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Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

The ONLY Facebook Ads Course YOU Need

Over the past few years, I've built and scaled multimillion-dollar e-commerce companies utilizing Facebook advertising And in this course, I'm going to teach you absolutely everything that I know about Facebook ads So you can also find that level of success for your brand or your agency. All that I ask is that you can hit this like button on this video, as a really helps out my channel, Along with that subscribe with notifications on if you're into advertising and e-commerce. this course is brought to you by pondircom, which is an artificial intelligence platform for Facebook advertisers. They have tools that can write your copy, perform creative analysis, optimize your ads. They offer courses, research studies and so much more. in fun fact, I'm actually the founder of pondircom. So, with that said, definitely go check out pondir. We've got everything you need And here in this course, I'm going to give you the education completely free. So if you want some tools to help you out with your Facebook advertising journey and your road to success, go ahead and check out pondir without further ado. I hope you enjoy this Facebook ads course and I cannot wait to see the level of success that you find using all of our strategies. Let's get into it. What are Facebook ads in? What is Facebook advertising. That's an actual question I'm asking you right now And I want you to define your answer of what are Facebook ads? Since I obviously can't hear you in your response, I'm going to use my fiance, Maggie, as an example of she has never run Facebook ads herself. So, Hey, Maggie, what are Facebook ads And what does Facebook advertising? Facebook ads are advertisements that you see. they come up on your newsfeed, that are products that I'm from. here is what I was expecting as an answer, And that's what I was expecting for your answer to be as well. Now let me rephrase this in a way that hopefully, it brings some more clarity to why I expect you to say that when I ask you, what are these? what are apple AirPods? You're probably going to say their headphones, They play music. but let's break this down. There's a driver, there's plastik, there's coils, there's software, there's foam ear tips that produced the headphone, that produced the music. the music and the listening is just the end result, And when you're scrolling your newsfeed and you see a sponsored post appear, that's the end result. in order to efficiently run Facebook, You first need to understand what Facebook ads really are. What are Facebook ads? more than 2 billion people use Facebook. every single month, advertisers bid to show their ad on those people's devices. Facebook advertising is simply an online auction. Each time There's an opportunity to show someone an ad, an auction takes place to determine which advertiser will have the chance to show their ad. billions of auctions take place every single day across the Facebook family of apps and network of websites. When we, as advertisers, create ads, we tell Facebook who we want to show our ads to By defining a target audience. a person can fall into multiple target audiences. For example, one advertiser targets women who like skiing, while another advertiser targets all skiers who live in California. the same person, in this case a female sphere who lives in California, could fall into the target audience of both of the advertisers. So now, when there's an opportunity to show that single person an ad and there's multiple advertisers targeting them, those advertisers will now enter an auction where they will bid to show their creative on that user's device. So how do you win an auction? to ensure that the winning ad maximizes value for both people and the business, the winner of the auction is the ad with the highest total value, And this is extremely, extremely important to take note of. the highest total value is a combination of three major factors. Number one: the bid. the bid is placed by an advertiser for that ad placement. In other words, what is the advertiser willing to pay to achieve their desired outcome? And there's actually multiple ways to manage your bid in an ad auction. We'll discuss this later on in the course, but for now, the first key of a highest total value is the bid. What amount is the advertiser willing to pay to show their ad to that user on their device? Number two: estimated action rates. an estimate of whether a partikular person engages with or converts from a partikular ad. In other words, the probability that showing an ad to a person leads to that desired outcome of the advertiser. For example, if your goal is a purchase, what is the estimated probability that if Facebook shows your ad, that user will result in a purchase? finally, number three, add quality. ad quality is a measure of the quality of an ad as determined from many sources, including feedback from people viewing or hiding the ad and assessments of low quality attributes in the head, such as withholding information, sensationalized language and engagement bait. And the big takeaway is that engaging in clickbait and engagement bait does not improve ad performance. So together, these estimated action rates and ad quality measure the ad relevance. In fact, Facebook subsidizes relevant ads in auctions, So more relevant ads actually cost less and see more results. In other words, an ad that's relevant to a person could win an auction against ads with higher bids, And this is a big trend that we've been seeing over the past few years with Facebook, after they got in some trouble with the government and came with the Cambridge Analytika scheme, they became- quote unquote- more transparent with their users, and a big piece of that was making the user's experience on Facebook better. And so, as advertisers, by creating a good experience for the user and a good experience through to Facebook by driving results, it's a win-win, and Facebook will actually charge you less to show your ad more against people that are trying to outbid you. So how do you know if your ad performed against those three mentioned criteria? So there's actually a way to view in the ads manager, but once again, we're going to get into that later on in the course. as you just learned, there's a lot more to Facebook ads. Facebook ads aren't just the posts that you see advertising a product on your news feed or in your inbox. There's so much more beneath it And as a future advertiser or an existing advertiser, it's extremely crucial that we know the inner workings of how to feed the Facebook system and algorithm with exactly what they need to drive industry leading results. now it's time to actually get into the Facebook advertising ecosystem. So go ahead and grab a cup of coffee and get your computer, because we are going to dive straight into it. Before we jump into the Facebook ads platform, you need to understand why you're clicking the buttons, And, when it comes to building a business manager, is actually extremely vital that you understand the structure beneath it in order to build it correctly. So, before we actually go into the ads platform on your computer, grab a notebook. I highly recommend a whiteboard. If you have 50 to a hundred dollars to invest, this is my favorite favorite tool, And let's go through what a business manager actually is. So what you see here is one business manager, And I want you to take note of that. This is the structure that I'm about to run through- is only one business manager, And that's what you're going to be building here in the next four to five minutes. So for my business, which is called pondir, you can put your whatever name your businesses are preparing to launch. whatever the name is, This is Potter's business manager. So we create the business manager and then underneath of it, every single business manager can have multiple ad accounts. For example, pondir's business manager now has 15 ad accounts attached, So the ad account ad accounts are the child of a single.

Cara buat iklan facebook ads paling mudah faham & Terkini

Hai, assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, Mama saya Zul, Terima kasih karena sapoot youtube channel saya kenzou, dalam video kali ini, silcos ikan cara. macam mana ndak Facebook yang terkini pada tahun 2021? Oke, sebab bila Mulk ada itu Vista murrieta sudah lebih the clinician. Tunjukkan macam mana kita enak Baiklah Facebook at iklan, kita Buatlah iklan menjual. Oke, kita Baiklah Facebooke nak jual produk yang kita jual. macam mana orang buat sponsor buspo, semuanya orang buat Sena tunjukkan kepada anda semua secara Percuma saja, dalam videonya. Oke, di dunia jadi panjang. Oke, saya romantisme dapat tonton, dapat belajar sebaik mungkin. Oke, Dan kalau ada soalan, tak paham deh, kalau sangkut mana-mana ke, jangan lupa tanya terus dekat ruangan komen. Insyaallah, saya dan juga tim akan bantu sebaik mungkin. walaupun ini percuma Day janji tidak bantu sebaik mungkin supaya korang boleh hasil penjualan, kolom belanjanya pendapatan kurang lebih baik am dengan Facebook seperti orang lain juga. ok, Jom kita terus t-pain macam mana caranya Baiklah x-ride yang pertama milik, tidak Facebook excitik minyak. kita kena Adapun. kita kena the Facebook pic. kita kenada Facebook account dan kita kena the Kak bank ataupun duit untuk kita bahaya kepada Facebook kini, bagi yang Newbie, ah, Italia, sebuah sms ke nadel. kita memang ada Facebook account tool. kita kenal di Facebook pic. Oke Vina buat facebookface dulu dan dalam facebookface to mestilah ada satu posting. Hai posting tuh untuk Bapa positif lah, yang kita akan promo produk ataupun bisnis yang kita Nights, sebagai contoh dalam video. kali ini ini adalah posting saja. dan posting nih sebagai contoh saya enak promote. Saya punya youtube channel, kisahnya dapatkan orang ramai sachsen saja susah nak bus biasanya promo dari Facebook. so Pastikan nomor satu, kita di Facebook account, yang bodoh. Kita di Facebook Page. Number 3, kita ada posting di cafe semacam episode36 Apakah screen. sekarang dan yang terakhir kali kita kena the cara untuk bayar Facebook. oke, kita sentuh Ski topik ojo suwe-suwe. untuk pembayaran Facebook ada dua cara-cara: pertama, Stable baya, menggunakan card debit atau kredit, kita masukkan detail, Kak, kita membuka SPD ndak memudahkan kalian. dan Facebook, bila kita dakwah essence, kita masukkan ke Facebook. nanti bila diperlukan duit, Dia akan tarik otometik daripada Facebook. kita itu saya pertama saya pressure Brebes aduk tamune kitchen where menggunakan kaidah toko, ibarat macam kita top pop, kita punya prepare iPhone, yaitu kita top icon Facebook Ads itu jadi ada duit ke dalam toples kelinci, ke 100.000 dittopad. waktu itu dipersulit HD, barulah kita boleh jalan ke ikan. itu sarana, modul, ini bagian, tidak tahu. itulah dua cara untuk bayar Facebook. X6 banyak masukkan kek mana dekat dalam eks manajer nanti setuju, Oke, ora iso, pertama sekali kita di Facebook account kita termasuk Facebook. kita pergi buat facebookface sekali inilah facebookface azimo arrive. Oke, dan nunggu tiga, saya dah ada satu posting ready di dalam Facebook saja posting ready Possibility, misalnya kita ada copyright ing, kita ada gambar atau kita di video dalam patchnya, pastikan posting kita nih menarik. ingat, eh, punce utama: iklan tak jalan disebabkan apel, disebabkan posting kita tuh tak menarik, tak berjaya grade attention, prospek itu adapun keutamaan. Kenapa iklan tak dapat respon? kenapa orang tak berminat yang Rich, Ramayana ya Inggris ramai-ramai, tapi kenapa orang kurang berminat? sebabnya konteng. pastikan konten kita menarik. oke, Belajar wacana copyrightnya menarik, belajar mesin enak juga Mbah, tapi video menarik. dan ingat kalau kita enak prospek website, kita pastikan dalam copyright nih addlink wasek. Oh, kalau gitu enak prospek comment. pastikan dalam koperasi kita tulis comment dibawah ini terus Kalian. so pertama kita hadiah posting ready, strusnya pun akhirnya buat. bila posting ready kita noboa, kita boleh jeruk sebenarnya tekan bus puskas. ini rapper tadi for kita prasangka ada bus-bus jelek, tapi sama Ade batin puspus. Oke, batobus pos dikit aja boleh settingexe daripada sini, karena tahu Haikal jadi macam-macam alat scan settingnya pakai je aku yang disediakan isi Joaquin diminta dan tekan bus-bus. now ini cara paling simple, cara paling senang, dan dalam hidup ke ini saya tanda tunjuk Syahrini sedang tunjuk cabe yang sedikit Beatles, bagus, sedikit daripada seadanya itu kita buat es daripada facebookexe Manager. kita keso catat Untuk itu. kita berada dekat dengan Facebookan kita dalam Facebook sekarang, enak, Mulyo gue Hai tekan Banten tambah di keatas. Hai Tekan betambah dekat sini. oke, kita bertambah selepas to pilih padeh. jika bawah saku Facebook bahasa Melayu tuh begitu Kedubes Inggris mesiu selalu dipenuhi GK BS, Oke, tekan pada bertambah icon tambah pilih PDX. hadis tengah-tengah Eko Facebook takdir batu tambah ditukarnya button ditulis nyamuk krik, krik, krik tampil ipads dan ada sesetengah Eko Facebook base tambah tak debat engkrek takde masuk-masuk. kita pergi kahong tabalien, Puncak home dan jika bawah nih pilih tekan Simo dan pilih dekat bawah ini eks manajer, Oke, pilih ini eks manajer depresi, ini pun boleh masuk. so kita pilih untuk kita masuk ke dalam. eh confess, Bu, kita Eko Facebook. sso, bila kita nak masuk udah masuk client's menjadi dia akan bahwa kita masuk ke sini. oke, Ini account, apa ini account yang sudah, yang dah pernah ranez. Oke, ini ekornya dak benaran Exo nda boleh pilih lagi Eko lainnya tak pernah UAS ke Aceh, semua dekat sini. oke nih contoh interface Facebook. oke, Ini adalah itu Facebook. so bila kita udah masuk ke sini, Ki tidak Mulia buat es macam mana, macam mana kita anakmu wes suwe tunjuk pada sombong semua. aku, Dia ndak masuk ke billing. tadi kasih disebutkan Khan, tekan pada 9.no, the business tools, klik pada billing, ada akan bawa kita masuk dekat sini. hai, oke, nak cekpembayaran, nak nak seks untuk pembayaran, semua jadi kesini. ketikkan pada payment setting, kata sebelah kanan, lepas to save, yang tak pernah buat es boleh masukkan card bank sekarang. oke, melihat sini, ya, lebih dekat sini, meski ekonomi dan tidaknya disable. Sondakh masuk, aduh, hutang sekarang 100. so bagi sapu-sapu yang tak pernah buat es, tekan pada dekat sini. tapi metheny akan ada batin, yaitu extremetik. Oke, sama, Adinda, pilih masukkan Cut atau pilek. nah, pilih account, opak, kalau pilih kontak, pak disuruh kita buka kita punya oleh Bangkitlah untuk bapak dek masih dan Oke, so ini ekor kali pakai Moet sekarang seakan Swag lain. oke, so miliki termasuk. dan x-men aja tadi tadi ke kita Saya tunjukkan macam mana untuk masuk ke billing. oke, masuk diakal bismillahdoc, aktif, ini sustrani. bila kita dah masuk ke sini, daripada sinilah kita boleh Muller buat es. tapi Macam mana pula bagi Anda yang tekan obatin cryexe, ditekan hebat inert gas ini TK atau Paud TK, BS, meja sini dicuri, kalau nih, kalau Facebook anda semua sesuai kemampuan kedua macam di ditulis ke atas cus Agul, kalau pulang sini kita tak boleh nak Ran FB biasa kita kenal masuk juga dalam. nih kena masuk juga oleh dalam, walau macam mana sekalipun semacam kita masih dalami cari adalah pergi dekat protozoa relates to Thai terus facebookcom slash. eks manajer EDS mengira2 masuk terus, seperti Corel bagi akan bawa kita masuk ke sini. salmos bisa jadi, dan bila da samun seni baru, kita boleh Ran iklan seperti biasa. Oke, dapat boleh. kene kita podo-podo pos video dan coba untuk rakyat. Coba aja masih untuk kurang hasilnya. iklan untuk tumpuan. hasilkan iklan untuk jual produk Ponds. hai, oke, so pilih tidak dekat sini. kita bikin pada betonklik. Ayo, kita bikin padat encrypted sini. oke, hobbylink tengkleng kelopak mesum. inilah interface paling latest movie: 21 palettes sedekat sini ada banyak pilihan. setiap satu pilihan nih berbezel tujuannya. tapi saya secara Jenderal serat Tunjukkan perempuan Macam mane nak buat X, nak dapatkan orang lain, orang komen orang, seorang klien cari dia adalah menggunakan objektif English Words, English Made. bila kita udah Pilih pada egoisme, itu bermaksud kita Ran FB enak, suruh orang komen, suruh orang nampak ramai-ramai seorang comment, suruh orang klik shorash Nasrun, like itu fungsi englishman, Oke, seti.

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A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2022 (SECRET)

there are three things that you need to know if you want to create effective, high converting and profitable facebook ads. first, you need to nail message market match. get this wrong and it doesn't matter how smart or funny or creative your ads are, they're not gonna work. next is something called the 40- 40- 20 rule. every great direct response marketer and advertising legend lives and dies by this rule. but don't worry if you've never heard of it before, most people haven't, and i'm going to walk you through exactly how to use this with your facebook ads. and third, you need to use something called the marketing rule of seven, and not just with your facebook ads either, but with all of your advertising and marketing and everything you do from this day forward. use it and profit. don't use it and don't profit. that is a terrible catchphrase. so let me show you how it's done, starting with the ever important message market match. want to know the single biggest reason that most facebook ads don't work. i can't see it right now, but i'm going to assume you're nodding your head, yes, well, my friend, the biggest reason that most facebook ads don't work is not because they chose the wrong campaign objective or wrong placement or wrong budget or anything related to the actual setup of the facebook ad campaign. nope, the reason that most ads don't work is because they're saying the wrong things to the wrong people, or in other words, the offer that they're making is either unrelated or unappealing. an unrelated message means that they're making an offer that people just don't really care about, trying to sell something in a way that just doesn't resonate with the pains and problems and fears and frustrations of the market. this is often the result of spending too much time on the features and the actual tangible things that they're going to be getting, rather than on the benefits and the outcomes and all of the results and how their life's going to be better after they make a purchase. an unappealing message is simply a message that's packaged wrong, or in other words, it's boring. it doesn't do anything to try to catch someone's attention, and so they don't stop to read it, and if they do stop, well, they just don't care. what's that sound? oh, that's the sound of your ad dollars getting flushed down the toilet, and so money is wasted. putting these boring and uninteresting and irrelevant messages in front of people and then wondering why nobody's buying sounds harsh. i know, i don't like to be the bad guy here, but fortunately there is a solution that comes in the form of message market match, and message market match is exactly what it sounds like. it means matching your message to your market, but obviously there's a little more to it than that. essentially, message market match, also commonly known as message to market match, is really just a way of making sure that you've done your homework and you've researched your target audience. you've figured out what their pains and their problems and their fears and their frustrations are and how. whatever it is that you're selling is well positioned to help solve that for them. get it right and people buy. get it wrong and they don't buy. and this is one of my favorite things about marketing and about advertising, in that it's a literal case study of human behavior. after all, people can say all of the things about how they think they are or how they would like to be, but at the end of the day, money, toks and what people choose to buy and how they spend their time are two of the most powerful indicators that really show what someone values. so if your ads aren't working and people aren't clicking on them or signing up or buying or anything like that, well, it's simply because they don't see the value in what you're offering. so it's your job as the marketer, as the advertiser, to try to show them that value, and the best way to do this isn't by shoving it down their throats, but rather to show them that you understand where they're coming from, you understand their problems and you possibly have a solution they may be interested in. i wish i could remember who told me this quote so i could give them due credit. but one of my favorite sayings is that customers don't buy when they understand. they buy when they feel understood. okay, next i'm gonna give you the secret sauce and those special ingredients that really separates the amateurs from the pros when it comes to creating high converting and profitable facebook ads. but first a real quick message from this video's sponsor, metrocool. over the years, i've had the chance to work with a lot of different companies and software, but metricool has quickly become my number one secret weapon when it comes to creating better and more effective social media marketing campaigns, and i use it every single day. not only does it allow you to take care of everything all in one place, it also integrates seamlessly with facebook and instagram and twitter and tiktok and linkedin and google business and pinterest and youtube and twitch, as well as facebook ads and google ads and tiktok ads and data center. it's also incredibly easy to use and gives you a ton of powerful features for both organic social media and paid media like facebook ads. one of my favorite things about it is how i can watch and monitor my ads performance and get a side-by-side comparison of my ad campaigns on google and facebook, which are two of my biggest ad platforms right now, and i can see how they're doing and compare different metrics against each other, like how many impressions they got, what's my cpm, which is how much it cost me to show these to a thousand people, what's my cpc, or cost per click, my ctr, which is my click-through rate, and even the number of conversions each campaign is delivering. because, again remember, it's not just about getting likes and shares, it's about making money from your social media and your ads. so make sure to check out metricool by clicking the link in the description below this video and when you use the code atom, you can try out any paid plan for 30 days for free, okay, next, the 40 40- 20 rule. the 40 40- 20 rule shows the breakdown of the three main elements that are responsible for your ad success: 40 to your market, 40 to your offer and 20 to your copy. so let me unpack those for you now. 40 of the success of your advertising campaign is going to come down to your market, your understanding of them and your ability to identify and locate them and make sure that you're putting the right message directly in front of them. fortunately, facebook's targeting options are pretty amazing, so the ability to find them and get right in front of them is well easier than ever. as for coming up with the right message, the right hook, the right angle and the right irresistible offer, and how those all fit together, well, that's where you're gonna need to do a little bit of heavy lifting. the next 40 of this equation comes down to your offer. so what are you offering and is it irresistible enough to get them to pay attention? is it relevant enough that they're going to be interested and want to click, want to read more, ultimately want to buy? and the last 20 is your copy and your creative. this is essentially the words that you use, the images, the video- if you're running a video ad, all of the design and the way that you structure things as well as the words that you say. as a general rule, the more competitive your market is, the more persuasive and influential and more heavy-hitting your copy's going to need to be. the 40-40-20 rule is incredibly powerful because, like all things in marketing, it gets to the root of what's really important, which is your customers, their problems and your solutions to those problems. and way too many advertisers get this completely backwards, spending way too much time on fancy words and pretty pictures rather than getting to the core of their audience's pains and how they're able to best serve them. there's even some situations, and with certain target markets, where an ove

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Facebook Ads Tutorial 2022 - How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (QUICK GUIDE)

Hi guys, today we're going to see how you can run Facebook ads to increase traffic to your site. Let's say you have a site and you want more people to visit your site. You can do that easily by posting an ad on Facebook. So, after watching this video, you will be able to post an ad about your website on Facebook like this, and Facebook will automatikally show your ad to people who might be interested in your site's content, And if they click it, it'll take them to your site. So in this way, you can get more traffic and customers to your business. You can also tell Facebook exactly which types of audience that you want to show your ad. For example, you can choose people of a partikular age or gender or their interests and more, so you can literally pick the audience you want to attract. Okay, I'm Bryan from Website Learners, and let's get started. This is the site for which we are going to create our ad. Now, to create our ad in Facebook, we're going to do five steps. The first step is to choose the type of ad you want. So to choose it, first we need to log into our Facebook account. So to login, let's go to facebookcom/adsmanager Here, enter your account details And click login and here click accept. Once you have logged in, just click create. now here, Choose the type of ad you want to run. As I want to increase traffic to my site, I'm going to select traffic and click continue. now here, give an name for your ad. I'm going to enter Pick naturals blog traffic ad and click next. Now here you need to choose where you want to increase the traffic. As I wanted to increase traffic to my website, I'm going to let it as website and scroll down. Once you have selected the type of ad, we can now go to step two, which is to set a budget for our ad. Now, in order to run the ads, you need to pay some money to Facebook, And here you can set how much money you want to spend on your ads. So to set it, click here now. you can either choose daily budget or a lifetime budget. I'm going to select daily budget and here enter your budget. I'm going to enter a daily budget of $5. So now Facebook will charge $5 every day for showing your ads to people. You can start with the minimum budget and after seeing the results, you can change this later. Once you have set the budget for your ad, we can go to step three, which is to select the audience for our ad. No, by selecting the audience, you'll be able to reach people who will be interested in your ad. So to select the audience, first we need to select the location of our audience. So just click here And enter the location you want. I want my site to reach people in Bangalore, So I'm going to search for Bangalore, then select it and here select the age group of your audience. I'm going to select up to 30. Next, you need to decide who will be visiting your site. Now, let's say you have a site related to beauty products and it has content related to beauty products for women. Then you can choose women here. As my site is about health and fitness, I'm going to let it as all. Next, You need to choose the people who might be interested in your products. So let's click edit And click browse, then select interests. As my blog is about fitness, I'm going to select fitness and wellness, and here I'm going to select weight loss. So now our ad will be shown to people who are interested in weight loss. No, if you want to target a similar type of audience, just click here and here you can find options related to your interests. Now I'm going to select diet food. Similarly, you can select as many options as you want. Now, If you want to narrow down your target audience even more, you can use this option. Now, using this option, you can prevent your ad reaching a partikular type of audience. So, for example, if you don't want to show your ad to people who already like your page, you can use this button to exclude those people from your target audience. Now, this option is useful If you're promoting your brand and reaching new people. Next, if you want, you can also target people What interested in other business like yours. So let's go to Facebook Here, search for weight loss. now, select pages and enable, verified here and you will get all the official pages related to weight loss. Now, if you want to show your ad to people who are interested in this page, just copy this name. Now go back to ads manager and paste it here. Similarly, you can do this for any page You want to target that audience. Once you have done that, just scroll down and click here. Now, here you need to choose what results you want from your ad. As I want people to click on the ad and visit my site. I'm going to select landing page views and click next. So now we have successfully selected our audience. Once you have selected your audience, we can go to step four, which is to design your ad. So to design our ad, first you need to create a facebook page for your website. Now, If you already have a Facebook page, you can just select it and start designing the ad. So I'm going to create a Facebook page. So to create a Facebook page, click create page here. enter a name for your page. I'm going to enter pick naturals. Next, you need to select the category that matches your business. So let's search for health and you can see we got options related to health. I'm going to select health and wellness website. And finally, we need to add a profile picture for our page. So let's click here now, select the photo you want. I'm going to select this and click open And the profile picture will be added. once you have done this, just click create page And your Facebook page will be created. Once you have created your page, we can start designing our ad. So to design our ad, just click here. now, if you already have a post on your page, you can select this option And you can use any post for your page to run your ad. I want to design a new ad from scratch, So I'm going to select this. Now just scroll down and we can start designing our ad. When designing your ad, you can use the ACCA method. The ACCA stands for attractive, connect, convey and action. These are four important rules You need to keep in mind while designing. So let's see these types one by one. Okay Now, people usually scroll through Facebook quickly, So in order to make them stop and see our ad, first we need to attract the people with our ad. We can do that by showing an image which can attract people easily. So first let's add an image or a video which we want to advertise. Now, to do that, Let's click add media and select what you're going to add. As I want to add an image, I'm going to select add image, then click upload. Now select the image you want to add and click open And then click next. Now, here you can see the preview of how your ad will look like. Once you have created an attractive visual, people are more likely to stop to see your ad. Next, We need to connect only with the people who will be interested in your content. You can do that by explaining their needs in a positive way, So let's enter the text which you want to show. here I'm going to enter my text. Next, you need to convey how your ad will be useful for them. So let's enter that in our headline and description. So now we are providing holiday diet plans which will be useful for them. And finally, you need to provide a call to action for your ad. So here you need to enter your site's address, where you want your audience to be taken When they click on your ad. I'm going to enter the URL of my blog. So let's go to our site and copy this address And then paste it here. Now click here and select the text you want to appear. here I'm going to select this. So make sure you always add a call to action on your ads. So now we have designed our ad using the ad rules we had. As you can see, we have a image which attracts, and here we are connecting with the people, explaining the need, and then we provide a solution for their need. Now, finally, we are providing an action which will take them to.

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2022 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

your Facebook advertising strategy isn't working as well as you want right now, because things have changed and what used to work even a few months ago is dramatikally different than the strategies and tactiks that we're seeing succeed on the platform right now. for example, the problem child, better known as Facebook lead ads, was once a terrible choice for businesses that only ever seemed capable of delivering low quality leads, all wrapped up in a clunky and awkward dashboard. but now, thanks to a few recent changes and some secrets that I'll be sharing with you later in the video, Facebook lead ads are amazing, and they're quickly becoming one of my top picks for generating leads and making sales for pretty much any kind of business out there. so I'll break down how to set them up right and what a profitable ad campaign looks like in just a minute, and I'll share with you a little secret that I use to take campaigns from a three percent response rate to over a 68 response rate. next, another thing that's changed is campaign structures and many of the default settings inside your Facebook ads manager account. most people don't know about these changes, so they're just leaving things on the default settings, but this- this is a mistake. in fact, some of these settings are so bad that you'd be better off just tearing your money apart and lighting it on fire and then flushing it down the toilet. extreme, maybe, overly dramatik, possibly, but accurate, sadly, yes, my friend. so I'll show you how to set your campaigns up for Success, making sure that you get the absolute most Bang from your advertising buck and that you're not losing or wasting money on ineffective or useless settings. and then, lastly, I'm going to give you an Insider look into how I set up and structure and launch a brand new campaign, complete with what I'm looking at when I'm testing new objectives and the metrics that I assigned to each to make sure that it's going to end up profitable. so let me start by first making one of the most controversial statements I've ever made before, which is that generating leads, at least how most people are doing it, is one of the least effective marketing strategies available today. yeah, I know, but let me explain. generating leads in the way that it's traditionally done, is one of the most overhyped marketing promises of all time, sitting right there beside the objective of trying to get more likes and more comments and more shares on your stuff. and if you've ever run a marketing or advertising campaign or hired someone to run one for you, and they've come back with a bucket full of likes but no actual sales. then you know what this feels like and it doesn't feel good. this is because doing things like generating likes and comments and shares doesn't usually lead to business growth and sales and revenue. I'd like to say it never leads to sales, but I kind of hedged there a little bit. well, the same concept applies to just going out there and generating leads. this is because anyone can get leads- thousands of them, millions even. all you really gotta do is make some kind of crazy, irresistible offer like give away a free iPad or a free car, but the problem with these leads is that they're unlikely to ever convert into an actual customer in the future, that is, unless your business model is entirely based around giving away free iPads or free cars, in which case you and I need to have a little heart-to-heart chat about the future of your business, because I'm worried for you. the secret, then, to generating the kind of leads that you actually want, the kind that are going to turn into customers and eventually buy something, really comes down to two things. first, you need to focus on acquiring quality leads, which is a combination of how relevant they are to your business, how motivated they are to solve the problem or take action, and how capable they are of actually buying or paying for it. and next you need a conversion mechanism, or in other words, a marketing funnel or a sales funnel, and a way to essentially turn those leads into customers. now, after over 10 years of owning multiple different marketing agencies and having spent over 70 million dollars on Advertising through the agencies, while the number one software that I use for this is called high level- so I'll make sure to link up where you can get an extended free trial in the descriptions below this video. and if you're already using high level, well, good for you. you can still use the link in the descriptions below to get a few hundred bucks off and upgrade coupon. just click on the Blue Link instead of the yellow button. now, this video is not sponsored, but that's not going to stop me from professing my love for the software as, aside from having all of the usual features you would expect, like a CRM, an email and SMS and a calendar and scheduling, and all kinds of different customization stations and funnel options, the real power and the secret feature that I use and how I'm able to take response rates from three percent over 68 comes down to the use of automations, and what I like to do here is to immediately follow up with a new lead, ideally using SMS and using one of the following two types of questions. the first type of question is something specific and relevant and directly related to the lead into the offer that they just signed up for. and this next part is important: making sure that I'm asking something other than a simple yes or no question. in other words, if I was generating health or Fitness leads, I would send an SMS that asks something like: how many days a week do you want to work out, or how many pounds do you want to lose in the next 30 days, or do you prefer in-person or online training sessions? and if I was offering Real Estate Services, I would ask: how many bedrooms are you looking for, or when are you looking to move, or is location or house size more important? the reason I phrase the questions like this is because I want to initiate the conversation nation and get them toking about themselves and their goals and their dreams and their desired outcomes as quickly as possible. if, after some testing, though I'm not getting the responses that I originally hoped for, I'll go with plan B, which is to ask this question: is this first name, obviously replacing first name with their actual name, which you would have collected when you first generated the lead? now, the typical response you're gonna get back here is probably going to be either yes or who is this, both of which opened the door for you to quickly remind them why they signed up for more information and then ask your next question: okay, so that's where Facebook lead ads and high levels shine. but whether you're running lead ads or call ads or conversion ads or traffic ads or whatever, there are still some important things you need to know about and tweak inside your Facebook ads manager. so let's go over those now. first off, we gotta tok about Advantage campaign budget, which is the new name and new version of CBO, which stood for campaign budget optimization. even though the concept and the operating principles behind ACB is nothing new, there's still a lot of confusion about it, like what it is and when to use it and when not to use it. so let's clear that up now as a quick refresher. as we've just covered, ACB stands for Advantage campaign budget and this new name was designed to essentially replace the name of CBO, which stood for campaign budget optimization. yeah, I can see how this gets confusing. anyway. fortunately, it really is kind of just what it sounds like, which is essentially setting the budget for your campaign at that campaign level and then allowing Facebook to decide where to allocate it through the rest of the campaign, and you'll find the little toggle switch to turn this option on or off at the very top level of your entire campaign, the campaign level. now, I leave this off, especially when I'm testing a new campaign, but I'll go over more of that in just a minute. the next gotcha that you need to be aware of:

How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE) | Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023

ladies and gentlemen, you truly are in for a treat today, because, for some of you guys, you're coming into this video with zero facebook ad experience. for some of you guys, you might be coming in with, you know, a moderate or intermediate level of knowledge when it comes to facebook ads. so, whatever stage you are at, i will take you from that the full-blown expert by the end of today's video. in fact, i've even gone ahead and broken everything down into timestamps below, so if you want to skip to a certain section, you can go ahead and do that. just make sure you stay around until the end of the video, because i'm doing a massive, massive, massive giveaway you will not want to miss. and, on that note, let's get into today's training. so, ladies and gentlemen, facebook ads master class, step-by-step 2022. here is what we will cover. why advertise on facebook? all assets you're going to need to basically start advertising, how to set up your facebook page, how to set up your business manager, how to create your first campaign, how to define your budget, how to value results, as well as how to optimize your campaigns. so why advertise on facebook? well, it's pretty simple. you know. we've got 1.93 billion daily active users. we have 28 billion total ad revenue every single year, and you're gonna find that you'll spend roughly one dollars cost per click and 11.54 cents cpm. now, if you don't know what cpm means, don't worry, stik around this video and i'll show you exactly why. now, why do i advertise on facebook? well, that's a great question, and and to answer that you need to look at my two main companies. so iig meter, right there is my advertising agency that i started at the age of 16, while i was still in high school, to support me and my mom. i've been running that for five and a half years. having an advertising agency is about as cool as having an accounting firm, really not, you know, like a crazy, crazy exciting lifestyle. what is crazy exciting about it is the money that it gives you the free cash flow, because the margins and the profits are so good from it that i can, you know, have my cmo, or at least now, after five and a half years of running it, i can have my cmo who runs it. i only need to work four or five hours a week on it, which, by the way, that's after five and a half years. i don't think you'll have this in the first year. okay, like it's, it's not, um, it's not easy, but it's. it's simple to build up and every year you need to do less and less to attract higher and higher paying plans. but, as i said, now, five and a half years on, at this point it makes me anywhere from 1.2 to 1.5 million dollars a year profit. uh, and with that you can do some pretty cool things with your lifestyle. so, yeah, that is my advertising agency, so that's a big reason why we advertise, even though i never touch any of my clients ad accounts anymore and haven't for like two years now. um, so that's that then. i also actually run the biggest education company on earth that helps other agency owners, primarily in non-competing industries, start and we help people who literally just are work in university or have a day job and they just want a business, a lifestyle business, that can help them have financial freedom, location freedom and time freedom and scale up to 10k a month. we help that subsection of people all the way from the agencies who are already doing half a million dollars a year profit and want to get to a million dollars a year profit and also just kind of streamline their system. so in that business we actually don't do a lot of it. pretty much 95 of our business organic- but we still do some advertising in that business to bring in new customers. ah, also, to mention at my agency, the way that we get most of our clients, except for referrals these days, i said, once you do something for five and a half years, you build up a long track record- uh is ads. so the way that we bring in new clients who don't know us is we advertise. so we actually advertise to get clients and then we advertise for our clients. so, yeah, that's a little bit about why i personally advertise on facebook. anyways, let's move on. here are some benefits of advertising on facebook. first things first, sell more. okay, you can advertise your product or service and send people to your website to purchase. you can generate leads- okay, so you can use facebook adverts to collect names, emails, phone numbers and, more directly, from your targeted customers. you can also use facebook ads to distribute content. facebook and instagram are also the ideal places to distribute the content you create and maximize your reach. you can also use it for app installs. okay, you can advertise app on facebook and instagram and generate more downloads because of it. so there are a few different value propositions. first things first is testing. all right, facebook is the perfect sandbox to mass test your offer. whether you're on a budget or you have venture capital backing up your business, you can get results in as little as a day and you can validate whether this product actually works and whether the market even wants your product. next thing: targeting. facebook is by far the ad network with the most information about their users. now this allows us, as advertisers, to micro segment our target and reach our exact ideal customers. not only that, but their machine intelligence works so well that most of the times you don't even have to use targeting at all, since it already knows exactly the type of users who are most likely to respond to your ads. then we have cpc. now the real beauty of facebook is that they only charge you once you get a click, and you can get clicks for as low as one cent, although you know that's not very common. average cost per clicks we see is anywhere from, you know, 30 cents all the way up to two dollars, depending on your market and country. and last thing is predictability on facebook, when you dial in your funnel and your offer, you can consistently put one dollar in and get two, three, five, hell, even ten dollars out. with predictability, as the saying goes, the most dependable and consistent way to generate wealth is to turn advertising into profit. so let's tok about the assets you're going to need to actually start advertising. first things first is business management now. a business manager is the container that holds all of your business assets. so within your business manager will live the ad accounts, the pages, the pixels, as well as the payment methods. now, below your business manager, we have ad accounts- right, so you'll have one business manager and inside your business manager you can have five ad accounts. this is where you create all of your campaigns and, as i said, you can have multiple ad accounts per business manager. then we have your page: right, so the facebook page is where your ads will actually run from then moving on, we have your domain now. facebook now requires you to verify the ownership of your domain in order to drive ads to it. moving on pixel now. the pixel is simply a piece of code you put on your website that will track all the visitors actions for you, so you can actually track what sort of results your ads are yielding. then we have payment method. simple enough. now, if you already have all the assets set up, you can actually skip to the following time stamp for the campaign: creation step by step. but if you don't, let me run you through it, so let's tok about creating a facebook page. now. i will leave the link in the description for page creation, as well as the guide made by facebook on how to create it. the key here is to use real brand information, as well as giving facebook as much info as possible about your business, because this way you're creating more trust with them and letting them know that you are a real and serious business. and this will really help you down the line because, as you may know, these days it doesn't take much for facebook to decide to disable your ad account. so the more virtue signaling you can give facebook, the better. now you know, having your ad account disabled is very, very comm.