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Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Top Facebook Ad Design Tips That Convert to Clicks (Plus Examples)

Facebook is home to more than six million advertisers. even though it's such a crowded marketing space, Facebook offers the highest return on investment of any social media platform, but it must be used properly. hello world, my name is Mike plugger and I'm here with viz me, which empowers everyone to create beautiful and engaging advertising visuals, social media graphics and other visual content. now, the ultimate goal of creating a Facebook ad is to make a viewer stop their seemingly endless scrolling and take action with your brand. if your ad isn't motivating a viewer to engage with your product or your service, it's not an effective ad. the best way to interrupt your Facebook scroller is with a well-thought-out visual, and over the next few minutes, we'll tackle a number of tips to help you create stunning visuals, stopping scrollers in their tracks and changing the way you market through Facebook, shall we now? there's no better way to sell a product than by putting it front and center. scrollers are scanning pages, just waiting for something to catch their eye, so you need to make sure you grab their attention. one of the best ways to do this is with your own high quality photo of your own product. Facebook is a sea of low quality images. Nike is not one of them. they highlighted one of their cleats with a simple high-resolution image and notike. the only text that they used in their post is the name of the cleat, followed by a few powerful words, clean and simple, on what they're selling. now maybe you're asking: but Mike, what if I'm selling multiple products? well, don't worry. facebook offers a carousel ad which lets you showcase up to 10 visuals within one single ad. these are partikularly useful because they stand out and they're interactive. users can swipe from image to image, making the ad more engaging and effective. now, well, actually discuss carousel ads a little bit more here shortly, as they can help in more ways than one. and even if you're not selling a tangible product, you can still use some professional quality photos to sell a service or a virtual product. an e-book is an example that comes to mind for a virtual product. you would want to showcase the cover or even the first page to draw a reader in. or if you're selling a service, like maybe your own photography business, use some photos from previous clients, showcase your work as best you can so a customer knows what to expect if they hire you. now, if you're a b2b or a SAS company, product photography isn't much of an option. what would be much better is creating your own illustrations. these are totally customizable, allowing you to cater your image to your target customer. you can get creative and have fun with it, just as MailChimp did here in these Facebook ads. incorporating icons and your illustrations can be beneficial as well. they're recognizable and can save a ton of space if you use them to replace text. just be sure to use a similar icon style if you're using multiple icons in one image. you don't want your image to look sloppy. this is actually one of the services that vis me can help you with. you can create your own beautiful Facebook ads with thousands of free built-in graphics, illustrations, icons and more. try us out at vism CEO, but not just yet, as we still have more tips to cover before you begin. believe it or not, colors are more than just colors. colors actually have meaning. this infographic sums up what emotions a color can elicit in a viewer. if you're thinking of using a color different from your logo, take a look at this graphic and decide what you want your viewers to feel. is it optimistik, is it creative? is it neutral? you start to get the idea. you can also check out. viz means own blog post where we dive deeper and do color psychology with that in mind. remember, you will be advertising through Facebook. since the social media giant primarily uses white and blue, your best bet is to advertise using anything but that color scheme. use bright colors and create strong contrast to that. Facebook blue and a or Asia, like you see here, couldn't have done a better job. they won't win that poppin red which immediately catches a viewers eye. and no matter what color you decide on, make sure there's a variation between the background color and the elements in your photo. if you use a dark background, use lighter text to make it more notikeable, as you have here with harley-davidson in G to crowd. the same goes with a light background in darker text. now, whatever photo you use, make sure there is a purpose behind that specific photo. a deeper meaning should lie within the image itself. don't just use an image because you thought it was a good picture. when starting to determine your reason, think of why you created the ad in the first place. are you showcasing a product, supporting a cause, solving a problem? you want your message to resonate with your audience. your target audience will share the same values, interests and beliefs as your company. Dollar Shave Club crushed gender stereotypes in their Facebook ads. through visual storytelling, they're able to immediately connect with their audience and, in turn, sales will soon follow. now we mentioned Carol saw ads earlier, but here we see them again. with multiple pictures, it's a little easier to tell a story. reworked, used a carousel ads to highlight the various benefits of booking a workspace through their website, and what was previously known as a canvass ad is now known as the instant experience. with the instant experience ad, you can take your viewer on an interactive fullscreen visual journey. these allow you to create a fully customized experience that is sure to grab and keep a viewers attention. coca-cola took advantage of the opportunity here when debuting their new aluminum bottles. they took advantage of the opportunity to use photo, and before I get ahead of myself, let's look into ways that you can do the same. what if I told you that people spend five times more time on video content than statik images? what about the fact that people are nearly two times more likely to make a purchase after watching a video? Facebook videos have changed the game for advertisers, as they're engaging, interesting and tell stories, as we just toked about, in order to connect emotionally and make the most of your video ads. here are some tips. number one: keep your videos short. I'm toking no more than 15 seconds. grab your viewers attention right away and lock them in. your viewer doesn't have all the time in the world to watch sponsored content. and number two, ensure your video makes sense. with Alex audio, the majority of people won't have enabled with their autoplay, so make sure you have subtitles or text overlays to help them better understand your video. [Music]. now we've covered the tips for making the most of your visuals, but that's not all you need to know when it comes to advertising on Facebook. with 97% of b2c businesses and 89% of b2b businesses using Facebook, creating stunning visuals is just the beginning of creating compelling ads. your need your content to land in front of the right audience and, most importantly, convince them to take action. here are a few tips to do so. ad copy gone right. not necessarily visuals can be very important, but great ad copy can also boost an ad success. characteristiks of effective ad copy include keeping it short and sweet, finding a way for it to offer value. ad copy can instill a sense of urgency in a viewer and it can also reduce uncertainty and build trust in your viewers. no online ad is complete without a call-to-action button. you can have the most compelling story imaginable, but if you don't guide a viewer with what to do next, you won't see any results. examples can include a shop now' button if you're showcasing your product, or try a register to win button if you're promoting a contest. Marcato encourages users to download a free sample in their facebook ads. as you can see here, facebook offers a variety of targeting options to ensure your message is reaching the right audience. take adva.

The ONLY Facebook Ads Course YOU Need

Over the past few years, I've built and scaled multimillion-dollar e-commerce companies utilizing Facebook advertising And in this course, I'm going to teach you absolutely everything that I know about Facebook ads So you can also find that level of success for your brand or your agency. All that I ask is that you can hit this like button on this video, as a really helps out my channel, Along with that subscribe with notifications on if you're into advertising and e-commerce. this course is brought to you by pondircom, which is an artificial intelligence platform for Facebook advertisers. They have tools that can write your copy, perform creative analysis, optimize your ads. They offer courses, research studies and so much more. in fun fact, I'm actually the founder of pondircom. So, with that said, definitely go check out pondir. We've got everything you need And here in this course, I'm going to give you the education completely free. So if you want some tools to help you out with your Facebook advertising journey and your road to success, go ahead and check out pondir without further ado. I hope you enjoy this Facebook ads course and I cannot wait to see the level of success that you find using all of our strategies. Let's get into it. What are Facebook ads in? What is Facebook advertising. That's an actual question I'm asking you right now And I want you to define your answer of what are Facebook ads? Since I obviously can't hear you in your response, I'm going to use my fiance, Maggie, as an example of she has never run Facebook ads herself. So, Hey, Maggie, what are Facebook ads And what does Facebook advertising? Facebook ads are advertisements that you see. they come up on your newsfeed, that are products that I'm from. here is what I was expecting as an answer, And that's what I was expecting for your answer to be as well. Now let me rephrase this in a way that hopefully, it brings some more clarity to why I expect you to say that when I ask you, what are these? what are apple AirPods? You're probably going to say their headphones, They play music. but let's break this down. There's a driver, there's plastik, there's coils, there's software, there's foam ear tips that produced the headphone, that produced the music. the music and the listening is just the end result, And when you're scrolling your newsfeed and you see a sponsored post appear, that's the end result. in order to efficiently run Facebook, You first need to understand what Facebook ads really are. What are Facebook ads? more than 2 billion people use Facebook. every single month, advertisers bid to show their ad on those people's devices. Facebook advertising is simply an online auction. Each time There's an opportunity to show someone an ad, an auction takes place to determine which advertiser will have the chance to show their ad. billions of auctions take place every single day across the Facebook family of apps and network of websites. When we, as advertisers, create ads, we tell Facebook who we want to show our ads to By defining a target audience. a person can fall into multiple target audiences. For example, one advertiser targets women who like skiing, while another advertiser targets all skiers who live in California. the same person, in this case a female sphere who lives in California, could fall into the target audience of both of the advertisers. So now, when there's an opportunity to show that single person an ad and there's multiple advertisers targeting them, those advertisers will now enter an auction where they will bid to show their creative on that user's device. So how do you win an auction? to ensure that the winning ad maximizes value for both people and the business, the winner of the auction is the ad with the highest total value, And this is extremely, extremely important to take note of. the highest total value is a combination of three major factors. Number one: the bid. the bid is placed by an advertiser for that ad placement. In other words, what is the advertiser willing to pay to achieve their desired outcome? And there's actually multiple ways to manage your bid in an ad auction. We'll discuss this later on in the course, but for now, the first key of a highest total value is the bid. What amount is the advertiser willing to pay to show their ad to that user on their device? Number two: estimated action rates. an estimate of whether a partikular person engages with or converts from a partikular ad. In other words, the probability that showing an ad to a person leads to that desired outcome of the advertiser. For example, if your goal is a purchase, what is the estimated probability that if Facebook shows your ad, that user will result in a purchase? finally, number three, add quality. ad quality is a measure of the quality of an ad as determined from many sources, including feedback from people viewing or hiding the ad and assessments of low quality attributes in the head, such as withholding information, sensationalized language and engagement bait. And the big takeaway is that engaging in clickbait and engagement bait does not improve ad performance. So together, these estimated action rates and ad quality measure the ad relevance. In fact, Facebook subsidizes relevant ads in auctions, So more relevant ads actually cost less and see more results. In other words, an ad that's relevant to a person could win an auction against ads with higher bids, And this is a big trend that we've been seeing over the past few years with Facebook, after they got in some trouble with the government and came with the Cambridge Analytika scheme, they became- quote unquote- more transparent with their users, and a big piece of that was making the user's experience on Facebook better. And so, as advertisers, by creating a good experience for the user and a good experience through to Facebook by driving results, it's a win-win, and Facebook will actually charge you less to show your ad more against people that are trying to outbid you. So how do you know if your ad performed against those three mentioned criteria? So there's actually a way to view in the ads manager, but once again, we're going to get into that later on in the course. as you just learned, there's a lot more to Facebook ads. Facebook ads aren't just the posts that you see advertising a product on your news feed or in your inbox. There's so much more beneath it And as a future advertiser or an existing advertiser, it's extremely crucial that we know the inner workings of how to feed the Facebook system and algorithm with exactly what they need to drive industry leading results. now it's time to actually get into the Facebook advertising ecosystem. So go ahead and grab a cup of coffee and get your computer, because we are going to dive straight into it. Before we jump into the Facebook ads platform, you need to understand why you're clicking the buttons, And, when it comes to building a business manager, is actually extremely vital that you understand the structure beneath it in order to build it correctly. So, before we actually go into the ads platform on your computer, grab a notebook. I highly recommend a whiteboard. If you have 50 to a hundred dollars to invest, this is my favorite favorite tool, And let's go through what a business manager actually is. So what you see here is one business manager, And I want you to take note of that. This is the structure that I'm about to run through- is only one business manager, And that's what you're going to be building here in the next four to five minutes. So for my business, which is called pondir, you can put your whatever name your businesses are preparing to launch. whatever the name is, This is Potter's business manager. So we create the business manager and then underneath of it, every single business manager can have multiple ad accounts. For example, pondir's business manager now has 15 ad accounts attached, So the ad account ad accounts are the child of a single.

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8 Free Tools That Make Running Facebook Ads Easy

hey, tools. I'm gonna give you eight free tools. they'll make your Facebook ads a lot easier. looking for clever ways to grow your business? then you are in the right place. this is where you get a behind the scenes on what's working in marketing. today. my name is Walker decry, and here's what I discovered as a facebook advertiser. there's a lot of things you need to do. there's a lot of things you can do to increase your conversion rates and make your Facebook ads a lot easier, and for that there's plenty of tools out there, right? I mean heck, even we are creating a lot of different add tools that are basically generating a higher return of investment for our customers, right? but in this video, I want to tok about the free tools. free tools that are available for everyone and that will help you run better ads, be more effective or spend save a lot of time- spend less time on setting up your Facebook Ads. so these are eight tools that I'm personally using and I recommend for you as well. the first tool is Pablo butt buffer. it's actually a real simple tool and it's actually intended to create social media images for your blog post, but in our basis, we use it a lot for our ads as well, because it's just so simple to use. there's not a lot of the design options, there's not a lot of different things you can do with it, but because of that it's just real good to just create social media, meet just you real quickly that we can then use for our image based hands. a second tool is Co schedules headline analyze, or just a good tool to once you have added, once you've written your, your headline for your ads, to just put them into this analyzer and see if they give any suggestions on how you can improve. this only works for English, by the way, but it's a pretty good tool, so highly recommended to, just you know, give it a spin. and the third one, a what's called under splash, and this is actually the resource that we use a lot for various stok images, in other words, the images that we use inside of our ads. there's a lot of images in there. they have a good way of searching and just overall, a high quality of stok powder. so when you're, when you're looking for an image, highly recommend to check out and splash. and number four is our own interest search tool. so on this tool you can enter various keyword like, for example, fishing, and you can then find a lot more interesting. we would normally be able to using the normal Facebook ads interface and you can just add them all on the lift listed on the left hand side, copy paste them into your facebook ads icon. in this way, you have a lot more interest to target on Facebook. number 5 is the audience insights tool by Facebook, and this is just a real good tool to get a better understanding of who your audience is, what demographics to our, for example, you could select a custom audience with your existing customers and see exactly how many are male/female, how many of them on which are in which age group, etc. etc. it's just a real good way to dive into your actual audience. number 6 is our Facebook Ads all right calculator. so this is a cool tool that will help you get basically an idea of our feeling of how your, how your campaign will perform, based on certain numbers, and even even more so, what you need to fix or change to make sure your ad campaign is going to be profitable, because oftentimes it just requires a couple of tweaks in order to go from not profitable to profitable. you but you kind of need to know where to put your attention to, and the next one on the list is add espressos Facebook ad examples. they basically created a database full of Facebook ads that you can just search through for, basically for your inspiration, to see what others are doing. so you can be inspired and see what you can use in your campaigns as well. and, last but not least, Google Analytiks. I mean, which marketer can live without Google Analytiks? I know I can't, and it's obviously free as well. so that's basically the eight tools that I recommend for you to use in your Facebook ads campaign or around your Facebook ad campaigns, that are all 100% free. I hope you like it, and I'd appreciate it if you can let me know below what your favorite tool is as well- any of those aid or any other ones that I missed as well.

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How To Connect Your App To Facebook (Mobile App Install Ads)

hey, how are you today? I'm gonna show you exactly how to connect your app to Facebook so you can run mobile app installs or do whatever. I notiked there isn't any training on YouTube and I got a couple questions and comments asking for this video showing you exactly how to connect your app to Facebook. so I'm gonna go ahead and do that. do me a huge favor and hit that like button real quick, because this is gonna solve any problem you are encountering right now. and if you haven't subscribed yet, please consider subscribing and hitting the notification bell, because if you watch my videos, you're gonna become very advanced at Facebook Ads and you'll be able to grow your mobile app very, very quickly. so what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to go over to developers dot- facebookcom. so that is developers dot they spokecom, and if you couldn't hear me correctly there, I'll make sure to put a link below and you can also Google Facebook developers. anyways, once you get to this page- Facebook for developers- you have to register your app, so I'm gonna start from the start. if you've already registered your app, that's awesome, just keep watching. anyways, I'm gonna show you everything, including how to connect your app and how to actually run the app, install ads. so you go up here to the top right and you click my apps. then under my apps you click add new app or you select your app from the dashboard. I'm gonna click add new app and pretend this is a brand new app. you're gonna put in, you know, your email here. you're gonna put in the display name of the app. so, whatever you want the app to be called, I'm gonna just call this app heads up test. I'm gonna use the app heads up as a test to just show you everything and then you can go complete it by yourself. so you put in that little CAPTCHA. hopefully, I did it right. okay, perfectly. now we're gonna move on to the next step. you actually skip this select a scenario. I'm assuming you're doing this for mobile apps. if you're not doing it for mobile apps, that's okay. you, it's still the same process. but let's just click skip for now, and most of the work here is going to be done inside of this page, here, and when I get, when it loads, let's see here. okay, we're here. it's gonna be under settings, right, and then basic settings. this is where most people get stuck. this is where I got stuck, so don't worry if you're having a hard time. this is the tricky part, and what you're gonna do is make sure your display name is here, your contact email is there. if you have an app domain like a website, put it there. make sure to put a privacy policy URL here. it's not gonna hold you back from getting started, but eventually Facebook's gonna ping you and say, hey, we need your privacy product policy URL. so go ahead and put that in same with the Terms of Service. then pick your app category. in my case it's gonna be games, and then it's gonna be like a trivia game. so there we go, and then you want to upload your app icon. now it has to be 1024 by 1024. they're very specific about this. so go ahead and do that, and then you know if it's for your own business- like it's a game, or you know nutrition app or health and fitness- if it's for your own business- like that one. if it's for somebody else's- like that one- then you want to make sure to have your business verified on Facebook so you can just follow this, get started. you have to sign a couple contracts- really simple to do- and once you do that, you want to fill in all your information here for the data protection. so it's pretty much your personal information, your email, your address, all that stuff. it's all safe, don't worry. but down here is really where you get set up. so you click add platform and you're gonna want to add. if you have an iOS app, obviously you want to add iOS. a lot of people, most developers, have an iOS and an Android app, so you want to add those two. now if it's for, like, a Facebook game or something, you can add this one as well. I didn't mean to click that, so I'm gonna exit out, but let's just for this example, this ad iOS and then also let's add Android, because I feel like that is the most typical. and I'll go over all of these, because this is where I personally got confused: bundle ID: this is where this is inside of your iTunes Connect. on the actual app page, you have a bundle ID. it usually starts with, like you know, comm, dot, heads-up, dot, whatever, but it's inside of iTunes Connect. you can pull that directly from iTunes Connect. this URL scheme is optional. ask your developer if you need that. I don't think I put mine in their shared secret. you also need to ask your developer if you need it. you sometimes don't need it. these two things are perfect. log in app purchase events. I recommend this as well because then it shows how many people purchase, write, and that's very good for analytiks and all of that good stuff. then you want to go ahead and grab your app ID. so for your app ID, there's a link here, you know, to the actual app and you can go ahead and see that. this is the link to the iTunes app of heads-up, right. so this is the ID, that part right there, and you just put that in right there, just like that- I'm gonna change it up a little bit because you know that's not actually my app- and then you just hit save so you will get your bundle ID in there. you'll get your iPhone store ID in there. of course, it's gonna throw off an error because it's not actually my app. now for the Google package name. this is found inside of your Google developer console and then the key hashes. you're gonna need to ask your developer how to create that- really simple for them to do, but the package name is actually found in the link as well. so if I grab the link here, you can see that. come that heads up. that is going to be the package name, I believe, so you're gonna want to put that in there and just fill out all this information- and this is where most people mess up, because it's kind of hidden down here. right, it says ad platform. you have to add these two platforms. fill out all this information and you're good to go. now. you also want to take note to the rolls, right, because possibly you want to add an admin. as you can see, I'm already an admin, but I can add another admin. you can add developers, you can add testers and so on and so on. then the last step you really want to take here is make sure that it's not in development anymore. you have to provide your privacy policy, like I said before, in order to make it out of development. it has to be live in order to start running Facebook ads. one more thing I want to show you here is, if you go to basic, you want to make sure to upload all of the images as well. so they ask for the app icon, right, and they also: maybe it's under advanced, oh, it's, it's under platform. you want to add different cover images. you want to add all the assets that they require. so you know, after adding platform iOS, platform Android. so you just do those two things: fill out all of this information, hit live and then you are good to go. your app has been added to Facebook, just like that. so it's not too hard to do. but now it's time to go to your actual ads part and set up your ads right. so let's go ahead and dive in here- sorry about that- and let's jump into the actual ads section now. so if I go over to create ad, I go like that right, and you want to select app installs and make sure to stik around, because I'm going to show you a lot of really good strategies here, now that you can run app install ads very profitably. I see a lot of people teaching app install ads and I my minds actually blown sometimes because they show you ways to run app install ads and it's not a very profitable way. I spend millions of dollars every single year on app install ads. so let's go ahead and just name this ad, chill test, and then you can skip these two sections here and hit continue. there's a couple points I want to just show you, and let's just go ahead and use this app right here and it's for Google Play, right. you can also say iTunes and I could select the different app. I could select this.

Understanding The New And Updated Facebook Ads Manager Interface 2022 | Everything You Need To Know

if you have been advertising on facebook, you must have notiked the changes on the ads manager interface. now, this changes has gotten a lot of people confused. they don't know which of the objectives is going to give them the best results. they don't even know how to navigate across these objectives. so i'm creating this video to you know, just to just a post. right, i'm creating this video to let you know how to make use of different objectives in this new arts interface. okay, we're going to compare this objective with the preview, we're going to compare this interface with the previous art manager interface and i'm going to explain what what each of these represents and how you can proceed with all of this. okay, now, if you look, this is the new ads manager interface compared to the one we had before. right, this was what the arts manager used to look like before. this was what the facebook ads manager used to look like before. by the way, you're welcome to my channel. my name is courage. i would ask you to please give this video a thumbs up, just like the video, so that more people get to see my video. if you are new on this channel and you like to see more content like this, more content on advertising, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, how to make money online and stuff like that. you may want to consider subscribing to my channel and also turn on the bell icon so you get to be among the first to be notified whenever i publish videos. so, without wasting time, guys, let's dive in. so, like i said, this was the previous ads manager interface that everyone had. okay, on this left side, you see the awareness under the awareness. you had the brand awareness and reach. okay, on the new interface, you have the awareness here and under the awareness. if you look at the right side here, if you put your custody on the right side below on this way, under the awareness, you see that it has reach brand awareness. exactly the same thing. all right. and then they now added video views and store location awareness to the interface. they now moved the video views and this total efficient awareness. they moved it into the awareness campaign. in this previous interface- here we have under awareness, we had just brand awareness and reach, but in this new interface, under awareness, you have said: good for reach, brand awareness, video views and store location awareness. you need to take, um, you need to take recognition of this stuff. okay, now this is the traffic. so under traffic, you have link clicks, landing page views, messenger and whatsapp and calls. of course, it's the same thing with the previous one. traffic. yeah, underneath traffic, it's the same thing. traffic is to promote your blog, to promote your offers to you know, just to drive um, to get to drive traffic to your blog or to get email opt-ins and leads and stuff like that. right, that is what traffic is about. so you can see that in the new interface, in this old interface, we had brand awareness and rich, but in the new interface, they moved video views into brand awareness and they also moved store visits here into brand awareness. so the next is engagement. so when you put your, you place your crystal pad here, always look at this right side here to see what is there. that is what it represents. so, engagement under engagement, they say it is good for words, for messenger, for whatsapp, for instagram direct- okay, video views also okay, post engagement. and they said it's conversion. but don't use this as conversion metrics. it's, it is deceitful. okay, just like the engagement is for this one too. so the next one here is leads, leads, campaign. leads is good for, you know, for generating leads, just like for real estate businesses and advertising right. so leads is good for, as you can see, instant form messenger conversions and calls, so you can use leads to. you know, get the instance from messenger conversions and calls. but mostly if you're into the real estate uh space, you should be using more of leads because you're gonna be generating more leads and then, you know, speaking of following up with your leads and converting them. also, you can use leads to get people to message you on whatsapp, on different uh uh platforms. okay, the next is app promotion. if you observe clearly closely, sorry, in the previous interface, what we had was app installs, app installs. but in this new interface, what is there is app promotions. so this works for app installs and app event, as you can see clearly here: app promotion. under it you have app installs and app events. so if you want people to install your app or if you want to track events or activities that people are taking, the actions that people are taking on your app, this is where you begin to track those events and target people based on the activities or actions they take within your app. all right. and then the final one here you can see is sales, which signifies the same thing as this one conversions objective in the previous interface, right, conversions objective? here it is simply known as sales. so if you observe clearly here, you will see that in the previous interface we had catalog sales, who have conversion, catalog sales, store visits. but in this new one, under sales, they've moved these top visits to under awareness. you can see it now: store location awareness. right, it's no more under sales. so what you have here is conversions. the same thing: catalog sales, then messenger and whatsapp, which means that in this new interface you can use the sales objective, which is which starts as conversion, to send people to your whatsapp. before, in this uh old interface, you could not do that for whatsapp. you needed a landing page, you needed a funnel to front of you. but now facebook is trying to make whatsapp a more powerful tool, a more powerful commerce tool. okay, facebook is working really hard to make comments in to make whatsapp a a more powerful commerce tool and that's why they are releasing some cool and amazing features, uh, within the whatsapp business ecosystem. okay, so if you want to generate sales on your instagram, on your facebook instagram, dm, facebook, messenger on whatsapp, then you can use the sales objective. okay, you can use the sales objective. okay, now, this works for conversion. if you want to send people to your website to go and take an action, this action is usually purchased. okay, it also works for catalog sales- catalog sales: you have catalogs to display to sell, all right. and it works for messenger and whatsapp. so, as a small business owner who do not have a website, your sales is actually via instagram or via whatsapp- then you can use this sales objective so that your advert is going to be shown to people who are most likely to buy what you sell. that is why facebook has categorized this under the sales objective. all right, as you can see above here, they said: we've made an update. we've made an update to the campaign objectives to make it easier to find one that aligns with your business goals. here are what you can expect. okay, all the same functionality. like i said, all the all the features. everything is the same, just a little reshuffling, but it's pretty much the same thing. okay, no change to existing campaign at this time. there's no change, all right, so they will help you find new objectives that matches your old one. so this is it here, so you can use your whatsapp and your messenger. now. this is the only place where there are changes after this place. at the asset level and at the ad level, everything is pretty much the same. for catalog sales, that changed a bit, a little bit, at the asset level, all right. so do not be scared, do not be worried. these things are pretty much the same thing, just different interface. but they represent the same work, the same functionality and the same objectives. if you want to drive traffic to your blog or to your site, to increase your leads, whatever it is, you can use the traffic objective here. you can use the engagement objective. if you're a comedian, if you are someone who just wants to go viral to get more engagement or be social proof, okay, it's an engagement.

How To Duplicate A Facebook Ad Keeping The Social Proof | Facebook Ads Tips For Beginners

hey, what's up, guys. ali here from mysocialyoucom, and welcome back to my channel. in this video today, we're going to tok about duplicating facebook ads. how do you duplicate facebook ads and keep your social proof on it? before we jump into the video, you know what to do, right: subscribe, hit the bell icon and also like this video. all right, now let's jump right into this and we're going to tok about the right way to duplicate your facebook ads. now here's the one of the facebook ads accounts that i manage and we're going to go at the ad level. so here's the campaign. i'm going to go inside that multiple ad set. let's just go to one of the ad sets. so, first of all, what's the social proof? it's the engagement that you have on your ad. so, for example, this ad is running, so if i click on this and let me show this to you, so you see, right here, so there's some engagement, the likes and shares, and also there are probably clicks and a lot of stuff on this. so that's the social proof, or the engagement on this ad. now, when you want to duplicate this app, there's a way to keep that social proof. so let's say, this ad is really working well for this audience, but we want to duplicate this at and then show it to different audience, right? so to test, or maybe you know, scale our facebook ad campaign, make more money. now, how do you duplicate? it's very easy, so i'm going to click on this and then click on this duplicate right here now and then you can. you can duplicate in the original campaign. maybe if you want to create a duplicate in the existing campaign and inside a different ad set- meaning you will be targeting different audience- you can do that. or you can take it to, like a cl, create a brand new campaign for this. now, the important thing i want to mention here is right here. so this is the magic, this thing right here: show existing reaction, comments and shares on your new ads. if you do not click this, it will be duplicated, but all that engagement you will lose it. so maybe your ad was working really, really well and you have all this social proof and if you want to take it, you know, create or show- you add to another set of audience. by keeping that engagement on it, you're likely to scale the ad campaign with the new audience much at a much faster rate. so this is totally up to you how you want to create the, the new campaign structure. but the important part is to pay attention to this: if you do want to carry over the reactions, comments and engagement, make sure you leave this checked. if you don't- in some cases maybe you do not want to carry over- then you can uncheck this super, super easy to do. but this is how you duplicate your facebook ads and then, you know, retain the social proof, the engagement on it. if you have any questions, leave those questions below in the comments. before you go subscribe, hit the bell icon and also like this video. i will see you in the next one. bye for now.