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Published on: December 25 2022 by The Facebook Disrupter

- Broad targeting is a marketing strategy that aims to reach a large audience with diverse interests

- It can be effective in generating brand awareness and attracting new customers

- However, it may not be suitable for all businesses and can result in lower conversion rates

- In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about broad targeting

Benefits of Broad Targeting:

- Reaches a large audience with diverse interests

- Generates brand awareness and exposure

- Attracts new customers who may not have been targeted otherwise

- Can be cost-effective compared to narrow targeting

Limitations of Broad Targeting:

- May result in lower conversion rates

- Less specific targeting may lead to wasted ad spend

- May not be suitable for businesses with niche products or services

Tips for Effective Broad Targeting:

- Use demographic and geographic targeting to narrow down the audience

- Utilize interest targeting to reach people with similar interests

- Test different ad creatives to see what resonates with the audience

- Continuously monitor and adjust targeting strategies to optimize results

- Broad targeting can be a useful strategy for businesses looking to reach a large audience

- However, it is important to consider the limitations and potential drawbacks before implementing this strategy

- By utilizing targeting options and continuously testing and adjusting, businesses can optimize their results and achieve success with broad targeting.

Everything You Need to Know About Broad Targeting

- Many people misunderstand what broad targeting is and why it is the most powerful option available when running Facebook ads.

- We will break down how it works, why it is effective, and how it can help you scale your business in a way that makes Facebook easy.

What is Broad Targeting?

- Broad targeting utilizes only age, gender, and location to restrict the available impressions for any ad to be delivered to.

- Adding other options for your audience like interests and behaviors will cost more and result in higher CPMS and a smaller pool of available impressions.

Why Broad Targeting is Effective:

- Audiences do not do the targeting; they are premium-priced restrictions on available users that any ad could be shown to.

- Broad targeting allows for algorithmic alignment with your business partner, which is essential for a successful ad account.

- Using audiences results in paying extra money, more work, worse results, and impaired incremental lifts.

How Facebook Works:

- Facebook's unfair advantage is its machine learning algorithm with over a decade of user data on the vast majority of people in the world and their buying behavior.

- Facebook uses trillions of data points and purchase behavior history to condition users to take desired actions.

Why Creative Testing is Important:

- Creative testing against a broad audience produces the highest value and highest confidence asset that can be leveraged to the greatest extent for our business objectives at scale.

- Testing against other types of audiences like interest groups and lookalikes results in paying extra money for less scalable results.

How to Scale:

- Finding ads that work against a completely stable audience makes it easier to invest more with a projectable outcome with high confidence.

- Broad targeting should be the absolute foundation of every account where scale, success, confidence, and long-term stability are a priority.

- Using broad targeting is the most effective and efficient way to run Facebook ads and scale your business.

- Don't waste money on audiences that inhibit the projectability and stability of your business outcomes.

- Embrace broad targeting and algorithmic alignment with Facebook for the best possible results.

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