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facebook ads reels

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

I'm gonna show you how to make reels ads for Facebook and Instagram right from your smartphone. So there's a lot of different ways you can make reels videos for the ads placement for Facebook and Instagram, and I'll talk a little bit about that at the end. But I'm gonna show you really quickly how you can create these videos right from your smartphone from the Instagram app.

My name is Kevin Trage, and I'm the owner of Brand Arrow. We are a marketing agency helping businesses grow through high-performance paid advertising. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to jump into my smartphone real quick and show you how to do this really quickly straight from your smartphone and your Instagram app.

So, gonna go ahead and go to Instagram. Now, there's a button at the top right. You're gonna go ahead and click that, and you'll see the reels section. So hit the reels one. Now that we have reels pulled up, you can see I can record myself here. You can add some audio, although for ads, you can't really add audio because it's licensed. So if you do add audio, it has to be some stock audio or you can bring in your own audio if you want to do that. Effects, you don't really want to put effects on there because they do not like effects on ads. So I don't think it will get approved if it has effects on there. And you can change your speed and stuff like that.

But what I'm gonna do is I recorded a video already. I'm gonna go ahead and pull that from my camera roll. So you go into your camera roll, you bring that video over, and just hit add. So now that we have the video in there, we're gonna go ahead and hit next. And this is where we can do a couple of things. So what I like to do is I like to add captions. What's really cool about this is if you go to the sticker option, you can go ahead and hit captions. It's going to transcribe that audio and place it right in the video without you having to do anything. So it should be in there now. See, now we got the captions in there. You can also drag those around. One thing that I like to do on those captions is I like to set them so it's not one. You don't want to cover your face too much, but you also don't want it to cover your profile image. So if you start dragging it, you will notice it'll show your profile image, and you want to make sure it doesn't go out of these bounds. It has the line there, but it has the profile image down there. You want to make sure it doesn't cover or get covered by your profile image.

There's some icons on the right there too. So kind of cool. It helps keep you in those boundaries. So now we have some captions in there. Another thing I like to do is I like to add a sticker so people know what this is about. So we're gonna hit some text and we're gonna say, Hey entrepreneurs right at the top. Here, we can drag that around. This is pretty basic stuff you can do in Instagram. So we'll add that to the top. And what you can do too is you can limit that for only the first part of the video so it doesn't stay up there the whole time. So we can cut that out.

Also, for an ad, you know one thing I always like to do is add a call to action. So let's go ahead and do that too. So we'll say, Click the link below or swipe up. Cool, we got that. Hit done. And again, for that one, we're going to limit it to the very end. So last part of the video, this will show up. Let's put this at the top so it doesn't cover up the captions.

Now, if you're running a traffic campaign or any other campaign, switch it to conversions. If you're not set on conversions, you're likely not going to get too many conversions. Facebook algorithms will find the kind of users that typically convert. So if you're running the traffic campaign or any other, add those in.

You don't have to post this. You can share it if you want, but without sharing it, you can go ahead and hit download. What's going to do is it's going to save it to your photos on your phone. And now, you can take that file and upload it into Ads Manager and use it as an ad.

Now, this is not the only way to create a video for reels. Don't complicate this at all. All you want to do is create a video that's in portrait mode. You don't want to film in landscape for these reels because it's more engaging if it's in portrait mode. Try to be entertaining, obviously. Think of TikToks. Like dancing, doing certain things that are fun and not just something very advertorial with templates and a bunch of graphics and stuff like that.

Outside of the Instagram app, you can go into Canva, you can go into Adobe Premiere if you're super advanced. There's a ton of video apps out there that you can use. Outside of Instagram, you can do all kinds of creative stuff with it. Doing jump cuts is really engaging too. So say something in the beginning, jump cut to a different scene, and jump cut to a different scene. Those are really engaging.

But the cool thing about this content is it gives you the opportunity right now to be very creative. Basically, do stuff that is more exciting for the user to watch versus just a straight-up ad. I recorded a video all about reels and why it's really important to take this opportunity. So check that out. It's a really big opportunity right now. Instagram and Facebook are competing with TikTok, and they're putting a huge emphasis on reels. It's a great opportunity for you to jump on this now before everybody starts creating reels and taking over. So check that video out. I really appreciate you guys watching. We try to post these weekly, so stick around for more content coming up. And thank you for watching this video. Music.

How To Launch Reels Ads for Instagram and Facebook

So you've probably heard that reels are one of the hottest things on Instagram and Facebook right now, and it's because there's a lot of competition with TikTok. Now that you have a reel and you want to run it as an ad, you need to figure out how to get that into the ads manager to run it as a reel. If you've already run ads, this is actually really simple. You're not doing anything really different, you're just putting the video into the ads manager. If you don't have an ads manager account and haven't run ads before, make sure to watch a video on how to set up your business account properly.

To set up a reel ad in the ads manager, follow these steps:

1. Create a new campaign in the ads manager, focusing on the conversions campaign objective.

2. Name the campaign Reels Ad for simplicity.

3. In the ad set, choose your target audience, such as entrepreneurs aged 25-55.

4. Set up your pixel if you haven't already done so, and set your budget.

5. If needed, create a new audience by selecting age, location, and other criteria.

6. In the placement section, choose automatic placement or manually select where you want your ad to appear. For reels ads, it's recommended to choose the feed, stories, and reels placements and turn off others.

7. In the ad section, choose your Facebook page or Instagram account and select single image or video.

8. Upload your reel video, keeping in mind that it should be a short form video, preferably filmed in portrait mode for better engagement.

9. Add primary text, headline, description, and a call to action. Choose the website you want to send traffic to.

10. Set up tracking if necessary, and hit publish.

After publishing, make sure to check for any alerts regarding the format of your reel and adjust if necessary. You can also use the advanced preview to see how your ad will look in different placements.

Remember to keep your reel engaging and fun. Don't be afraid to get creative and try different variations. Keep the video under 30 seconds for Facebook and under one minute for Instagram. And most importantly, have fun with it!

By following these steps, you'll be able to successfully set up and run your reel ad in the ads manager. Good luck!

Ads on Reels Facebook

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! I wanted to make another video for you because it seems like some of you are still confused about ads on reels. If you want to know more, keep watching because I'm going to tell you everything you need to know.

Question 1: Do they still put ads on older reels or videos?

- Yes, they definitely place ads on older reels. I waited until I saw ads on my own reels before making this video. Even if your reels are older, as long as they're still getting views, shares, and comments, ads will be placed on them.

Question 2: Why are my reels being demonetized after adding music?

- Your reels may be demonetized if you use music from the reels library without permission. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before accepting ads on reels. If you have the rights to the music or if you've obtained permission from the original artist, you won't have any issues with demonetization. To be safe, consider making your own music or using music you have permission to use.

Question 3: Why are my earnings not showing even after accepting the program?

- You need to wait for your earnings to show up. The estimated earnings are accumulated and sent to you via email on the 10th of each month. If you have the reels bonus, it will be included in the email. If not, you'll receive the invoice for your ads on reels earnings. Don't worry if your impressions and earnings aren't changing immediately, it may take a few days to update.

Remember, ads on reels won't interfere with your videos. They're discreetly placed at the bottom or under your reels. Only your viewers and followers can see the ads, and they may be recommended to your other profiles if you follow your page. Make sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly, as they contain all the answers to your questions.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments. I've already answered some of them in my previous videos about ads on reels, so make sure to check them out. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful. See you in the next one!

Make Money on Facebook Ads on Reels

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! If you are new here, this is Leanne. For today's video, we are going to talk about ads on Reels on Facebook. I know most of you already have it, and I got it when I had around 2k followers on my Facebook page. The basic requirement is to have at least 1k followers, but it's actually random.

Your earnings on Reels change daily. For example, I had 1130 impressions and earned five dollars in one day when I was just starting. Now, I have over 149k subscribers, and I only see the estimated earnings. The total earnings will be shown on the 10th of each month when they send you the invoice. It comes with the Reels bonus invoice, and it's very beneficial if you have millions and millions of views.

Here are my earnings from Monday (1212), Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. As I mentioned earlier, it changes daily. The estimated earnings will accumulate, and you will receive them on the 21st of each month, which is the pay date. Getting ads on Reels is amazing, especially if you have lots of views.

To make your Reels stand out, it also depends on where the people are watching your videos. If most of your viewers are from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, etc., you will earn more, even if you have a low impression count. For example, I have over 327k impressions and earned 663. On the other hand, I had over 325k impressions the next day and earned 770. It all depends on the viewers' location.

I've seen many of you getting ads on Reels, and some are disappointed. But remember, if you have lots and lots of views, it's very beneficial. If you're not doing Reels on Facebook yet, start now! You can get the Reels bonus, ads on Reels, stars, and even paid online events. I got stars when I had 3k followers, and now they put it on Reels as well. So, you can get stars with your Reels, and people will send you stars, and you'll earn from that. I also received invitations for paid online events, but I'm currently focusing on Reels.

I have the ads on Reels, stars, and paid online events. The only thing I don't have is the performance bonus, which is the one I'm aiming for. It's like $30k in one month, and you can receive your payouts if you reach $100. It's similar to the bonus program.

That's it, guys! If you have more questions, type them down below in the comment section, and I'll try my best to answer them. Don't forget to follow my Facebook personal profile (link in the description box) and check out my husband's Facebook profile too. He's also making Reels there. If you like this video, kindly click the red button below and subscribe to my channel. See you in my next video! Thank you once again, and have a nice day.

How To Create Instagram Reels Ads Using Facebook Ads Manager

Hey, guess what? Now you can create Instagram Reels ads using Facebook Ads Manager. Yes, that's totally possible! That's one more placement for us. It used to be Facebook desktop news feed, on mobile, then Instagram Explorer, Stories, and now we can put our ads on Instagram Reels feed. And there are a lot of people, a lot of eyeballs there. So, before we jump into it, let me show you all the steps. Make sure you subscribe, hit the bell icon, and also like this video. Okay, now let's jump right into this.

## Introduction

I'm gonna go to my Facebook Ads Manager. Here's one of the ad accounts that I manage. Let's create a brand new campaign and let's call it... let's say the objective could be anything, whatever you want to achieve - traffic, engagement, video views. So, for the purpose of this video, I'll just pick video views. And then hit continue. When you do continue, it creates the whole structure for your Facebook ad. It creates the campaign, the ad set, and then the actual ad.

In the campaign, I'm just going to call it Test IG Reels. Scroll down, everything looks good. Then I'm going to hit next. The ad set is where you select different placements. Placement means where you want to show your ad. Do you want to show your ad on mobile or desktop? Do you want to show your ad on Instagram mobile app or Facebook? So, that's where you select all of your placements. The Instagram Reels placement is in there, it's kind of hidden. I'll show you in a second. Your daily budget could be whatever you want to set it to, so I'm going to skip that for now.

Audience - make sure you select the right audience. A lot of people make this mistake of picking a random audience or a cold audience. So, whatever ad you want to run, ask yourself who's the right person for this ad and then select that here. If you have a custom audience or any audience saved, you can do that. For example, for this ad, for this account, this client, we've done some research and here are the top zip codes we know their buyers come from. So, we have saved these zip codes in a saved audience. So, we use this a lot for the campaigns.

## Placement

Alright, let's go to the placement. This is where the magic happens. Instead of automatic placement, what you want to do is, let's say if your goal is to run an ad only on Instagram Reels, you want to select manual placement. Then we're going to deselect Facebook audience and Messenger. So now, we only have Instagram selected. If you scroll down, look at this! Instagram feed, Instagram Explore, and boom - here is the brand new placement, Instagram Reels. If you wanted to run ads on Reels, you also have to have Instagram Stories selected. So, you can run your ad on both Stories and Reels. Now, here's the requirement. If you want to run your ad on Instagram Reels, what they recommend is a full-screen vertical video. The mobile phone dimension should be 9x16 and 30 seconds or less. That's extremely important.

## Creating the Ad

Now, one thing I'll mention - when you create ads for your Instagram Reels, or you know, TikTok has this saying that Make TikToks, not ads. What that means is, don't make ads that look like ads. Ads should never look like ads, alright? You want to consume, you want to understand what's the culture inside Instagram Reels. What type of content do people consume? The transitions, and instead of just focusing on your product, maybe show your product being used. That's how you kind of capture a story about your product.

By the way, if you want me - I know this video we're talking about the tactics of the steps of placing the ad - but if you want me to make a separate video about what's a good Instagram Reels ad, what type of video, and maybe find some examples, let me know in the comments because I can go do some research and then create a video about creating good creative or videos for Instagram Reels ads.

So, anyway, this is the placement you're going to select. And then hit next right here. And then you're going to go to the third step.

## Creating Your Ad

This is where you will create your ad. So, I'm going to say Test and let's select the... make sure you have the right Facebook page and also the Instagram account selected. Right here is your ad setup. If you want to use an existing post, you can do that. And then I'm gonna... I don't believe this Instagram account has any vertical videos, but let me just check. So, select post. Let me go to Instagram. So, there's not a good vertical video. So, in this case, I won't do that. What I'll do is create an ad and then I'll upload the video from my computer. Or, if you already have some vertical videos, you can use those. We don't have any for this account, so I'm not going to select any right here. But this is how you can add a video and then upload from your computer.

Again, the thing I will remind you is, make sure it's not an ad which is overly... you're selling too much. Because if it looks like an ad in Instagram Reels feed, guess what? People are gonna just swipe and then they're going to go to the next piece of content. So, make TikToks, not ads. I'll say the same thing for Reels - make Reels, not ads. If you want to make good ads, good ads are never ads. They tell a story, they show your product being used.

## Conclusion

But this is how you can create and run your ads on Instagram Reels placement using Facebook Ads Manager. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Before you go, subscribe, hit the bell icon, and also like this video. I'll see you in the next one. Bye for now!

Facebook ADS on REELS Monetization

Hey y'all, welcome to the channel! Today, we're going to talk about ads on reels on Facebook. I know you're probably wondering what it means and what to do next. Well, don't worry, I've got you covered. Let's dive right in!

What are overlay ads?

- Overlay ads are placed directly on top of a Facebook reel.

- They appear in a banner or sticker format.

- These ads don't interrupt the real content and are transparent.

Will the ad cover my video?

- No, the ad won't cover your video.

- Your reel will still show up just as you posted it.

- Overlay ads allow viewers to see the ad without interrupting their viewing experience.

How much do we get paid?

- Facebook hasn't openly shared how they calculate payment.

- I can show you my earnings, but I don't know the exact amount per ad or percentage.

- They show earnings for 28 days, but I'm not sure how they calculate it.

What if my reel doesn't have an ad?

- Not all reels will have ads.

- If you don't see an ad on a reel, it doesn't mean the video is bad.

- Facebook will let you know if they find a reel suitable for ads.

Can I use music in my reels?

- It's better to avoid adding music to your reels once you're in the ads program.

- Music can cause conflicts between sponsors and music rights holders.

- If your reel gets restricted due to music, deleting the video will lift the restriction immediately.

I hope this video helped you understand ads on reels on Facebook better. Unfortunately, there's no clear answer on how much we get paid or how it's calculated. Just keep posting reels without music and go with the flow. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Until next time, your girl Sin is out!

How to earn money from Fb Ads on Reels | Why your Reels are unable to be monetized

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! If you're new here, this is Leanne. In today's video, we're going to talk about ads on reels. I saw that a lot of you have been asking about it, especially for those who have just enabled it. So, before we start, I just want to clarify that ads on reels are different from in-stream ads. Ads on reels are an invite from Facebook, where they will send you a notification and you just click on it to accept the ads on your videos. In-stream ads, on the other hand, are for regular videos or videos that are longer and not in reel format.

To be eligible for ads on reels, you need to have 10K followers, 6,000 minutes viewed in 60 days, and at least five videos. However, I've read on the meta article that if you already have in-stream ads, you will automatically get ads on reels. Though, I'm not sure if they are actually giving that, because I know some people who have in-stream ads but not ads on reels. So, it seems to be an invite-only feature from Facebook.

Now, let's address some common questions and concerns. Many of you have been asking when the impressions and earnings will be shown, as it has been a couple of days since turning on the ads on reels. From my experience, I had to wait about four days before seeing any progress. In the beginning, my earnings were quite low, around 40 cents in my first month with 2K to 3K followers. So, if you've just enabled it, be patient as it may take some time before you see your earnings. Also, keep in mind that the impressions and earnings change daily, so it's a good idea to keep track of how much you earn each day.

Another common question is why certain reels are not working or why they are being demonetized, especially if they use music from the library. I believe this is because the ads are not associated with the music used in the reels. So, Facebook is demonetizing those reels. To avoid this, I suggest using non-viral or unpopular background soundtracks if you want to add background music to your reels.

Some of you have also asked if longer reels matter. From my experience, I don't think it does. I had a 30-second reel with an ad on it, and it was recommended to others. So, the length of the reel doesn't seem to affect the presence of ads. Speaking of ads, the ads on reels are not skippable. They are banner ads that are shown at the bottom of your reels while they play. This way, they don't interfere with the viewing experience.

Now, let's talk about sticker ads. According to the article I read, you can put sticker ads on your reels. However, I couldn't find the option to add sticker ads myself. It seems that Facebook is the one placing the banner ads, so you don't have to do anything. They will choose which videos to place the ads on. Unfortunately, they don't notify you which reels have ads on them, so just keep posting videos and engaging with your audience.

As for ads being shown on older reels, I don't have an answer for that. I don't know which videos they choose to put ads on, so I can't say if older reels will have ads or not. If I notice any changes or if my older videos have ads on them, I will update you in another video or in the comments section.

Lastly, for those of you who are on the bonus reels program, it's okay to turn on ads on reels. However, if it's affecting your bonus reels, you can turn it off. It's up to you. If you want to earn from ads on reels, consider using non-popular music or doing your own voiceover. Alternatively, you can turn off ads on reels if your reels heavily rely on music.

That's it for today's video. If you enjoyed it, please click the subscribe button and follow me on my personal page. I'll leave the link in the description box below. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next video!

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