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facebook ads objective

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

The 11 Facebook CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES Explained in 2022

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video i'm going to explain,the 11 facebook campaign objectives,facebook campaign objectives are,incredibly important it's probably the,single most important setting you need,to get right if you want to generate the,best possible results the facebook ads,i'm going to explain what they are in,this video which ones you want to use,and i think you're going to find it,really really useful before i get into,it just want to very quickly ask you to,hit that like button that really helps,me out and is much appreciated and of,course subscribe to my youtube channel,if you are new and haven't done so,already i release facebook advertising,related content all the time if that's,something that's important to your,business i'd strongly recommend you,subscribe i think it's really gonna help,you out okay so i'm in an example,facebook ad account here and i'm gonna,go ahead and bring up the campaign,objectives so let's click on this,green create button you can see that,literally the first thing that facebook,asks you to to select obviously after,buying type which i'll have another,video about in case you're interested is,campaign objectives,now facebook split the campaign,objectives up into three sections,awareness consideration conversions and,we're gonna we're going to tok through,them,and the first thing i need to tok about,is what campaign objective actually,means like what are we referring to here,when you select a campaign objective you,are effectively telling facebook what,you want,now because facebook's machine learning,and automatik optimization process is,such a huge part of facebook advertising,telling facebook what you want and being,very specific can make an enormous,difference for example we're going to,get into these in more detail but this,is the best stat i've got on on to,demonstrate what i'm toking about here,if you want people to convert on your,website let's say purchase a product,let's say you've got a shopify store for,example and you want people to purchase,a product,if you use the traffic objective and or,you use the conversions objective and,you test both of those alongside each,other you spend exactly the same amount,of money use the same targeting options,same budgets,same ads all that sort of stuff,the conversions objective will deliver,on average 74,more conversions than the traffic,objective,because what you're really after there,is conversions its purchases right even,though traffic of course is trying to,send people through to your website the,conversion objective to 74 better,results which is obviously not a small,amount that's absolutely massive,so by selecting the right campaign,objective you really are,um setting yourself up for success,massively and if you select the wrong,campaign objective you're in a lot of,trouble so let's go through them because,there's ones you want to use and ones,you don't want to use and also specific,scenarios in which you want to use them,okay so let's start with awareness brand,awareness what does brand awareness do,brand awareness puts your ads in front,of people that are most likely to recall,that they saw your ad how facebook works,that out we're not exactly sure we think,they're using things like linger time,engagement obviously,brand awareness from what i've seen is,best for businesses with larger budgets,that aren't necessarily after an,immediate return on their ad spend but,literally want to get their brand out,there they want to try and make their,brand synonymous with whatever it is,they're advertising brand awareness can,be used a lot in the way that say tv,advertising is you'll see like brands,like coca-cola for example advertising,they want you to think of their brand,when you think of a soft drink often,okay that's what brand awareness,typically for so i'd recommend that for,business with really large budgets and,you're like we have access to external,funding or we have deep pockets and we,can afford to not generate customers,from this this advertising exercise what,we want to do is,condition,our target market to think okay when,they think of you know um,whatever it happens to be to be you know,coca-cola is a good example but if when,they think of running shoes they think,nike you know there's there's loads of,brand examples where you think of a,product category and you automatikally,think of a specific example you know in,the uk for example when they think of a,vacuum cleaner they think dyson there's,lots of examples where you just,immediately there's like a brand that,you will think of first often and that's,what brand awareness is for reach is,slightly different reach is designed to,put your ads in front of as many people,as possible for your budget now what,that can sometimes mean is that you are,facebook's gonna find the cheapest,people to advertise to obviously within,any target market um there's going to be,people that are more sought-after sought,after by advertisers and people that are,less expensive to advertise to so these,are often people that are less likely to,convert let's say so that might seem,like an option you wouldn't want to use,often and we don't often use it when,would you use reach if you're using an,omnipresence content campaign um i've,got more details about that i'll include,a link in the description below it's the,long-term strategy videos of your,presence content we use reach if you're,a local business and you just want to,reach everyone within your area again,sometimes we will we will use reach it's,often when we've got a small,um group of people that we've decided we,want to advertise to again and again and,again which is why omnipresence content,long-term strategies where you're,putting lots of different ads in front,of the same people over a six-month,twelve-month period to try and get them,to point where they're going to convert,and buy your ten thousand dollar,coaching program or hire you for your,fifty thousand dollar service something,along those lines is what we typically,use reach for um it's where you've got a,small group of people you can advertise,to again and again because you don't,have to worry so much about the fact,that facebook's going to find perhaps,the cheaper people to advertise to the,ones that are less likely to convert,because you've you really defined the,targeting criteria anyway okay,so those are the two awareness,objectives and those are the times where,we'd use those we won't use them by the,way if i if i don't mention something um,we wouldn't use them for that okay so,for example a lot of people want to use,reach for,general retargeting campaigns when,they're trying to generate leads or,purchase via their website no you're,better off using conversions okay if i,don't mention it we basically don't do,it,traffic traffic we would typically use,where that is your end objective so,let's say for example you're advertising,a blog post and you want people to read,the blog post because you know that at,some point down the line that helps you,build your brand gets the message out,there perhaps about a new tiknology or,a new thing you've developed fantastik,then we use traffic we'd also use,traffic if we can't track,the next step we want people to take so,let's say we were sending people to an,amazon store okay we can't track,conversions we can't install the,facebook pixel therefore we're going to,go ahead and use traffic um,we might use it again amazon's a good,example there are also other places,where you can't track the next step,people take you know if you're sending,people to spotify for example you can,use traffic,engagement now we rarely use engagement,people used to use engagement because,they wanted um in fact i'll click into,this because there's a few different,options there's post engagement there's,page likes and event responses post,engagement rarely used with post,engagement facebook is going to try and,get you your ads in front of people that,are likely to comment react,share

#3 Facebook Ads 2023 | Facebook Engagement Campaigns | FB Engagement Objective | Digital Wit

foreign,[Music],partition,business,targeted audience,um,the forest slide,meta add objects,consideration,partikles videos,children,so Facebook engagement ads the,engagement ad is for campaign where you,want to show us to people who are most,likely to be interested in your business,Facebook engagement objectives,foreign,share videos of your business with,people most likely to watch them images,foreign,Instagram,or Whatsapp,engagement,call to action call to action message,foreign,video,foreign,hazard,result,foreign,make the best uses for hours recipes,foreign,foreign,of organic product to help you meet all,of yours,[Music],to help because foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign

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The Only Campaign Objective You Should Use For Your Facebook Ads | Facebook Ads Objective 2021

hello it's courage here you're welcome,to my channel in this video i want to,quickly share with you,the objectives that you should be using,for your facebook advert all right there,are many objectives but you don't have,to use all the objectives i'm going to,share the ones that you can use to get,maximum results whether you have a,website,a pixel or not,okay,so please guys i'll ask you to kindly,give this video a thumbs up just like,this video so that more people get to,see my video because the more likes this,video gets the more people see it and,you know the more views the video will,get also and if you are new here and you,like to see more content like this on,marketing sales facebook advertising and,e-commerce consider subscribing to my,channel and turn on the bell icon so you,get notified whenever i post helpful,videos like this one so without wasting,time guys let me show you the the,objectives now the facebook campaign,objective to start using for your own,adverts,so you click on create ad on your ads,manager so now these are the objectives,right,if you want to make a sale if you want,to sell,and if you like if you are serious about,making sales on facebook you should not,consider any rating except for,conversions,all right conversion helps people so,conversion will help we put your ad in,front of people who are going to take,valuable actions not just any kind of,action facebook classifies this,objective as,showing your ass to people who take,valuable actions that value that value,there it means that they are good they,are going to purchase ad preventing for,autokad they are going to take actions,that revolve around buying something if,you put your crusoe here you see it show,your ads to people most likely to take,valuable actions,pay attention to what facebook is,telling us,valuable actions like making a purchase,or adding payment info on your website,app or in messenger all right so,when you use the conversion objective,you are showing your advert to people,who are going to take valuable action by,that valuable but that value it means,who are going to purchase what you are,selling,so your adverts will be shown to buy us,do you get it,you're getting me your advert will be,shown to buy us so if you want to sell,something and you are serious about,selling something you have to use the,conversion objective and when you use,the conversion objective at the asset,level make sure you are optimizing for,purchase,however,if you're not selling something,outrightly like if you're in the real,estate or if you're in the if you're in,any niche like affiliate marketing,right like affiliate marketing like um,expert net and stuff like that you can,use the conversion objective and,optimize for leads,this is the difference among the two,in the other one we are using conversion,objective optimized for purchase,but for affiliate marketing since you're,not trying to sell directly you're,trying to nurture your leads you're,trying to capture people capture the,details not try them and let us sell to,them so you optimize for leads,okay i'm going to show you how it works,here,that is for combustion objective for,people who have been who have a website,who has a landing page a funnel whatever,but if you don't have any of this if you,have a business an online business but,you don't have a website you have an,instagram account or facebook account or,you sell mostly through instagram or,through twitter anywhere,you should,use the messages objective,okay,people are going to send you messages,you know why it's important to use,messages objective because you either,send people people are going to send the,message either on the messenger,on instagram dm or to your whatsapp,and the most,um the most profitable way is to go,through the whatsapp because the,whatsapp creates,a a connection a one-on-one connection,it builds immediate connection and trust,between you and your intending customer,or your prospects right that is what,whatsapp does for you it builds that,connection it bridges the gap,so that trust barrier will be broken,and then another thing you get there,what's up is that you get to remarket to,these people for free,you can have them as you can tell,your customers or your prospect to save,your your number and then you save yes,they can see your status they can see,your status whenever you update so they,can view it and then you can add them to,a group if they want or you can put them,in a in a,broadcast list,which is better so that subsequently,like three or four days interval or two,days you send out valuable information,via broadcast,you are building connection,you are building connection,all right and then you also have their,phone number,which means that you can actually you,know send book sms to them,because you have their phone number,you see you see why whatsapp is amazing,you can send book sms to them because,you have their phone number,so if you have an instagram business is,that you send use messages to send,people to send you dm on instagram dm on,facebook messengers or to your whatsapp,and if you are trying to run advert on,whatsapp and it's telling you that,it's giving you one kind of error,message that's,about facebook community,advertising policy that you have to,spend some time all this kind of error,message it means that you just need to,run a different kind of adverts maybe,messages adverse to instagram first,for a period of like one month,then you come back and try the whatsapp,at your whatsapp ad we start running,okay so if you get any error message,telling that you cannot run you cannot,use this campaign now or you can always,use whatsapp,now because of you have not,you need to add hair to facebook,advertising policy just run a different,advert messages to instagram auto,messenger okay then give it a one month,space come back and try what's up,adverts it will solve because at that,moment facebook is trying to your page,is probably new or your business is new,and you have not run any adverts before,so they're trying to monitor they're,trying to be sure that you are on the,platform,for a good course,okay and then make sure you're using a,facebook business account and you have,to link it to a facebook page,use a facebook business,that's whatsapp business,use a whatsapp business account and link,it to your page,if it's not linked to your page you,cannot run advantage on whatsapp,business so you need to use a whatsapp,business account first not personal,whatsapp or whatsapp business then link,it to your facebook page so that it is,connected so that when you open it on,the axe manager you will see your page,there with the whatsapp number beneath,it,that is how to solve that problem in,case you if you encounter such problem,that's how to solve it run a different,advert probably,add that to facebook messenger or,instagram dear then after one after i,played up four weeks,come back and run you know my whatsapp,adverts your ad will start running okay,so that's exactly what i need to share,with you but i'm going to show you some,experiments for the leads generation but,for this one if you don't have um your,website use whatsapp use messages so for,the messages you can either send people,to your facebook mess to your facebook,to your whatsapp or to instagram i have,done a video that covers all of these if,you'd like to learn how to run advantage,whatsapp how to run advance to facebook,or to instagram,i've made videos on that i'm going to,link all the videos in the description,below so that after watching this one,you can now go there and select any,video of your choice if you want to,learn how to run facebook ads to,whatsapp or how to run whatsapp adverts,to get sales i've made the video you can,watch it in the description below if you,want to learn how to run instagram,adverts instagram sponsored that will,give you maximum,exposure and more sales i will leave i,will leave the link in the description,below also so that you can watch it if,you also want to le

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All 22 Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives Explained (2023!)

so you may not realize it but there's,actually 22 objectives inside a Facebook,ads manager that's right 22 objectives,now if you're new to Facebook ads or,you've even been at a while that can be,very daunting and confusing which is the,right Facebook ad objective for you,that's exactly what we're going to cover,today so that way you save money and,optimize your results for your next,campaign what's up everybody Alvaro here,from Alvaro Bears digital and today we,are toking all about objectives all 22,of them I'm going to break them down to,still them and simplify them for you,that way the next time you jump in to,make a campaign it'll be a very very,easy decision and you won't have to,second guess yourself now for this video,we are going to be covering it in terms,of the new odax interface if you don't,know what the odax interface is I have a,little video here that you can check out,and I go all over those changes between,the old interface and the new updated,odax interface but if you have seen that,video you may recall that with this,interface there's now six campaign,objectives overarching campaign so to,speak and then inside each one there are,sub objectives that you can choose from,so inside those sub objectives that's,where the number 22 comes from so don't,get confused when you click on create,campaign and you only see six objectives,just remember that inside each and every,single one there's also going to be sub,objectives that you're going to want to,check out so without further Ado let's,start at the very top of the list with,awareness so when you hover over,awareness you're going to see a couple,different options reach brand awareness,video views and store location awareness,so let's start with the first one reach,what does this mean here with this,objective You're simply trying to get in,front of as many people as possible,inside of your given audience so if you,have an audience of 1 million people and,you want to get in front of as close to,all one million people as possible this,is the objective you want to choose the,algorithm is going to ignore anything,about their behaviors or whatever in,terms of are they more likely to convert,are they more likely to watch a video,are they more likely to click none of,that actually matters with the,reproductive all they care about in this,one is just getting in front as many,people as possible so if you have,something that you want the world to see,then this is the objective that you want,to choose all right moving on down the,list we have brand awareness so this,objective optimizes to get in front of,people who are most likely to actually,remember your brand so you really want,to choose this one if you're just trying,to build some traction right or you want,people to just notike you and start,building an audience right there online,so a common example is is if you're not,running any conversion campaigns at any,given time but you still want to be out,there in the world people seeing your,content and hopefully consuming it at,some point in the future this could be a,very good objective to choose because,it's going to get in front of people who,actually interact with Brands there's a,lot of people on both Facebook and,Instagram they never interact with any,kind of brand so this objective will,ignore those people and will only get in,front of people that do actively,interact with Brands and they'll,remember your brand after they see the,ad next up we have video views and this,is exactly what it sounds it optimizes,to get get in front of people who,actually watch a video on Facebook so,this is a really great objective because,there's a lot of people that don't watch,videos on Facebook I'm one of them by,the way I really don't consume a whole,lot of video content on Facebook so I,would imagine that if anyone chooses the,video views objective it's not going to,get in front of me but luckily when you,get when you choose this objective like,I said it will optimize for people who,tend to watch videos for longer periods,of time on Facebook and Instagram so if,you have a really awesome video that you,want people to consume this is the,objective for you and last but not least,in the awareness category we have store,location awareness so this is actually,just like brand awareness but this is,for your brick and mortar uh business so,if you are a local business and you want,people in your local area to remember,you and hopefully come visit you one day,this is the objective that you want to,select okay let's move on down to the,next overarching objective which is,traffic and the first optimization that,we have access to is link clicks this,will optimize to get in front of people,who tend to click on ads for whatever,reason reason right maybe because they,are converting on an ad maybe they're,buying something or maybe they're just,clicking on it to go read a blog post or,listen to a podcast or whatever it might,be it doesn't matter what type of click,it is it's only getting in front of,people who have clicked on ads in the,past and tend to click ads and therefore,have the higher probability to click on,your specific ad so if you're just,trying to get a bunch of traffic to your,website this is an interesting option,for you to choose but not the only one,the reason it's not the only option for,you to choose is because next up we,actually have landing page views and if,you're trying to get traffic to your,website maybe you want people to consume,your blog post or just see your website,maybe it's a new website and you really,want people to check it out and browse,it and stuff like that I would actually,prefer to go with the landing page views,objective and there is a small,distinction between this one and Link,clicks while it's still going to,optimize for people who click on ads and,go to web pages the difference between,landing page views and Link clicks is,that a lot of people accidentally click,on ads or they click on ads but they're,not very patient in terms of waiting for,web pages,that's why the laning page views,objective is a little bit better in my,mind if you're hoping to get some,traffic over to your website because it,optimizes for people who not only click,on ads but then wait for the page to,load so this is a really good tip to get,quality traffic over your website and,that's why I prefer it over link clicks,all right next up we have messenger and,WhatsApp and this is simply to optimize,for people who like to message,businesses so if you have a specific,offer and the only way they can claim,the offer is to start sending you,messages via messenger or Whatsapp this,is a really really great objective to,choose now there are other things that,you have to set up in order to do this,it's not just you select it and also you,get a bunch of DMS you do have to choose,some greetings and some sequences so,there is a little bit more legwork here,but if you're willing to put in that,work this can be a very interesting and,Powerful way to engage with your target,audience because it is different from,your standard campaign where people,click on it and go to over web page so,if you're looking for something new and,fresh to you know interact with your,audience this is an awesome objective,last but not least in this category we,have calls and you optimize for calls,pretty straightforward if you're a local,brick and mortar business this could be,a very good option for you or if you,have some kind of business with a call,center where there's people that they,can speak to all day long some sort of,customer support then this is also a,very great option not going to go into,whole bunch of detail with this one,because it's pretty straightforward if,you need calls this is the objective for,you all right let's move on down to the,next category which is engagement and,first up we have messenger Instagram and,WhatsApp now you must be saying okay,what on Earth is the difference between,this one and the last one that we spoke,about of

Facebook Ad Objectives: The Best & The Worst Revealed

when you run a Facebook ad the first,thing you want to do is choose your,objective and there are a lot of them,and each one serves a very different,purpose and there are a handful of,things you need to get just right when,it comes to having Facebook ad success,and choosing the right objective is just,the first so in this video I'll explain,each objective then I'll cut out all the,clutter and boil it down to the,objectives you actually want to pay,attention to and when to use each and,I'll even show you what to do when you,have a really small potential audience,like if you're in a smaller town by the,end of this you'll be able to show your,ad to the people most likely to take the,action you want them to take which is of,course how you make your ads actually,profitable and these are the same ad,objectives I personally use and the ones,I recommend to my clients who see the,most success so let's start this out by,understanding exactly what an objective,even is so think of your objective as,the goal of your ad nothing more you,know do you want to use your ad to get,more downloads of your lead magnet enjoy,your email list or to have people buy,something or schedule an appointment,even come into your physical location,part of what makes Facebook such a,marketing powerhouse for small,businesses is the sheer amount of data,that it has on its users what they like,what they click what their interests are,their online behaviors and all of that,factors into who they decide to show,your ad to so let's jump right in here,and take a look at the options Facebook,gives you ok so here we are inside the,ads manager and this is what it's going,to look like when you start getting,prepared to run your ad the first thing,it they ask you to do is to choose your,objective so let's just go through these,one by one I was gonna give you the,overall thumbnail sketch of what each,does and yeah let's start right from the,basically we've got three buckets here,awareness consideration and conversion,so this is basically just kind of,getting people aware of your brand this,is a little more further down the funnel,of getting people to actually start,thinking about taking some kind of,action and then we get to the,conversions which,the real action they want people to take,so let's start with brand awareness now,this one is a little it's a little,nebulous basically it's it says that if,you pick that one they're going to show,your ad to people most likely to be,interested in that ad and your business,what interested means I don't really,know I'm gonna go right out on a limb,and say don't I wouldn't ever recommend,choosing this one Reach is similar but,what this does is basically says of all,the people that I've chosen you know if,you choose your your gender your,demographic marked down it like maybe,you're in a city I want to target people,in the city of Denver and reach says I,just want to reach as many of those,people as possible with no thought to,what they're most likely to do or if,they're likely to engage at all,now consideration so the first one we,have is traffic so this basically says I,want people who are most likely to click,the route to my website and that's it,just click through engagement is people,most likely to like your post maybe to,share your post doc as well as comments,on the post so this one's kind of good,for social proof but generally speaking,you're not running ads to get people,commenting on it I think this is,actually one of the the bigger waste of,money here no app installs this is,obviously if just for people who are,selling an app so if there's a button to,click to install that's not going to,apply to most of you video views this is,an interesting one it basically shows,your so if you have a video ad it shows,your ad to people most likely to watch,it now this can be really good when,you're thinking about warming people up,just by showing them videos of you so,that they can start to trust you and,associate you with maybe more ads that,are coming down after as retargeting ads,now lead generation this is one that I,used to be much more gung-ho on what it,does there's a specific ad type called a,lead ad where rather than let's say you,have a lead magnet you want to get,people on your email list there's two,ways to do it right the first way is to,get them just to go to your website,where they sign up lead generation or,alley dad,basically cuts out the the middle step,and it allows people to just click a,button right in Facebook to download,your lead magnet right inside of,Facebook they never have to leave the,platform which means you're gonna pay a,little less and there's not that,friction that comes with waiting for,your site to load and all that stuff so,lead generation on the face of it sounds,like a really good idea I have found,though over testing that it generally,leads to a lower quality lead because,Peters because of that lack of friction,it opens up the floodgates to many more,people and most of those people are a,lot less likely to actually follow,through and buy anything so but it's,maybe worth testing for you and messages,this is going to show you around two,people most likely to engage with you on,messenger now a lot of people do tok,about this as a tactik and to be to be,honest people were toking about this a,lot more like a year ago I don't hear as,much about this anymore so I'm not going,to be going over this one conversion so,this is where we get into the really,high impact stuff right so the first one,is conversion so this is where you're,basically telling Facebook I want to,show my ad to people who are most likely,to convert by convert I mean they're,likely to download your lead magnet with,an email address they're likely to,schedule a consultation or appointment,or they're likely to actually buy,something from your website and now to,catalog sales so this one is another,specific ad type and it's only for,e-commerce so it's basically gonna pull,from your catalog of products and just,create an ad based on that so I'm not,going to be toking about that much and,store traffic so this one's interesting,and that's basically showing around to,people most likely to actually come in,to your location so you may already have,a good sense about which of these,objectives makes the most sense for your,situation or you may still be on the,fence so let's get right into the,objectives that I think you should be,considering and when each one makes,sense so we can just go ahead and cross,a bunch of those right off the list,now the first objective I recommend,about 80 to 90 percent of the time is,the conversions objective and that's,because conversions are the most,desirable outcome for any,right the whole reason you're doing any,of this is to increase your,profitability and sales and when you,choose the conversions objective you're,basically telling Facebook to show your,ad to the people most likely to actually,convert to buy to schedule so this can,mean anything from you know booking the,appointment or consultation downloading,your lead magnet to get on your email,list or even buying something so it's,extremely versatile you set up with that,conversion is for you and then Facebook,starts to show you around to people it,knows have historically converted on,similar ads in the past then as it runs,it starts seeing who's converting on,your ads specifically and now it's,learning and it's showing it to people,very similar to those people who have,already said yes I do want this thing so,that's the good part of this objective,and when it makes sense to use it but,there is a caveat here so here's the,thing Facebook needs at least 50,conversions per week in order for it to,learn and improve so if you have a low,budget and you're not getting that many,conversions first I tell you you,probably need to rethink the ads,themselves and possibly the targeting to,get those numbers up but if that's still,not working and it's purely more of a,budgetary constraint you might need t

Facebook Ad Campaign Objective Update

hey everyone Jack Lawson here founder of,the digital real estate Academy and,realestatemessengerbot.com in this video,I'm going to be covering the new,campaign objective updates that Facebook,has done inside of the ads manager,account so they've changed a couple,things inside of the ad account and I'm,just going to cover what you want to,select and what your options are at this,point so let's go ahead and dive in all,right if you pull up your ads manager,campaigns and you select a new create a,new campaign this is what you're going,to see now and this is you know a couple,weeks old now but uh basically they've,changed their options a little bit so,what I teach mostly is using a chatbot,to capture leads and and qualify those,leads automatikally so with that you,mainly use a messenger objective so,there's not a messenger specific,objective anymore so there's a couple,different options that are available and,I'll cover all the campaign objectives,beside is a messenger one as well but,they do have an option or a button up,here to find your objective so if you,are you know select something that,you've used before,it'll show you what the options are now,so if you scroll down you'll see that,there was messages and that's what I've,taught a lot but now when you select it,there basically the new option is,engagement,leads or sales so uh basically for a,chatbot specifically they're all going,to go into messenger they're all,creating these uh this this database or,the interaction interacting with people,who interact with messenger what you,want to do depending on your your goal,for Messenger specifically if you have a,chat bot installed like the real estate,bot we would use engagement because,we're going to engage we want leads to,engage with messenger so that's the,objective right there so they would,object that the engagement would be,useful for other ones as well but for,Messenger specifically we want them to,engage with message passenger and the,difference with that and Lead,specifically is that it will open up,basically if you select leads it'll open,up you can do messenger but it's going,to be limited to what Facebook can build,inside their small little conversation,chatbot that they can create it's not,extend as extensive as using a program,like mini chat essentially so you can,send leads uh send leads to messenger,and use the leads option and create a,small little option but you're not,building a database you're not it's it's,limited options in terms of capturing,their data data and their information,all that stuff and the other one for,sales is real estate related we're not,selling anything online like an,e-commerce store or anything,um so we're not,creating sales and processing Sales,Online we're pretty much just generating,leads,so uh for again for using mini chat and,um getting messenger you would use,engagement the difference with uh the,other campaign objectives a lot of,people want to use traffic they want to,generate these leads they want to do,other things and I'm just going to point,out a couple benefits of using,engagement and sending people into,messenger one is for let's start with,awareness,so if you're running an awareness ad,basically you're just trying to get your,face out there think of it like a,billboard and I'm not saying any of,these are wrong I just want to explain,the difference,um and what what kind of outcome you're,going to expect for these uh objectives,so awareness is think of a billboard,basically all you're paying for is for,people to see your stuff again that's,great but if your objective is to,capture a lead it's not going to be your,best selection there is a time and place,for using awareness for getting your,face out there but if you're,a newer agent or if you're counting your,next check and you you don't know you,know when your next closing is going to,happen in your in your business is kind,of up and down awareness is not going to,be the one that you want to go with at,first you you want to,generate leads you want to get a,database you want to build that,consistent business before,just kind of promoting your self out,there traffic it's great if you're going,to send leads to your website but,website compared to mini chat and,messenger in the chatbot the difference,being that,uh it's harder to capture leads on a,website there's less people clicking,into there's a lot of clicks onto your,website there's not a lot of like your,your website isn't optimized to capture,leads at least most most websites aren't,most Real Estate websites aren't they're,not optimized to capture leads onto a,website so this is going to,optimize for clicks basically into your,website so a lot of people are going to,click it's sending it to people who,click click click okay it doesn't send,it to people who fill out their,information and interact with your,business so again that is another useful,um campaign objective it's just not,the best one in my opinion depending on,where you're at in your business again I,just covered uh engagement you want them,to engage with messenger,um there's other,um things that that you can engage them,with video views post engagement,conversations or I guess video views and,post engagement,specifically is kind of uh along the,lines of awareness it's got getting a,lot of people to view your videos to,interact with your posts which again is,not not saying that's the wrong thing to,do just aware be aware that that's not,specific for generating a lead it has,its time and place,um but not if your main goal is to get,business as quickly as possible,leads is going to be,um,the main thing I think is for getting,forms filled out and phone calls which a,lot of people a lot of Agents like to do,again I want to point out the difference,of,um collecting someone's uh email and,phone number who just likes to fill out,a form as opposed to,capturing them as a subscriber in,messenger who also gives their phone,number an email,messenger database inside of manychat,and having those subscribers is is super,powerful again just a benefit of of,using,mini chat messenger and capturing leads,and they're over just,filling out a form,um the the,follow-up is better the ability to use,Omni marketing to follow up with them in,multiple locations uh is is awesome as,well,uh app promotion,um if you have a real estate app I guess,you could use this one I don't see a lot,of Agents using App promotion uh and,then sales again that's you know if,you're selling something online which,agents are not selling online they're,generating leads online and,conversations online,um so those are the new campaign,objectives I'm going to real quick show,you the the setup uh of connecting it,into messenger because again that's,that's what I teach mostly uh is is mini,chat and and using the chatbot inside of,there so with that new setup we're going,to select that engagement I'm just going,to run through a quick ad for you uh,special ad categories we're going to,select housing,if you're in the US select US Canada,Canada,um so we're gonna go and select your,daily budget so here is the messaging,app so we want to send them to the,messaging app we don't want to get them,you know interact on on the web on the,ad or a website an app Facebook page we,want to send them to the messaging app,and the ad type is click to message as,opposed to sponsored message uh,sponsored message is,um going to be interacting with people,that are inside of your database already,as a messenger so anybody who's already,become a subscriber in manychat or,interacted with your page and send you a,message you can send them a sponsored,message down the road but we want to get,new leads in with the click to message,and then um,for the uh,for the Facebook page you obviously want,to select your your Facebook page that,you're sending those leads into and,you're capturing that information,um and then also with uh the messaging,apps keep in mind that you can use,Instagram as well it's not just Facebook,uh you