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evolution vegan pet food shopify

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

Music everybody, it's time for another Shopify store review! Today, we'll be looking at Crown and Paw, a personalized pet product store. In this article, we'll explore why you should pay attention to them, what you can learn from them, and why they're doing so well in a competitive space.

Unique Personalization:

Crown and Paw stands out with their unique style of personalized pet products. They turn pet photos into illustrated portraits with a Renaissance masterpiece twist. This style is their special sauce and makes them stand out in the personalized pet product space.

High Margins and Profit:

Crown and Paw's business model is print on demand, which means there's no upfront inventory costs and no risk. They have a high margin and profit, making them profitable even with different types of advertising. In the pet lover space, Crown and Paw is a brand to watch closely.

Heavy Use of User Generated Content:

Crown and Paw does an excellent job of integrating user-generated content throughout their site. They have close to 5,000 reviews, each with photo and sometimes video attached. They use this user-generated content in their product images and on their homepage, which is incredibly powerful.

Easy to Replicate:

Setting up a personalized pet product store like Crown and Paw is easy to replicate. You need to set up a Shopify store, install print on demand, and an app for customer uploads. Then, all you need is a great designer to create the personalized pet products.

Unique Branding:

Crown and Paw has a unique style of branding with a vintage, fancy, and humorous twist. Their clever product names and unique style make them stand out in a competitive space.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Crown and Paw's site is optimized for conversion rate optimization. They integrate reviews and user-generated content throughout their site, making it easy for customers to see the quality of their products. They also have a simple and straightforward checkout process, making it easy for customers to complete their purchases.

Crown and Paw is an excellent example of a successful Shopify store in a competitive space. They have a unique style of personalized pet products, high margins and profit, heavy use of user-generated content, and a simple site optimized for conversion rate optimization. If you're interested in the pet lover space, pay attention to Crown and Paw and learn from their success.

How I Find $1000/day Winning Products For My Dropshipping Store (Shopify Product Research 2023)

In this article, the author discusses the process of finding successful Facebook ads for dropshipping products. The article includes an introduction explaining the purpose of the article and the importance of finding successful products, followed by bullet points and subheadings for each step of the process. The author emphasizes the importance of validation and provides tools for finding successful ads, including the My Ad Finder Chrome extension and the DropSpy tool. Additionally, the author stresses the importance of profitability and recommends buying products for at least twenty dollars and selling them for at least thirty dollars. The article concludes by summarizing the main points and emphasizing the potential for success in dropshipping with the right research and strategy.


In this video, the speaker discusses the top five winning products and emphasizes the importance of creativity in e-commerce. The first product she shares is Air Up, which offers flavored pods that enhance the taste and scent of water. She highlights the branding and affordable pricing of the product, and showcases an influencer who promotes it effectively on Instagram. The second product is shapewear from Shapermint, which offers a variety of options for different parts of the body. The speaker suggests checking the product prices and variances before selling them, and shows how the website's branding is simple and effective. The other winning products include a facial massage device, a phone holder for cars, and a portable blender. The speaker concludes by encouraging viewers to find their own winning products and to use influencers to promote them.

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - Launching A Store From Scratch

In this article, Brian from Tactical Investing provides a Shopify tutorial for beginners. He explains how to navigate Shopify, create a Shopify store from scratch, and do the technical tasks such as connecting the store to a domain name and finding suppliers. Brian emphasizes the importance of picking a niche and branding the domain. He suggests brainstorming ideas and researching suppliers before making a decision. Brian recommends using worldwide brands or Google to find dropship suppliers. He advises having backup suppliers in case of issues with the primary supplier. Brian also recommends hiring a developer to customize the Shopify store and getting a logo from Ads30. He uses the example of setting up a massage chair store and shows how to add products and images. Lastly, Brian suggests using AI paraphrasing tools to rewrite product descriptions and saving images in a separate folder for each business.

How to grow a Shopify store? | Jason Kutasi | Richpanel | Ecommerce | DTC

- Jason, CEO of Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream, discusses ways to make more money through Direct to Consumer sales

Options to Make More Money:

- Reduce CAC (customer acquisition cost)

- Reduce COGS (cost of goods sold)

- Increase CLV (customer lifetime value)

Difficulty of Reducing CAC and COGS:

- CPMs are rising

- Shipping costs are increasing

- Squeezing the last penny out of customers doesn't make a significant impact

Increasing CLV:

- Get customers to order again

- Increase product quality or efficacy

- Offer a larger catalog

- Improve customer journey and service experience

Importance of Customer Service:

- Respond to customer problems and complaints

- Make the customer service experience easy and enjoyable

- Delight the customer by going above and beyond to fix the problem

Richpanel Integration:

- Self-segmentation and workflow automation improved customer service experience

- CLV increased from 55 to 70 over 12 months

- Reorder rates increased by 4x

- Customer service staff was cut in half, saving a six-figure amount over a year

- 400,000 5-star reviews were received in the last 24 months

- Improving the customer service experience can significantly increase CLV and lead to long-term success in Direct to Consumer sales. Richpanel's automation and workflows were instrumental in achieving success for Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream.

Web Design vs Wix vs Wordpress vs Shopify?

Hey guys, welcome to the vlog! Today we're going to talk about the future of web design in 2018. A common question I get asked is whether or not web design is at risk because of tools like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. Are these tools going to make web design obsolete?

The short answer is no. While these tools may make it easy for non-professionals to create basic websites, there is much more to web design than just layout. Web design is constantly evolving, driven by changes in technology. In the past, web design involved hand-coding, but now we have programs like Dreamweaver and content management systems like WordPress. These changes have brought about a shift in the skills required for web design.

However, web designers are still very much in demand. While tools like Wix and Shopify may simplify certain aspects of web design, they cannot replace the skills and expertise of a professional web designer. Business owners still need web professionals to help them with search engine optimization, web marketing strategy, and other important aspects of web design.

In fact, there are now jobs for professional Wix and Shopify developers. These tools are simply new tools that can help web professionals speed up the process of building websites. As with any tool, it's important to understand the fundamentals of web design and development to make the most of these new tools.

In conclusion, web design is not at risk of becoming obsolete. While there may be shifts in the skills required for web design, web professionals are still very much in demand. Tools like Wix and Shopify can help speed up the process of building websites, but they cannot replace the skills and expertise of a professional web designer. So, don't see these tools as a threat, but rather as a new tool in your web design toolbox. Thanks for watching!


In this article, we will discuss ways to make your Shopify store stand out from the competition. We will cover various features that can be added to your store to make it unique and engaging for your customers. So, let's dive right in!

1. Instagram Stories Widget

- Add an Instagram Stories bar to your Shopify store using In Bed Social widgets.

- Choose how you want your Instagram Stories to be previewed on your website.

- Even if you didn't post for the day, the story will still be there on your Shopify store.

2. TikTok Videos on Your Shopify Store

- Add a TikTok app to your Shopify store to embed any TikTok video.

- You can use this feature to showcase customer video testimonials or influencer collaborations.

- A great way to add social proof to your website and show that other people are using your product.

3. Virtual Try-On Features

- The Glasses and Accessories Try-On app allows customers to try on glasses and accessories virtually.

- Another app for virtual try-on fashion is also available.

- As technology advances, more products can be added to these virtual try-on features.

4. Shop the Trend Category

- Fashion Nova uses a Shop the Trend category on their website.

- Use other people's buying habits to make more sales.

- A great way to keep up with current trends and offer your customers what they want.

By incorporating these features into your Shopify store, you can make it stand out and engage your customers in a unique way. From Instagram Stories to virtual try-on features, the possibilities are endless. So, get creative and make your store unforgettable!

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