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examples of newspaper ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

How to Analyze Advertisements

it has been estimated that the average,person is exposed to,thousands of advertisements per day due,to this constant bombardment of brands,we've largely become numb to the side of,them,which means an advertiser really only,has a fraction of a second to make an,impact on a viewer using a variety of,subtle and,not so subtle strategies the goal of,these carefully crafted,product pitches are to briefly get our,attention and,weave their way into the back of our,minds in the hopes that when we go to,the store we'll have a positive,association with a partikular brand and,thus be more likely to select it over,the competition,when it comes to analyzing ads it's,important to keep in mind that if an,ad is well made everything is there for,a reason,the best marketers are experts of the,human psyche and,understand how the specific audience,they're looking to target is,influenced by characters colors symbols,text and how all of these elements are,arranged on the page,let's take a look at a couple of,advertisements to see this in action,first we have a simple advertisement,that,upon first glance seems pretty,straightforward,a couple of dogs fight over what is,presumed to be an artikle of clothing,and the word sale above them gives us,the quick impression that this,might be a clothing ad but there's a bit,more going on here,again everything is a conscious choice,on the part of the advertiser,so it's important to note that they,chose to focus on dogs instead of people,fighting over a product,when you represent humans as non-human,creatures,this is known as zoomorphism the ad,might be using animals to tap into a,primal urge within us that is motivated,by the idea of scarcity,and the fact that there are two dogs and,only one item helps feed into this idea,also note that there is a red background,again this,could have been any color so there's,probably a reason they chose red over,other options red has many potential,associations,it's the color of passion but it's also,blood and danger,stop in reference to stop signs perhaps,and research has shown that it induces,hunger,so with so many possible interpretations,we,need a bit more to figure out how or why,this is being used specifically in this,ad,one clue to how the red might be being,used are the dogs themselves,these aren't just any dogs more,specifically their dalmatians,now if one were viewing this,advertisement the united states there,are,certain associations we have with,dalmatians one of them,might be the movie 101 dalmatians but,unless there are 99 more of these hidden,somewhere in the image,this really wouldn't apply however there,is another association that is,also very common dalmatians are known as,the fire dog,we are used to seeing images of,dalmatians alongside firemen when,they're,rushing to the scene of a fire and what,are the color of fire trucks,red so we might be seeing all these,elements coming together,the red the dalmatians the word sail in,all caps with an exclamation mark on the,suggestion of scarcity to give us a,sense of urgency,and like firemen rushing to a fire the,advertiser is hoping we will,feel the need to rush to this sale see,how even a seemingly simple ad,when done well can have a lot of,subtlety behind it,now let's take a look at an ad that,definitely has some more complexity to,it this is an,advertisement from around 2010 from a,popular company called juicy couture,on first glance it may seem like a,simple ad,we have a model center frame holding a,bottle of perfume and,the juicy couture logo in the lower,right half we see the words peace,love near the upper left hand corner,under a,different and smaller font noting the,new fragrance,since it says the new fragrance we now,know that this,is for juicy couture's perfume line and,not a clothing ad which,they also sell we might also notike,right away that there are a lot of,colors colliding in the ad and,that the model is surrounded by,butterflies,the model itself is dressed in a frilly,outfit and adorned with a lot of jewelry,needless to say there is a lot coming,together within the frame here to unpack,let's take a little bit of time to do,that let's start with the text,the words peace love are one of the,first things a viewer would notike upon,looking at the ad that's because this ad,follows an advertisement layout known as,the,z pattern where our eyes follow the,natural path of reading,left to right top to bottom here we,follow the text from left to right at,the top,follow down through the model and end at,the juicy couture logo so you can see,that there is a clear design pattern,here for the layout,but the words themselves are also,significant you can see that piece love,is in a specific font like it's written,in graffiti did you notike,that next to the juicy couture font in,the lower right there is an ampersand,with the same graffiti font,so put together the text it is meant to,be read as,peace love and juicy couture this phrase,peace,love and is reminiscent of a series of,phrases that were popular in the 60s and,70s such as,peace love and harmony peace love and,understanding,and various other incarnations in fact,it is still referenced in,pop culture today this provides us with,the first clue,as to what this ad might be trying to do,evoke feelings and sentiments associated,with the 60s and 70s hippie movement,but we would need to connect more,patterns to confirm this,well if we look closely we can also see,that there are,actually piece symbols placed into the,advertisement one on the bottle itself,another near the top of the bottle and,we might even look at her fingers as,flipping a peace sign,as she holds the bottle itself so now we,have,a pattern of clear tangible connections,to the idea of the hippie movement,now that we have this concrete,connection it helps us to focus the,discussion,and we can begin to examine everything,else through this lens,for example we have common stereotypes,associated with hippie culture,such as closeness with nature and we do,see a lot of nature represented in the,image,the butterflies flocking to her are the,most apparent but also the clothes she,wears seem to represent,fur she also wears a butterfly ring and,her,hair has flowers in it the idea of,flowers in the hair is actually another,common association with hippie culture,now that we've well established the,hippie vibe juicy couture is going for,here it doesn't seem too far of a,stretch,to make a couple more connections that,might be a bit more abstract,for example drug experimentation is,another common association with the,hippie movement,and if we look closely at the model's,eyes,they do appear to be constricted,this combined with her blank expression,we might get the,sense of a distant euphoria but what's,the drug she's high on,well maybe the perfume itself which is,placed,interestingly inside a container that,looks reminiscent to an,alcohol decanter bottle if we look at,the alcohol as a drug then we might see,a subtle suggestion that this perfume,will give you some sort of high or,drunk like experience this might seem,like a bit more,abstract interpretation and it is but in,the context,that we've already established more,concretely that this image is evoking,hippie culture,sounds plausible doesn't it going,further we might look at the swirl of,colors all over the ad as evoking a,subtle tie-dye effect but the fact that,this ad is evoking certain stereotypes,of the hippie movement isn't what,intrigues me most about this partikular,advertisement it's the fact that there,is,actually another layer built into all of,this let's go back to the phrase we,began,studying the ad with peace love and,juicy couture well you may have notiked,that the juicy couture font,is not written in graffiti like the,other words instead this font,seems to have a more victorian feel to,it which is a font we might associate,more with the idea of,upper class royalty perhaps what happens,if we,set aside all the hippie interpretations,for a moment and examine the image,throug

Outstanding Newspaper Ads across Categories

hi I'm Suzanne Rafe with newspapers,Canada today what we're going to do is,show you all the different categories,that are advertised in the newspaper and,you'll see everything you'll see local,automotive you will see local,advertisers you'll see tiknology you'll,see packaged goods we're going to show,you examples some of them are examples,from the extra Awards they were entries,they celebrate the best advertising,there is in Canada we've also pulled,some unique examples that ran in our,local newspapers we'd like to start now,and start with automotive here we are,looking at an audio their messages the,q5 Hybrid is here and they've done a,very charming ad showing the car in the,middle of what would be a battery moving,into a different category this one is,for a television station TV oh the,message a tagline beside it says smart,kids now smart kids later and what you,see is a child moving into an adult and,as they get older then they're becoming,whatever career they have chosen their,tagline at the bottom the more you give,the closer kids get to being what they,want a lovely way of getting your,message out and then asking for a,donation,our next category is packaged goods this,one is for bounce it's a stik product,that goes in the dryer they've placed,their ad between the editorial in the,middle and it says just stik the bar in,your dryer and forget about it to help,you forget we made this out as skinny as,possible an interesting way to stand out,within the newspaper,our next category is for Yellow Pages it,was very appropriate to run in the,newspaper because it was during the NHL,lockout negotiations that it ran it,makes mention of the lockout,negotiations which were between two men,Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr who,mentioned right in the headline it's,just to them financial advisors,mediators and magicians all of whom,might be needed to make the NHL lockout,disappear and they suggest to people,reading the ad get the app for yellow,pages,[Applause],our next ad moves into tiknology and,obviously in this case it's for cell,phones it interacts with the newspaper,and with the reader of the newspaper the,reader of the newspaper you can see,their thumbs on either side of the paper,one side it says keyboard the other side,says all touch and it allows the reader,to get the sense of yep it's like I'm,holding the phones in my hand,our next advertiser is a different,category yet again a local advertiser,highlighting their retail store it's,leaning on the book 50 shades of grey,and their gray ad gets notiked with its,head like 50 shades of ties and they,make a strong offer buy a dress shirt,and receive the tie for free great way,to stand out in the local paper the next,advertiser is wrapping the Travel,section of the newspaper this is the,wrap the advertiser is the TV Visa Card,and in the ad they actually made it so,you could feel the suitcase there's,bumps there where on the suitcase and it,says 200 and travel two parts September,14th see inside for details and you flip,over the wrap to get more details,our final advertiser is from a different,category yet again it's a Sony eReader,they worked with the newspaper and the,newspaper actually created a smaller,paper just for the day the size of a,Sony eReader and it's like the Sony,eReader is on the outside of every,single page of the newspaper and as you,go through you see both ads and,editorial on the different pages of the,newspaper great way to break through and,stand out thank you for joining us,seeing the different categories that can,be effectively advertised in the,newspaper please look for more,information on our website,newspapers canada dot CA

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23 Advertising Techniques Used to Create Powerful and Persuasive Ads

implementing a visual marketing strategy,will seem like a daunting task,that is until you finish watching this,video,[Music],hello world mike plogger back with visme,the online platform that stays ahead of,visual design trends,and allows you to create your own,content with ease,digital marketing experts have found,that the average human sees,5 000 ads per day some of us will,actually see even double that,now with the competition to grab our,attention growing by the day,it's imperative that advertisers,absolutely nail their content,and influence their viewers there are 23,proven methods that i'll touch on,in this video now some relate to the,elements within the ad,while others touch on different appeals,to connect with a viewer,as is the case you'll be able to use,more than one of these tikniques,in each of your advertisements it's up,to you to decide which is best,for your product shall we,in every piece of advertising that we,see there's some sort of,color scheme whether it's a full palette,or black and white,those colors have likely been chosen for,a reason,different colors can elicit different,feelings in viewers,red is the color of passion or power,blue is,calming and approachable both of these,colors have become strong associations,with,brands think classic coca-cola in that,strong red or,tiffany blue as we see here paired with,a gray-scaled image,this ad also gives us a direct gaze into,the product which is another tiknique,that we'll explore here very shortly,nonetheless the importance of,strategically picking color,cannot be emphasized enough if you're,interested,in diving deeper into color psychology,we have the video for you,check it out in the link above,okay before i dive into this tiknique,you might be asking yourself,what exactly do i mean by composition,simply put,it's just the organization of elements,within your ad space,a well thought out ad will pull a,viewer's eyes towards the most important,aspects,of a design it could be an emotional,trigger the brand's logo,or a call to action button achieving,balance is key when it comes to your,composition,this ad behind me uses composition,tikniques like the rule of thirds,focal point and a visual path the woman,sits in the left third while the light,shining,gives importance to both her and the,centered text,i recommend checking out the gestalt,principles to explore the basic rules,for a great composition,you just heard me mention it now let's,explore it the rule of thirds,this tiknique places a three by three,invisible grid,over an image by doing so you'll get,four intersecting points and these,points are,crucial place your most important visual,elements,at these points just as corona did with,their iconic,corona bottle now the golden mean is,quite similar but follows the fibonacci,sequence,what the heck is that you might be,asking well it's this more,free-flowing grid that directs the,placement of elements,in a more harmonious way rectangles are,broken down into more,rectangles achieving visual balance,the focal point of an ad is as important,as any of our tikniques that we're,covering in,this video we just covered two grid,tikniques which can draw attention to a,focal point,but there are a few other tikniques as,well selective focus is one that will,blur out the unimportant aspects of an,image,adjusting exposure can manipulate what,areas should pop,while also hiding some other areas in,the shadows,or you can even provide a light source,to bring importance to a single element,in these ads we have not one but two,focal points the plain text,and the rubbed out text which sends a,powerful message,any image ad book cover web page,any visual that we look at we go on a,visual path,a journey through the design now there's,two visual paths that are the most,effective when planning your design,the z path and the f path with the z,shape,our eyes begin at the top left of the,image before moving,right then back diagonal left and then,across,to the right again so here we see the,first,block of text then move over to the,picture of the man,backed left to the call of the action,before finding the mobile phone,now with the f shape our eyes move like,they would when reading a book,you start top left move right before,moving back left,down right again and continuing down at,the image,topography aka fonts the style and,amount of text within an,ad is crucial to its success just take,into consideration the fact that,facebook has an,algorithm that accepts or denies ads,based on how much text is within,that ad crazy right you want to be,mindful of how much text you're placing,in a design an ad filled with lines of,text,can often be overwhelming so you'll want,to use visuals to balance out your ad,this ad well probably wouldn't be,accepted by facebook but it is great for,traditional,advertising britain's biggest egg,is that tiny little leg in the ads,boundary make sure you do your research,when you're choosing your fonts,and don't look far we've covered this in,another video of ours on our youtube,channel,if you really want to nail your product,or idea into somebody's head,use repetition whether it's the same ad,in a number of platforms,the same commercial on different,channels or pushing your,brand logo anywhere and everywhere,that's repetition for you now the thing,is,repetition is best only when debuting a,new product or,message it'll raise brand awareness but,soon after,you'll need a new strategy to keep,viewers entertained,reynald repeated the same concept but in,different shapes,to take advantage of this tiknique,viewers will immediately recognize the,brand,even if it's their first time seeing a,new ad,if you're creating an ad using real,people or even figurines,you'll want to consider their body,language within the ad,without speaking body language can,portray confidence,success spontaneity liveliness you name,it,now determining what message you want to,send before building your ad,is important by doing so you can search,for just the right actor or build that,perfect animated character,mcdonald's believe it or not actually,wanted somebody to yawn,in their ad why because they were,pushing their new,24-hour service that even the most tired,and hungry consumers,could relate to,have you ever made direct eye contact,with a complete stranger,and it made you feel some type of way we,see it in romance movies,all the time and it's also a common,strategy in advertising,companies will use the most attractive,actors and actresses that they can find,and ask them to directly gaze into a,camera,now in return an emotion will be,triggered in the viewer,pushing them to buy that product we'll,often see this with luxury items or,sense maybe just like we do with this,gucci ad,and this handsome fella,now while the direct gaze may be a,little intimidating,another solution would be the,three-quarter gaze here the subject is,looking off camera in any direction,our first example is from dolce gabbana,and the actress,this time scarlett johansson is peering,into a mirror,by looking into a situation the ad gives,us a sense of,wonder then there's buzz lightyear who,of course is looking into,saving the world in this ad for toy,story you can tell he's just,itching to say to infinity and beyond,the point of view tiknique is most,commonly used in video advertising but,it can be extremely effective given the,product,this tiknique takes a viewer into the,point of view of another person,gopro and red bull have mastered the,tiknique,given what they're selling gopro sells,the cameras while red bull sells the,drink that,really has become more of a lifestyle if,you're looking into using this tiknique,get yourself a gopro and pair it with a,steadicam or a head mount,then simply hit record while completing,the action that you're selling,behind the scenes videos or photos is a,great tiknique to authentikate your,brand,sure you may no longer look perfect in,your advertisements but viewers will,actually,appreciate that these ads can be images,of you

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Newspaper #1 Full Page Color Ads

hello welcome this is Steve stuff a,little at Erie Community College near,Buffalo New York in this video I want to,take a look at some advertisements or,ads that are printed in a newspaper and,the primary newspaper here will be the,New York Times now a lot of people don't,know this but the New York Times is,printed at 27 26 different newspaper,companies across the country and the,Buffalo News in Buffalo New York is,responsible for their regional edition,in New York Times so this is not printed,in New York City and shipped to Buffalo,this is actually printed right here in,Buffalo so the first thing I think is,interesting is if we take a look at all,these different samples and I fan them,out shingle them out one of the things,we notike right away is that there's all,these different color papers here I'll,get a little closer here some are brown,some are whiter some are gray and that's,because depending on the quality you can,order different types of papers here but,we could tok more about this in detail,but newspapers are printed on newsprint,paper which comes from groundwood pulp,groundwood pulp means you basically take,the wood and you grind it physically,mechanically and you make the paper out,of that so the problem with ground wood,pulp is that you still have the lignin,which is nature's glue or adhesive that,keeps the fibers the sightless fibers,together for fine quality printing,papers we would typically wash that,lignin out of the pulp chemically to,make sure it's a fine quality paper so,lots of different colors and shades here,if I take a X right 428 and I measure,paper indices we can measure the paper,indices here and we see that the paper,brightness is 51 if I measure the paper,here the paper brightness jumps up to 69,now not only can I measure paper,brightness but I could also measure the,color of the paper and newsprint is,typically somewheres around 85 on the L,star the a you'll be close to zero and,the B will be like a plus maybe like a,plus three which means it's on the,yellow side so if we measure the paper,here we get an 80 a one you know plus,four if I measure the paper here,I got a 90 0 and plus six point eight,okay,so this allows us to measure whiteness,and brightness okay so let's take a look,at some of these samples not bad for a,newspaper you think about it right,full heavy covered solids a lot of white,reverse type here I like this one here,because of all the different colors in a,rainbow or the spectrum so this is kind,of like showing me like color gamut some,famous people Wray and Seaquest this one,is interesting because to me this almost,looks like they're trying to simulate a,sepia tone and a sepia tone is a old,vintage photographic look right vintage,sepia tone so a lot of these advertisers,are going to be high-end clothing,cosmetiks and jewelry companies okay,Macy's a lot of dark shadows here,neutral grays careful of the mister,registration here for a reverse type,reverse register type here knockout,dropout reverse out gotta make sure in,register same thing here the reverse,type heavy solid coverage here again,you're advertising to sell product so,you need to know who your demographics,and your market is neutral gray suit my,skin tone flush tones these purple eyes,are difficult to print notike something,here at least I see it hopefully you see,it to that as you go from right to left,the jacket goes from blue to purple you,wouldn't want that to be the case so if,I look down here at my gray bar I can,see that we're gray here but as we get,over here we're getting a little on the,warm side right so these are samples,that I put to the side because I thought,they were interesting I thought this was,a nice skin tone flesh tone of Dave,Letterman when he retired from his,late-night show,it looks pretty good,so if you haven't notiked it yet,advertisers don't want to be distracted,by things that just don't seem to look,good from a design point of view from an,aesthetik cosmetik point of view so we,don't have the luxury like we do in,publication or commercial printing to,print color bars and then cut those off,so the tiknique that we use in the,newspaper industry is to run this gray,bar and either visually by looking at it,or numerically by measuring it we make,sure this bar looks grave this bar looks,gray probably we have the proper,densities and dot gains on the preshi to,make a match to the proof,okay now this type here very fine serifs,so the register has to be excellent to,make sure you're still holding this open,and you're not plugging up and filling,us in and losing that detail the real,Florian type here is hard to read but,under mate under microscope,magnification they actually had a screen,tint in here so I don't know why they,did that,by the way all these samples are from,2013 14 15 and part of 16 that's when I,was working at the Buffalo News downtown,Buffalo okay so you have this deep rich,black hair I don't see any detail in it,at all,so a conversation we should have about,something like this is what is the,tiket at total eight coverage in total,air coverage in a newspaper industry if,you follow the snap SN ap specifications,for newsprint advertising production,I believe they recommend that there's,there tik-tack is only 220 percent,color variation here,this is how to register here so you can,get you all closer here,that's a nice looking photograph,okay now this image here is called a,high key image and a high key image,means is predominantly highlights light,colors and white colors so that's called,a high key photograph this too would be,a high key photograph predominantly,lights whites and highlights so I'm both,of these examples here it's important,that you know what minimum smallest dot,you can hold to make sure that you can,still hold this detail in here without,having anything drop out or clip we,would call that a specular highlight,okay now this one bothers me a little,bit because again as you go from white,from right to left I see that soup going,from white to a pink purple now he's,also on the shadow here the lighting the,photographic lightening puts them in a,shadow here so not sure that that's,correct,again a black hair with almost no shadow,detail so you don't want to pluck up and,fill in so we have to make sure we're,using the proper amount of tiker tik,or another tiknique we would want to,use which affects to take an attack

Tips for Print Advertising - Ideas for Print Ads

hey there Matt from welcome solutions,here and today we're discussing tips for,print advertising this applies when,advertising in the newspaper billboards,Yellow Pages ad mill Flyers and,magazines there's a different set of,rules and objectives when advertising in,print as there is with a website number,one keep it clean and uncluttered with,print advertising your ad is usually in,a heavy noise environment and for this,reason your ad cannot blend in it needs,to stand out it needs to have contrast,you need to have a bold headline and,bold imagery and not clutter your ad,with loads of text this doesn't mean,that you can't use lots of text in an,advertisement it just has to be,positioned correctly after the initial,attention-grabbing elements your,audience will only read lots of text,after they've been convinced that the ad,is worthy of their attention and it,interests them number two have a main,idea or concept that you are,communicating and stik to it many times,small businesses will want to put,everything above their company their,products services sales promotions and,they want to fit it all into a two by,three and a half inch ad and what,happens is they end up diluting their,message and they render it ineffective,it's tempting as a small business to,want to communicate all the reasons why,you are the best choice for your,industry but if your print ad is,effective you will have the opportunity,to tell them these things when you make,communication with them stik to one,main message number three have a strong,headline that either a immediately,communicates your idea with minimal,thinking on the viewers part or be,intrigues the viewer to give more,attention to the ad to satisfy a,curiosity compliment that strong,headline with a strong image images,convey emotion a strong headline and a,matching image are your greatest assets,in a print ad number four focus on,benefits as a refresher in product sales,there is the feature advantage benefit,concept where the feature for example,would be 95% AFUE rating the advantage,would be that natural gas is,use less but the benefit is that there,are lower gas bills as experts in our,industry many times with our knowledge,we think that our customers care about,the feature which is the tiknical,aspect of things because in our minds we,naturally connect the feature to the,benefit but really we need to focus on,the benefit directly in print,advertising number five have a plan now,this point deals more with the concept,of advertising rather than the print ad,design itself but make sure that you,have a plan for print advertising that,really makes sense know why you are,advertising using this medium the fact,that you're advertising in print usually,suggests a certain demographic already,so make sure that your ad copy and your,message match that demographic with,print advertising frequency is vital if,you're doing a newspaper advertisement,you need to do several consecutive runs,if you're advertising in the yellow,pages and you're considering spending,your precious square inches on a QR code,consider this the type of people who are,familiar with mobile devices enough to,actually scan a QR code are much more,likely to use that exact same mobile,device to search Google or the Yellow,Pages online rather than use the print,book so give careful thought to your,strategy that's it for today thanks for,watching if you found this video helpful,please pass it on to others to benefit,as well if you'd like to subscribe,please click Subscribe up in the top,right hand corner or enter your email,address in the right column to sign up,for email notifications each time we,post a new video thanks again

Newspaper Ads 2 2

this lecture of tourism marketing is,about how to buy a newspaper ad let's go,to work,[Music],one of the things I want to tok to you,about when we speak on the subject of,newspaper advertising is it it's really,not possible for me to set here in,Hungary and give you advice on what's a,good price to pay understand that,newspaper advertising are going to vary,not only by the seasons but by the year,is it a politikal year is there a,presidential campaign there are so many,variables that I can't possibly tell you,what a good rate for a gross impression,is however I can tell you a few things,and I hope you'll find them helpful for,example did you know that advertising in,the corners of the paper is going to be,more effective for you than advertising,somewhere out in the center of the page,also of course it's common sense the,front page in the back page you're going,to have many more impressions then as,same ad put on the inside of the paper,however the bad news is many newspapers,only want full page ads especially on,the back cover so you'll find that's,going to run over a thousand dollars for,every individual ad now if you double,the size of your ad you would think you,would assume that you would get twice as,many views twice as many gross,impressions but that's not true if you,can afford to double the size of your ad,you'll find the number of impressions,grows exponentially so get a bigger ad,you'll find you get a lot more action,from that ad now do you remember earlier,in the series of lectures I toked to,you about something called spaced,repetition spaced repetition is hugely,important and I want to give you an,example of how that happens right now,some of the most effective advertising,I've ever done in my entire life,involves spaced repetition and,newspapers what happened was I bought a,small add just a little ad and there was,only room for the logo the name of,company are special and a phone number,that's it it was a little tiny ad but,the thing is I ran that ad on the same,page in the same spot for months for,over a year year and a half two years,and over time people knew where to look,for that ad and the CAD became more and,more effective you see that the story is,we humans are creatures of habit you get,up in the morning if your newspaper,reader you're likely to have a cup of,coffee set down read the paper if you,like the sports section or the lifestyle,section or anything in partikular the,news section you're going to read those,same sections every morning what happens,is you see the same ad again and again,and again and so pretty soon you know,where that ad is and you've got a real,good idea where to look when you're in,the market for that partikular product,so spaced repetition is an awesome way,to advertise in the newspaper the only,negative to this that I'll tell you is,that you're going to have to hold your,breath for a month you see you'll have,to put in a number of ads before people,realize that's where they can look for,your partikular advertisement if you,have a young into it crowd they are,wired you may be better off using email,however if your demographic is a little,bit older newspaper may be perfectly,appropriate for you now when you do an,ad advertise the things that people are,looking for when I first started out one,of the mistakes I made was I would,advertise things I wanted to get rid of,for example say you've got a bunch of,t-shirts behind the counter and they've,been there over a year the temptation,would be to advertise those t-shirts and,an effort to get rid of them don't do it,advertise what people are looking for,and you'll get a much higher ROI on your,newspaper dollars,you see if they're not looking for it,while they're in your establishment,they're certainly not going to be,looking for it in the newspaper however,if you've got something folks are,interested in they will respond to your,newspaper at you know I hope you find,some of this helpful I truly do and if,you have any questions don't hesitate to,send me an email I'll see you in the,next lecture take care guys bye bye,[Music]