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Exclusive Footage of Paris Hilton Raped in Jail!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Exclusive Footage of Paris Hilton Raped in Jail!!!

Exclusive Footage of Paris Hilton Raped in Jail!!!

youtubers kick him in here and I'm flat
pretty high on the happy juice thank you
very much whoo two buck chuck can't be
two buck chuck anyway uh I was surfing
on YouTube and I kind of came across i
was looking through my subscribers
checking on how they're doing and i went
to one of the channels that actually a
guy i respect pretty much he's he does
quality videos and he's wicked smart in
the head I don't know where else you
would be smart but you know he's wicked
[ __ ] smart in the head I got nothing
but respect for this guy but anyway he
posted a video on the whole uh what's
what's her damn name the the the chick
that went to jail oh man am I having a
stroke a Paris Hilton whoo man holy crap
that shows you how much I give a [ __ ]
about Paris Hilton well that's my point
we could actually come to the point here
which is why do you people care so much
about this Paris Hilton crap and for
that matter why do you care so much
about any freaking celebrity I think the
whole thing is just totally [ __ ]
wrong priorities you people you you
humans you have such screwed up
priorities you know I mean everybody's
so into the Paris Hilton thing and
they're so concerned I mean why would
you devote a moment of your thought to
her in her situation what makes you care
I'm curious to know that why do you even
give a [ __ ] about this person this
person doesn't know you you don't know
them why should you care about them it's
interesting to me that mentality why do
people buy those tabloid rags
supermarket they actually I mean that's
a billion dollar industry people buy
that [ __ ] because they're interested in
these [ __ ] celebrity's I don't
understand it who gives a [ __ ] about
these people and why do we elevate these
people in the celebrity status it's
amazing I mean we treat these people we
pay a millions of dollars you're paying
them you know and it's not just movie
celebrities it's sports celebrities you
know all that is bogus bull [ __ ]
basically what you're doing is you're
paying these people to go out and play
your games for you millions of dollars
to hundreds and hundreds of millions of
dollars these [ __ ] I don't
understand it who gives a [ __ ] about
this these people now when it comes to
sports i King human has a rule you know
the moment one of those [ __ ] and I
don't care what sport it is football
basketball tennis tiddlywinks hockey I
don't give a [ __ ] the minute one of
those [ __ ] comes and watches me play
my sport or anything I do that's the
incident I'll give a [ __ ] about watching
him play his sport I don't care how good
he does it I don't care if he's better
than me at throwing a [ __ ] ball
through a hoop or throwing a ball or
hitting a ball with a bat or whatever
the [ __ ] it is I don't give a [ __ ] who
cares if he can do it better than me or
who cares if he's the best in the world
why does it matter he's a stranger I
have no connection to him I don't care I
don't care about him I would rather go
and see my friends play a game I would
rather watch their game and I would
rather watch them play like [ __ ] then
somebody I don't know play the best game
of their life it just doesn't matter to
me and my question is why does it matter
to you and why do we give these people
millions of dollars for doing this [ __ ]
just doesn't make sense to me same with
movie actors who gives a [ __ ] about
these people in their lives they don't
give a [ __ ] about you I guarantee they
don't give a [ __ ] about you the only
thing they give a [ __ ] about is that you
buy the tikets that pay them millions
of dollars and you pay you support them
I don't know people you better rethink
your priorities anyway something to
think about King human out of here

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