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facebook ads for mobile

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How To Connect Your App To Facebook (Mobile App Install Ads)

hey, how are you today? I'm gonna show you exactly how to connect your app to Facebook so you can run mobile app installs or do whatever. I notiked there isn't any training on YouTube and I got a couple questions and comments asking for this video showing you exactly how to connect your app to Facebook. so I'm gonna go ahead and do that. do me a huge favor and hit that like button real quick, because this is gonna solve any problem you are encountering right now. and if you haven't subscribed yet, please consider subscribing and hitting the notification bell, because if you watch my videos, you're gonna become very advanced at Facebook Ads and you'll be able to grow your mobile app very, very quickly. so what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to go over to developers dot- facebookcom. so that is developers dot they spokecom, and if you couldn't hear me correctly there, I'll make sure to put a link below and you can also Google Facebook developers. anyways, once you get to this page- Facebook for developers- you have to register your app, so I'm gonna start from the start. if you've already registered your app, that's awesome, just keep watching. anyways, I'm gonna show you everything, including how to connect your app and how to actually run the app, install ads. so you go up here to the top right and you click my apps. then under my apps you click add new app or you select your app from the dashboard. I'm gonna click add new app and pretend this is a brand new app. you're gonna put in, you know, your email here. you're gonna put in the display name of the app. so, whatever you want the app to be called, I'm gonna just call this app heads up test. I'm gonna use the app heads up as a test to just show you everything and then you can go complete it by yourself. so you put in that little CAPTCHA. hopefully, I did it right. okay, perfectly. now we're gonna move on to the next step. you actually skip this select a scenario. I'm assuming you're doing this for mobile apps. if you're not doing it for mobile apps, that's okay. you, it's still the same process. but let's just click skip for now, and most of the work here is going to be done inside of this page, here, and when I get, when it loads, let's see here. okay, we're here. it's gonna be under settings, right, and then basic settings. this is where most people get stuck. this is where I got stuck, so don't worry if you're having a hard time. this is the tricky part, and what you're gonna do is make sure your display name is here, your contact email is there. if you have an app domain like a website, put it there. make sure to put a privacy policy URL here. it's not gonna hold you back from getting started, but eventually Facebook's gonna ping you and say, hey, we need your privacy product policy URL. so go ahead and put that in same with the Terms of Service. then pick your app category. in my case it's gonna be games, and then it's gonna be like a trivia game. so there we go, and then you want to upload your app icon. now it has to be 1024 by 1024. they're very specific about this. so go ahead and do that, and then you know if it's for your own business- like it's a game, or you know nutrition app or health and fitness- if it's for your own business- like that one. if it's for somebody else's- like that one- then you want to make sure to have your business verified on Facebook so you can just follow this, get started. you have to sign a couple contracts- really simple to do- and once you do that, you want to fill in all your information here for the data protection. so it's pretty much your personal information, your email, your address, all that stuff. it's all safe, don't worry. but down here is really where you get set up. so you click add platform and you're gonna want to add. if you have an iOS app, obviously you want to add iOS. a lot of people, most developers, have an iOS and an Android app, so you want to add those two. now if it's for, like, a Facebook game or something, you can add this one as well. I didn't mean to click that, so I'm gonna exit out, but let's just for this example, this ad iOS and then also let's add Android, because I feel like that is the most typical. and I'll go over all of these, because this is where I personally got confused: bundle ID: this is where this is inside of your iTunes Connect. on the actual app page, you have a bundle ID. it usually starts with, like you know, comm, dot, heads-up, dot, whatever, but it's inside of iTunes Connect. you can pull that directly from iTunes Connect. this URL scheme is optional. ask your developer if you need that. I don't think I put mine in their shared secret. you also need to ask your developer if you need it. you sometimes don't need it. these two things are perfect. log in app purchase events. I recommend this as well because then it shows how many people purchase, write, and that's very good for analytiks and all of that good stuff. then you want to go ahead and grab your app ID. so for your app ID, there's a link here, you know, to the actual app and you can go ahead and see that. this is the link to the iTunes app of heads-up, right. so this is the ID, that part right there, and you just put that in right there, just like that- I'm gonna change it up a little bit because you know that's not actually my app- and then you just hit save so you will get your bundle ID in there. you'll get your iPhone store ID in there. of course, it's gonna throw off an error because it's not actually my app. now for the Google package name. this is found inside of your Google developer console and then the key hashes. you're gonna need to ask your developer how to create that- really simple for them to do, but the package name is actually found in the link as well. so if I grab the link here, you can see that. come that heads up. that is going to be the package name, I believe, so you're gonna want to put that in there and just fill out all this information- and this is where most people mess up, because it's kind of hidden down here. right, it says ad platform. you have to add these two platforms. fill out all this information and you're good to go. now. you also want to take note to the rolls, right, because possibly you want to add an admin. as you can see, I'm already an admin, but I can add another admin. you can add developers, you can add testers and so on and so on. then the last step you really want to take here is make sure that it's not in development anymore. you have to provide your privacy policy, like I said before, in order to make it out of development. it has to be live in order to start running Facebook ads. one more thing I want to show you here is, if you go to basic, you want to make sure to upload all of the images as well. so they ask for the app icon, right, and they also: maybe it's under advanced, oh, it's, it's under platform. you want to add different cover images. you want to add all the assets that they require. so you know, after adding platform iOS, platform Android. so you just do those two things: fill out all of this information, hit live and then you are good to go. your app has been added to Facebook, just like that. so it's not too hard to do. but now it's time to go to your actual ads part and set up your ads right. so let's go ahead and dive in here- sorry about that- and let's jump into the actual ads section now. so if I go over to create ad, I go like that right, and you want to select app installs and make sure to stik around, because I'm going to show you a lot of really good strategies here, now that you can run app install ads very profitably. I see a lot of people teaching app install ads and I my minds actually blown sometimes because they show you ways to run app install ads and it's not a very profitable way. I spend millions of dollars every single year on app install ads. so let's go ahead and just name this ad, chill test, and then you can skip these two sections here and hit continue. there's a couple points I want to just show you, and let's just go ahead and use this app right here and it's for Google Play, right. you can also say iTunes and I could select the different app. I could select this.

How to Create Effective Facebook Ads with just your Smartphone // 2022 Facebook Ads Tutorial

hi everyone, it's emmanuel here, and in today's video, i want to show you how you can run effective facebook ads from your phone, right? so maybe you don't have access to desktop computer or you, for one reason, audio that prefer running ads on your phone, then on a laptop. in this video, i'll show you how you can do that, and i'm not toking about boosting- and here you'll be able to see um, your ad manager, fully and get access to all the functions you would have gotten if you were using a computer, right? so the first thing you want to do is to open a chrome browser, right, so i'm here inside google chrome, and then the second step is to log into your facebook account on this browser you are about to use, right, so i've done that on this browser. the facebook account i want to use is already logged in on this browser. now the next you want to do is to visit businessfacebookcom, right, so, as you can see the address here, businessfacebookcom. now, if you click on this link, if you don't have a business account yet- right, if you don't have a facebook business account yet- you are going to land on a page where you can create your business account. so, once you create your business account and you log in, you are going to land inside facebook business suit. right here, i am inside facebook business suit. and then the next thing you want to do is to click on all tools here, right, so i'm going to click on all tools. so, right here, you can see all the functions we have: creator studio, inbox, right? creator studio, inbox, planner, posts and stories billing. so what you want to do is to come over to ads manager here, right, so just click on ads manager. so, as you can see right here, my ads manager looks like what you would have seen on a computer, right, and you can take it further by coming over here and, um, changing your browser, configuring your browser to desktop site- okay, so if i click on this all tools icon here, you can see i have all the functions i could have gotten on the computer as well: business settings, other account settings, audiences, events manager, billing and all those stuffs. right? so if i want to create an ad, for instance, all i have to do is to come over here and click on create, alright. so the next thing you want to do is to select your campaign objective, right? awareness, traffic engagement leads up promotion, sales and of course, you know when you're creating an awareness campaign. you just want to create awareness on facebook. if you want to create a traffic campaign, that means you want to take people to maybe your website, your blog, your landing page, your sales page, whatever. if you want to create an engagement campaign, you want people to engage with your page or with a post on your page. right then leads, to generate leads either on facebook or outside facebook. if you want to promote an app, use app promotion. if you want to make sales, you use sales objectives, right. so unless i want to run a traffic campaign, i'll just click traffic and then click continue. so here you can name your campaign um, just for recognition and identification. so i can just name my campaign example. right then special ad categories. you don't have any business with that. um campaign objective: traffic bind type option- right. if you want to run an ap test, you can enable a b test, but i'm not doing that right now. you can turn on campaign budget optimization, if you want. then at the bottom here you can see the next icon here, so i'll just click on. next then your ad setup. you can start to create your ad from inside art manager here, or you can decide to use um, a post on your page. so let's sound to use credit ad here. then you can add a full screen mobile experience if you want to. so i'll just select the media i'm going to use for this ad. let's how to use an image. so what i'm just going to do is to upload an image from my phone here that i'll use for my ad. okay, so click upload. so let's say, this is the image i want to use. so now that i have selected the image or the video you want to use, the next you want to do is to click the next button and, as you can see, the next button is just almost out of my screen by the side here. i don't know whether you can see it right. so, just in case turns out for you like this, what i'm just going to do is to try to change the orientation of my screen so that going to be a little bit bigger, and then i'm going to click it. all right. so, as you can see, i was able to get past that. then the next you want to do is to click on next as well, and then i don't want any enhancements, i'll just click done. all right, so back to normal view. all right, so the next you want to do is to enter the primary text for your ad. right, but you are using a post on your page. all you just need to do is to select the post you want to use, right? so let's say, for example, to say: um hi, check out my blog. all right, so let's see, that's my primary test. so what you want to do here is to enter your ad copy, right? so, um, you enter a headline for your ad, so the headline here is what's going to appear on your call to action button. right, so i'll just use um my blog. this is just an example, right? i'm not creating an actual ad, all right, so, for a description is absolutely optional, so i'm not going to do that. destination is my website, so i'll just add my website um the website url where i want to direct people to, where i want to take my traffic um to. so, once i'm done, i've done all the necessary um things i need to do at this step. the next thing you want to do, basically, is to click on publish and, of course, you would have set your ad budget from the ad set level. so you set up your budget, the amount you want to spend on ads, maybe daily or for the lifetime of the ad. then you enter your interest targeting here, the demographics, the education, the location you want to target, and you enter the placement um you want to send your ad to. right, so you can just download this at asset level. then, once you have everything in place, if you want to learn more about how to set all this up, check out my full facebook ad tutorial. learn about that. i also have a lot of other facebook ad tutorials on this channel. i'll just link them up in the description so that you can check them out right. so, once you have everything in place, the next you want to do is to just click on the publish icon at the bottom of your screen here. so if you hit publish, facebook is going to review your ad and, if it complies with the app policies that are going to approve your ad, and your ad will start running on facebook. so, guys, this is how you can create um ads, effective facebook ads, with your mobile phone, right. so if you enjoyed this video, give it a like, click the thumbs up button right now and let me know what you think in the comment section. was this video helpful to you or not? let me know in the comment section and if you are just visiting this channel for the first time, um, tap the subscribe button right now. on this channel, i create videos that help you make money online. i'll help you grow your online business, right? so tap subscribe button. turn on notifications so i don't miss any upload on this channel. thanks for watching. i'll see you guys in the next video.

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How To Make Mobile-First Facebook Ads (Examples & Best Practice)

welcome everyone back to our youtube channel where we tok about all things facebook ads related. we are a facebook ads agency. we're helping clients uh succeed and see results on facebook and instagram advertising. so if you haven't been to our channel before, that's exactly what we tok about now. today, our topic is going to be how to make mobile first content for your facebook ads. so mobile first contact just means that it can be viewed and optimized for a mobile device. we all know that most people are seeing content and scrolling instagram, scrolling on facebook, on a most mobile device, so you always want to make sure that your content actually fits that placement. now, in terms of images versus videos, always test out to see which one works for you. i found that right in the beginning of my facebook as journey. i found it hard to see results with videos, just because i didn't really know what to do inside of a video or how to make it to actually get the results that you wanted. so today's video will definitely help, but also images and carousels can get really, really low cost per result. so always try that out. when you say mobile first content, it doesn't necessarily just mean video. it just means that you're optimizing your content in your facebook ads for a mobile device. so just something i want to clear before we get started: and anytime i say facebook ads, i also mean instagram ads, because facebook owns instagram, so let's actually just dive right into it. so let's first tok about aspect ratio. when you're thinking about the size that you're going to make your content, you always want to think about making it as big as you can while it appears on someone else's timeline. so in the past, what the biggest format was was the one by one ratio, which is 1080 by 1080 pixels. so that would be just a square format and that used to take up the most room. now, recently, probably within the last year- available for facebook and instagram ads is the 4x5 ratio. when you bring it to pixels, that's 1200 by 1500 pixels. that's just a little bit bigger than a square vertikally. now what this does is it takes up as much room as possible while that person is scrolling without cutting off anything. so, for example, um, if you make a video that is for a story at a 916 ratio- just 10, 1920 by 1080 pixels- when you bring it to a facebook feed placement, it's actually gonna cut it off. now, at a four by five ratio. it actually stays that size on both news feeds, instagram and facebook, which makes it a great size. whether you're going to be advertising um on stories as a placement- the news feed- and what i would actually recommend doing is just resizing that same image to fit a square and then, once you have that square, you can see in what placements it would actually end up looking better than just your four to five ratio. so, for example, right column marketplace, for example, are two spots where the square might fit better, but if we're thinking about a mobile first content, the 4x5 ratio is going to work best across most placements. now, if you want to go and go mobile first for stories, because most people are going to be watching it on their mobile device, you can either keep your four to five ratio and then just change the background color so that it matches the content inside of your um, your image or your video, or you can actually resize that same image or that same video to fit a 9 by 16 ratio, which is 1920 by 1080 pixels, and that will ensure that you take up the full length of the stories when the person is watching it on their mobile device or on the desktop as well, since that is also the same ratio. but if you have low cost production, um, you're keeping it very minimal. the best size, from my experience, is just to keep that four by five ratio, because it's still going to be bigger than a square when it shows up on someone's stories. now, if you're making a four to five ratio, then you upload it to ads manager and you're getting an error on some of your ads, saying that you have to change the video to fit that placement. um, just try refreshing the page or duplicating that ad, because sometimes it will say that it works and sometimes i say that it won't, and i think it's just like a little bug that facebook has right now. so if you that does happen, then just refresh it or duplicate it and, uh, keep going on with creating your ads. all right, the second thing you want to make sure that you are doing for your mobile first content is to make sure your logo shows up in the first five seconds of your video, or that it's definitely on your image when you're creating that content. um, the chances of someone actually watching further than five seconds is possible, but it's not likely. so you want to make sure to increase that brand awareness and to make sure that they see your logo within that first five seconds. all right. so the third one is that you want to make sure your videos are between 5 to 15 seconds. although facebook does allow you to create videos up to two minutes, the chances of someone watching it up to two minutes- although again possible, not really likely, right, our attention span now is so much shorter than it used to be and the chances of someone actually watching past that 15 second mark is pretty slim, especially if you're just starting to create videos or if you're just getting into facebook ads and you don't necessarily know the ins and outs of creating a perfect video that's really going to catch someone's attention. you want to make sure you're keeping it within the- uh, keeping it in the 5 to 15 second range and get those points across as soon as possible in that first five seconds. like i said in the last point, you want to show the logo, but you also want to tell them what exactly this post is about, um, the main points, and give them value as soon as possible. you know this isn't a movie here, so make sure that right, right, right at the beginning, you're showing them the main content, um, and what the video is going to be about. also, if you don't have any content to actually make a video, what you can do is just turn your images into a video. so animate some text that's going to move, make the background change and just have the text overlaid on the top of it. make it so there's some sort of animation in the image to turn it into a video. we often use canva to edit images and even short videos that we're making for our clients, and you can easily add an animation that just rolls in the text or blows up everything before it just settles in straight. so that's a really great way to turn your just regular images into a video. now, if you don't have canva, if you don't have a photo editing software, you can also use facebook's slideshow feature, where it'll ask you to add, insert a couple of images and it'll actually make the video for you. it has a couple different templates that you can choose from and, uh, you know it actually makes pretty nice little slideshow videos. but if you want something a little bit more personalized for your specific brand, then you could use canva or something else like camtasia or adobe. alright, so next would be to create your videos with the intention that the person watching it is going to watch it with the sound off. so, especially for news feed, always make sure to either add subtitles, add some captions or write on the video what it is that you're toking about, so that the person can understand what it is without having to put the sound on now. on stories- this a little bit different, where most people are actually watching stories with the sound on. that's just the nature of it, but it's good to still have those captions, um, in case they're not watching it with the sound on now. in order to add text to your video, you can either use a software like adobe camtasia if you want something very basic, or if you want to get even more basic, you can actually just use the text feature in your instagram stories to write the text on the screen. not only does this make it so you don't have to pay for any software or, you know, make anything too complex, bu.

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App Install Ads on Facebook (FULL TUTORIAL)

in this video right here, i'm going to show you exactly how to run facebook ads for your app or your game on the app store, whether that's apple app store or the google play app store. this is going to be a full tutorial, and i've been running ads for apps for a long, long time now, so i've tested pretty much every scenario and i have a very, very good strategy that i'm going to be sharing with you here today. so maybe you want to grow your app faster. you're sick of relying on aso tactiks, or you feel like you're stuck and you're just not able to grow as fast as you can, or you see other people just crushing it with facebook ads. the way to grow your app is through facebook and instagram ads- hands down, the best way. you know i i was in your shoes before, when i used to rely pretty much solely on aso. i had a very good run with aso. i was able to do over 25 million downloads. but my business has changed so so much now that i can run facebook ads efficiently because 24 7- 365, i know i have new users coming into my app and they're extremely profitable. so i want to show you, step by step, how to set up your facebook ad campaign and tok some strategy. so by the end of this video, if you watch the whole thing, you'll be an expert at facebook ads for apps or your games specifically. so you know that's what's. what's really cool about it is that once you do figure out a strategy- this strategy that i'm showing you here in this video- 24 7 365, you know for a fact- new users are coming into your app, which is really really great. uh, all i ask from you is to hit the like button. you know, once you get a, you know you're already in here. you know that this is going to be super, duper valuable and that's all i ask is just a quick like on this video. it just helps out so much to get this video out to other entrepreneurs like yourself, and i'm not asking you to pay anything like the big gurus do, right, a lot of people would charge thousands of dollars for what i'm giving out here for free in this youtube video. so go ahead and hit that like button. of course, go subscribe and hit the bell notification as well, because i do give away. you know in-depth strategies all the time here on this youtube channel. so if you have an app or a game on the ios or google play app store. this is the place for you, because i'm literally just. i run ads for apps every single day, as you can see from just one of my accounts, one of my multiple accounts here. so i'm just trying to give you all of the knowledge possible, because the way i look at it is, if i can help you grow your app, then one day- whether it's six months from now, a year from now, five years from now- maybe we can work together in some you know aspect. i am an angel investor, so i'm always looking for new apps that are being released that are run by really great founders like yourself. so you know, in some way we'll probably be able to work together in the future. that's why i'm giving you all of these strategies that i've spent millions of dollars on to really test and make sure that they actually work, and i use to this day. so go ahead and hit that like button, uh, subscribe, and let's dive right into it. so the first thing i really want to tok about is i want to go over a little bit of strategy. so if we go over here, i'm going to go to this account and we're going to just start a new campaign. the before we really dive into the campaign, i want to tok about how to set up your ads and and what things you really got to focus on. there's three things that that are really needed to like be focused on when it comes to app install ads, and that's your audience. you know who are you showing the ads to. you know, if you have a game, who. you know what age groups are you showing it to. if you have, like, a fitness app, of course you want to show it to people who are looking to get fit or people who already work out right, so your audience is huge. there's multiple ways to to test different audiences within facebook ads and i'm going to go over them today, but really it's the, the number one. the first way, getting started is our interest audiences, so you can say, hey, facebook, i want to target people that are interested in yoga or basketball or whatever. right, there's a bunch of different interests that you can target. but then the second and more advanced version: it are look-alike audiences, and look-alike audiences are essentially: hey, facebook, let me find, or go find, people that look like my current audience. so you know, you might have a thousand people in your app or a million people in your app, whatever, uh. you can then say, hey, facebook, go find a bunch of people that look similar to that. so here's, you know, looking through interest. we'll go back there for a second. you can see, like major league baseball, if you select that, you can actually pull up and see all of these other interests. here i'm using a secondary tool that we use, but you can pull basically unlimited amounts of interest and it's really good because each interest is going to send you different results, right? so one interest: you might get installs for a dollar. one interest: you might get installs for three dollars. one interest: you might get installs for 50 cents. so it's all about testing as many interests as possible. so if i had a sports app, i would probably test, you know. you know national football league, hbo boxing baseball, you know madden, nfl sports center and so on and so on. there's like unlimited numbers and i can open up another tab here and like if i was targeting something for uh marketers, search engine engine indexing or hubspot, and then it just spits out more and more and there's just unlimited interest that you can test. and where i see most people go wrong is they'll test like one or two interests or a bundle of interest inside of one ad and that's not how you do it. you have to separate your interests out because you want to really identify which audience is really doing well for you. and i'll tok about lookalikes in a bit, but let me go ahead and show you how to actually set up the campaign, but before we go there. so audience is the number one thing: audience, creative, offer. so if you remember one thing from this video, it's about mass testing and making sure to test these elements- audience, creative and offer- like crazy. and the more tests you can make, the faster you're gonna learn and the lower your cost per install is going to be, or your cost per purchase, because your competition they're testing like one or two interests and you're going to be testing hundreds, if not thousands, of interest and then you're going to test you know 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 different videos. so that comes to the creative part. i always say to use videos for creative because they just convert way, way better. i think it's something up with facebook. they just they see that their retention is much higher when people watch videos, so they kind of reward us as advertisers to show more videos and to upload more videos as ads, because you know, in turn, that keeps people on their platform longer, right? but then it goes back to the same premise of like, test more than anybody else. when it comes to audiences, you want to test hundreds of audiences. when it comes to creatives, you want to test hundreds of different videos because you want to find the cream of the crop and just turn off everything else. so i'll dive into that a little bit more later. i actually want to get here instead of the campaign, but last audience created an offer. offer is how you write your copy or how you offer your app to people, right? so you want to be able to test multiple types of copy and different offers, pretty much getting people into your app. so we'll go over that as well, and it's the same premise: you got to test so many in order to find the one that really, really works. so let's go ahead and jump into a new campaign here. i was playing around making sure everything worked well. i'll go ahead and start from fresh here. let me go ahead and delete this, and this is. you know, if you're not familiar with facebook ads, this is the ads.

How To Run Facebook Ads Using Mobile Phone | Promote Affiliate Links | Business | Website

all right, guys. um, in this video, i'll be showing you how to run facebook ads using your smartphone or your mobile phone. so if you are acquainted or you are used to using your pc or your system or your laptop in order to run facebook ads and you don't know how to run it using your mobile phone, then this video is for you. you can run facebook ads in order to promote your websites, your affiliates links. maybe you have a whatsapp group, your youtube channel, or maybe you have a whatsapp tv. you want to promote it. and also, maybe you have a business. you sell physical products, like clothes or any other thing, and you want to promote your business. then you can run your ads on facebook. so i'll be showing you in this video how you can do that using your mobile phone. hi guys, welcome back once more to my channel. i'm console on puree, and on this channel we make videos on how to make money online in nigeria. so if you like such contents- now, certainly i know that you like such content because you clicked on this video- then this is your home. just go ahead to subscribe to this channel now. turn on the notification so that anytime we upload another video, you are going to be notified. all right, guys. now the app that we are going to be using is called meta arts manager, meta ads manager, so is an app that facebook developed in order for us to be able to run at using our phone. so you can run facebook ads using your phone using this app. so all you just have to do is, if you are using android, go to play store, download meta ads manager. then if you are using um ios, then you go to the apple store and download the app. so if you download the app now, you just go ahead to open the app. if you open the app and you know you haven't run ad on facebook before, then you just have to sign up. if you sign up, then you enter. but if you already um, if you have already run um ad before, all you just have to do is to sign in and, mind you, you must have a facebook page before you can be able to run out. so if you just, if you just enter now, you are going to see the green button that says create, then you just click on that create. all right, if you click on the create, they are going to ask you what's your marketing objective. that's what is the target of your ad. you are going to see the following options: post engagements, video views, websites traffic, reach messages, page likes, events, um responses. so, um, you, you can just choose anything depending on what's and why you are running the r4. so we are going to be choosing web traffic here. web traffic they mean here it must be that, um, it must be that you have your websites. if you actually have a, an affiliate link, or maybe you have um a youtube link, that you're having a, a channel on youtube that is actually your website, you can still use it. there's no bad day. so the next thing now we are going to be doing is to choose an image for our ad. let's just wait till it loads fully here. okay, what you are going to do now is to click on change image. just click on change image. then you select an image that you want to use to run the ad. okay, i've selected an image. then let's proceed. you just have to click here, or maybe you click here so that you can continue. let's just click on it and um sets other things. okay, then the next thing you are going to do now is to put um add descriptive, those things you can. just they are optional, you can put it or you can leave it. but let's just check on the basis these ones. they are optional, you can put them. let's check the basis here. this one is the headline. so the headline is what people are going to see on that ad that you want to run. so let's just put: um, let's put this ad, this ad will help you grow your business, all right. and then the primary text. the primary text is now, let's, let's say, is the hard copy. that's the main thing on the ad that people can come and read so that they will know more about that ad. so you just have to write something long and compelling and also convincing, but for the purpose of this video, let's just put a short something there. this ad will you grow your business better, alright, um, the next thing is to put your websites. so, just as i told you, if you have a link, you just put it here. or if you have a personal websites, you just click here and put your personal website. i'll be using the youtube link here just for this tutorial. then the next thing is the call to action button. what will be displayed on that ad is it: learn more. listen now, book now or shop now. just choose anything. for me, i'll be leaving it as a learn more. let's just leave it as learn more here, okay, then the next thing is for you to select a category. are you in the air for credits, employment, housing, social issues, um, elections or politiks? i'll be leaving that place. if you want, you can leave it. in fact, i will recommend you leave it, because there's a place we are going to get and you have to, you know, get your targets, your audience, so you can just leave that place and then, um, whenever you run art on facebook, you have to, you have to know that facebook doesn't only run that ad on facebook. they also run it on instagram, if you want. so this is where it comes up: instagram accounts. i didn't link my accounts to this ad account, that's why. so i won't be linking it so that it will just be on facebook. so they should. the preview should be showing here how our ad will look, but i don't know why it's not showing. but let's just proceed then. let's, let's get over now the next thing. okay, the next thing here is a. they say: who should see your ad now? who should see your ad. you are going to choose that. do you want the people that are on your page to only see your ad, or do you want outsiders, or do you need boots? that's why i won't advise you select anything here. just leave it blank, because you are, you are actually running that ad so that it can reach as many people as possible- outsiders, not people inside your, your page. so you can just leave it. and then you have to click this edit audience so that you can, you know, select your, your, your targets. just go ahead to click edit audience. all right now, on the edit audience, you are going to be able to select the country that you want your ad to be displayed. which countries do you want? you are going to select it there for me, i won't be touching that place, so just leave it. then you also select the age brackets, so the people that you want them to see the ad. do you want 18 to 16 to this or that? so for me, i will just be choosing 18 to, let me say, 18 to 45, so 18 to 45 aged. and then the gender: do you want all, or men only, or women? i'll be leaving it as all. actually, if you are promoting a product and you know that the products is just for the interests of women only then you can just go ahead to put women, or maybe for men, but i believe in this one as all. and then here, over here, you are going to, just over here, you are going to choose your detailed um targeting, that's, your audience, add demographic interests or behaviors, so you are going to just click on it. if you click on it, then you are going to choose actually. you are going to choose actually the people that you want them to see your ad. sorry, all right, you're going to choose them. so, for example, now i'm running art because i have a business and i want to reach to out to more people. you can see the options here: small businesses, small and medium enterprises, business. okay, so i'll just go ahead to click plus so that it can add: all right, click this um, small business owners. i'll click this home business- maybe i won't be needing that- and reach people based on education, employment. i won't be needing that. so you just go ahead to click on the ones that are most relevant to the ad that you want to run and then click ok, after doing that, you have to see any other thing. no, there's no other thing, then you just click: ok, also, um, then you have to save as new audience and then name your ad. you have to name your ad whatever name that you want you can give it. let me just say: is new ads, new ad? or let me say: um, first ad, okay, first ad. let's leave it.


um. welcome everyone to digi test online training. is it so? continue the training. so what you want to look into now is how to use our ad manager, our facebook as manager up to run our facebook. advice is one of the easiest way- especially for those finding it difficult to use the ads manager, the web ads manager- to run us easily. you can use this facebook app to run your heart, but on a professional stand point of view, i will advise you to use the web um to run your hearts. so, for those of you having difficulties with the web, you can just come to the app. first, you need to download the app from play store. so you download the app from play store and click facebook and manchester city, please, facebook. can you see the logo? so you download. let me update. so you download from play store. so as soon as you're done downloading, you open so it will request you to sign in, to login so you log into your facebook account. he's asking for username and password. you log in. if he's bringing in that you're signing with your facebook account, you do what you're signing. so as soon as you are done, it will bring out the blank space like this, showing you've not created anything but before, but we created advert before you receive the advert you created here at this point. so if you have, if you created admin ads manager using the app- i'm using the web. if you come here, look at the top corner here, look at the top corner, can you see the pusa. look at the top corner. so the heart manager you created um, the other account you created to show, can you see? and you see all these are what ads i cannot be created with my face with this facebook account. so this is how to locate your heart account on your heart. i want to believe you are following step by step. so if you want to cancel, can you see your counsel here? so if you want to add payment with your app, you come here, can you see the push up so you click, you can see. you can see the campaign and say the payment. then click on payments. can you see if you want to add payments, click on add payments. you're feeling, depending on your country, where nigeria, the camera from ghanaian kenya, any contributions? you select the right information. if you have um card, you input your card. if it's local card, just get your atm ready. get your atm card ready. get your atm card ready. for those in cameroon, ghana, try and get your atm card, your visa card, your master card. get it from your bank or any financial institution that issues it in your home country. it will help you to navigate online um payments. mobile money might not is not accepted on facebook, so you need heat, so you need to get an atm card. you have your payments, then you make payment for your adverts. as soon as you are done with payment, you can explore a different part of this app to get yourself familiarized with it. so as soon as we are done, before we create the hard part, i want to show you one of my current campaign. now my currents come from some of the advert i'm running, so let me show you. can you see some of the adverts i'm currently running and this is the performance of the advert today? can you see? so your hard work? the other two are running- will appear here. are you with me to appear here? and if you've not created anything at all, you see new. it should look like this: nothing, but there's a new campaign to show. can you see no campaign to show? so if you want to create, you come here and create, so let's click. i'm assuming those watching this video are new. so, um, you click on create ads. okay, you see the first thing you do. what you click on create ads, then, okay, let's open the application. sorry for that. you click on create, or you click on this, you can see the creator and consumer push up. you can see the plus sign. so you click on what the plus sign hope you are following. so there are different options available here depending on the objective of what you want to achieve. so it's asking us: if you look at the top here, that is where you choose your page, the page you want to advertise with. so before now, make sure you create your page or your pages, so you select the page you want to use to run your advert. so if i want to use these terminologies to run the advert, so i will select it from using this. so after that, then you now come here- you select the objective of your hardback. if you want to send people to say, website traffic, what do you sell people to your? um, let's start from the for the first one, which is engagement post. if you want people to engage on your post, maybe for comments likes, you use this. it won't be put to view your videos. you have a video you want to promote, you use this. use video for traffic and if you want to direct with your website, just for them to check out your website, to use this. therefore, reach this one is more or less okay for people. okay, they want to create awareness for their products and they want to reach more people so that more people will see what they want to offer. they can use this. if you want people to be messaging you on whatsapp, on your messenger or instagram directly, you use this option. if you want people to like your page, use this option. event response: maybe you want to. you have an event that i want to promote. i want to see how people will respond to it. or use this: okay, get to me, so i'm going to use just one. then, on your own, you practike with the other one, then see um, try to monitor the results and post your progress to the group for us to guide you further. so i'm going to go with um. okay, post engagement, post engagement. okay, this post engagement has to do with. okay, there are posts that i already have on my page. those are the one that is showing here now. if i want to promote any of those posts, as on my page, i'll just click one. but if i want to create new posts, i will click on what create what new. so this is the first part of the advert where you will be asked to select an image. the image that will get everybody will see on your advert. i will advise you make your image to be around 1200 pixels by what has autoresponder if you want to use it, facebook advanced. so i'm going to select one of the um images i have here. then you click here to continue. so if you want to add, okay, the headline, the headline should be. so i'm going to explain this part. so this is the image we uploaded that time. so here, headline: this is what we appear as your headline on your advert. so you remove this and put yours. maybe click here, click here, register for free. do you get? you can make it in capital letter. then your primary text is the main text that we show. okay, let's go back. so your primary text is the main test that we show and the content of your advert, the content of your adverts, okay, the main thing that people will see. like, if you see digits, adverts, you see that text. initiatives- you will see on the adverts. so anything you want to write, okay, if you are selling, let's say, toothbrush for instance, okay, this is a golden toothbrush, you can use it to cure, to brush out your teeth, to brush this out. so the primary test is what we contain, all those things that you are entiking creative, that make people okay. they'll give them a brief kind of information about what you're advertising. so that is where you put your primary text. you can see so as soon as you are done, then website: this website area may be your website. if you have a website, it might be your websub group where you want people to, where you want to refer people to. then call to action. the common one is lemon. if you shop now, you want to use a listing now. so the one you are okay with, this one, that's if you want to advertise on instagram. for those of you asking about instagram ads, so i by now you should know how to connect your account, your facebook account, to instagram. so as soon as you are done with that, then there will be a preview of your advert to show here. add preview, can you see here. as soon as you are done with that we move to the next step, where we choose our audience. well, we choose our, what our audience? so here, you can create new audience. you can create new one, you, you give.