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EZRA's Shopify Mastery

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey Ezra here, and if you're in business, you know that traffic is essential. Without people knowing about your business, it's hard to make sales. That's why I partnered with Shopify to bring you a video training on what's working for Facebook and Instagram ads for Shopify merchants in 2021. This video shows you how to get people from social media over to your site and not just to visit, but to be interested in your products.

Ad creative and ad copy are the defining factors in whether your ad campaigns will succeed. Effective creative excels at four stages: Attention


In this video, Ezra shares the history of retail in his family and how it has evolved to the world of e-commerce. He discusses the growth of online transactions and the reasons behind it.

Where We Came From:

- Ezra's great grandfather was a trader in Russia who would travel to Vienna to purchase cotton and wool, trade it for leather, and sell it in his hometown.

- Ezra's grandfather sold women's clothing in New York City on Orchard Street.

- Ezra and his father sold items at the flea market.

Where We Are Now:

- Online transactions have doubled since 2008 and are projected to double again by 2019.

- The millennial generation is coming into their prime spending years and they are comfortable shopping online.

- Online spending is increasing due to social economy, product recommendations, and mobile consumption.

- China is the number one market for e-commerce, followed by the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and France.

How We Consume the Digital Medium:

- People are no longer consuming the Internet solely on desktop computers but on mobile devices as well.

- 67% of consumers start shopping on one device and continue on another.

- Facebook and Instagram account for more time spent on mobile phones than the next ten channels combined.

The world of e-commerce has come a long way from the days of traveling traders and flea markets. Online transactions continue to grow and it is a great time to get into online marketing. It is important to understand how consumers consume the digital medium in order to effectively communicate and make sales through online stores.

Ezra Firestone's Top 2022 Strategies + Q&A

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! We are live and finally up and running. Today's session is all about Zipify apps - a software as a service provider for Shopify stores. We build software to support people with Shopify stores in increasing their sales and boosting their profits. This article will discuss how to use pre-purchase upsells to increase your average order value and other strategies to maximize your e-commerce business.

Using Pre-Purchase Upsells to Increase Your Average Order Value:

Pre-purchase upsells can be a great way to increase your average order value. Here are a few different types of pre-purchase upsells you can use:

- Multi-item pre-purchase upsell: This type of upsell offers customers several different items to add to their cart before they check out. The more options you offer, the more likely customers are to add items to their cart and increase their order value.

- Single-item pre-purchase upsell: This type of upsell offers customers a single product to add to their cart before they check out. It's a good way to highlight a popular

Ezra Firestone Behind the Scenes at Shopify HQ

In this article, we will discuss a variety of topics using a combination of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms. We will cover different subjects and ideas using bullet points or numbered lists if needed. The goal is to avoid repetitive phrases and unnatural sentence structures, and to make the reading experience enjoyable.

Topics covered:

1. Music

- This is bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae

- Let it ride great great

- Kira Knightley koud zo mooi

- Marley's brengt bij dit is actief in de wijk

2. Lifestyle

- Duck hunt kama kama

- Feel free to have fun and enjoy yourself

- Je hebt een moba league gaan ze maar kijk

- Ziet het nu wonen super was moeder aardappel smaak en budget aan hem die

3. Business

- Google data studio

- Where your marketing is een meestecq ze de wordt

- Mijn business and where your marketing is een meestecq ze de wordt

- People s marketing het wonder van vlaardingen

4. Personal development

- I give people autonomy and freedom

- Responsibility for you like

- Direct response and conversion ben wie ik nog branden

- How do you measure the mdm speciaalurls

In conclusion, we have discussed a variety of topics using a combination of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms. By doing so, we have created an engaging reading experience that is both informative and enjoyable. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights and perspectives on different subjects.


Hey there, let's talk about third-party applications that can be plugged into our store to make it work better. There are some must-have applications that you should know about, including:

1. Reviews widget - You want a reviews widget that integrates easily with your ecommerce store, is mobile responsive, customizable, and has Rich Snippets built-in. Multiple widgets are also a cool feature.

2. Exit intent - This is a pop-up message that appears in the browser window when someone tries to leave your site. It's a great way to get leads pre-purchase and incentivize them with a discount.

3. Cart abandonment - When someone abandons their shopping cart before checkout, you can email them and remind them to complete their purchase.

4. Landing page builder - A landing page builder lets you quickly and easily deploy landing pages for your direct response offer pages and email landing pages.

5. One-click upsells - This application offers a post-purchase one-click upsell that can increase your average order value by 12 to 25 percent.

The clear winner for Shopify stores is yopo, but there are other options out there as well. One-click upsells is an application by Zipify Apps that works for Shopify stores.

In conclusion, using these applications in your store can help you get the highest conversion rate possible and set up your funnel in the best way possible. Don't forget to implement post-purchase one-click upsells and optimize your funnel for the best results.

Shopify Entrepreneur Capsule Open-The-Box Product Review | Shopify Sweatshirt

Shopify has sent a box with some merchandise to an influencer who is also a Shopify affiliate and store owner. The influencer is excited to open the box and see what Shopify has sent.


1. The Entrepreneur Store

2. Shopify's Message to Dreamers and Trailblazers

3. The Beautiful Packaging

4. The Merchandise: A Sweatshirt

5. The Quality of the Sweatshirt

6. Trying on the Sweatshirt

7. Gratitude to Shopify

The Entrepreneur Store:

Shopify's box is from their entrepreneur store, which sells products that inspire and motivate entrepreneurs. The influencer is impressed with the concept and the branding.

Shopify's Message to Dreamers and Trailblazers:

The ride-along inside the box is a card that praises entrepreneurs for their hard work and encourages them to dream big. The influencer appreciates this message and feels supported by Shopify.

The Beautiful Packaging:

The packaging is of high quality, with tissue paper and a well-designed box. The influencer notes that Shopify is soliciting user-generated content by asking customers to tag them in photos of their fresh merchandise.

The Merchandise: A Sweatshirt:

The merchandise is a cream-colored oversized sweatshirt with the word Entrepreneur on the front and the Shopify logo on the back. The influencer is impressed with the quality and the fact that it is made by Redwood Classics, a Canadian apparel manufacturer.

The Quality of the Sweatshirt:

The sweatshirt is made of high-quality material and is well-stitched. The influencer notes that the sweatshirt is off-center, which is a trendy style for gender-neutral oversized apparel.

Trying on the Sweatshirt:

The influencer tries on the sweatshirt and is impressed with how fresh and stylish it looks. They feel proud to wear it and show it off to their followers on social media.

Gratitude to Shopify:

The influencer expresses their gratitude to Shopify for sending them the merchandise and for being a supportive partner in their entrepreneurial journey. They encourage others to check out Shopify's entrepreneur store and appreciate the quality of the products they offer.

Shopify has impressed an influencer with their entrepreneur store, their message of support for dreamers and trailblazers, their beautiful packaging, and their high-quality merchandise. The influencer is grateful for Shopify's support and encourages others to check out their products.

How To Double The Value Of Your Brand - Ezra Firestone

How can I double the value of my brand and create true wealth through asset liquidation?

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