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facebook ads budget for small business

Published on: June 20 2023 by pipiads

- Small businesses need to determine the best Facebook ads budget

- Setting a budget is important for all aspects of a business

Determining Your Facebook Ads Budget:

- Work backwards from your overall marketing budget

- The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends allocating 7-8% of revenue towards marketing

- Allocate more if you need more exposure or are a startup

- Strategically ratchet up your spend throughout the year

- Test and adjust your ads to get smarter before increasing spend

- Invest in different types of Facebook ads, including branding, promotions, and retargeting

- Calculate your lead conversion rate to determine if your Facebook ad is worth it

- Long-term opportunities should be considered when determining your Facebook ads budget

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Minimum Budget For Facebook Ads 2022 - The Ultimate Guide

In this video, PixelFeet talks about minimum budgets for Facebook ads in 2022. He addresses the frequently asked question about how much should one spend on Facebook ads to get results.

Factors to Consider:

PixelFeet explains that the answer to the question depends on several factors, such as the marketing budget, product provenance, brand establishment, and website optimization.

For New Brands:

For a new website or brand, he suggests testing different angles with copy, creative, and audiences. He recommends running one campaign with four to five audiences, including informational websites, competitors, celebrities, books, and magazines. For such brands, he suggests a budget of at least $20 per ad set.

For Established Brands:

For an established brand, PixelFeet advises starting with a retargeting campaign based on website visitors, Facebook engagers, and Instagram engagers. For such brands, he recommends a budget of at least $10,000 to go for the middle of the funnel.

Setting Metrics:

To set metrics, PixelFeet suggests defining the expectations of the top of the funnel. He also advises calculating the lifetime value of the customer to determine how much one should spend to acquire a customer.

PixelFeet concludes that running ads for at least three months is essential to get a hold of the data and figure out what's going on in the ecosystem. He recommends starting with a budget of $3,700 for new brands and $10,000 for established brands. Finally, he emphasizes the importance of seeing if the metrics work or not and adjusting budgets accordingly.

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2023 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Facebook Advertising Strategies for Success

Your Facebook advertising strategy may not be working as well as you want it to because things have changed. What used to work a few months ago is dramatically different from the strategies that are succeeding on the platform right now.

1. The Power of Facebook Lead Ads:

- Facebook Lead Ads are amazing for generating leads and making sales for any business.

- Learn how to set them up correctly for a profitable ad campaign.

- Discover the secret to taking campaigns from a 3% response rate to over 68%.

2. Campaign Structures and Default Settings:

- Campaign structures and default settings inside Facebook Ads Manager have changed.

- Discover how to set your campaigns up for success to get the most bang for your advertising buck.

- Avoid losing or wasting money on ineffective or useless settings.

3. Insider Look at Setting Up and Launching a Brand New Campaign:

- Learn how to test objectives and metrics to ensure profitability.

- Discover how to create a super ad by taking the best parts of previous ads and combining them.

Generating leads in the traditional way is one of the least effective marketing strategies available today. The secret to success is to focus on acquiring quality leads and having a conversion mechanism in place. By following the tips in this article, you can optimize your Facebook advertising strategy for success.

Facebook Advertising Costs In 2023 | How Much Should You Spend in Facebook Ads?

- Facebook advertising costs vary for each advertiser

- Facebook allows advertisers to choose their own budget

- This article will explain how Facebook ad costs work and how much businesses should spend

Factors that Influence Facebook Ad Costs:

- Ad relevance is the most significant factor

- Audience size influences cost

- Competition can also affect costs

Determining Your Budget:

- Consider how well-known your business is

- Video content is favored by Facebook and can lower costs

- Product price should be considered when determining budget

- Available cash reserves should also be factored in

- A budget of at least $5,000 is recommended to determine if Facebook ads are effective for your business

- Facebook advertising costs vary based on several factors

- Businesses should determine their budget based on their awareness, media, pricing, and cash reserves

- A budget of at least $5,000 is recommended to test Facebook ads' effectiveness

- It is important to continuously monitor and optimize ad campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

The Best Facebook Ads Budget For Small Business... or just getting started [2022]

Hey guys, what's going on? My name is TJ and I am the owner of Murray Marketing Team. We focus on paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and now LinkedIn and Pinterest. In this video, I will be discussing what I think you need in terms of an ad spend budget to be effective in the ad buying space.

Establishing Your Facebook Advertising Budget:

- Understanding the numbers related to the marketing and sales of your business

- Take the 5% to 12% marketing budget rule and throw it out the window

- Know your numbers - lifetime value, churn rate, cost to acquire, etc.

- Think about it by channel - Facebook and TikTok are the best platforms to get started

- $1500 is the best budget to get started

Factors That Will Affect Your Results:

- Target audience demographics - location, gender, language, interests, behavior, and connections

- Placement of your ads - desktop, mobile, Instagram, and Audience Network

- Bid price - set manually or automatically, as the bid increases, so does the probability of your ad being shown to your target audience

- Quality and relevance of your ad - engagement quality conversion (EQC) score is calculated based on these factors

- Time of year and competition - double down when ad space is opening up

Setting Up Your Budget:

- Campaign budget vs ad set budget

- Advantage campaigns simplify your campaign budget and reduce the number of budgets you need to manage manually

- Create an ad set that caters to each audience

In conclusion, setting up your ad spend budget is crucial to the success of your paid ads. You need to know your numbers and think about it by channel. Double down when ad space is opening up and create an ad set that caters to each audience. Remember to keep an eye on your EQC score and adjust your budget accordingly. Happy advertising!

Working Out The PERFECT Facebook Ad Budget

The single most common Facebook ads question is about budget. However, it's not easy to give a straight answer without knowing the specific circumstances of the individual or business. In this article, we will explore how to calculate your Facebook ads budget based on your unique situation.

Traditional Way of Working Out Your Budget:

Let's assume you are an e-commerce business with an average order value of $80. You need to hit a 2X return on ad spend (ROAS) to break even. To generate conversions at $40 each, you need to aim for 50 conversions per week. Therefore, your weekly Facebook ad budget should be $2,000, which translates to roughly $286 per day or $8,500 per month.

Why the Traditional Way is Not Ideal:

While the traditional method can give you an idea of what your budget should be, it's not always accurate. Facebook recommends spending more to get out of the learning phase, but this mainly benefits Facebook. Also, starting with a large budget is not always necessary and could lead to wasting money.

How to Calculate Your Starting Budget:

Start with an amount that you can afford to lose without putting your business in financial difficulty. However, don't start with an amount so small that you won't care if you lose it. Find the sweet spot where you care about the money, but it's not going to hurt you financially. This caring factor is essential because it means you'll be more involved in the testing, optimization, and monitoring process.

Scaling Your Budget:

Once you have found the sweet spot and your Facebook ads are generating results, you can start to scale. However, you should scale slowly and only once you know that your offer, creative, etc., can work at that budget level. In this video, we show you how to scale your Facebook ad budgets step by step with examples.

Calculating your Facebook ads budget is not an exact science. It depends on your specific circumstances and business goals. Therefore, start with an amount that you can afford to lose, care about the money, and scale slowly. By following these guidelines, you can find the right budget for your Facebook ads campaign.


Hey guys, it's Ben Heath from Leaguer and in this video, I'm going to share my number one strategy for generating leads and sales for small businesses through Facebook ads. As a small business, you can't rely on your brand to sell your products or services like large businesses can, so you have to approach things differently. It all comes down to the offer.

- This video is all about Facebook ads for small businesses

- Small businesses can't rely on their brand to sell products/services

- Approach things differently with Facebook ads

- Offer is the key to success


- Heavy discount on first interaction with customer

- Breakeven or slightly above

- Offer something fantastic to stand out

Ad Creation:

- Use conversion objective

- Directly go for purchases or leads for services

- Install Facebook pixel on website

- Select demographics that describe customers

- Keep audience size in mind

- Use lookalike audience based off previous customers for national/international businesses

- Keep targeting broad

- Offer matters more than anything else

- Small businesses need to approach Facebook ads differently

- Heavy discount on first interaction is key

- Offer something fantastic to stand out

- Use conversion objective and appropriate targeting

- Don't rely on brand to sell products/services

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