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facebook ads partner is already retreating

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to Create a New Income Stream Without Paying for Ads or Soliciting JV Partners

cody, this is twist. welcome back to your podcast, my friend. hey, thanks, twist, for having me back on my own show. you're welcome. i think this is the second time we've done a podcast takeover- uh, second takeover- but you've been on my show at least four times, i think this a is so, friend, i had to come on your podcast and take it over and ask you about these launch maps that you have, because they're all over my office walls and i love them and i hear other people who love them and i see these photos on facebook of people who've opened theirs and taken pictures of it. you got to tell us where this all came from, because this is so cool, the way that you have designed this well, thank you, yeah, the launch maps. i came up with this idea understanding. i have a couple of structures that i use in my business or my agency or with my friends and clients and members of ways that they launch their ideas out into the world. and even before that, i have this ex like this really important mission of helping people generate additional revenue streams. it hit me like in the last year or two, there's been a bunch of stuff with the pandemic and with inflation and with everything's more expensive and my utility bill is higher and my gas bill is higher when i fill up my my vehicles. and i thought you can only save so much, you can only cut so much out of your budget. you can only buy store brands, detergent, so much, and- and if you're really good, you can go down to zero, like no more expenses. but that's not realistik and that doesn't help anything. so, uh, it's way more fun, in my opinion, to create additional income or to create additional revenue streams from what we know, and so a lot of people i help. it's them transforming their expertise, their life experiences and their knowledge into additional revenue, primarily through courses and memberships and consulting. uh, making new, like coaching offers or consulting offers that way, and so the best way to do that. so many people say that sounds great, i'm good at this, uh, this specific expertise, but i don't know what to do. like, how do i launch that? how do i get a new income stream? and i bet it's a bunch of facebook ads, right. or i bet it's a bunch of social content, right, right, but it's a bunch of things that i definitely don't do when we're just getting started to validate our ideas and start to get that first paycheck from what we've done in the past. so i took these launch frameworks. i literally got a sharpie marker and grabbed a handful of paper off the printer out there in my basement and i laid them out. so what's the first launch we would do? i just sketched it out, just boxes and arrows. we did this first, then this, then this. this connects to this time frame is about four weeks and then i got a second one. so this, this is the second launch. once you do that one, well, you can fund the second launch. sketched it out- boxes, arrows, circles, diamonds, the whole deal. so having a lot of fun and honestly, it's kind of funny twist. i i autographed it and thought this is important, this feels important, this is going to like matter someday. these black and white- i should laminate these and keep them as the additional the initial frameworks, took those and put them into a sketch software, sketched them out where people could make sense of them, printed them at fedex, kinkos or whatever kinko's when i was a kid- now it's called fedex- i bought a laminator off amazon for 29.99 and convinced my children to help me laminate these launch maps and have been shipping them all over the world and it's just great to codify the launch structure, put them in order, do this one first, and this, then this. and it was also, i thought of, just a fun, unique offer on the internet to say you don't download them, i will literally print, you know, print them and laminate them and mail them to you with a handwritten note and a little surprise gift, uh, in the mail. so that's the story of the launch maps. all right, so we have the secret. knock the laid back. and my mind is gapping. what's the third? yeah, the, the, the. it's actually the second one in the series. the first one you do is a laid-back launch to validate your idea, right, right, pre-launch revenue, get some customers, get some testimonials, build momentum. then you use the momentum and the money from that launch to pay for the second one, which is called a spotlight launch, and a spotlight launch i think of. i grew up in dallas, texas, suburbs, like not downtown dallas, but we could see when a new restaurant or a new car dealership or a new nightclub, whenever they opened, they would get those crazy batman spotlights. you can see them for dozens and dozens of miles. so, yeah, they've got the big balloons on the 200 foot string. they've got the the wobbly air balloon guys and a big gorilla on top of the building, these crazy spots making all this noise in the marketplace. and that's more of a traditional launch. we make a bunch of noise in the marketplace for six to twelve weeks and then you get a bunch of sales and get a bunch of customers and then you use that momentum- social proof, profit customers- to do the third one, which is called the secret knock launch. the thought of that. front door is closed, launch windows closed. if you go around the back of the building, give the secret knock, you're able to get in the back door, side door, have a different experience, maybe pay a different price, and that's when you start to ever green your, your product there. so that's a really quick overview of the three launches and how they work together and that's what's on the launch maps and what's in this kind of structure we're toking about here. amazing. so if somebody were to come to you and they already have, say, a coaching business or a speaking business, where do they start and how do they plug in? so my favorite story in this, in this example, is is my wife. so my wife is a boutique in person high touch, white glove event producer. she works with entrepreneurs to help them host these amazing events. sometimes they're mastermind retreats, sometimes they're 500 person traditional events and everything in between is amazing. so obviously the pandemic sidelined her business for a while. so after we kind of licked our wounds for a few months and thought we got to shift, how she's helping people with her knowledge and experience and expertise, she makes these crazy high-touch events. i had just hosted a virtual event a few a few months after the pandemic hit. it went really well. i got a lot of feedback, super successful, and so she decided to make a course on how to host impactful virtual events. the whole world's moving to virtual. she was good at that and she could put her stamp on that. but she had it'd be impossible to have less influence. she had zero email list. she had no software that a lot of entrepreneurs have. she had no, no click funnels, no leadpages, no active campaign, no constant contact, no mailchimp, nothing. she had nothing. she had maybe 100 or so followers on instagram, but she never posted social media. people kind of knew who she was and she had a great reputation, but she wasn't this big, famous person like i'm making a course. who wants to sign up? nobody, nobody knew nobody would care. if she said jump, nobody would ask how high. nobody's paying attention to her as far as social influence. so she couldn't have had a smaller list, she couldn't have had less stuff going on, and she executed the laid-back launch structure that i held her hand and walked her through every step of the process. i remember she got 20 clients at 100 bucks a piece. she made two thousand dollars with nothing, and that's one of the key parts of laid-back launch. you put your ideas out there, you tok about your heart behind the product or the course or the service you're making and then people sign up because they typically like you or your reputation. they want to be on the ground level, they want to say they were there in the very beginning, they want to shape what the final product looks like and they also want to save some money. those are some important bullet points.

Elite Retreat Facebook Ads Mastermind w/ Jonathan Hawkins

[Music] and if this is very new to you. big alliances can go right here and I'm gonna tok a lot of basic stuff, but I wanted to try and bring as much value as possible. so those firsts- what I call seven tips on how to get started with Facebook Ads. if you're looking at the slide, those first seven tips are basic. I'm not going over those in developing a strategy, choosing their objectives, how to do a target audience. we're going to tok about the bug. you know more advanced types of audiences. you know different placements. you know allocated budget, different types of ad formats, photo, video, multiple photos, how to track your ad. my, I consider those basic quite a few things that a lot of you are missing when you're doing Facebook ads. now I also put a caveat that there's a plethora of different types of ads that you can do in different sources that you can put your ads on to. I I'm a very big proponent in the ads that you should be doing are based off of the things that are happening within Facebook alone and not necessarily saying of a pixel and retarget. and do those things if you're going to see why in a moment- and essentially it breaks down to- you're wasting a lot of money, whether you're using X company or just because you can do it in a lot better way. and you can do it the way that Jay toked about just right now, which is really grasping that shrewd client and everything about them. so then that way you can get more clients that way. right, what if everybody want to work with more people that won over them, as opposed to be asked again, never that are doing well, and so three months ago, Facebook changed a lot of the way that they do. add it up. they started in three months, builders drastik and there's business bathtub. the bad news is no longer easy. the good is no longer easy. the people that know how to do it can do it better and they can do it a lot more and their budgets are going to be used better. that first, that first screenshot, is essential, just showing you the ads manager, all of the different things that you can click into and whatnot. but the first one that we're going to tok about in his audiences and when you go into of audiences in your Facebook ad manager, a lot of people like to set their audience is a game based off of activities that are happening on their website. now you can totally do that, but I, because I think that, with all of the new features that basically axe has released, not only within Facebook, within an Instagram, anything that I toked about being Facebook and Instagram, just so you know. somebody asked me: are you against grants? have class, same thing. so when you, when you go into bodies is and you go into create audiences, you're gonna see that I that I created a couple, there's one, that's what real to rely on. that's called, yeah, one of the luxury real estate HB. essentially, what I was trying to show you there is that you can create an audience based off of what everyone you know meeting on your emails: subscribe to my list. you're not going to see ads when you go home, that's, and don't forget about your referral partner from Huntington Beach. life is now. I can set up ads. I'm going to show you how to do that. okay, if there's somebody that does send a referral, right, I can now change the algorithm within Facebook to go: hey, look, for whatever reason- I you know I don't have answers to everything but Facebook and Google and all these other people do- for whatever reason, this person who keeps saying me referrals, I'm giving them ten and everybody else has applied and that's called lifetime, and that's one of the biggest things that they they introduced. and I'm gonna go very scientific than that, because I think that that's where a lot of people are missing. the true ability within Facebook gasps- but you can see there's different types of bodies- is that you can create. you can create body and space off of a customer file. that's email addresses, yeah, email addresses of past clients, that's. that's an athlete. if you have email addresses of whoever that could be an audience and instantly, if you were to click, click customer bio, you would just upload your emails and it'll give you an option, and that option is: you want to create a look like audience. so a look-alike audience is essentially any audience that you originally created. Facebook will take that audience and break it up. okay, meaning, if I said I watched, but here's a hundred past clients, now that's my customer file. create a little like audience of the top 25% of upset audience that went to my Facebook page. okay, great, there's, there's a new one, right? or you can do: here's this: half of the room sings me all their email addresses. I put it in now cradle, like all these. well, for the most part, it'll also include all these people, even though I didn't have their email addresses. why? because all of your real estate professionals, you guys, kind of search and do things somewhat the same as this side of the room. so without having this side of the rooms information, I can grab it by saying: trade appears my custom audience. they're making a little like that. looks like you know your search behavior. store everything, website rep. begin audiences based on website. who's clicking on what? who's paying the most time on my website? who's who's not spending the most time on my website? those are huge. ok, add activity. I've never done so. I can't tok about that. offline activity is essentially. what you can do is if people are coming into your store, whatever you can create, ask those people. they don't really apply to us engagements. I'm going to skip over for announcement. to me, that's the most important one and the. the reason that I think it's the the most important one is again because when you see me create this audience based on engagement, all of that insane is creating audience based off of everything that's happening: your business page. whose liking what? who's commenting on what? who's watching 25% here natives? who's watching 50% here videos who - who do you think lights off your stuff, but actually make itto, make stuff like those are the types of things that you can do within the actual engagement and if you go to the next slide, you know, and if you were to click on engagement, they would open up this next slide. and again, it's based off of videos. it's based off of lead forms, but the two that I have toking about are the base book page and the Instagram business profile. how? but, just like I said earlier, they're the exact same thing. so I'm gonna say: Facebook page. but if you're ready, click Instagram business. who's who's on your Instagram page? who's there? stop, keep your kids, you know, whatever, maybe like all of that, they already have that data. you don't have to go and buy X, I'm a delete. what do you want to use to create this body? so it says: video, the alarm, full full screen experience, Facebook page. so if you were to click on Facebook page, that's gonna bring you up the line. up these, check, create a custom bodies, and these are the things that you have to do, like yesterday. so then that way, you're after work and a few months, everything these things happen to setup because you have to give the data for you guys to go out there and buy ads. you're just buying ads based on somebody else's data. that's not who are true client, that's not the people that are engaging with your stuff, that's not the people that you want to work with. that's, that's data. that's let's put all these people together to say, okay, that's the real estate data which one has basis, the real estate data- but for Georgia has to be phenomenal to both of your own pages. you need to go ahead and create customize. they're free to do. you need to do it and it's gonna take about 24 hours before to give you your numbers and then they'll tell you. if I click on create a custom items and it says people can view now these three seconds of your video, it's going to give you an estimation, okay, and that estimation is going to be based off of that second screenshot, which is another layer. so if you're gonna create the custom audio, again, you can.

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CRAZY Facebook Settings - Turn off IMMEDIATELY!!! - Off Facebook Activity

i have a brand new crazy video for you guys to watch today. a lot of people on facebook got kicked off over the last couple of days and had to re-enter their um password, possibly change it to get back into the app, and there's been this story going around facebook of turning off some settings, and that's what this video is about now. i never got kicked out and these settings were still in there, so i don't know how much truth there is to if this is a new setting and this is what they were doing. but we are letting facebook and other apps track everything. we do everything, from passwords to the pages you visit, to your bank account, to all sorts of stuff. instagram is the worst of these. uh, um, that's something you can look into. i may do a video on that at some point. i'm gonna do tik videos every once in a while. in this video, i'm gonna show you on my android device where these settings are to turn off- what is known as off facebook activity. i'm going to show you where to go, how to turn it off and that way you're not being tracked with these certain things and i you know, when i did this the other day, it was tracking everything i was doing, all these other and doing in all these other apps. it would track everything you would post, everything you would do. it's attached to stuff like spotify and a bunch of other things that it has no business being attached to. these apps are telling these you know their, their program to tok, to each other. that's not what we want as a society, and every once in a while i would. i will do tik videos that are going to show you some helpful things, everything from stuff like this to audio video stuff that i've learned. but this will be the first tik video that i'm putting up on my review page. i hope you guys find this stuff useful. please turn these facebook settings off. there's no reason why they need to be tracking this stuff whatsoever. they tell us it's for, you know, personalized ads. that's bull crap. so take back as much of your privacy as you possibly can. um, i'm gonna go ahead and post this. you know, watch the video. if you like the video, please hit the like button, subscribe, hit that notification bell. you will be notified when i have new videos go up. all right, so here's my video on how to change these settings in facebook. so you want to go to your now. i'm on it. i'm on an android device. i don't know what it's going to be on ios, but i'm going to hit my facebook app, see if i can get it to open up. first, let me go back to my front page so i can show you guys how to get to it. all right? so i'm now on my front page and what i'm going to do is i'm going to come up here to you've got the three, three lines. you've got the three lines up here to get to your settings. so i'm going to click those three lines and then what i'm going to do is i'm going to scroll down to the bottom to where it says it says settings and privacy. so once i click that, you're going to get all these other options- and there's a ridiculous amount of options in here and they hide this stuff so you can't really find it. but i'm going to click where it says settings. then, when i click settings, what i'm looking for is off facebook activity, which is going to be down towards the bottom, all the way down here. now, i haven't done the update. like i said, i haven't been logged out. i haven't done the update. this may be different after the update, but you're looking for the same thing. you're looking for your off facebook activity. so when i click that, first thing you'd want to do is you want to clear the history. i've already done that, so i don't have any history to clear. but you just come in here and you clear it. then it's going to go back and you want to click where it says more options. oops, click the wrong thing there. let's go to more options. and you want to click where it says manage future activity. so when you click that, you can see that it it it tells you how they use it. i don't trust that. uh, you know, lawyers will tell you they're getting away with all kinds of stuff. click manage future activity down at the bottom and you can see that i have turned mine is off. it was on yesterday. so it it is currently off on mine and that's what you want. this was tracking some crazy apps like it would follow everything you were doing and all these other apps. like i said, these apps are there to tok to each other. uh, they, they want to know everything that you're doing and we want to take that away from them. so i do appreciate you watching the video. please, if you found this helpful, share it, like it. subscribe: hit the notification bell. every single subscription and every single like on my videos does help tremendously, and this one could help a lot of people, so pass this video on.

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Episode 8: The Impact of Attending a Professional Organizer's Retreat with Angela Allred

in this episode I'm joined by one of my students, professional organizer Angela. already we're going to tok about what it was like being on a retreat with me and several other women this past winter, what all went down at the first-ever professional organizers retreat with pro organizer studio, how the retreat had an immediate impact on her business and what's coming next in our retreat schedule. you're listening to the pro organizer studio podcast with Jen Obermeyer. thank you for joining in. Jen makes it her mission to broaden the horizons of savvy businesswoman in the organising industry by instilling confidence and inspiring authentikity. she is a devoted business coach and founder of the inspired organizer program. each week you'll gain new insight into strategies designed specifically for professional organizers. and now let's get started. welcome back to the pro organizers studio podcast. I am Jen Obermeyer and I'm really excited to have a special guest on today. her name is Angela Allred and she is a professional organizer in Knoxville, Tennessee. welcome, Angela. Thank You, Jan. thanks for having me. you are so welcome. so angela is a student of mine and she is has a special place in my heart because she just attended my first ever. she was one of the attendees of my first ever in-person full weekend retreat that was held just in February 2009. teen and I asked Angela to come on today just so we could sort of relive it up a little bit and chat all about what went down, because it was. it was amazing, Jen. I mean not to just jump in on you, but it was one of the best. I I don't exaggerate it. for me, it was one of the best experiences I've had. I've never been surrounded by all women encouraging me, listening to me and helping me the way I did that weekend of my life. I can't speak highly enough about it, so you would have to stop me from going on. I was on a high, so and still when I think about it, I'm on a high. so well, that is certainly above and beyond what I could have even hoped for. so thank you for thank you for saying that. I want to tok to our audience a little bit more in detail about what we did. you know kind of kind of cover the events live updates a little bit- actually not live, but Angela was one of the eight women that were there and so she drove in to Greenville, South Carolina, so this was held in my hometown, and when Angela came running and jumping into the building when I first met her junior. like you, but you're a little superstar status to me because I've watched all your videos online, so I've been a little excited. it's possible. well, that makes me happy. but also I learned immediately that one of the reasons that Angela was so excited to come to my retreat is because she loves Greenville. oh, yes, tell me about that. yes, that is so true. I said this to you and I was not exaggerating. I used to travel for a living HP consultant. I used to travel and I went to Hawaii and Alaska and all over the US when my favorite cities in the us, really it was my very favorite until I went to Alaska, which it did. Alaska blew my mind, but as far as the continent or the mainland, I did not go to any city that beat Greenville, South Carolina, and it's just the most adorable town. if you've never been, you've got to go. it's got. it's got the most beautiful park with this beautiful river flowing right downtown. you can just it's just lovely. I mean, it's just the most adorable downtown and park and river and it's just adorable. so, yes, I love that city, it's wonderful, and I know you love it too because you never left it at college, so that's right. well, it's so funny because I, yeah, I love it here. but I was excited that, you know you, you drove in and then we had people come from, we had ladies that came from Oregon and from Colorado and you know, I was hoping just the fact that I was having it in South Carolina would be a little bit of a temptation to like leave the winter dreariness nor, and I was successful in doing that and lucky that we had one really like nice spring weather day and then, just in general, it was just, you know, a nice place to be in February where most of the country was in like the polar vortex that weekend. that was nice. so so, in planning this event, because it was the first one I had ever done, I thought, well, if I invite, you know, if I invite these women to my hometown, I can really plan it. like, you know, the Bachelorette light brings, you know, her guys home- I'm like the hometown date- and shows him around to like all her favorite places, and that was what I felt like I was doing. yeah, and that made it really cool because at least I was really comfortable and I knew, you know the, you know the cool spots I wanted to take you guys. so what was that like for you, especially since he'd been a green belt before? I loved it. it was, like you said, the weather was absolutely beautiful, so that was a bonus. but the town itself it's got these. it just has a lot to offer these wonderful restaurants. you took us to your favorite restaurants, which was awesome. the very first night was- I think it was it- Thai food we had. it was amazing and and because you had rented a loft downtown, this was. it was so great, the loft literally in the middle of downtown, like walk out in the street, you're in the middle of downtown. when you're inside it, you feel like you're not. you know you're in somebody's house, basically to me so, and I don't think anyone else either. but yeah, I loved it all right. so let's tok about what went down first night. we did it was social. it was people coming in from all over arrival and we had our happy hour up on the rooftop. it was 70 degrees, it was amazing. and then so first night, like Angela said, we went out to eat. it was just everybody getting to spend time together. and then the official day one, our content that morning. I don't want to give away the whole entire experience for, like, our future attendees, but I want them to kind of know, like, what was the vibe like and what was it like. it was not like this stuffy kind of conference where we had, you know, they're just this rigid schedule and this, you know boring presentations and a lot of like junky kind of swag bag stuff. and you know what else we didn't do. we did not have to do any of these like awkward right, like many games, you know why? because, well, we have, well, we had the awesome like night, whole night before for that casual Ohio and we'll, so that everybody felt like they already knew each other when we were, you know, really digging in to the retreat portion the next day. well, it was interesting about your thing, without revealing too much, as you're saying, we really got to know each other really well without any of those games. it was really me what you did and I loved it. honestly, I would love to do that again. um, and there was nothing boring that happened and everything that happened I learned from it, which was interesting, because I'm a little bit picky about. I've taken a lot of adult learning, like how many. you teach adults and how they make classes interesting and that instructor development type courses, because I've been a trainer for a living and and I've never done anything like what you did, but I loved it and it worked. I think it worked perfectly. so I know you had gotten advice from others and you had sought other people's help and input and that was really smart, because what you ended up with was, again, it was perfect. for me it was in the reaction from everybody else. we grew so close so quickly. I'm just, I just loved it. so, yeah, you didn't need to get to know you games, we got to know each other right, and I still feel very close to everybody that was there, mm-hmm. so me too, I mean I think you do too. I mean much closer than then you would otherwise. yeah, so basically, instead of me teaching you know big blocks of content which I kind of had originally planned. you know, I kind of originally planned to tok about productivity and really apply it for ourselves and our own businesses, as opposed to you know working with clients, because I think that for professional organizers that eve,

12 signs you might be suffering from PTSD

PTSD stands for post-traumatik stress disorder, a condition officially recognized in 1980 to describe exposure to a relatively brief but devastating event, typically a war, a rape, an accident or a terrorist incident. complex PTSD, recognized in 1994, describes exposure to something equally devastating but over a very long time, normally the first 15 years of life: emotional neglect, humiliation, bullying, disrupted attachment, violence and anger. a lot of us- as many as 20 percent- are wandering the world as undiagnosed sufferers of complex PTSD. we know that all isn't well, but we don't have a term to capture the problem. we don't connect up our ailments and we have no clue who to seek out or what sort of treatment might help. so here are 12 leading symptoms of complex PTSD. we might think about which ones, if any, apply to us, and more than seven might be a warning sign worth listening to. firstly, a feeling that nothing is safe. wherever we are, we have an apprehension that something awful is about to happen. we are in a state of hyper vigilance. the catastrophe we expect often involves a sudden fall from grace. we will behold away from current circumstances and humiliated, perhaps put in prison and denied all access to anything kind or positive. we won't necessarily be killed, but to all intents, our life will be over. people may try to reassure us through logic that reality won't ever be that bad. but logic doesn't help. we're in the grip of an illness. we aren't just a bit confused? secondly, we can never relax. this shows up in our body. we're permanently tense or rigid. we have trouble with being touched, perhaps in partikular areas of the body. the idea of doing yoga or meditation or breathing exercises- these things aren't just not appealing, they may be positively revolting. we may call them hippie with a snare, and deeper down, they are of course terrifying. probably. our bowels are troubled too. our anxiety has a direct link to our digestive system. thirdly, we can't ever really sleep and we wake up very early, generally in a state of high alarm, as though during rest we've let down our guard and are now in even greater danger than usual. fourthly, we have deepened ourselves an appalling self-image. we hate who we are. we think we're ugly, monstrous, repulsive. we think we're awful, possibly the most awful person in the world. our sexuality is especially perturbed. we feel predatory, sickening, shameful. fifthly, we're often drawn to highly unavailable people. we tell ourselves we hate needy people, but what we really hate are people who might be too available for us. we make a beeline for people who are disengaged, won't want warmth from us and who might be struggling with their own undiagnosed issues around avoidance. sixthly, we are sickened by people who want to be cozy with us. we call these people puppy revolting or desperate. seventh, we are prone to losing our temper very badly, sometimes with other people, more often just with ourselves. we aren't so much angry as very, very worried- worried that everything is about to become very awful again. we are shouting because we're terrified. we look mean. we are in fact defenseless. eighth, we are highly paranoid. it's not that we expect other people will poison us or follow us down the street. we just suspect that other people will be hostile to us and will be looking out for opportunities to crush and humiliate us. we can be mesmerically drawn to examples of this happening on social media, the unkindest and most arbitrary environment which anyone with complex PTSD easily confuses with the whole world, chiefly because it operates like their world, randomly and very meanly. ninth, we find other people so dangerous and worrying that being alone has huge attractions. we might like to go and live under a rock forever. in some moods we associate Bliss with not having to see anyone again. how a tenth we don't register to ourselves as suicidal. but the truth is that we find living so exhausting and often so unpleasant we do sometimes long not to have to exist anymore. 11. we can't afford to show much spontaneity. we're rigid about our routines. everything may need to be exactly so. as an attempt to ward off looming chaos, we may clean a lot. sudden changes of plan can feel indistinguishable from the ultimate downfall we dread. 12. in a bid to try to find safety, we may throw ourselves into work amassing money, Fame, honor, Prestige, but of course this never works. the sense of danger and self-disgust is coming from so deep within we can never reach a sense of safety externally. a million people can be cheering, but one jeer will be enough once again to evoke the self-disgust we have left unaddressed inside. breaks from work can feel especially worrying. retirement and holidays create unique difficulties. those are the symptoms. so what is the cure for all these arduous symptoms of complex PTSD? partly we need to courageously realize that we have come through something terrible that we haven't until now properly digested because we haven't had a kind, stable environment in which to do so. we are a little wonky because long ago the situation was genuinely awful. when we were small, someone made us feel extremely unsafe, even though they might have been our parent. we were made to think that nothing about who we were was acceptable. in the name of being brave, we had to endure some very difficult separations, perhaps repeated over years. no one reassured us of our worth. we were judged with intolerable harshness. the damage may have been very obvious, but more typically it might have unfolded in objectively innocent circumstances. a casual visitor might never have notiked. there might have been a narrative, which lingers still, that we were part of a happy family. one of the great discoveries of researchers in complex PTSD is that emotional neglect with an outwardly High achieving families can be as damaging as active violence in obviously deprived ones. if any of this Rings Bells, we should stop being brave. we should allow ourselves to feel compassion for who we were. that might not be easy, given how hard we tend to be with ourselves. the next step is to try to identify a therapist or counselor trained in how to handle complex PTSD. that may well be someone trained specifically in dealing with trauma, which involves directing enormous amounts of compassion towards one's younger self in order to have the courage to face the trauma and recognize its impact on one's life rather touchingly and simply. the root cause of complex PTSD is an absence of love, and the cure for it follows the same path: we need to relearn to love someone we very unfairly hate beyond measure ourselves. the School of Life offers online Psychotherapy to people all around the world. our therapists are highly trained and accredited and are a vital source of kindness, Solace and wisdom for life's most difficult moments. click the link to find out more.

Teen Titans GO! To The Movies Exclusive Clip | Time Cycles | @dckids

every superhero is born from a tragic, life-changing event. I propose we travel through time and stop those tragic events from taking place. Robin, this is the. let's do some time-traveling. yow to the time cycles. Azarath, metrion, zinthos. [Music]. are you ready? let's go back to the future. I mean the past. [Music]. engage. [Music]. that's not good at all, honey, I'm sorry. look pretty much all day. [Music]. hold it right there. yeah, shooting a baby into space. what kind of people are you? but we have no choice. the crystals are not harmonized. the planet is collapsing. I've tried all total combination. fool. if you want to save the planet, you gots to play the right music. yeah, let us show you how it's done. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. yes, that's how we do it. yeah, now let's go stop. some more superhero origins. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. golly, thanks for taking me to the movies in this dangerous neighborhood, dad. oh, stop, you can't go down there. that is crab alley. you dumb down. you take a shortcut through happy lane instead. we made it. we're back in the present and there are no more superheroes. thanks for watching our video. make sure you hit the subscribe button to see more of the best. tighten me and check out Teen Titans. go to the movies in theaters everywhere on July 27.