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examples of dropshipping websites

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

The Top 9 Dropshipping Website Examples For Building eCommerce Stores 💻

hey drop Trippers and welcome back to,our YouTube channel in today's video,we're going to be going over the top,nine Drop Shipping websites that every,drop shipper should know about we'll be,listing these nine Drop Shipping,websites and their secrets as to what,makes them so special for us,dropshippers and we'll be going through,some of the top website Builders to use,for your drop shipping stores so stay,tuned have your notes ready and without,further Ado let's jump straight into,this video,[Music],so before we dive straight into the nine,winning job shipping websites let's,first understand what exactly A Drop,Shipping website is so Drop Shipping,website basically showcases our brand,and the products that we offer to our,customers and when you have an optimal,website you can scale your online store,rise above your competition and attain,long-term success so in a nutshell that,is what A Drop Shipping website is do,remember if you'd like to find out more,information about the topic that I'm,discussing in this video you can check,out the artikle of our blog page which,is linked in the description box below,our blog page is filled with so much,content and you'll be able to find,anything Drop Shipping related so make,sure to check that out okay so let's,jump straight into the nine winning Drop,Shipping websites and what makes them,the best first up we have,fiveseconds.net which is a general Drop,Shipping Store when you first access,their website you'll notike they have,easy navigation as well as a clean and,professional look to have a great,product variety with plenty of,selections from categories such as Home,Goods toys jewelry and consumer,electronics what's better is that they,also have a best seller section where,most of their popular products are,listed in addition to that five,seconds.net ships to more than 200,countries and they have an average,shipping time of 10 to 20 business days,if buyers do not want a product or there,is too much of a delay in shipping,5seconds.net does offer free returns,they also have a live chat options where,consumers can contact a representative,and they can solve their problems,instantly as for five seconds marketing,they have a separate section for blog,artikles these SEO blog artikles help,five seconds start need to rank well on,search pages and as a result that draws,more traffic to our sites another great,thing to note about five seconds.nets is,that they update the consumers about,coupons and promotions through email,marketing as we all know email marketing,is a great way to reach out to your,existing customers or spread the word,about a product or service that you'd,like to promote by email so we've,discussed email marketing but let's look,at some of the Drop Shipping apps that,5seconds.net utilizes so we know that,customer feedback and surveys are two of,the ways that can give us insight into,consumer Behavior one of the ways to,automate the customer feedback and,Survey process is by utilizing the Drop,Shipping app called chimp another tool,that we can use is rank math which is a,WordPress plugin this plugin allows,store owners to optimize their content,using built-in suggestions as for tidio,this is a great Drop Shipping app which,is a marketing automation tool with live,chat features next up on our list is,dark Podi and this website is a Drop,Shipping Niche store catering to,customers looking for unique dog,merchandise this store offers a wide,variety of dog-related merchandise that,goes beyond just dog toys and leashes so,this beautiful website's logo,communicates the message in celebration,of our dogs which shows that the company,cares about their customers furry,friends or fur babies dark party also,has a simple user interface which makes,it easy for us to navigate around on,their websites and they shift majority,of their products between 4 to 14,working days a great thing to note is,that they offer free shipping for orders,above 50 and all orders are trackable,via their national shipping careers,which is USPS Australia and Canada Post,doc party also has a separate FAQ page,frequently asked questions and this page,provides purchases returns and shipping,information when it comes to dog parties,marketing they have over 300 000 likes,on Facebook with a few viral videos and,the company is extremely active on odd,social media channels because of their,consistent online presence they have,created a successful Community just for,dog lovers make sure to also check out,dogporty's friendly and informative Blog,Page this is where they address majority,of their frequently asked questions in,relation to dogs to ease dog produce,operations they utilize the following,Drop Shipping apps quantity discount,which is a Dropship thing app for,customers who'd like to purchase more,than one product we also have the app,product customizer which you can utilize,to add options variants and,customizations to your products easily,and the other Drop Shipping app that,they utilize is McAfee secure which is a,tool that websites use to certify that,their stores are in fact credible our,next Drop Shipping website is warmly,Decor which is a website catering,specifically to home decor products,their product range includes items from,the lighting bathroom and Furniture,categories warmly decor's branding and,theme were mainly designed to promote,high-end home decor items their website,has an elegant look to provide an,upscale feel to its customers majority,of their products are priced between,various price ranges but the average,cost of products is around about 300,this means that they're essentially,utilizing the high tiket Drive shipping,model as we know High tiket Drop,Shipping focuses on selling premium,products for more than a hundred dollars,which in turn allows us to earn a higher,profits in terms of marketing womanly,Decor generates majority of their,website traffic from advertisements on,Pinterest and as we know Pinterest is an,ideal social media platform for,lifestyle products they have over 87 000,followers and generates about 10 million,views from their Pinterest posts they,also run Facebook ads and as we know,Facebook ads is one of the most popular,marketing tools for dropshippers a good,thing to note about warmly Decor is that,they provide worldwide shipping with an,easy return policy and most importantly,warmly Decor pays for the return,shipping of products not the customers,as for Drop Shipping apps normally Decor,utilizes the app push all notifications,which is to help retain customers who,previously visited the store by sending,them a web push notification the other,two Drop Shipping apps that they utilize,is currency converter and trusted sites,trusted site provide trust badges that,help customers identify the credibility,of drop shipping stores when they're,shopping online line our next Drop,Shipping category is Inspire uplift,which provides product categories,consisting of home and garden tools,Kitchen products Beauty and wellness,products pet supplies and so much more,so when you enter Inspire uplifts,website they have a display Banner which,provides free shipping 24 7 live chat,options as well as the number of,customers that they have served their,product pages are relatively simple they,consist of detailed product descriptions,high quality images as well as photo,reviews Inspire uplift provides a,comprehensive customer support system,through their FAQ Pages as well as the,hub center because of these two features,customers can easily find answers to the,queries such as queries surrounding the,orders shipping and returns their,companies also really active on popular,social media platforms such as Pinterest,and Facebook where they have around 2.5,million followers on Pinterest and about,6 million likes on Facebook in terms of,inspire uplifts marketing they utilize,the blog page with a freaking the upload,artikles and they utilize an affiliate,influencer program where they,compensates influencers for each sale,they gener

Reviewing 7 Actual Shopify Dropshipping Stores (Real Examples)

a few days ago i put up a poll on my,instagram story asking those of you who,are interested to submit your shopify,dropshipping stores for video in which i,would then review and kind of critique,those stores this is that video whether,or not your store actually ends up being,in this video I think there's gonna be a,lot of valuable takeaways and ideas for,everybody and it's also just super,interesting to see what other people who,are just getting to the drop shipping,space are doing so I'm really hyped for,this one yo what's good guys it's your,boy be ahead and I know I'm not the,person who thought of this whole concept,of reviewing subscriber drop shipping,stores so before we get into this we do,have to pay respect to the founding,fathers of the drop shipping YouTube,game now that that's out of the way,let's go ahead and jump into these,stores and I'm gonna be viewing all of,these stores in mobile of you because,that's why you should be optimizing your,website for how are you gonna advertise,your drop shipping store probably,through social media how do people use,social media on their phone it's about,98 percent of all the traffic on your,website is gonna be coming from one,mobile view if you're getting into,Shopify drop shipping and you're,spending more time optimizing your,website for a desktop view rather than a,mobile view Skol congratulations you,played yourself and if I'm being too,harsh on a store that you submitted for,this video I apologize in advance just,know everything that I say in this video,comes out of a place of love and,constructive critikism first up on the,chopping block we got the man the myth,the legend deewan Mons submitting a,store called the mini pause calm first,thing I'm gonna say even before we judge,this website is that pretty much,everybody and their mom submitted of,websites selling fake earpods at this,point it's selling this product is not,the move if you're just getting to drop,shipping I definitely would not,recommend that you go for this product,it would have been a great idea to jump,on this product about one and a half,years ago when it was just popping off,but at this point the supply outweighs,the demand for this product however I,still wanted to show this website,because it actually has some really nice,aspects to it first up the domain is,great the mini pod is calm it's very,easy to pronounce very easy to remember,the logo looks sleek and also the,product images these these look great a,lot of people we use Aliexpress product,images that have writing on them and,it's got bad grammar they're blurry,however these this person choose some,great product images they look very,professional and really nice and when,you scroll down you got the title of the,product you got the price and this part,of the website I do not like the fact,that he used an emoji I wouldn't I would,never recommend anybody uses emojis on,their website because it looks very,unprofessional I mean think about the,biggest businesses the biggest,ecommerce brands out there they don't,use emojis on their websites in their,product descriptions because it looks it,looks very unprofessional but then let's,scroll down further you got a sales,timer I'm personally not a fan of sales,timer I think at this point they're,overused everybody and it just makes the,website look like a scam but here's the,part that I really want to show you guys,and that's the product description,itself it looks beautiful this is,exactly what you want as a product,description,he's got gifts pictures and words all,mixed together in a very neat and,orderly fashion that easily conveys to,the customer what this product does the,features of the products there's no,super long paragraphs anywhere and it's,very easy to understand and it appealing,to the eyes and then you scroll down and,you got the reviews here he used a lot,of reviews that have pictures on them,which is great that's a good move so,final verdict for this website I think,it looks amazing but the problem is with,the product I think if you were to apply,everything that you know about website,design and build this kind of website,for a better product I think you can go,really far with the drop shipping and,make a ton of money next up we got the,homie Scott Franklin with his website,watch Osho Calm he's 17,just trying to make a buck aren't we all,I'm gonna go ahead and assume that Scott,isn't completely done with this website,so I'm gonna I'm gonna flame him too,hard but first up we got the Wachau shop,calm domain and then we got the name of,the store watch Oh shopping cept it,doesn't have a t so I don't know if that,was purposeful or you forgot to pop a T,in there I believe the name of the,website is written in a basic stok font,that comes with this Shopify theme so,you're gonna want to change that up,maybe get a logo or at least write it in,a cool font or something like that not,sure if the spark even sells but these,are the type of Aliexpress images that,are toking about earlier that you don't,really want to use you don't want to use,the images that have the text on them as,you can see some of them are cut off it,doesn't look very sleek and it's the,first thing that people see when they,land on your product page you really,want to take your time on the product,images and select the most high-quality,ones you can find and then actually go,step further and pop them into Photoshop,edit them a little bit make them look,even nicer because again it's the first,thing that people see you want to have,good product images and then we scroll,down a little bit we got the price and,this right here is a very common mistake,that I see a lot of people make when,they're first getting into drop shipping,and it's these options right here people,don't realize that if you have more than,one option for your product you can go,ahead and switch over to a drop-down,menu rather than just having a bunch of,these options scattered everywhere it,doesn't look sleek if you have it,honestly if you have more than two or,three options for your product I would,go ahead and recommend that you switch,over to the drop-down menu it's going to,look a lot,nicer scrolling further down you got a,sales timer again I'm not a fan of these,countdown clock timers the stok thing,only 18 left in stok I think that,actually works pretty well and having a,stok countdown I'm okay with but the,sales timer it just looks like a scam I,would personally not recommend people,put a sales timer on their page and then,we got the product description and you,and you just absolutely cannot get away,with this type of thing in 2019 2020,it's got stuff like style trendy shape,pattern ball that's not a real product,description it's just the product,specifications that were copied from,Aliexpress you got it you got to write,more than that you gotta have some gifts,some images on there you want to,describe the product you want to,convince somebody to buy the product and,this isn't gonna do that but then you do,have some reviews to have pictures which,is great so honestly I like how simple,this website is I like that you have the,reviews but it's still it's still gonna,require a lot more work something like,this could have probably worked in the,completely very early beginning days of,drop shipping when there weren't a ton,of drop shipping in stores out there,instead of competition but at this point,in time this this is just isn't gonna,work you gotta have a very branded very,sleek design you gotta you got to put in,a little more work than this next up on,the price is right we got Jonathan with,his website wwlp.com,come on down and by the way I'm only,gonna be reviewing the product pages in,this video I'm not gonna focus on the,rest of the website because the product,page is the most important part that's,what you're gonna use as your landing,page and that's what the customer,actually sees most of the time a lot of,your customers aren't even gonna go away,and explore the rest of your website so

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Reviewing 5 Actual Shopify Dropshipping Stores (Real Examples)

ari you never review drop shipping,stores anymore all you're reviewing,nowadays are these big ass brands that,have crazy budgets what happened to good,old drop shipping stores that's just,deep bro that's deep well you guys know,i'm a man of the people and today i'm,answering your please in this video,we're going to be reviewing five,different drop shipping stores this is,basically gonna be a critique and after,doing so many videos studying successful,ecommerce brands it's gonna be quite,interesting seeing the difference,between those brands and these drop,shipping stores so usually the way that,i find successful shopify stores is by,going to google typing in,myip.ms shopify and the first search,result here is a database of every,single shopify store ranked by traffic,so of course myshopify.com is number one,you see fashion nova up here they're,literally a billion dollar company jim,shark again another billion dollar,company and these are kind of the top,dogs this is kind of the reigning champs,of the e-commerce world and honestly,finding drop shipping stores on here is,actually quite hard because there's not,really going to be any drop shipping,stores that place in the top 10 at least,not from what i've seen what the,stop playing,what the is that where was the, net so i had to use the software,called sales source they're not,sponsoring this video or anything this,is just the only way that i know to,easily find some drop shipping stores,and as you can see they got a cool,little filter where you can do either,all stores or you can do uh drop,shipping stores and as you see it says,that i can't analyze any more stores,because i'm only on the basic plan,however you can still see the domain,names of the stores and i use similar,web usually which is free to analyze,stores so we don't really need anything,but this plan at least for this video's,purpose however if you do want to use,this tool for a similar purpose i do,have an affiliate link that i signed up,for on here in case you want to support,the channel but anyways here we got all,the five stores that we're gonna be,reviewing and it's kind of interesting,because they all look kind of similar in,a lot of ways or they at least all have,characteristiks that make them very,similar to me so let's start with the,first one let's not waste any more time,here first store it's called wings,e-store so this is a canadian store,wingsbc.ca and when we filtered on sale,source it said that this store was,driving 688,000 monthly visitors it doesn't show me,that on similar web because they're a,fairly new store but anyway sales source,said that they have 2.1 000 products so,this is for sure what you would call a,general store this is like a mini amazon,and what's kind of cool about this is,that they actually have a lot of,different products and they've seemed to,actually take in the drop shipping model,to the next level by even adding some,like big brand products to their store,like wholesaling big brand products as,you can see they got like ruffles all,dressed ruffles that's actually crazy i,know that that's a canadian flavor we,don't have those in the us and then they,have other local delivery ones so they,got a lot of cool stuff going on i,actually kind of with this i think,this is a great way to take the drop,shipping model and just really take it,to the next level without necessarily,building out like a niche brand or,anything i mean they they definitely,didn't overthink it here they just kind,of went with what was working probably,and just doubled down on it and got to,the point that they're at today so super,impressive now when you click shop now,it takes you to this they definitely got,to fix that and let's look at these,because i know stuff like this can,sometimes be pretty appealing to people,so you know it kind of looks like they,just imported products directly from,aliexpress you can see that it says it,ships from spain china czech republic,and france so it's kind of similar to,the way that aliexpress works this is,the debutify theme which is actually one,of my favorite themes right now as well,and it's basically free to use so that's,really cool i also have an affiliate,link for that in the description if you,want to support the channel but yeah,another thing that is noteworthy is that,they don't really use reviews i don't,see any reviews on the website even for,like these sorts of products that you,would think are super trendy they don't,use any reviews and they're pretty,traditional drop shipping stores i'm not,gonna lie but the main difference is,that they also sell household brand,names they got kirkland brand named,products as well that's pretty crazy,that reminds me of costco so yeah this,is brand number one kind of crazy kind,of interesting not super noteworthy and,as you can see not really doing much,when it comes to their social media,presence my guess is that they're just,really really capitalizing on ads and,just having a ton of different products,so that's interesting there goes brand,number one moving on to drop shipping,store number two here is fab.com,now first of all i gotta give y'all some,respect here fab.com is a super clean,domain name i'm sure this domain name,alone is probably worth at least five,figures so that's pretty cool and this,is actually dope because what they're,doing is sharing products that they love,so they try to only source and share,products that are organically made,ethically source blah blah so pretty,cool just building a brand with products,that they really feel connected to which,this is actually like a really dope way,to use the drop shipping model and cater,it to your own needs so for example what,this person is doing is they're drop,shipping products that they see actually,fit their brand and that they actually,believe in so i'm sure that they're,partnered with a lot of local suppliers,probably they've probably reached out to,like a bunch of local businesses to see,if they can drop ship their products and,this is the stuff that you can do once,you build skills in the e-commerce world,and that's why i'm always like the most,important thing you need to do is learn,skills but yeah this is just a really,cool example i don't see them using a,lot of reviews so i'm guessing it's kind,of similar to the other deal where,they're just probably driving a ton of,traffic to a ton of different products,and sales source actually says that they,drive 2.2 million monthly visitors i,can't see that with similar web so i,can't really confirm nor deny that,that's true but you know i'm gonna go,ahead and trust this spy tool and,honestly with that domain name i'm sure,that they're getting a lot of organic,traffic as well now let's take a look at,their social media super quick just to,see what's going on here oh so they're,actually verified brand and they have a,lot of followers that's super cool,doesn't seem like they're getting a ton,of engagement but you know what's cool,about instagram is that you can actually,disable your likes now so people can't,see how many likes your pictures get,which is kind of an interesting change,and yeah pretty cool brand i mean super,simple i think they're using the turbo,theme this was one of my favorite themes,before but it's kind of expensive it's,like 350 bucks but it is really fast so,i guess it really depends on what you're,looking for but yeah a really cool brand,i like that they have this like spend 50,or more to enjoy free shipping and just,to confirm that they actually are drop,shipping if you go to their shipping,section it says your purchases may come,from various locations and may arrive to,you in more than one package so this is,basically what you have to do if you're,drop shipping from different suppliers,and another reason why i prefer to stik,to a niche so then i can just have like,one supplier for everything makes,everything more streamlined in my,opinion but you definitely don't have to,do that obviously and if this is right,then they'

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Dropshipping Website Examples : What are Some Examples of Small Drop Shipping Sites?

hey what's a fella dropshipping website,example digital dog.com,this is today dropshipping web's example,before we get into this training before,we get into this video,let me quickly promote myself my name is,Jack McDonald are on this beautiful,youtube channel all about fitting,websites studying businesses online all,that kind of stuff,I put a link in the description so just,take the moment do me a favor,just go there and subscribe it just very,quickly but this is Shopify Shopify is,the name drop shipping is the game this,channel it's all about Shopify on the,channel the video with the worst,thumbnail is the most fantastik drop,shipping of food free poster for you to,check out and create your brand new drop,shipping store that's going to look,exactly just like digital doubles okay,before we get any further dog I'm gonna,have to say that you can tag me at the,end of this video to ko5 if you have,that sense of a gratitude will go on,koat.com buy me a coffee and that's be,and that be your way to say thank you,okay so if you feel it's not a must but,if you have that sense of gratitude you,can show you a gradual on ko5 calm now,that being said as I said this is the,free training term that'll get you to,have your a drop shipping business,online in less than one hour just like,digital dog or ready to accept order,really with the products you will know,how to get how to get customers it's all,it's all listen it's all in this it's,all in this training I put a link in the,description don't get caught up in the,numbers there are so many courses out,there for beginners for new youtubers is,really a challenge you know YouTube is,making it a really challenge for us to,shine and that's understandable yeah put,a link in description I've toked more,about this training in just a few,minutes at the end of this video now,let's get to the dropshipping website,example digital dog or calm and once,again the purpose of this is just to,inspire you okay just to inspire you to,take,action and start your dropshipping a,business today okay so digital dog oh,it's a pretty um as you can see the,first thing when when we study a,dropshipping example the first thing we,want to do is to find out the theme that,they you're running okay so to do this,um I go to watch Doh theme calm and as,you can see digital calm the theme name,is gecko,okay gecko if you go to a theme forest,on the upper link in the description,easy a Shopify theme of 59 bucks okay,which is not much actually okay so um is,a awesome theme so if you if you were if,you were wondering what theme you should,go for for your first dropshipping a,business well that's an idea obviously I,do not recommend it because there's a,bunch of free themes that you can choose,from from the Shopify for instance let's,go to Shopify calm and let's say Shopify,themes okay I just go shopping IM,directory and Shopify firm directory if,you go to website templates of a,template that's a bunch of free themes,you can choose from okay so I'm just,gonna scroll down if this thing Lowe's,and as you can see okay we have a bunch,of free themes we got jump start I use,jump stuff for a lot of my businesses,venture is my favorite one we got,boundless boundless is amazing jump,start as we said Debu it's pretty,awesome so that's a bunch of free themes,that you can choose don't get caught up,in using a premium theme so a premium,theme okay but I just wanted to show you,that the first thing is to find out what,theme they are using on the um yeah only,example on the dropshipping website,example that we that we go for then the,second thing that we gotta find out is,how um how old is the the business okay,now to do this and you can go back to,the exchange,marketplace them which is the place,where I got the idea of digital digital,hum and you will see if you scroll down,the bottom besides a find out the the,the age of the domain you find the,traffic and performance expenses sale,includes sellers advisor because this,drop shipping business is on sale okay,so on to find out them how old is it,domain you go to IP location down there,and you will see that this website is,not even a 160 days old so it's pretty,new which is a good news means that,there's some inertia the dognition,especially the yeah the ball collar and,leash is a awesome trending nation so,then secondly obviously you can go,through these um through these a website,pretty quickly and you will see them,disarmed this is a this is a business,model working right now it's a they take,the other products that they take they,take it straight from Aliexpress um,which they don't have to pay for any any,any any inventory upfront because you,can do it just you import a bunch of,products on your on your on your store,and yeah this is pretty much what I have,for you today you know this is the,business it's a digital calm is in the a,dog Nisha,buh-buh-buh-buh-buh for dog,excuse me sometimes my English is not as,perfect as he should,so for yeah for both collar and leash,this is a awesome theme this is an,awesome amazing and company to be honest,with you if you wanna if you want to,know more information about this on,deegeu.com is actually on sale right now,and this is what I do for a living you,know I build stores up by stores and now,recently it's called digital,your state now if you want to build a a,website a business a drop shipping,business just like digital dog oh please,please feel free to hop on the email,list I put a link in the description I,will give you I will give you this whole,course for free this is a full course,that I have a Bellini it is complete I,mean I'm not giving you smoke okay this,is our I will never do that,you know it's nonsense but this is a,complete training they will take you,from A to Z and most of all even if you,don't want to do this if you even even,though you don't want to take action on,him I will definitely once you put your,email in him,I will give you this whole drop shipping,business starter pack okay,the first is a bunch of guides that will,take you a really to zero to you know,how much money you want to make how I,biz my profitable drop shipping business,in twelve in fourteen days without,spending any money on ads is the one,that I recommend because it's the one,that I chose them and it's the one that,I followed and really I started my,business in 14 days without spending a,dime obviously that's also starting your,first e-commerce business drop shipping,business FAQ drop shipping store and the,drop shipping business launch pack all,right so just to wrap up this video my,name is Jack McDonald so I want to,Shopify the name YouTube channel so,please feel free to subscribe to hit the,little notification button,I just wanted to notify you on this,digital dog or a drop ship in the,business is live is working the niche is,a bow of a dog's unleash the business is,actually on the sale and yeah guys this,is pretty much what I have for you today,digital comma go ahead check it out it's,an awesome business for more information,put put some comments in the description,down below,in my email on top of these videos of,you for you to send me an email but uh,please you to hop on the list hop on the,email list or I'll give you the whole,drop shipping business drop shipping,business starter pack all at once into,your inbox yeah bye bye,ChaCha

31. 5 High Ticket Dropshipping Website Examples — The Dropship Podcast

welcome to the dropship podcast where,you'll learn how to build and grow a,high tiket drop shipping business and,hear stories from successful e-commerce,entrepreneurs let's kick this thing off,[Music],hey welcome to the dropship podcast,another tactikal tuesday episode and we,were doing some keyword research to,determine you know where do we go with,this podcast what other keywords can we,hit that people are searching for and,one we kept stumbling across was drop,shipping website examples or high tiket,examples uh and and i thought back to,2014 before i had ever started my,journey and i thought the same thing i,would hear you know a guru or two maybe,mention like a niche that they thought,was good or a market and then i'm like,what does that even look like and of,course no one ever mentioned their,websites back then most people still,don't and maybe that's a good thing,maybe it's not,but,i wanted to see a website i wanted to,know what it looked like before i ever,started which is you know probably the,wrong thing to do i should have started,and worried about it as i went along but,i really wanted to see one so if you're,one of those people you're wanting to,know hey where can i go look at a,website john and i are going to give you,five of them today that we've had our,hands on and and give you something to,go look at absolutely yeah um i think,you're right it's uh,sometimes i think people can struggle,with sort of getting their head around,like what does one of these businesses,actually look like because the notion of,high tiket and all of that for a lot of,people is that is it is a new thing um,and,you know i think some people struggle to,kind of believe that,you can have a site just based on you,know more expensive products and of,course we know you absolutely can and,yeah these uh examples there's some,interesting examples here so uh let's,let's jump into these yeah and a few,we've toked about before i don't know,if we ever gave a link so i'm gonna put,a link to,each one of these five in the show notes,so you can go check them out uh the,first being one you'll definitely need a,link for unless you uh you want to go,search for it yourself on the wayback,machine this is my first ever website,the 3dprinterguy.com,i built and sold this business in less,than a year i sold it for one year's,salary at the walmart distribution,center one of the greatest days of my,life i sold it to a group of dudes who a,couple months later had ran it into the,ground threatened to sue me threatened,to sue empire flippers uh and joe does,that is that the right name joe i,believe it's joe he uh he basically told,the off on the phone call and hung,up on him and i was like that's,that's badass dude that's nice toking,to you they were yelling for a little,bit anyway that's my first sight though,so if you want to go look at it i think,i did a pretty good job i built it on,retina i definitely made the the image,you land on way too big so you don't see,anything until you scroll for a mile but,i don't know i think i did a pretty good,job for my worst first website but,boy would i love to go back and like do,all the things so you're going to see a,progression on on the three that i'm,mentioning that i had my hands on as far,as like hey ben got a little bit better,over time uh so uh this one you know,this one there's a lot of nostalgia,there for me but i think it could have,been a lot better that's for sure would,you do 3d printers again ben that is a,that's a great question uh i think so i,know,one of the,you know how we've toked about,distributors in the past john like don't,work with a middleman right in in that,industry it wasn't necessarily like a,distributor it was a,company called win it,w-i-w-y-n-n-i-t they're out of business,too but they,were kind of like the go-to source where,all the 3d printer companies would send,their stuff and you had to work with win,it in order to ship it and so like that,three doodler pen i sold a boatload of,those 80 pens with like i made 25 bucks,per pen which is pretty good for a low,tiket item uh and i sold a ton of those,and shipped them from winit and a few,other companies i did well um eventually,i went direct with some of those,companies and got better margins but the,companies outside of that that took a,little while to get a little longer to,get on board makerbot i believe was,is or was the biggest company airwolf as,well if those companies are still,selling like they sold before and,there's not there's still very little,competition then i think i would like,that airwolf,uh i don't even know what they have it's,probably out of date by now but their,airwolf axiom two,was five thousand dollars,i made a thousand dollars everyone i,sold and there wasn't really any,competition like i you know worked,really really hard to get those guys on,board i don't think anybody else had,them on board so yeah i think i would if,the if the numbers still lined up i,think i would go back in there and and,more so you know me john,do you care about this i didn't,know anything people would call and,leave a message and i would go to google,and google their answer and then call,them back and then if they asked another,question i'd be you know,up quick without a paddle as my dad,would say because i don't i didn't know,anything i didn't know what to tok,about i hadn't i didn't even know how,these things really worked so uh i would,encourage somebody if if they're an,engineer,if they have a passion around this stuff,that that would be the one to go in for,them i think yeah i'm just gonna pull,you up there i'm pretty sure up,creek without a paddle isn't,australianism mate i know we've we've,toked about this and how you want to i,think it is we say that over here all,the time man my dad would be so proud,right now yeah good on you dad,all right so next up is uh john's first,website chic chandeliers dot com dot a u,john's beautiful face i believe is still,on that website john what can you tell,us about chic chandeliers it is well as,you say was my first my first go at this,and it didn't look like this when i,first started it did go through a few,iterations design wise,i think to see the original you'd,probably have to check out wayback,machine as well but uh i think i don't,even know if i've even got any,screenshots of it anymore but i sold,this one in 2017 so,that's quite a few years ago now and the,people who bought it have not changed it,very much they've changed a few things,but yeah i mean,this is uh,you know a good example of a homewares,type high tiket drop shipping site um,and uh yeah it was my first go at it it,was,at the time successful for me i have no,idea what or how it's doing now because,i haven't been involved in it for g,that's nearly five years i guess,um,but my face is still on it amazingly,i have no idea why i haven't taken my,face off it but if you go to the uh our,story page on that site you can see what,i look like with long hair i'm trying to,pull you up in uh in web archive but,this is web archive might be the slowest,website on the internet i think ah,yeah yeah if you're if you have more,time than i have right now on this,podcast uh you know plug that into a,wayback machine too and maybe you can,see uh john's early version,of that site next up uh would be my next,business actually i had some,partnerships mixed in here so i'm not,sure if it was the very next one or it,was right along that uh that,that time frame in late 2016 or mid-2016,somewhere around there i started,pelletgrillpros.com that is still live i,sold it to a guy who sold it to another,guy,and i actually been i've actually been,in toks with the the,gentleman who owns it uh to maybe take,it back uh maybe make that like a case,study for this course so uh i think he's,a listener of this show uh if you are,and you want to get rid of that site sir,uh send me an email i'd love to tok,about it but the reason i went into that,was my wife's at the time my ex-wife now,my wife's uncle was th

The 12 Best Shopify Store Examples To Inspire Entrepreneurs

if you're on the journey of building,your own business here are 12,exceptional shopify store examples to,give you a bit of inspiration,and i'll also give you some tips on how,you can get your store on their level,hi i'm creative strategist michelle,bally i've helped countless small,businesses create,and optimize their shopify stores so in,today's video we're going to be looking,at some of the best stores out there,and how you can apply these ideas to,your own store,there are already set standards when it,comes to how ecommerce sites are built,so look at what other brands are doing,to follow best practikes for design,ux navigational flow on-site marketing,copywriting and photography,you don't need to recreate the wheel but,instead just get inspiration from other,existing ecommerce stores,and that's going to save you some time,and effort so what i do when i'm,creating an ecommerce store for a client,is i look at what's already out there,but i also keep in mind that nothing,truly great,and memorable in this world is a copy so,let's just look at these stores as a,baseline,in no partikular order let's hop into it,all right so let's start with spencer,badu spencer badu is a gender-neutral,clothing label,his shopify store is really well,optimized for mobile shopping so,let's take a look at why that is so as,you can see his website is optimized for,mobile meaning things are,fitting and flowing really nicely on the,screen it's important to design mobile,first,designing mobile first means that you're,starting off your designs by looking at,it on a smaller screen,and then looking at how it will appear,on a desktop this might feel backwards,but it is important because more and,more people are using their phones to,shop,to ensure that your website looks good,on mobile make sure that you're clicking,this mobile view button right here,as you're designing your store in,shopify alright so jumping back to,spencer's website he includes an email,signup form,it's also great that he includes only a,few necessary fields,making this section as concise as,possible which is respectful of people's,time when filling out the forms on,mobile,and that's also going to lessen the,likelihood of people just getting,frustrated,and exiting out all right so let's go,shopping so,i'm gonna add this to the cart and what,i like is that he has a pop-up that,allows you to tap to continue shopping,this makes it super easy for people on,mobile to go back to the main shopping,page,now this might seem like a simple,addition but the more seamless that you,make your website with small editions,the longer you're going to keep a,customer on your online store,and the longer people are on your online,store there's a better chance of a,customer seeing that purchase,confirmation page,so i'm ready to make a purchase so let's,see how this checkout experience is,okay wow so this is really easy to,quickly update what's in my cart by,number,or just by completely removing the item,and i have many options to pay,immediately or i can just continue to,check out,and when i continue to check out the,form looks super simple and really easy,to use,so the nice thing about shopify is that,most themes if not all,come with a pretty standard and pretty,seamless checkout experience,whereas with other platforms custom,coding is involved,shopify has this feature already built,in the importance of having an online,store that's really easy to use on,mobile can be the difference between a,lost sale,and a purchase,so greenhouse juice co sells healthy,sustainable juices and their website is,super functional so,let's take a look at it all right let's,go over here to navigation,so they're using sub navigation which,helps clean up the main navigation and,not make it look too cluttered,and now i can choose to shop by category,having intuitive navigation like this is,extremely important in keeping people on,your website,longer i know i've definitely rage quit,a website because i just couldn't get to,where i was going so,try using some of these common,categories in your main nav,use shop about contact,the search function blog and shopping,cart,in your sub navigation include product,categories different about topics like,our story,faqs and locations and then the footer,nav,is traditionally saved for items like,privacy policy,refunds and shipping faqs and wholesale,inquiries,so a little bit of the drier stuff,now delivery will keep customers engaged,during social distancing,delivery can be a logistikal nightmare,both for the business and the customer,so they have done a really good job of,just simplifying it here,they break down the process in detail,and they have a zoning map and contact,information for any questions,now i'd like to see more about how they,built their store so i'm going to go,into an app called shopify inspector,this is a google chrome app that's free,to install,and right off the bat i can see that,they're using an app called lucky orange,lucky orange is a shopify app that gives,you heat maps of where people are,clicking,and screen recordings of how people are,using your website,you can literally see people shopping on,your site with this app and it's going,to help you determine if you need to,make any changes to your website,so you might be able to see why people,are leaving your store,or if people are searching for things,you just don't carry and if the checkout,process is too long,when you get in front of the screen and,start building your shopify store,keep these tips in mind and make your,store as functional as possible,all right let's take a look at half moon,they sell yoga props and wellness,accessories and this store has done,an amazing job of finding a niche,category of products to sell,they went from the general topic of,health and wellness distilled it down to,yoga,and then they boiled it down even,further to props for yoga,now the result of this for any business,is a loyal engaged and focused following,by stiking to a niche they've also,opened themselves up for opportunity to,wholesale,you can see that they have a wholesale,portal that is password protected,wholesaling is a great way to diversify,your revenues,so if you're looking to create a,wholesale portal like this one check out,shopify apps like wholesaler and,wholesale club,okay let's head over to vitale vitale is,a jewelry brand with experimental,designs now,the reason that i wanted to visit this,page is because they have stunning,visuals,look at these lifestyle photos the,styling the lighting,choice of models and the choice of set,are all super well thought out,look at these colors and the camera,angles they've even incorporated the use,of video with special effects,now we all know that video keeps people,engaged longer so make sure that you're,including video on your website,this video here is a lifestyle video,meaning the focus is on the feeling of,the brand,rather than just shoving product imagery,down your throat the reason that this,lifestyle content is so effective is,because it allows a consumer's ego to,identify with a brand's personality,this type of marketing is more complex,and definitely more conceptual,as opposed to rolling out a product demo,video that you might find on the,shopping channel,their product photos are also amazing,it's hard to tell but i believe they're,using a mix of 3d rendering and,photography,so all in all storytelling through,photography will not only increase your,store's conversion rate,but a customer's loyalty and how they're,going to relate to you as a brand,silk willow is a sustainable wedding,decor online store one thing that they,do super well is their level of customer,service through customized orders,they have a separate page for custom,orders and the form includes space for,customers to narrate,what they need verbally and visually,through the use of inspirational photos,so this solution of digitally intaking,potential customers is a great,experience for the client,rather than endless emails back and,forth