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facebook ads consulting

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

🔥 Facebook Ads Strategy For Selling Coaching, Agency or Consulting Services (in 2022)

i'm gonna walk you through what i'm calling the best facebook ad strategy for selling coaching agency or consulting services in 2022.. now, at the present time, i'm not personally selling any coaching agency or consulting services. i have in the past and i do have some ideas in the near future that i'm planning to launch- but at the moment, i'm not presently selling any services like this. but i do have some very good friends that i work closely and collaborate frequently with. i've given them a lot of pointers based on my own experiences and what has worked in the past and what i plan to implement going forward, and they're saying: damn, corey, this is good stuff. so i'm gonna share with you guys here in this video. let's jump into it now. what i've got mapped out here is what i call the old method of selling coaching agency or consulting services. this is a very basic funnel framework that you can see nearly all of the high volume coaches, agents you're consulting, sellers out there implementing, and here's what it looked like. it would start with a lead magnet, so the user would opt in for something either. um, download my framework, download my cheat sheet, download a funnel template and click funnels. i've personally used that one before. anyways, download something. we just want your name and email address. you're going to get some information, okay, and then they go on to the next step, which is delivery and schedule a call. and i should- i should add that schedule call. i'm just going to leave that kind of big because i'm not really familiar with using this tool here. let's schedule a call so they opt into the lead magnet. then they usually will get the lead magnet. either they can download the cheat sheet or they can watch the video or both, and then on that same page frequently. now is the time to schedule a call, right, and from the time someone opts in, there's things that you can do to take them, to get them on to the next step, right. so these are the steps and this is what we can do to move them onto the next step. we can re-target them, we can email them to get them to watch that video and ultimately schedule a call from there. the next step is actually getting on the call. once you have the call booked, you get on the sales call with them. okay, now that can be incredibly difficult. personally, this is what i found most frustrating when it came to actually selling the services, because i would get a ton of people that opt-in, a ton of people that would consume my free content and schedule a call. but for every one call i had, i'd be lucky if i got actually 10 people on the phone, you know. so in between these you have to call a call. email- harass, annoy, right, just basically all of the nurturing methods. uh, i would go text. i mean i tried all kinds of different systems here, from calling, texting, automated things, but ultimately i was very, very weak at getting people into the sales call. we'll tok about why and we'll tok about the problem. this is not exclusive to myself. many other people out there report that same issue. they get tons of calls scheduled but nobody shows up for the calls. it's very frustrating. maybe you're in that same boat. and then finally, from the sales call, you got to do a contract. right now you can. a lot of people will try to combine that contract in with that sales call, but otherwise you have to do some type of follow-up. and i just copy the same thing: email- call- harass, annoy. get a contract, okay. and this is what i'm calling the old method. now let's just address some of the problems with this here. right, and i'm not sure if i'm going to list these out or not, but we're toking about the problems at this point here of the old method. the big problem that i would see is, initially, up front, on the lead magnet side of things, a lot of people, um, a lot of people, will opt in for the lead magnet, but they're not serious, they're just funnel hackers, right. so funnel hackers are fundamentally a problem. that's probably the biggest. probably the biggest problem with this whole damn thing is funnel hackers opt in for the lead magnet. some of them even go as far as scheduling a call. i shouldn't say that a lot of them will go as far as schedule and call and a lot of them will go as far as going to the sales call just to hear your pitch so that they can take bits and pieces away- and i've had them, you know, pretend to be- um, pretend to be like my actual target customer. so if i was targeting local business owners, even though they're a digital marketer and they don't own a local offline business, they would pretend to be an offline business and literally just put in a either a fake business name or give themselves a fake position in a company that they had no affiliation with at all. right, just to jump on that call because i literally had that happen. i called the company like hey, could i speak to jim uh? and they're like who? we don't have him. like, yeah, he just spoke to me. they're like, no, that's not the owner, that's not the manager. we don't even have anybody named that here. so i literally had people doing that right. so this is getting poor analytiks or gathering poor data all the way through the whole funnel. that's basically the result of funnel hackers. so you know you've got people opting in for your lead magnet and that's usually where your ads are running to, so your ads are way over here. if we were to draw this whole thing out, that would look like you know, basically a big funnel going into the lead magnet. people are opting in for the lead magnet but they're not serious buyers. you want people that are going to buy to opt in for the lead magnet and that whole thing just kind of resonated through the whole process. people that you know are not serious. a lot of funnel hackers- i will come back to the not serious in a second- would come here, schedule the call, get on the call with me. just totally waste my time. so, all through this, you're not getting data from your actual market. you're getting data from a bunch of funnel hackers which are not your target market. now, one of the things i tried doing- and i was fairly successful with this- was excluding- excluding digital marketing as an interest. that did work to a certain degree. that filtered out a lot of people, helped improve things, but then ultimately what we had was just, you know, tire kickers or freebie seekers, something like that, people that weren't actively serious about buying, and i'm showing my lack of skill with this tool at the moment. what about? if we here, we go, so we'll just put in here, just not serious. so you got people, a bunch of people, in here that are just not serious, uh, getting into the funnel and that all starts up here because they're opting in for this freebie, and then you know you're on the discovery call. you've got people that just want more free information and a lot of times we're not calling it a discovery caller, calling it a strategy session, planning session, etc. so what is the solution to this here? and this is what's working now and i've seen a lot of people go to it. i still see a lot of people doing this old method. but a lot of people are going to what i call the solution or the new method here and, if i can scroll my way down without blinking this whole graph, we'll just go new. it'll make this color- oops, don't want to do that. we'll make this color like a green or something. it's not too visible, that's a little bit more visible. all right, so well for the new method. rather than coming through here and starting with a lead magnet, we're swell. rather than starting the lead magnet, rather than starting with a free lead magnet, is what i should say. so let's just put this in here as free. that's really the problem here. all right, so rather than starting with a free lead magnet, we're going to start with something paid. so that way, we're not going to get the funnel hackers in here because they're not going to pay for it. we're not going to get the unserious people in here because they're not going to pay something up front. let me just drag this down here and then go paid, boom o.


hi guys has been Heath from lead guru and in this video I'm going to tok about Facebook ads for coaches and consultants and, specifically, how can you use Facebook advertising as a coach or a consultant to find new clients? because if you use the same strategies that ecommerce businesses use or local businesses use and it's just not going to work, so you, if you're a coach or consultant, you could try and advertise on Facebook. it hasn't working. it's probably because you've been using those more traditional methods of Facebook advertising and you need a complete different approach now. obviously, I'm a facebook advertising coach of consultants like: yes, we have done for you Facebook advertising services, but a lot of our business comes from the coaching and consulting that I do. so this is a process that I've used on my own business. it works incredibly well and, yeah, let's get into it. so, before I sort of go through the the steps in the strategy, the first thing you need to think about whenever you're doing any form of marketing, and facebook advertising included, is: what's the mindset of your prospects? what do you need to convince them of before they're ready to work with you? buy your products, buy your services? now, if you're a coach, consultant, the absolute number one thing that your prospects want to know is that you are an undeniable industry expert. you absolutely know what you're doing. you have the expertise that's gonna get help then get the results that they really want. that's what people really care about. before they hire a coach consultant, they want to know that are an absolute subject matter expert. the pricing- I hire coaches and consultants for other is my business. I hope you do as well. the price is far less important to me than knowing that, yes, this person really knows what they're toking about. they really can help me get the results that I want. I'm gonna go ahead and hire them. so you need to convince your prospects that you're an absolute subject matter expert and you could do that with Facebook advertising. it's not quick, it doesn't happen overnight, but it's absolutely possible. so the way that I approach that- the way that I've found works really well- is to consistently advertise high quality pieces of content to the same group of people over a long time period. now, that doesn't sound very interesting, very sexy, but it is very effective. it's not gonna make you a millionaire overnight, but it does work. as I said, this is what I've used in my own business. so let's just have a quick look at an example campaign. I'll show you getting into a bit more detail around the steps. so here we've got an example campaign. now, when you're looking to create your Facebook ad campaign as a coach or a consultant, the first thing that you need to decide is who you're going to advertise to. if you operate on a local basis, that's probably quite straightforward. it's probably just people within your local area- that maybe your demographic, male or female, age, that sort of stuff- and if you operate you know much wider basis, nationally or internationally, then find a group of people that you know are highly likely to be interested in your niche and, you know, involved in it, and just pick that and stik with it. if you're wondering, you know how do I find the interest, demographic, behavior, targeting options to use. check out a video. there'll be a link in the video description and it shows you how to use Facebook's audience insights to find great options. I've created a video about that, so check that out if you're lost by this process. now, what I started off doing was using people that we're interested in Facebook Ads manager. that was a targeting options. I started using this probably four years ago and because my prospects are people that are advertising on Facebook and they want to get better results. they've actually removed that targeting option now, but you'll be able to find equivalents for your own business. what I use now primarily is people on my email list and people who visit my website obviously appreciate that. not everyone has that luxury, which is why I mentioned check out the Facebook audience insight video to get started with. so that's the first part. you're gonna decide who you're going to be advertising to. the second part is your campaign objective. so go ahead, I think, and use engagement. you could use video views, depending on your creative things like that- but what I want is I want people to engage with my content, because if I'm going to demonstrate my expertise, I want them to see multiple pieces of content over a long time period and I wanted to engage with it. I want them to like it, I want them to comment on it. I want them to be involved in the process. so use the engagement objective to find who you can advertise to. so then we've got the ads themselves. now you can see that within this ad set, there are 48 different ads and only 3 alive, and that's what it demonstrates what we're doing here. we've got one group of people. I create a new video every week or every two weeks and obviously gets published on YouTube and all our various other places. it also gets added. well, some of them- not all now, but some of them- get added into this ad set and we consistently advertising it to people- in our case, it of on our email list or have visited our website. that's the audience we've chose to consistently advertise a piece of content to, and you can see that a lot of these pieces of content are face to camera videos. we've also got some blog posts in there and things like that, but if you're a coach or consultant, that's what it really recommend: create face to camera videos where you deliver a lot of value and end with a call to action. so if you're wondering how to create facebook video ads- how to create great Facebook, fat-faced, a camera facebook video ads- and there'll be a link in the video description to another video created that shows you exactly how to do. that breaks down my video creation process, so check that out, but I'm gonna quickly do is show you one of these as an example, because I think it'd be valuable to go through in this video, because that's the question that I get when I speak to coach, consult and say, look, this is what you've got to do. you would have ATO's, lots of pieces of content. you got to deliver value. you got to do it over a long time period and people will become clients- they. the next question is: what sort of videos? so let's have a quick look at an example. so this video is all about the Facebook Ads learning phase. so you've got to think what questions, what confusion is there from your target market around your little partikular niche? so there's probably things that people are wondering that you could help clarify for them. that's how you live a value, that's how demonstrate expertise. so my target market: they'll see the Facebook Ads learning face pop up in their Facebook ad account. they'll be wondering: what is that? what should I do with it except, or, etc. that's why video answers. so let's them could be listen. let me to make sure the volumes turned up and that's quickly watch bit of this. hi guys, it's Benny from lead girl. this could be a quick video about the Facebook Ads learning phase as important Facebook advertising feature, but not one that many people know a lot about. so when you first launch a Facebook ad, the ad set that that ad is in will start the learning phase and during the learning phase, Facebook is basically trying to work it out for you. they're gonna serve your ad to different people within your target audience to work out who is most likely to take your desired action. so let's say, for example, you've created a Facebook ad campaign and use the traffic objective, then Facebook is going to try and work out who within your target audience is most likely to click on your ad and come through to your landing page. and because the learning phase is an experimental process, the results you get during it and likely to be quite a bit worse than the results that you will get once Facebook. is that a bit of.

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How to Run Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors

hey, how's it going? everybody in this video we're going to tok about how to generate a 100x roi on your advertising. more specifically, i'm going to show you a case study of how we turned 2 800 bucks in ad spend- online digital marketing ad spend- into over 200 000 in revenue in just 30 days from one of our clients. now, who am i to tok to you about this and to show you how to generate 100x roi on your ad spend? now, my name is alex. i have started a digital marketing agency in the us called scale source that does over a couple million dollars a year in revenue. we have over 15 employees and all of our clients are in the us. okay, i'm going to show you one of the case studies that we have created for one of our clients- the specific niche- and i'm also going to show you the three keys that you need to generate an extremely high roi on your advertising. okay, so, to generate the highest roi advertising that you can, you want to get three things. okay, the first key is: you want to have a conversion machine. all right, a conversion machine, now, what? what do i mean by that? the conversion machine is an online system that turns traffic into leads and sales on autopilot. okay, and that's the first thing you want to work on in your marketing, your digital marketing strategy. you want to work on the conversion machine. a conversion machine is whatever process that you currently have will create that turns traffic into leads and sales. that might be your landing page that gets you traffic and gets you- uh, turns your traffic into leads, into calls, into sales. it might be whatever system that you have to turn into certain traffic, into sales and revenue. okay, that's the first thing you want to build out. the second thing you want to build out is the flow machine. okay, the flow machine is what feeds the conversion machine. okay, the flow machine is what gets people's attention, from whatever platform they're at, to your conversion machine. okay, without flow, the conversion machine is useless and without the conversion machine, the flow is inefficient and it will not generate an roi for you. here's what i mean. a lot of people try to spend money on advertising, online or offline, and they all say advertising doesn't work. okay, advertising doesn't work. why? it's because their conversion machine is not highly converting. it's not turning as many people as possible. that the flow machine grabs their attention into as many sales and leads as possible. okay, the problem they have is in their conversion machine. it's not working properly. they might get traffic, they might spend money on ads, they get impressions, they get views, they get clicks, but they get no leads or sales or calls or whatever conversion that they're aiming for. okay, that's why we start off with the conversion machine. we make sure that our conversion machine works extremely well, gets an extremely high conversion rate and maximizes and squeezes every drop of the lemon. okay, you want to squeeze every drop of the lemon using a amazing converted conversion machine? okay, then you want to have a flow machine that gets you traffic for the cheapest price possible online? okay, and it's all online now. after covid, after everything that happened in 2020, you gotta be online, otherwise you don't exist, okay. so once you have a conversion machine and a flow machine, then you need the right marketing strategy- marketing strategy for you to be able to make the right decisions on your marketing. here's what i mean. so if you have a conversion machine, if you have a full machine, most people will say, okay, you just give me that, i'll figure it out, i'll be able to make money, right? well, no, because if i give you a conversion machine and a flow machine that actually works guarantee you, in two weeks, you will ruin it. how do i know? i've tried it. okay, i've had media buyers that have hired into the company that i give them this exact account that we generated 100 x roi for within two weeks. they messed the whole thing up because they don't have the context and the experience to be able to make the right decisions in marketing. so that, even if i give you something that's already working, you need the marketing experience. you need the marketing know-how and the context to have scaled to these revenues before to be able to sustain this, even if it's already working, and to be able to scale to the next level. okay, so you need a conversion machine, a flow machine and the marketing strategy, somebody to work with you and help you make the right decisions on what kind of ad campaigns to run, what should you test, what kind of angles to run. okay, how do you scale? what kind of creative you should be running, what kind of audiences you should be targeting. all these different things. you need all three parts to achieve the highest rate possible for you in your industry. okay, now let me show you an example. all right, i'm going to take you to this board right here, all right. so i recently did a consultation with one of our clients. okay, we have showed them how they can take their existing business okay and turn it into a create a conversion machine, create a flow machine, and we're going to help them with the marketing strategy, okay. so i was looking at what they're already doing, what's already working for them, and they were telling me that they spent about 200 bucks on instagram advertising- okay, and that got them about 15 instagram dms. okay, 15 people send them a message on instagram. out of those 15 people, three people have showed up and into an in-person appointment- this is a real estate agency, by the way, okay. so then i was like: okay, you spent 200 bucks, you got 15 dms. out of the 15 dms, you got three appointments. great. so three divided by 15, that's a 20 conversion rate from instagram to the appointments. okay, all right. then i asked them in the past: how many sales have you got? they said: got one sale, okay. and i was like: okay, how many people have you toked to in person, how many in-person appointments have you done to get this one set up? and they said 20 people. okay, so i took. you know there's 20 appointments right here and they got one sale, which means that they have a five percent conversion rate from appointment to sale. great, you follow me. so these two numbers are the most important numbers so far in their marketing campaign, in their marketing plan. all right, that one sale made them 10 000 in commission. okay, that one sale making ten thousand dollars in commission. so now it's starting to make more sense, all right. so then i was like, okay, make ten grand from one sale. that's one sale came from 20 appointments and those 20 appointments we can work by that. so then i was like: all right, we're going to look at your earnings per lead and a lead is an appointment. okay, how much do you make every time you show up? when you tok to somebody in person in an in-person appointment, they make about 500 bucks per lead. that's their earnings per day. that's 10 000 divided by 20 appointments. that's 500 bucks experience per lead. then i was like: okay, great, how much do you make per vm? right, because now i know that a lead or an appointment? okay, fix this right here. an appointment. to generate one appointment, you need to tok to five times as many people on instagram, right? so their earnings per vm- earnings for instagram vm- is about 100 bucks. every instagram bm they get is worth about 100 bucks in the grand scheme of things. okay, so then i was like: okay, this is how much we make from these interactions. how much can we spend on getting more of these interactions? all right, since i already know that they spent 200 bucks to generate 15 dms multiple times, not just once- i was like, okay, we're going to take this 200 bucks divided by 15.. we got a cost of dm of 13. okay, they spent 13 to get one qualified person to tok to them on instagram. okay, then i was like: all right, let's look at this. so every time you spend 13 bucks you get to tok to somebody on instagram, you make, on average, about a hundred dollars. it's a pretty good deal, right? every time you spend thirteen dollars on instagram,

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The 2 MOST Powerful Facebook Advertising Strategies in 2022 | SMMA, Consulting, Coaching

hey everybody, welcome to this week's live training. now, in this light training, as requested, i'm going to be toking about my two favorite ways to advertise on facebook right now in order to generate the best and the highest amounts of leads possible. uh, in 2022, after those restrictions and with all the changes now happening with facebook. so, without further ado, let's just jump into it now. if you like the training during the way, or right now or at the end of it, don't forget, please don't forget, to support me. put out a like down below, put a comment, share this video or tag your friends, whatever it is, because it massively helps me with the algorithm. so, without further ado, let's get started now. my first and most favorite way to generate leads using facebook ads right now is going to be to run ads. so to run conversion ads into a landing page which gives out a lead magnet. now, in step in step, landing page two: lead magnet: what i do, at least, is what i'm seeing is working so much better than it used to be before is the amount of people landing, clicking from the ad to the landing page and then, in the landing page, giving out their name, email and also phone number. okay, so, if you're going to do this first method that i like to use, i highly recommend you take in full name, email and phone number. now, depending on the countries that you're going to advertise in, this is going to vary in terms of amounts. however, in terms of quality, with what you're going to do after what i'm what i just said here, because this is pretty basic- what you're going to do after this is going to be more crucial. now, a couple of things here that i see a lot of people miss out. when people jump into your landing page with the ads that you started to run, what they do is that they leave the email and phone number section just to be as it is. so if you're using, let's say, click funnels or you're using whatever- uh, lead generation or lead collection service, what most people do is they leave the emails without having them verified, so they leave everybody in, which causes a lot of junk emails, which then causes ineffective retargeting structures or custom audiences or look-alike audiences. what i suggest you do is that you- i suggest you do- install a custom js code, so javascript code- into your email section and a custom phone number- js- into your phone number section. now, this is going to be, because we want the highest quality of leads possible. okay, we're going to get the best amounts of clicks using facebook ads and, by the way, right now we we don't want to rely on facebook ads alone to do the heavy lifting for us, as we used to do before. we kind of rely doing that just on the targeting side. however, however, when it comes to the entire strategy and getting more meetings or getting more highly qualified leads, or getting better traffic or getting more sales, we don't want to stop there. so it doesn't matter whether you have an e-commerce site you have, you're on a b2b business, an agency or a consulting business, it doesn't really matter, as long as you're applying the same principles to it, because it it's, at the end of the day, it's still going to be the same thing. you still want the same outcome. you want more leads, higher quality and more sales. so by doing this and also by doing this, which again is super important- you're going to get rid of a lot of junk emails, you're going to get rid of a lot of junk and fake phone numbers. and what's this gonna? what this is going to allow you to do is double down on your newsletter and sms marketing. now i know what you're saying. you might be thinking: but, john, i signed up for a training that tells me or toks about facebook ads conversions. we're going to get there, but bear with me, because facebook ads have been changing for a while. i've been testing multiple different strategies in order to be on top of things and this is what i'm seeing works the best. it's kind of the safest way to either grow your business or get started with your business advertising on facebook. and also the thing with this is that you get better amount of leads for cheaper, which is number one and number two, you have more ability to scale because- and you also don't run the risk of getting banned because when you collect emails, facebook doesn't trigger the same restrictions as to when you go straight ahead to conversions or when you go straight ahead to getting meetings or something like that, because it wants to clarify, it wants to make it harder for those people who are lazy, quote-unquote, are new to facebook ads and they don't know what they're doing, and so they continuously restrict new things, brand new accounts, which gets annoying being done over and over again, which might lead you to going to some other platform to kind of run new risks with that platform. now, with this said, the strategy starts with the adds to landing page lead magnet, and what i do, what i like to do afterwards, would be inside the verified emails that we have and, by the way, i'm going to leave. if you want the custom js code to send me a message, leave a comment down below saying a js code for either the email or your the phone number section. i'll reach out to you and give you the js code just because i don't want to add it here, because it's a code, it's a string of code. it doesn't really make sense. but if you want it, let me know in the comment section down below. i'll reach out to you and send it over now. after you do install this, in whatever platform js code works the same. i want you to double down your on your newsletter efforts and on your sms marketing efforts. now again, it doesn't matter if you are converting people to buy or you're getting more sales, or you're getting more leads which turn into meetings which might turn into sales. the ultimate thing is being top of mind. that's what we want to use facebook ads right now in order to generate more leads continuously and keep scale, keep scalability and keep scaling kind of um as we go. we don't want to kind of rush into getting a load of leads or a load of sales and then getting up with nothing the next day. so right now, this is going to be the best way for you to start scaling or maintain scale, if you would, if you have achieved somewhat of a scale right now. okay, so we start with a newsletter. we do set up a newsletter campaign. this would be one, two, two emails per week. i know it's not too much. however, it does help. if these one to two emails do contain good amounts of um information or offers or things like that, then what you can do is that you can increase the number of people signing up to your services or buying more stuff from you and also being loyal to that newsletter, because there's it's one thing to acquire a newsletter lead, but it's another thing maintaining and retaining. retaining a newsletter lead, maintaining high open rates and things like that. so one to two emails per week. so qual quality over quantity when it comes to emails, and when it comes to sms marketing, i would say even more quality over quantity. nobody wants to be sent messages randomly. so i highly recommend, when you do have numbers- phone numbers of your leads and people who signed up for um, the lead magnet, or for anything in your business- i do recommend you do just use that to stay top of mind or to send high, really really high quality messages. so let's say, 50 off, so high quality coupons or free gifts or things like that, in order to get them to visit the site and claim something that you're giving to them. however, it still is an amazing way to stay top of mind because if people might miss or might put out a secondary email in your newsletter, when it comes to sms marketing, very few people use fake numbers. it's a really low amount of people use fake numbers when it comes to putting phone numbers inside a lead magnet, especially from a trusted source. so if you want to use, if you're going to use sms marketing- because i'm also going to show you another way to use sms marketing- i suggest you do use a sms marketing campaign for one, two, maximum, two s.

Facebook Ads for Online Courses, Coaches, and Consults [Strategy + Set-Up + Examples]

what's going on, guys? mike rama here, and in this video i'm gonna be covering facebook ads for course creators, coaches and consultants, or really anyone with a high tiket service based business. now, before we jump in, i recently just filmed a training that goes in depth on how i scale up these coaching programs, these online courses. i hold nothing back, just drop a ton of value. so if you haven't seen that yet, check it out. i'll leave a link to it down in the description. so let's jump on in facebook ads for online courses, coaches and consultants. so an overview of everything that i'm gonna be covering today. first, we're gonna go over what you need in place before you actually start running ads. then we'll get into setting up all the different accounts that you need, getting things ready to actually run these ads, and then we'll go into the two big types of ads on facebook, so retargeting and the cold traffic ads. so before you start running any ads or spending any money with facebook at all, you need to make sure that you have the following in place. first, you want to make sure that you have a converting offer. now this is something that you should be testing through organic methods. okay, i'll make another video on different organic methods that you can leverage. but before you hop in and you just start spending a ton of money on facebook, you want to figure out whether or not your offer is actually going to convert. now. if you're someone who has a lot more money than you do time, then maybe it makes sense to start testing things out with facebook first. but if you have more time than money, then you should start with organic methods first. the second thing that you need to make sure you have in place is a landing page with an email capture. we don't want to be running these ads directly to a sales page or a booking page or asking someone to book a call. we want to run ads to a landing page and collect their email. and the last thing that you need to make sure you have in place is some type of low tiket or free front-end offer. this is what we call a lead magnet. now, once again, we don't want to run traffic right to a page that is asking someone to purchase some high tiket item. if we're selling a 2 000 course, you don't want to send someone to a page that is asking them to check out for 2 000. we need to be providing value up front, and we can do this in the form of a lead magnet. now let's get into the setup process. so here are a few things that you need to set up before you can actually start running facebook ads, and the first one is you need to create your business manager and your ad accounts. this is a fairly simple process, so i'm not going to go into too much detail right now, but you're going to need both of these in place before you can run any ads on the platform. the next thing that we're gonna need is a facebook business page. now, the facebook business manager and the ad account. these are two things that no one will see, right? this is something that only you see, so you can name these whatever you want. you can add whatever pictures you want there. the facebook business page, however, is something that all of your customers will see. when you're running ads, you're going to be running them through the business page, so make sure that the name of your business page matches up closely with your website, matches up with your brand and it looks professional. you want a nice, clean logo on there, a nice picture, and you want to decorate your page and make it look lived in. you don't want to just start a brand new business page and then start running ads. you want to make sure you have content posted on there and the page looks legitimate. the next step is to install a pixel on your website now. this is going to allow you to track all of the customers that come to your site through facebook, so we'll be able to determine whether or not our ads are profitable, and this is a step that trips up a lot of people. so i'm actually going to hop into the facebook ads manager right now and show you exactly where you can find your pixel code and how to set it up on your site. so let's jump on into that, okay? so i am in my facebook business manager and you want to get here by hitting these nine little dots up here. then you go to business settings and then you want to scroll down to data sources and pixels, and then you should have all of your pixels appear here. if you don't have any, just hit the add button and you're going to create one, and then what you want to do from there is open. in events manager now a new tab should pop up: [Music], and this is where we go to actually set up our pixel. so yours will likely say something like this: continue pixel setup. and i like to do this right option- the facebook pixel, and then i typically add it manually. so you hit install code manually and this will appear. you'll have this piece of code that you can copy and now you need to paste this in the head of your website. so if you're on click funnels, there should be an easy template, a nice little section where you can just paste it same thing with wordpress. you can look up some tutorials on how to add a pixel to wordpress or clickfunnels, wherever it might be. but this is where you find the code for your pixel and you're going to want to make sure that you are placing it on your website. i also recommend downloading the facebook pixel helper. this is a google chrome plugin. it's very easy to work with and it will show you whether or not the pixel was placed correctly on your website. now the next thing that you need to do is create custom audiences and custom conversions, and you're going to want to create a custom conversion for every step in your funnel. so if your funnel is an opt-in page and then a webinar and then a checkout page. you're going to want to have all of those in your custom conversions. same thing with your custom audiences. we're going to want an audience of everyone who has been to our website, and then also an audience of everyone who has taken our lead magnet, everyone who has booked a call with us. so we're gonna want to segment these things out, and this will help us with the retargeting process later on. once again, this is another one that a lot of people get tripped up on, so i'm going to be diving into the facebook business manager and showing you how to set these up. okay, so the first thing i'm going to cover right now is how to create a custom conversion. you're going to go under the business tools, hit events manager- and then this custom conversions- the little circle with the star on the left, and then in here you're going to want to select create custom conversion. now you're going to go in and name your conversion. let's say, we want to create our conversion for anyone who has purchased something from us, so i'm going to call this purchase and then i'm going to select the pixel that i want, and then we're going to select all url traffic, and now we need to create a rule. so whatever the name of my purchase page is, i want to add that url ending here. so let's say my purchase page is mikeramacom- backslash purchase confirmed. then in here i want to add backslash purchase confirmed. right, and you're going to do this with every step in your funnel. so if you have a webinar and your webinar page is yourdomaincom backslash webinar, then you are going to want to create a custom conversion for webinar. just change this name up here and same thing with the rule down here. your rule should then be backslash webinar. so you're gonna go through and you're gonna create those for every single step in your funnel. next, we're going to create the custom audiences. so go to your business tools and then select audience and then select create audience, custom audience. and we're going to use website. then you want to select your pixel and choose events- people who visited specific web pages- and then you can play around with the retention. so, depending on what event you're doing, i like to change this number. so let's just say we want to do 90 days: anyone who came to our

$5 in... $300 Out - Facebook Ads for PMU Artists

that means she only needs upwards of five to six leads to turn into one booking. so for every five to six dollars she puts into her ads, she gets at least one booking worth anywhere from 300 to 400 dollars. all right, so this is probably the most requested video. uh, i've ever had. how to? how do you run facebook ads for your permanent makeup studio? what are facebook ads? so, as you can see here, i'm in the 15 pmu clientscom wiki, so i'm just going to go into the facebook ads section. for example, you have an entire video, step by step, showing you how to set up your ad account, how to set up your, how to link your pages to your business manager, how to set up your pixel so that you can retarget people from that have visited your website. uh, so many things like this, guys. um, how to create an ad as well. we even have canva templates that are winning ads, of ads that have performed the best for other people. so if you want this resource, just click the link below and, with that being said, i'll stop toking about it, because i understand it might get annoying for you. so the first benefit of running facebook ads is that you get a lot of leads. so, for example, right here we're in one of my clients ad accounts and, as you can see here, we're getting her leads at under one dollar uh per lead. and given that you know, with her we've worked towards, uh, you know, having a good follow-up strategy so that when she gets the leads she knows how to tok to them the correct way, that means she only needs upwards of five to six leads to turn into one booking. so for every five to six dollars she puts into her ads, she gets at least one booking worth anywhere from 300 to 400, right, um, obviously a little bit more, because you know that client is gonna then leave a review. that client is then gonna refer to her friends. um, you know that client overall is gonna be worth much more than just 300 on the front end. and that's because we have very, very solid follow-up automations so that after that lead becomes a client, that client is then gonna receive an automatik uh review invitation. so she's gonna get a message like this where it says: hey, you know, i had a fun time with you. um, please review me. and then that boosts the permanent makeup artist's reviews and she then ranks higher on google and then, just like i showed in this video. right here we have, um, like in just an essay, one sms that we send after each booking. it basically rebooks all of your clients and at the same time gets you a positive review on google, um, more than 40 of the time. so if you're running your own ads as a permanent makeup artist right now, you might realize that you know getting leads is one thing but booking them is another. you know you can get a lot of leads but you're having a difficult time booking them into your calendar, getting them to settle the prepayment, like easy stuff like that. you'll realize it's extremely hard. so i'm just going to show you inside the 15 pmu clientscom wiki, um, how we have resources for that, for turning leads into bookings, because that that's 80 of it, right? so, as you can see right here in the resource we have, um, you know, like phone call scripts, uh, message scripts. so we have like real life examples of a bunch of our clients. you know, basically, with our team at the agency, we've looked at which type of messages work best so that once a lead comes from your facebook ad, you know exactly which message to send, how to follow up with them, based on how they claimed their offer from the ad. because follow-up is an art, right, you can't sound robotik, um, so you have to have a message that's customized. um, obviously, with our software that message is sent automatikally within the first five minutes of that lead. um, you know, signing up from your ad, which makes a massive, massive difference in the reply rate. so how fast you follow up with your leads after they sign up from the ad. actually that has the biggest effect out of anything, out of any other variable, out of any words you use in the message. the time between the lead signing off from one of your ads and you sending that first follow-up message. um, that time, right there, it makes the entire difference. so, as you can see, here, for example, we have rule number two: sell the in-person meeting, not the treatment. this is a huge mistake a bunch of permanent makeup artists make. they always get like very impatient, you know, instead of building that rapport, going for the relationship instead of the sale, they just go directly for the um, the prepayment, and they send them the prepayment link and they're like: here's my prepayment, like here's my scheduler. obviously people are not going to respond well to that. so, just like it's being done here. you need to follow up with them, you need to answer their questions, ask them questions and, you know, even get them on the phone and really like, naturally, make it flow until you get them through the doors of your studio, physically into the doors, because that's when you're going to be able to sell to them the easiest way. and then we have, for example, rule number three: always follow up. this is something that a bunch of permanent makeup artists miss, um, they just don't, they just give up on their leads and they think following up is like losing time. this first message- hey there, dinora, this is danielle- this message was sent automatikally, um, and then the lead didn't reply to it and so the system did not detect the lead of replying. and so what happened is that is that it triggered the automation to send a follow-up message that says: hey, checking in with you, are you still interested? blah, blah, blah. and, as you can see here, for example, yes, i would like to come in for a consultation to see what my options could be. i will be on vacation this week, but, uh, can we do it the week of the 25th if i decide to do it? blah, blah, blah. so very, very serious lead that simply forgot to reply back to the message. so when you think, oh, following up is useless, following up is like, uh, takes a lot of time. i mean, as you can see here, a robot is literally doing the follow-up for you. so, no, it's not really taking in a lot of your time. in fact, it's making you money more than you think. this is just all to say that you can run ads all day long, but if you don't have systems, if you don't have the right types of ads, you run okay, then you are just going to be wasting your money on ads. if you don't have the right follow-up strategies to close at least one lead out of every five leads that you get, then you won't be very successful with ads and you're just gonna end up wasting your money on ads. so if you came on this video, you know expecting to learn like a full step-by-step tutorial on how to run a cookie cutter ad. i hope this video kind of educated you and went above and beyond that in that you know in, in letting you know that not everything is in running the ad. in fact, 80 of it is how you message your leads. and once again. um, if you're interested in these types of automations- like sending out messages for people automatikally for people to reply so that you never lose a lead again- check out this uh video right here. i actually made an entire video on a few of our agencies follow-up strategies. so, yeah, definitely do not miss that video. and, um, with that being said, again, you have a two week free trial waiting for you. um, that probably won't be waiting for you forever, so if you want to take advantage of that two-week free trial, again, that's the last link in the description. so, with that being said, i hope you enjoyed this video, you got a lot of value from it and, with that being said, we'll see you in the next one. [Music] you.