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Facebook Ad Scheduling

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Facebook Ad Scheduling

Facebook Ad Scheduling

depending on what you're trying to sell
online it might make sense for you to
have your ads run only during certain
days of the week
or during certain hours of the day
that's where ad scheduling comes in
nearly all the platforms we tok through
on this channel have some form of ad
with google ads being probably the
easiest to use if you want to learn more
about that you can check out this video
right here
but facebook ads is actually a bit more
difficult to utilize
there are some certain settings you have
to have in place to use
ad scheduling because you cannot use it
on every campaign set up with certain
so in this video i want to tell you what
those settings are we'll tok through
some scenarios where you might want to
schedule your ads
and then i'm going to end off with just
a few words of caution
for the sake of this video i've created
a new traffic campaign
because i'm assuming that most of you
when you're going to start scheduling
your ads
you're probably going to do it from a
brand new campaign you'll see here that
i'm in the ad
set section of this new traffic campaign
so all this lives at the ad set level
and to get started scheduling we need to
scroll down to the aptly named
budget and schedule section of the
interface unfortunately
facebook likes to hide where the
scheduling options
are here all you can really see are
and you have some sort of a schedule
here because there's a start date and an
end date which is optional with the
daily budget setup but this isn't
quite the type of scheduling that we're
thinking of right we want to do
something that's day of the week
time of the day so on and so forth that
actually lives in this show more options
button down here
so if i click on that you'll see that ad
scheduling is here it says
run ads all the time if i hover over
you'll notike that there is a pencil
that pops up here
but i can't click on it because
scheduling is only available with
lifetime budgets
so the fact that facebook defaults you
to a daily budget means that you would
not be able to schedule your ads on most
campaigns until you shift it over to a
lifetime budget
unfortunately that's even if you add an
optional end date to your campaign
you still cannot schedule ads unless
you're utilizing a lifetime budget
there are some pros and cons to daily
budget versus lifetime budget that
does have some impact on performance of
your campaigns how facebook tries to
so on and so forth but for the sake of
scheduling only
we will need to opt into utilizing a
lifetime budget
so i'll come up here and choose from the
drop down shift this from daily
to lifetime now we've reset facebook is
given in a new budget
nicely enough it is up to 350 for the
lifetime of the campaign so then if i
come down here
in the additional options section if i
hover over ad scheduling
now we can see that the pencil to edit
is blue so if we click on this
it gives us a check box which is
effectively the same thing that we had
before it might as well have just opened
it but then if we actually check the box
here we can start to do some cool stuff
now we can start to see the schedule
down here at the bottom
of where we can start to fill in
different hours and i wanted to show you
how easy this
is just think of this as a regular table
everything in this first line is going
to be for monday
and then tuesday wednesday each of the
days of the week and then you've got the
hour increments starting at 12 a.m up to
3 a.m
6 a.m so on and so forth where each of
the blocks in here represents a one-hour
so if we were to check this box here we
would be targeting from 12 12am
to 1am on mondays only and the nice
thing is
that's as easy as it is to start
targeting different times and days on
facebook you simply have to come into
the builder
you can check individual segments of
time if you want to
you can click and drag while you have
the button pressed on your mouse
drag down and it'll add all those hours
or you can do something even different
you can come down and let's say that
every day you want to target people
from 6am to 6pm you can come down in
this bottom section here and either
all the individual boxes or you can just
again click
and drag and add all of those hour
increments for all the days of the week
so it's very easy to make sure that you
have your ad scheduled for the specific
hours that you want and facebook will
adjust your campaigns to be
on or off based on the hours here and
just as a quick key in case it wasn't
completely obvious
anything that is blue is going to be a
scheduled hour and that's when your ads
are going to be running
the only other option we have here is
one right above this chart
and it is an important distinction there
are two different time zones
you can run these ads on it's going to
default to use the viewer's time zone
so i'm in eastern time but if i were to
run an ad schedule that looked
something like this even if it weren't
you know just completely messy the way i
have it set up here and i can't even
clear those out
not very good at clicking if i were to
run the ads like this i would see it in
my time zone in eastern time in the
united states
from 6 a.m to 6 p.m but somebody in
the pacific time of the united states
would see it from there
6 a.m to 6 p.m even though that's three
hours different than mine people on the
opposite side of the world
we would almost be running on completely
opposite times because their 6 p.m
is my 6 a.m so i would have ads for the
12-hour period where they didn't and
vice versa
the other option you have here is to run
ads based on the accounts
time zone this account is set up on
central time so effectively i would be
running ads if i chose this
i in central time would be seeing ads
show up from 7 am
until 7 pm and somebody on pacific time
would be seeing it from 4 am
to 4 pm but users in central time would
be 6 a.m to 6 p.m because that's where
it's set up this can be very useful
if you have specific sales i'm thinking
about black friday sales things like
that where there is a specific cutoff
and it stops
typically at something like midnight
eastern time or midnight pacific time in
the u.s
you want to make sure that your ads shut
off consistently
for all users and that people don't
continue to see sale ads when the sale
is already gone or they don't see the
sale ads before the sale has even
started that's a terrible user
so depending on why you're scheduling
your ads
and depending on what type of messaging
you'll be using make sure that you
choose whether you want to use
the account time zone or the viewer's
time zone
to run this schedule on now i just gave
you one example but i do want to hop
into a few scenarios where you might
want to use ad scheduling
in your facebook ads account if there's
any type of time lag
between the conversion and the follow-up
your campaigns i'm thinking mostly of
like a lead generation campaign
it might make sense to schedule your ads
during certain hours or certain days of
the week
for a good example here let's say you
have a company policy where anybody who
submits a lead to your company
needs to be contacted within 24 hours
that's going to be really difficult if
somebody sends in a lead on
friday afternoon and nobody works until
might make sense to not have your
facebook ads run on
fridays or at least not friday afternoon
and it might also make sense to let your
ads run
on sunday in case somebody would get in
touch with you sunday because they'll
get a call back within 24 hours
promptly first thing on monday so that's
one reason you might do it another is
very similar
maybe you're trying to generate phone
calls with your facebook ads and if
you're curious how to do that we do have
a video that you can check out at the
top of the screen right now
but maybe you only want to get phone
calls when you're able to answer the
phone so you can use ad scheduling to
make sure that your ads are
off when you're not in the office and
they're on when somebody can answer it
and that way you can answer the phone
have a good user experience and try to
get more customers that way
another instance where you might want to
schedule your ads is if you have
cascading messages over the course of an
event this is a little bit
more advanced theory than what the other
options are where you just have things
on or off
let's say you have a happy hour that
you're trying to promote on friday and
you get three different ad sets within
your campaign
that you're trying to promote because
you have different messaging let's say
one ad set
is active monday through wednesday and
all of the ads say
enjoy our happy hour on friday 10 off
those run from monday to wednesday and
then they turn off then on thursday you
have ad copy that says
don't forget about our happy hour
tomorrow because it's on thursday and
that runs only on thursday and
your third ad set can promote the happy
hour at the beginning of friday and up
until shortly before happy hour and then
not throughout the rest of the evening
this is
a little bit more advanced like i said
but you can see how you can utilize ad
scheduling to customize your messaging
if you're creating different ad sets and
scheduling them for different times of
the day or different days of the week
leading up to an event that said there
are some words of caution when it comes
to scheduling your ads
first is one of the things that i try to
tell my clients is that people use
facebook all the time
in the first scenario i told you around
generating leads and wanting to make
sure that somebody is contacted within
24 hours
if that's a company policy you kind of
have to stik to it but just because
you can't respond doesn't mean that it's
not useful to get in front of somebody
on a saturday that might be the time
where they're able to actually spend
time on facebook and engage with it this
is also something that b2b companies
seem to struggle with
they don't want their ads to run in the
hours basically 7am to 7pm monday
through friday
because they think people aren't paying
attention but during those hours
users are at work in a lot of different
companies facebook is a website that is
able to be reached at the office so if
you don't reach them on facebook in the
evening hours or on the weekends
you won't get in front of those users
make sure that you're weighing the
options between
the value to you to get in front of
those users in
maybe not your peak hours but still
getting in front of them or
making sure that you only reach them
during the hours that are perfect for
and being willing to not make an
impression on somebody because you're
scheduling it for specific hours
the last piece i have here is that every
time you restrict
anything on facebook everything gets
more expensive it's the same thing with
audiences the smaller the audience size
the more specific you are the higher
your cpms the same is true for
placements the more you restrict your
placements your cpms are going to go up
things get more expensive that's also
going to be true for
the scheduling of your ads if you start
to limit times and you get really
even like the happy hour scenario i gave
on the last slide
that can be really expensive you need to
weigh the options between
the value that you get from scheduling
your ads to be that restricted
and the messaging that you're giving to
your customers and what type of
follow-through they're going to have on
even though facebook tries to hide it in
the interface their ad scheduling tool
is really easy to use once you've gotten
over the idea that you're going to opt
into lifetime budgets and it's really
in some ways it's more specific than
some of the other platforms and it can
be really useful to make sure that
you're reaching the target audience at
the right time
i tried to give a couple examples of why
you might want to schedule ads but if
you have any other use cases for
why ad scheduling worked really well for
you or if you have any other struggles
with it i'd really love to hear about
them in the comments below
thanks for watching our video if you
thought it was useful give us a thumbs
up below
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