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Everything You Know About the Learning Phase is WRONG...

Published on: December 6 2022 by Dara Denney

- Learning is a crucial part of human development and growth.

- However, there are misconceptions and myths surrounding the learning process that need to be addressed.

Misconceptions about the Learning Phase:

1. Learning is a linear process

- People often think that learning occurs in a straightforward manner, where one simply acquires knowledge and moves on to the next level.

- In reality, learning is a complex and nonlinear process that involves trial and error, feedback, and reflection.

2. Learning is an individual activity

- Many people believe that learning is a solitary activity that only involves the individual.

- In reality, learning often takes place in social contexts, such as in classrooms, workplaces, and communities.

3. Learning is a passive activity

- Some people think that learning is a passive activity, where one simply absorbs information without actively engaging with it.

- In reality, learning requires active engagement and participation, where one must apply new knowledge and skills to real-world situations.

4. Learning is a one-time event

- Some people believe that learning is a one-time event that occurs at a specific point in time.

- In reality, learning is an ongoing process that continues throughout a person's life.

- Learning is a complex and ongoing process that involves active engagement and participation.

- By understanding the misconceptions surrounding the learning process, we can better support and facilitate effective learning for ourselves and others.

- It's time to dispel the myths and embrace a more comprehensive understanding of the learning phase.

Everything You Know About the Learning Phase is WRONG...

In this video, the speaker addresses the misconceptions and fears surrounding the learning phase on Facebook ads in 2022.

What is the learning phase on Facebook ads?

- The period when the algorithm is still learning about the ad set

- Results may be worse and costs may be higher during this phase

Ways to avoid triggering the learning phase:

- Don't edit your ad until it's out of the learning phase

- Avoid unnecessary edits to the ad set

- Avoid high ad volumes

- Use realistic budgets

What triggers the learning phase?

- Budget and bid cap adjustments at the campaign level

- Any change at the ad level, except potentially changing the ad name

- Targeting, placements, optimization, and other factors at the ad set level

Why the learning phase isn't that important:

- Ads are always in learning regardless of whether or not they're in the learning phase

- The focus should be on creating good creatives and adjusting budgets based on performance

- Triggering the learning phase is necessary to inject new creative into ad campaigns and improve performance

The learning phase on Facebook ads shouldn't be feared or overemphasized. Instead, marketers should focus on creating good creatives and adjusting budgets based on performance to improve ad campaigns.

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