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examples of good facebook ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss six successful Facebook ads that have been run in 2019 and have performed well. We will go through a five-part Facebook ad template and analyze each ad to understand why it worked and what elements were important. The aim is to provide readers with techniques to improve their own Facebook ads and increase their performance.

1. Interior Design Ad:

- Offer: Free interior design consultations

- Image: Nicely designed kitchen

- Copy: Call out method with moving house and redecorating, followed by benefits of beautiful interior design and project management

- Call to Action: Sign up

- Link Description: Award-winning designers

2. Gym Studio Ad:

- Offer: Free personal training session

- Image: Fit person working out

- Copy: Headline stating the offer, followed by a benefit of getting fit with a personal trainer

- Call to Action: Book now

- Link Description: More information about personal training services

3. Beauty Products Ad:

- Offer: Free sample of beauty products

- Image: High-quality image of the product

- Copy: Headline stating the offer, followed by benefits of using the product and how it solves a problem

- Call to Action: Get my free sample

- Link Description: More information about the product and how to use it

4. Food Delivery Ad:

- Offer: Discount on first food delivery order

- Image: Delicious-looking food

- Copy: Headline stating the discount offer, followed by benefits of convenience and time-saving

- Call to Action: Order now

- Link Description: More information about the food delivery service

5. Real Estate Ad:

- Offer: Free home valuation

- Image: Beautifully designed home exterior

- Copy: Headline stating the offer, followed by benefits of knowing the value of your home and expert advice

- Call to Action: Get your free valuation

- Link Description: More information about the real estate agency and their services

6. Online Course Ad:

- Offer: Free trial of an online course

- Image: Professional-looking course materials

- Copy: Headline stating the offer, followed by benefits of gaining new skills and knowledge

- Call to Action: Start my free trial

- Link Description: More information about the online course and what it covers

By analyzing these successful Facebook ads, we can see that offering a valuable and relevant offer is the most important element of a Facebook ad. Including high-quality images, using a clear and concise copy, and providing a clear call to action also contribute to the success of an ad. By following these techniques and adapting them to their own business, advertisers can improve the performance of their Facebook ads and reach their target audience more effectively.

A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2022 (SECRET)

3 Key Elements for Effective and Profitable Facebook Ads

Creating effective and profitable Facebook ads can be a challenge. However, there are three key things that you need to know to make your Facebook ads successful. These include nailing the message market match, following the 40 40 20 rule, and using the marketing rule of seven.

1. Message Market Match:

The biggest reason why most Facebook ads fail is due to the message market match. This means that the offer being made is either unrelated or unappealing to the target audience. To solve this problem, you need to research your target audience and understand their pains, problems, fears, and frustrations. This will help you to position your offer as a solution to their problems.

2. 40 40 20 Rule:

The 40 40 20 rule is an essential element of successful Facebook ads. It refers to the breakdown of the three main elements responsible for ad success: 40% to your market, 40% to your offer, and 20% to your copy. To create an effective Facebook ad, you need to understand your target audience and create an irresistible offer that is relevant to their needs. Additionally, your copy and creative should be persuasive and influential.

3. Marketing Rule of Seven:

The marketing rule of seven is a widely recognized principle that states a potential customer needs to see your message at least seven times before taking action. This means that you need to consistently expose your target audience to your message through various channels and platforms.

Creating effective and profitable Facebook ads is not an easy task, but following these three key elements can significantly improve your results. Nail the message market match, follow the 40 40 20 rule, and use the marketing rule of seven, and you will be on your way to creating successful Facebook ads.

How To Create The Best Facebook Ads Advertising Angles (+ examples)

In this video, John discusses how to create the best advertising angles for Facebook ads and emphasizes the importance of the marketing angle in determining the success or failure of your Facebook ad. He explains that the advertising angle is the core of your offer and can be positive, emotional, or focused on a problem. John emphasizes the significance of hitting an emotional angle that appeals to the target audience.

John also highlights the difference between Facebook ads and Google ads. He explains that on Google, people are looking to buy specific products that solve their problems. In contrast, on Facebook, people are scrolling through their newsfeed looking for social interaction. Therefore, to catch their attention, you need to hit them with emotional ads.

John provides a free tool called answerpublic.com that helps him find great angles for his ads. He inputs the product, and the tool provides the most commonly searched questions about the product. He suggests reading these questions and using them to create ads that solve problems for potential customers.

John emphasizes that listening to potential customers and providing solutions to their problems is what marketing is all about. He suggests using this method to find angles for ads that solve customers' problems and appeal to their emotions.

In conclusion, John's approach to finding the best advertising angles for Facebook ads involves hitting emotional angles and solving customers' problems. By using answerpublic.com, John finds commonly asked questions about the product and uses them to create ads that speak to potential customers' needs.

Wes Breaks Down the Best Facebook Ads 👉Steal These Ideas!👈

In this video, the speaker discusses how most Facebook ads are ineffective and why businesses often give up on them quickly. However, the speaker shares six examples of ads that are getting it right and how viewers can apply those strategies to their own businesses. The speaker goes on to analyze each ad, discussing their effectiveness and what makes them stand out.

Examples of effective ads:

1. A trigger video ad that gets people's attention and leads them to a retargeting sequence. The video is visually striking and has a compelling title and message.

2. An ad that looks like an article and offers information as well as a little bit of selling content. The ad has a great title that grabs attention and gets people to click through.

3. A story ad that feels native to the platform and doesn't look like an ad. The ad offers a simple message with curiosity built in.

4. A testimonial ad that uses graphics and emojis to convey a message. The ad is image-based but has enough text to convey the message effectively.

The speaker offers tips and strategies for creating effective Facebook ads, including the importance of standing out and being visually striking, as well as the value of creating ads that feel native to the platform.

In conclusion, while many businesses struggle with Facebook ads, there are effective strategies and examples to learn from. By analyzing successful ads and applying those strategies to their own businesses, viewers can create more profitable and effective ads.

How to Create Successful Facebook Video Ads: A 3-Step Formula

Maximizing Facebook Ads: Tips and Tricks from a Leading Expert

Are you struggling with Facebook video ads? Do you want to know how to make them work? In this article, we'll provide you with tips and techniques from one of the world's leading experts on Facebook ads. You'll learn how to maximize the power of relationships, humanize your brand, and create an effective three-step funnel.

- Many people struggle with Facebook video ads

- Facebook is for maximizing the power of relationships

- Three-step funnel: awareness, consideration, and conversion

Tips and Techniques:

- Start with the why: Share what you believe in and why it matters

- Share stories: People buy from people, so humanize your brand by sharing stories

- Don't do a one night stand: Don't ask for the conversion right away

- Mimic what works: Use snippets of 15 seconds to 1 minute

- Don't make your ad look like an advertisement: Make it look like a social post

- Use a 60-second why video: Start with When I was... and share your belief

- Boost your content for $1 a day: Test lots of little one-minute videos

- Look for engagement: Get people to stop, stay, and engage with your content

- Gradually increase your budget: Start with $7, then $30, and then $100

- Don't be that guy: Be educational and don't always ask for money

- Facebook ads can be a powerful tool for your business

- Use the tips and techniques provided to maximize your results

- Remember to humanize your brand and create a three-step funnel

- Test lots of little videos and gradually increase your budget

- Don't be afraid to share your stories and beliefs - it's what makes you unique.

Best Facebook Ad Examples (Copy and Make Money Now)

In this article, we will be discussing how to create good Facebook ads by modeling the biggest brands in the world. Our goal is to show you why you don't have to be original to create profitable Facebook ads and how you can use proven examples to create your own unique ads.

1. Nike:

- Use high contrast images to stop people from scrolling.

- Carousel ads are great for e-commerce products.

2. Shopify:

- Ask personal questions to identify your target audience.

- Experiment with different call-to-actions like Sign Up for more conversions.

3. Windows:

- Compare yourself to the market leader for contrast.

- This angle works only if you are competing with somebody above you.

4. Ad Espresso:

- Use explainer video ads to showcase the result you generate.

- Keep the videos short and add captions for compatibility.

By modeling the examples of big brands, you can create good Facebook ads that resonate with your target audience. Remember to take what is applicable to you and reject what is useless. With the right strategies, you can achieve insane returns on your Facebook ads just like the biggest brands in the world.

How To Write Facebook Ad Copy (With Examples & Notes)

Today, we're sharing a five-step framework for writing Facebook ads that generate leads and stop scrollers in their tracks. But with the average person bombarded with 1700 ads per month, how can you write an ad that stands out and gets results? We're breaking it down for you with real-life examples.

1. The Hook: Your ad's hook or big idea is the most important part of any copy you write. It needs to grab attention, generate curiosity, and make a lasting first impression. In Facebook ad land, your hook needs to be the first sentence of your ad text, which is what your readers see first at the top of the ad. You have exactly 125 characters to make an impact.

2. Ad Body Copy: This is the rest of your ad text or caption. The goal is to present a solution to a problem, create empathy and connection, and open another loop to make your reader want to click and learn more. Every step of your ad and marketing funnel needs to open a loop to get your prospect to take another action. The length of this section will vary depending on the level of your customer's awareness.

3. Social Proof: This is where you showcase your customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies. Social proof adds credibility and trust to your brand and can help push your prospect towards taking action.

4. Call to Action: Your call to action needs to be clear and concise. It should tell your prospect exactly what you want them to do next, whether that's clicking a link, signing up for a free trial, or making a purchase.

5. Image or Video: Your visual should be eye-catching, on-brand, and relevant to your ad's message. It should also stand out from the sea of other ads your prospect is seeing.

In conclusion, writing a successful Facebook ad is all about grabbing attention, generating curiosity, and creating a connection with your audience. With these five steps, you can write ads that stand out and get results.

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