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Published on: December 23 2022 by David Cantero

Even though companies are spending billions of dollars on advertising, they often fail to achieve the desired results. This can be due to several reasons, including ineffective ad campaigns, poor targeting, and lack of understanding of consumer behavior.

Main Points:

1. Ineffective Ad Campaigns:

- Companies often create ads that fail to resonate with their target audience.

- This can be due to a lack of creativity or poor execution.

- The ad may also fail to highlight the unique selling point of the product or service.

2. Poor Targeting:

- Advertisers need to identify their target audience and tailor their ads accordingly.

- Failure to do so can result in ads being shown to the wrong people, leading to wasted resources and a low return on investment.

3. Lack of Understanding of Consumer Behavior:

- Companies need to understand the needs and wants of their target audience to create effective ads.

- This involves analyzing consumer data and conducting market research.

- Failure to do so can result in ads that fail to connect with consumers.

In conclusion, even billion-dollar companies can struggle with creating effective ad campaigns. To avoid this, companies need to focus on creating ads that resonate with their target audience, properly target their ads, and have a deep understanding of consumer behavior. By doing so, they can create ads that not only drive sales but also build brand awareness and loyalty.

- The speaker is a successful entrepreneur who is tired after a long week of pitching and presenting.

- Despite the exhaustion, he emphasizes the importance of building a business and making an impact.

- He notes that big brands have yet to fully embrace social media marketing, leaving an opportunity for smaller businesses to succeed.


- The speaker discusses a recent Under Armour ad that he saw on various platforms.

- He notes that the ad is an example of brand awareness and reaching a wider audience.

- However, he criticizes the company for directing viewers to a complex website without utilizing Facebook pixel or creating custom audiences.

- The speaker explains how creating a custom audience around website visitors can lead to more targeted and successful ads.

- He encourages small business owners to learn from the mistakes of big corporations and use social media advertising to their advantage.

- The speaker emphasizes the importance of testing ads and never giving up on the pursuit of success.

- The speaker ends by encouraging viewers to subscribe to his channel and continue learning about social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and making money online.

- He stresses that small businesses have the opportunity to get ahead of big brands and succeed in the digital age.

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