channel, in our case etsy. i'm choosing shopify as my source. this is where i put my shopify url in nickname. it can be any nickname that i can remember. when i click connect, a shopify pop-up will appear and prompt you to install our export your store app. click here to install. shopify is connected. i click next. we'll be using etsy as our target channel, since this is where we want to sync and export our products to. first i click the etsy logo, then i click connect. the etsy pop-up should be open. if not, just check to make sure it hasn't been blocked by your pop-up blocker on the browser. now we'll tell etsy that you're going to authorize the export your store app. etsy may ask you to log in at first before you can authorize the export. your store app etsy is now connected, so let's click next and choose our sync settings. here we can see our settings. i'll walk you through this very briefly. your first option is to auto fix skus. this is required if you don't have skus on your product or if you want export. your store will automatikally assign skus to all your products. these settings will fix the skus on the source channel, which in our case is shopify. by hovering the cursor over the info button you can learn more. the other options are self-explanatory. i click next to move to the next step. okay, we finished the setup and our products are ready for export. let's get to our products page where we can see all our source products. we need to do a few things before we can export our products to etsy. we want our shopify categories to be the same as our etsy categories, so we'll need to map them prior to exporting. you only need to do this once. i'm clicking here, okay, so we can see that our product is listed in the rings category on shopify. we want to find the etsy category that's closest to my shopify category, the search automatikally selected rings, but you can change the category if you want. now let's look at the search results. let's say i want to map the category to a more generalized category, so i click the check box and mac selected category and then select jewelry. these categories can be remapped at any time. now let's try to export one product to our etsy store. i click export and a pop-up opens: alright, so we need to configure our shipping profile at etsy. a shipping profile is required to list products on etsy. if you do have a shipping profile but it's not shown here most of the time, that's because you have a calculated shipping profile. this needs to be configured differently. if that's the case, you can read how to do it by clicking on the link. if you don't have a shipping profile configured on etsy, you'll have to create one. let's do that now. first we go to the etsy website. then we click settings, then shipping settings, then create a profile. okay. now you need to choose our country, state or region, the zip code and the shipper. this will actually configure the shipping settings on etsy. now we click save and that's it. let's go check to make sure it all worked. open, export your store and hit the refresh for messy button. now we can see the profile loaded to export your store. so we click save. okay. now we click export again. we can see the status is now processing. this will take a few seconds. i should mention that you can do this automatikally for all your products. this means that any product listed on shopify can be listed on etsy automatikally. you can configure this later on in the settings and we are done. okay, the product is now listed on etsy and i'm excited to see how it looks. we can see that the product images have moved over to etsy. the variations look great. oh wait. no, the description doesn't look right. this is probably because shopify uses an html template. i'll show you how we can easily fix this. we can change how the products appear on etsy by selecting the rules section. any field in this section can be manipulated. in this example, we want to manipulate the description field. i want to export only the text between send a message and every purchase of to etsy. so here we assign the start text and there we assign the end text. you can make custom rules for any product or by using any filter you choose, and now we click save. let's update that product description. for this we need to change the settings to override the description on etsy. you can change it or turn it on or off at any time. okay, we're done. now we click update and willa. now it is the exact description i wanted and it looks perfect. all right. in under five minutes and with only a few simple steps, you can expand, export and sync all your products from shopify onto any marketplace. subscribe for more and don't forget to visit us at exportyourstorecom. thanks for watching.

How To Integrate Shopify With Etsy - How To Add Product In SHopify on a new Listing In Etsy

hey everybody, my name is marcus and in this video i'll show you a simple way how you can integrate shopify with etsy, or how you can add a product in shopify on a new listing in etsy. so let's start. the first thing you want to do is scroll down below to the description and click on the link. when you will do it, you'll get on this site called automateidea. automatedio is really good website for connecting multiple apps together, and one of them are shopify and etsy. so you just want to click sign up. and when you're going to click sign up, you want to sign with the gmail, facebook, normal mail- it's really up to you- and then you will be here in dashboard. and when you're going to be in dashboard, you just want to click bots. here in bots, you just want to click create a bot and first connect apps. you just want to write shopify or etsy. it's like, really up to so when something happens in etsy and i'll just authorize it like, let me show you allow access, save, so when there is a new listing in etsy and i'm going to add a shop right in shopify. so this is same if you that you can turn it around like so when there is going to be new product in shopify in etsy, it will create a new listing and you can like add and update the product and now you can simply move things from here to here. so now, if duplicate is found, update, publish status: yes. title: we can go with a listing title here. let's move it like this. i'll just write it: okay. product type: you can go. again, you can. it's optional. you need to like edit, but it's like up to you. so you're going to see height and everything here when there. again, you can add it here if you have it. if you don't, you can edit then. but listing title is kind of like enough and then when you got it, you just need to click save and turning bot on and that's it. that's really it. but it's a premium app, so you need to like start the free trial here. so you need to go like with a seven day free trial and test it out by yourself if it's good or no, if it's working for you but it's like for more people it is working. and if you have any questions, guys right to automate the video. they're really helpful and they will help you with everything. so thank you very much, have a great day and goodbye.