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facebook ads bloqué

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

If I show you this image of a deactivated Facebook account, I think it's a nightmare that everyone has experienced. If you're running Facebook ads today, I have the solution for you. So, to celebrate the end of 2022, I hope you had a good holiday, and I'm going to share with you what I do in real time. This morning, I had an account that was deactivated, and I'm going to show you step by step how to reactivate it. You can reproduce this on your own by following this method. We reactivate our concepts all the time, so let's get started. Firstly, if you're not subscribed, please do so. It's important for the channel to explode this year. The information I share is free, which is very rare for information on how to unblock an account, especially when it's done live. In 2022, I will show you everything concretely and now. So, let's do it together. Subscribe, activate the notification bell, and share this video if you found it useful.

Next, I have prepared a checklist for you to follow so that you no longer have issues with Facebook ads in 2022. We have compiled all the information on how Facebook works and how to avoid being banned. Take advantage of this and download the checklist now. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's move on to my screen. I hope you're ready. Let's go!

I have two screenshots of an account that has just been deactivated. We're going to click here with this button and open it in a new window to see the reason. I also received a notification that I can contact Facebook, so I'm going to click here to see how we can contact them via chat.

First, let's look at the quality of the account. It's a generic message telling me that something is not right with their general policy. Let me provide some context. There isn't really a specific reason because my ads have already been approved. I did everything correctly. Now, I'm going to submit the appeal and show you the exact process of how to unblock the button to contact support. This is important to note.

So, I clicked on the Help button, and you can see that I have the contact button. This is great because if you want to contact Facebook, this is how it works. When you click on the Help button, you can contact their support. This is valuable information that can really make a difference for you. Try to discuss and explain what you did and why you don't understand why you were blocked. Make an appeal.

I've waited for some time, and there's still no response from Facebook. In my opinion, they are not available. It has been 20 minutes since I sent my message, and the last message I received was that I started the discussion 30 minutes ago. So, what I'm going to do is select exactly like this. Yes, this is my account. Then, select ads in France, not classified and choose I'm not sure for the reason. Then, click on Submit and wait for their response.

I'm giving you these tips because it's a new season in 2022, and I want to help you avoid getting blocked. As I mentioned, you can download the checklist below the video. There are important rules to follow if you want to avoid being blocked. Firstly, read Facebook's rules. It may seem simple, but you need to do it every time. When I see problems with people telling me their accounts were blocked, I look at their ads and realize that the rules were not followed. I will give you the three most common rules that are not followed, even though they are clear. Firstly, you cannot zoom in on a body part in your ads. For example, zooming in on just a hand is prohibited by Facebook. So, if you are showing a product for the skin, for example, and you want to show the effect on a specific body part, don't do it. Try to show the entire body or as much as possible. Secondly, the before and after concept is not allowed. You cannot show a before and after with a dividing line in the middle. It is especially important to be cautious when it comes to complex issues, such as health or weight loss. This can lead to a ban. Lastly, the third common mistake is related to promotions.

La Solution ANTI BLOCAGE Facebook (Compte Facebook Bloqué Dropshipping)

How to Unblock a Blocked Facebook Business Account

- Have you been struggling to unblock your Facebook business account?

- Are you facing issues with multiple blocked accounts?

- In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step procedure to unblock your account and avoid future blockages.

Procedure to Unblock a Blocked Facebook Business Account:

1. Understand the Reason for Blockage:

- It is crucial to identify why your account got blocked.

- Facebook usually provides reasons for blockages, such as identity verification or account examination.

- Analyze the cause and follow the recommended solution.

2. Verify Account Ownership:

- If you are not the owner of the blocked account, request the account owner to log in to the Business Manager.

- The account owner should initiate the identity verification process by requesting a control check.

3. Avoid Working on a Blocked Business Manager:

- If one account is blocked on a Business Manager, it affects all connected accounts.

- Cease all activities on the blocked Business Manager, including pages, ad accounts, and shops.

- Do not create a new ad account or shop on the same Business Manager that caused the blockage.

Tips to Overcome Daily Spending Limits and Test Products:

- To overcome daily spending limits, manage your budget wisely.

- With a daily limit of 50 euros, test different audiences and allow Facebook to optimize your ads over several days.

- If you want to increase the spending limit, verify your Business Manager account and ensure timely payment of Facebook invoices.

- Alternatively, consider renting or buying verified agent accounts.

- Understanding the reasons for blockages is essential to unblock your Facebook business account.

- Follow the provided solutions and guidelines to avoid future blockages.

- Take caution when promoting sensitive products, using zoom effects, or displaying synthetic images.

- Use the checklist provided in the description to ensure you comply with Facebook's guidelines.

- Unblock your account and continue utilizing the platform for your business needs.

Comment débloquer un business manager Facebook

Facebook has strict rules and guidelines when it comes to business accounts and advertising. It is important to understand these rules in order to avoid being banned from the platform. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why businesses get banned on Facebook and how to maintain a good relationship with the platform.

Maintaining a good relationship with Facebook:

1. Follow the rules: It is crucial to respect and follow all of Facebook's rules and guidelines. Ignoring these rules can lead to a ban. Download our free checklist of essential rules and frequently violated policies on Saadben.com/checklist.

2. Have multiple business managers: It is recommended to have at least two business managers attached to your profile. This will ensure that if one gets banned, you still have another one to continue running your ads.

Reasons for business manager bans:

1. Multiple banned ad accounts: If you have multiple ad accounts that have been banned, Facebook may view you as a threat and ban your business manager as well.

2. Disapproved ads: When an ad gets disapproved, it is important not to immediately request a review. Facebook views this as a lack of effort and may result in the closure of your business manager.

3. Violating major rules: Violating major rules such as using multiple domains on the same ad account can not only get your ad account banned but also your business manager.

4. Negative feedback score: The negative feedback score on your ads can also lead to a ban. It is important to monitor and manage this score to avoid getting banned.

Avoiding business manager bans:

1. Unusual scaling: Scaling your ads too quickly can raise alarms with Facebook. It is recommended to gradually increase your ad spend to avoid being flagged as suspicious activity.

Maintaining a good relationship with Facebook is crucial for the success of your business. By following the platform's rules and guidelines, having multiple business managers, and avoiding common mistakes, you can ensure that your business manager remains active and you can continue advertising on Facebook. Remember to always be aware of Facebook's policies and make necessary adjustments to your ads to prevent any bans.

Réactivez un Compte publicitaire Facebook Bloquer (2022)

Are you facing issues with your Facebook advertising account being blocked or restricted? Don't worry, it happens quite often and there is a solution. In this video/article, I will explain how to resolve this situation and reactivate your account. So, let's dive in!

1. Apologize and Acknowledge the Policy Violation:

Firstly, it's important to apologize, even if you believe that Facebook made a mistake in analyzing your advertisement. Take responsibility and apologize for any potential wrongdoing. It's crucial to acknowledge the policy or rule you may have violated.

2. Highlight the Policy or Rule:

Clearly mention the specific policy or rule that you believe you may have violated. For example, state that you have reviewed Facebook's advertising policies and standards and understand where you may have gone wrong.

3. Explain Your Attempts to Correct the Issue:

Share the steps you have taken to rectify the mistake. Explain how you have tried to correct the error and ensure it won't happen again in the future.

4. Request Assistance:

Politely ask if there is anything you can do to expedite the reactivation of your advertising account. Be sure to maintain a respectful tone throughout the email, as humans might be reading it.

In conclusion, to reactivate a blocked or restricted Facebook advertising account, you need to make an appeal by sending an email to Facebook. Follow the four steps mentioned above and stay polite and professional in your communication. If your first appeal is rejected, try a similar approach in your second email. If that fails as well, consider using a third method, such as asking if a specific personal attribute led to the rejection. If all else fails, you can create a new advertising account or business manager. It's not as complicated as it may seem, so don't panic! Good luck in getting your account reactivated!

(Note: The word count of the provided French text is 399 words. To meet the requirement of 3500 tokens or less, the text will need to be further condensed or edited.)

Comment éviter les blocages sur Facebook en 2022

Di Matteo, my Facebook account is blocked because I'm doing drop shipping. Tell me, are you on the Business Manager accounts? Mine was unjustly blocked and I've tried everything, but nothing works. I don't understand why. Can you help me? Hey, Théo, what are you selling on the Business Manager? I just got blocked by Facebook. It's frustrating because it can ruin your day, week, or even a whole month just because the algorithm arbitrarily decides that you can't advertise on this amazing social network. It's a complicated topic because there's no magic recipe. You can follow all the rules, but Facebook can still block you. I get around 1 or 2 messages every day from people asking me how to unblock their Facebook accounts. They all have one thing in common: they're into rap music and wonder why they get blocked. Unfortunately, in the winter, you need to sell a good product, my friend. But for others, there are ways to avoid getting blocked. In this video, I'll share some tips based on our experience on the main reasons why accounts get blocked and how to avoid it in the future. Please note that the regulations are not clear, and what I'm sharing is based on our experience and doesn't guarantee that you won't get blocked. Here's a list of twelve main reasons why accounts get blocked, plus some bonus tips:

- Limit the number of ads and avoid repetitive ads, as they can lead to the blocking of your advertising accounts and even your Business Manager.

- Avoid using random emojis, such as the red cross, exclamation marks, or flames, as they are not good signals for Facebook's algorithm.

- Don't overcrowd your images with text. Facebook prefers visual content, so limit the amount of text on your images.

- Avoid using pushy phrases like Buy now, only available here! Instead, focus on providing value and building trust with your audience.

- Don't use phrases like 97% satisfied customers without reliable sources. Be transparent and avoid making false claims.

- Avoid putting links, phone numbers, or email addresses in the ad text. Use the ad's visuals to lead people to your landing page.

- Don't include explicit or provocative images in your ads. Facebook's guidelines are strict, and you risk getting blocked.

- Avoid mentioning prices or promotions directly in your ads. Instead, direct people to your website, where they can find more information.

- Don't make promises you can't prove. Avoid phrases like the best, approved by professionals without evidence to back it up.

- Avoid advertising certain special categories on Facebook, even if your ads comply with the rules. Facebook might still block them.

- Make sure your personalized events are connected to your pixel. If they're not, Facebook might block your ads.

- Be cautious with your payment methods and monitor your spending limits and card usage to avoid unexpected blocks.

Remember, these tips are based on our experience, and Facebook's algorithm can be unpredictable. Stay vigilant and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Comment débloquer son compte publicitaire et business manager sur Facebook Ads - Partie 2

Hey everyone and welcome to this brand new video! In the last video, we talked about how to avoid getting blocked on Facebook Business Manager and the steps you need to take to prevent it. Today, we're going to discuss what to do if your ad account or Business Manager gets blocked. So, let's get right into it!

- In the previous video, we covered the importance of following Facebook's rules to avoid getting blocked.

- Having a good customer experience and a high page score can help prevent blocks.

- However, if you do get blocked, it's crucial to take immediate action.

Types of Blockages:

1. Ad Disapproval:

- If your ads are getting disapproved, it's important to analyze why and make necessary changes.

- Appeal if you believe it was a mistake, but if you violated the rules, consider starting fresh.

2. Ad Account Block:

- Getting your ad account blocked is more serious as it prevents you from running any ads.

- Analyze why you got blocked and question your approach and marketing angles.

- Study the rules and create a personalized message to appeal to Facebook's support team.

- Show empathy, professionalism, and mention that you take Facebook's rules seriously.

- Consider including your phone number for a potential call from Facebook.

3. Business Manager Block:

- Getting your Business Manager blocked is the most severe level of blockage.

- Analyze why it happened and take responsibility for any mistakes made.

- Craft a message acknowledging the error and the steps you've taken to prevent it in the future.

- Express gratitude for the opportunity to use Facebook's platform.

- Provide additional information if necessary and offer your availability for further assistance.

- Dealing with Facebook blockages requires quick action and careful messaging.

- Analyze the reason for the blockage and determine if an appeal is necessary.

- Personalize your messages to stand out among the hundreds of support requests.

- Show empathy, professionalism, and a commitment to following Facebook's rules.

- Include your contact information for potential communication with Facebook's support team.

Remember, addressing blockages promptly and professionally can save you time and help you get back to running your ads and growing your business. Don't hesitate to take the necessary steps to resolve any blockages you encounter. Good luck!

*Note: The content provided above is a summary of the given input and does not reflect personal opinions or beliefs.

Pubs Facebook | Débloquer son compte publicitaire en 3 minutes (2021)

Title: How to Reactivate a Deactivated Facebook Advertising Account

In this video, we will discuss how to reactivate a deactivated Facebook advertising account. It is essential to follow Facebook's advertising rules; otherwise, your account may be permanently banned. We will guide you through the process step-by-step, so let's get started!

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Go to facebook.com/ads/manager: Type this URL directly into your browser's address bar or find the link in the video description.

2. Click on Account Quality under the Overview section.

3. Check the number of restricted accounts you have. In my case, I have two backup accounts that I don't use.

4. Click on the deactivated account that you want to reactivate.

5. On the right side, you will see a summary provided by Facebook.

6. Click on the blue button that says Request Review.

7. Select a suitable reason for requesting the review. If you are unsure which rule was violated, choose I don't know which rule was violated.

8. If Facebook asks for additional information, provide a useful explanation and politely ask them to reconsider their decision.

9. Sign off with your name and submit the request.

By following these steps and adhering to Facebook's advertising rules, you should receive a positive response and have your account reactivated. Remember to always comply with Facebook's guidelines to avoid any future issues. If you found this video helpful, please click the like button and subscribe to our channel. We'll be back soon with more informative content. Thank you for watching!

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