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facebook adds for dropshipping

Published on: February 20 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Dropshipping: Mastering Facebook Ads in 20 Minutes

- The struggle of setting up profitable Facebook ads for dropshipping

- A breakdown of step-by-step instructions for success

- The value of putting your time and energy into implementing these strategies

Main Points:

1. Focus on having a trending, winning product

- Key factors to consider when choosing a product

- The importance of solving a problem and having a wow factor

- Analyzing your competition to find areas of improvement

2. Creating effective advertisements

- The role of ads in driving traffic and standing out from competition

- Utilizing resources for video editing and ad creation

- The benefits of creative testing campaigns to find the most effective thumbnail and video combination

- The importance of being up to date on Facebook ad strategies for success

- The potential for significant profit with the right approach

- Encouragement to take action and seek further assistance if needed.

Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping | Master FB Ads In 25 Minutes

Facebook Ads for Beginners: A Simple Strategy for Growing Your Shopify Store

- Facebook ads are the best way to grow a Shopify store, but can be confusing for beginners

- Sharing my strategy after spending over a million dollars on Facebook ads

Things to Know as a Beginner:

- Facebook is an auction-based ad platform

- You need a good product, website, and creative for success

- You will lose some money while learning Facebook ads

- Set up your columns correctly for better understanding

Facebook Ads Layers:

- Campaign holds audiences and ads

- Ad sets target specific audiences

- Ads themselves are the creative shown to audience

Full Facebook Ads Strategy:

- Optimization phase: refine product, landing page, and creative

- Interest testing phase

- Mid scaling phase

- Explosive scaling phase

Optimization Phase:

- Focus on products already selling well on Facebook and Instagram

- Choose recent and viral products with room for improvement

- Have a trustworthy branded website with a clean landing page

- Creative should hook audience in the first five seconds

- With a good product, website, and creative, any Facebook ads strategy can work

- Facebook ads require investment, but can lead to valuable skill sets and success in ecommerce.

Master Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping in 13 Minutes (2022)

In the past two years, I have generated over 5 million dollars in revenue through dropshipping. Throughout my journey, I have always used Facebook ads and I still use it today to make money. In this article, I will be sharing my entire ad strategy completely for free.

Setting up ad campaigns:

There are many ways to set up ad campaigns on Facebook, but what works well with my way of dropshipping is to test a lot of products and use aggressive marketing angles. If this is your strategy as well, make sure you watch the whole thing and take notes.

The most important factor of running Facebook ads in 2022 is having a good ad video, also called your ad creative. There are three different ways to source these creatives: rip your competitors' winning creative, take the winning creative of your competitor and send it over to a video editor on Fiverr, or take your competitors' winning ad creative and edit it yourself using free software like Canva or the video to resolve.

Facebook pixel tracking:

As most of you guys know, Facebook pixel tracking is not what it used to be. To get the most accurate tracking for as cheaply as possible, I recommend you use an app like Trackify or Omega pixel tracking and connect your pixel via there.

Testing campaigns:

Now let's click on create campaign. We always select sales as the campaign objective. For the name of the campaign, I always use the title of the product. We always check the campaign after spending 20 euros and if it's not performing well after 20 euros, we usually have enough information to decide to continue or kill the campaign so you'll never be spending 60 Euros on bad campaigns.

Facebook ads are the absolute best platform there is to run profitable ads for dropshipping. Having a good ad video is the most important factor of running Facebook ads in 2022. Facebook pixel tracking is not what it used to be, so using an app like Trackify or Omega pixel tracking is recommended. Testing campaigns is also important to determine which ones to continue or kill.

Best Low Budget Facebook Ad Strategy | Shopify Dropshipping 2023 | [Step By Step]

Advertising for your e-commerce dropshipping brand can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when it comes to Facebook and Instagram advertising. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about these platforms and how to effectively advertise your brand. We will discuss ad strategy, setting up campaigns, analyzing metrics, and scaling options.

Strategy for 2023:

Our overall strategy for 2023 is to target broader audiences and heavily test marketing angles and ad copy. The recent privacy update from Apple has made data attribution more challenging, making it essential to collect as much data as possible to improve the algorithm's targeting. Testing various marketing angles allows Facebook and Instagram to find the perfect audience for your product.

Ad Sets:

To set up your ad sets, go to the Facebook business manager platform, select the campaign objective, and choose sales. We recommend choosing auction as the buying type. Avoid selecting objectives such as awareness, traffic, or engagement. Our focus is to optimize for sales and season the pixel for conversions.


We are doing another website giveaway, where you can win a custom-built Shopify website loaded with ten winning products made by our team at Ecom Remastered. To enter, leave a like, subscribe, and comment down below your favorite platform for running ads in 2023.

Autods Sponsorship:

Autods is a software that allows you to automate your dropshipping store, from product research to order fulfillment. It offers features such as product importing, price and stock monitoring, and automatic order fulfillment. The best part is that it saves you time and allows you to focus on other side hustles or stores. You can try it out for free by clicking the link in the description.

In conclusion, Facebook and Instagram advertising can be confusing, but with our strategies and tips, you can effectively advertise your e-commerce dropshipping brand. Remember to target broader audiences, test marketing angles, and analyze metrics to improve your campaigns' performance. Don't forget to enter our website giveaway and try out Autods for automation.

Facebook Ads Tutorial For Shopify Dropshipping In 2022 | Step By Step

In this article, we will discuss how a simple structural error can cause you to lose thousands of dollars every day when running Facebook ads for your Shopify store. Even if you have a million-dollar product and a flawless custom-coded website, if you are not targeting the right group of people with the highest potential to buy from you, you won't make any money. We will cover how to set up a basic Facebook ad that will help you pinpoint a specific audience to direct your traffic to, in order to receive results like mine or even better.

- The importance of targeting the right audience when running Facebook ads for your Shopify store

- How a simple structural error can cause you to lose thousands of dollars every day

Setting Up Your Business Manager:

- The first step before setting up any ads or running any ad campaigns is to set up your business manager

- Your business manager is essentially like a big organizing folder that encompasses all of your data, including Facebook pages, ad accounts, and pixels

- You can create up to two business managers per personal Facebook account, but someone can grant you access to their business manager

Creating Your Ad Account:

- Go to business.facebook.com/overview and hit the create button

- Name your business manager and enter your email

- Verify your email and create a new ad account

- Name your ad account and select your name for full control

- Add payment information later

Setting Up Your Facebook Page:

- Go to Pages and add a new page

- Name your page and choose a category

- Add yourself for full control

Creating Your Pixel:

- Go to Ads Manager and create a test campaign

- Select website and create a pixel

- Name your pixel and paste the URL of your website

- Partner with Shopify and connect your account

- Connect your business manager and ad accounts

- Confirm all settings and check that your pixel is properly installed with a chrome extension

- Targeting the right audience is crucial for running successful Facebook ads for your Shopify store

- Setting up your business manager, ad account, Facebook page, and pixel is the first step towards achieving this goal

- Properly installing your pixel with a chrome extension is a good way to ensure that it is tracking all events properly.


Are you into dropshipping or considering starting it? This video could be a game-changer for your life. Have you ever thought about receiving notifications of sales every day in your home? The person enters your store and buys, but for that, you need to bring people there. And that's exactly what you'll learn to advertise with Facebook ads. In this video, which is actually a class, you will learn how to advertise and maybe even sell on autopilot. But for that, you need to learn, and you will learn it here and now. It was this knowledge that transformed not only my life but also several other people's lives, and it can transform yours too. Of course, there are several bonuses for you to stay until the end, and we'll show you all this gold and content that would be paid, but today it's 100% free. You know very well that it's time for business, so let's get started.

Main Points:

- To receive sales notifications every day, you need to bring people to your store.

- Learning to advertise with Facebook ads is the key to success.

- This video is a class that will teach you the step-by-step process of advertising.

- Learning this can help you sell on autopilot.

- You need to pay attention to the content and learn everything step-by-step.

- The video has bonuses and free content that is usually paid.

- It's time for business, so let's get started.

Learning to advertise with Facebook ads is crucial for dropshippers, and this video offers a step-by-step process to help you achieve success. With the knowledge gained from this video, you can bring people to your store, receive notifications of sales every day, and sell on autopilot. Paying attention to the content and learning everything step-by-step is important. The video has bonuses and free content that is usually paid, so it's a great opportunity to learn. Don't waste any more time and start learning now!

$66K in 12 days with Shopify dropshipping | Facebook ads scaling

How I Made $66,000 in 12 Days with Shopify Drop Shipping

In this article, I will be discussing how I was able to make $66,000 in just 12 days with my Shopify Drop Shipping store. I will be sharing my process and strategies that helped me scale my store quickly.

Finding the Product:

- Went to Facebook Ads Library to look for ads in the United States

- Looked for terms other dropshippers are using in their ads

- Found promising products and tested them

First Day:

- Did $300 in sales

- Created 14 assets with interests and 5-6 ads each

- Spent $220 in ads

- Break even ROI was about 1:3


- Increased budget to $300 on 2nd day and did $645 in sales

- Found 2 audiences that were performing well and put them in their own individual CBO

- Spent $600 on 3rd day and did $900 in sales

- Found profitable CBOs and scaled them up

- Spent $900 on 4th day and did $2,300 in sales

- Increased budget every day based on performance metrics

- Store currently sitting at $11,500+ in sales

Scaling a Shopify Drop Shipping store quickly requires finding a profitable product and testing different audiences and ads. By constantly monitoring performance metrics and scaling profitable campaigns, it's possible to make a significant amount of profit in a short amount of time.

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