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facebook ads restrictions

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

How to Fix a Restricted Facebook Business Page and Restore Your Ad Account

As a Facebook advertiser, it's not uncommon to face issues with rejected ads, restricted ad accounts, or even restricted business pages. However, there's no need to panic as there are steps you can take to resolve these issues. In this article, we'll explore how to get your ads from a rejected status to an approved status, your ad account from a restricted or disabled status back to an active status, and how to figure out what happened if your business page has been restricted.

1. Know Facebook's Advertising Policies

- Brush up on Facebook's advertising policies by checking out their official page.

- Make sure to comply with these policies when creating ads.

2. Verify Your Facebook Business Manager

- Ensure that your Facebook Business Manager is verified.

- Complete all the security options to let Facebook know that it is a verified business profile.

3. Follow the Help Center Process

- Go to Facebook's Business Help Center page to access support.

- Click Still need help? Find answers and contact support.

- Choose the relevant option (business page, specific ad, ad account restriction, etc.).

- Chat with a representative by clicking Chat with a representative.

- Fill out the necessary information, including a brief subject title and summary of the issue.

- Copy and paste any relevant information, such as ad account IDs or ad IDs.

- Be patient and provide as much information as possible to resolve the issue.

By following these steps, you can resolve any issues with restricted Facebook business pages and ad accounts. Remember to comply with Facebook's advertising policies, verify your Facebook Business Manager, and seek help through the Facebook Business Help Center. With patience and persistence, you can get your ads approved and your ad account and business page restored.

How To Avoid Getting Your Facebook Ad Account Restricted

How to Avoid Getting Banned or Restricted on Facebook Ads

In this video, we will be discussing how to avoid getting banned or restricted on Facebook ads. Although Facebook does not provide official guidance on this issue, we have learned several things over the past couple of years that can help you avoid being blocked.

Ad Policies:

- Facebook has strict ad policies that you must follow

- No nudity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco references, unsafe items, weapons, adult services, adult content, cheating, deceitful practices, grammar, or profanity

- Swearing is not allowed in either the text of your ad or in the video

- Similar policies apply to Google/YouTube ads

- Make sure to read and understand the policies to avoid getting blocked

Less Obvious Reasons for Being Restricted:

- Even if you follow all of the ad policies, you can still get restricted on Facebook ads

- One common reason is opening a brand new ad account and immediately running a conversion campaign

- Facebook has a trust score and needs data to know what type of ads you will run and what type of business you are

- Running a conversion campaign immediately without any history can cause Facebook to panic and restrict your account


- When you open a new ad account, run on-platform campaigns first (video views, engagement campaigns, promoting existing posts on your Instagram or Facebook page)

- Run roughly $120 on these campaigns to show Facebook that you can pay them and that your ads are safe

- Use existing posts to create these campaigns and make sure they follow all ad policies

- Target countries that are more expensive but more valuable in the long term

- This will show Facebook that you are a safe advertiser and increase your trust score

By following these tips, you can avoid getting banned or restricted on Facebook ads. Make sure to read and understand the ad policies, and start with on-platform campaigns before running conversion campaigns on a brand new ad account. By building trust with Facebook, you can increase your chances of success and avoid unnecessary blocks.

ដំណោះស្រាយ Facebook Advertising Access is Restricted

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10 Ways To Keep Your Facebook Ad Account Safe From Restrictions And Ban In 2022

10 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Ads Account Safe

Facebook has been banning and restricting accounts recently, even if they adhere to the policy. This can be frustrating for business owners, e-commerce athletes, marketers, and anyone who wants to advertise on Facebook. However, there are ways to avoid getting banned or restricted. In this article, we will discuss 10 ways to keep your Facebook ads account safe.

1. Don't use before and after pictures in your ad image or sales page.

- Facebook scrutinizes your sales page before approving your ads. If it violates their policy, they won't approve it.

- Avoid using before and after pictures. If you want to use them creatively, use them in a video.

2. Avoid deleting comments on your ads.

- Limit deleting comments as Facebook considers it negative feedback, which can trigger restrictions.

- Hide or report comments instead. Respond politely to nasty comments.

3. Don't advertise multiple website domains on the same ad account.

- Use a different ad account for each domain.

- Avoid choking your other accounts with multiple domain registrations and advertisements.

4. Avoid using copyrighted materials.

- Facebook can detect copyrighted materials and can lead to restrictions or bans.

- Create your own videos and avoid using celebrity images or music.

5. Don't make bogus claims.

- Avoid financial, health, and family claims in your ads copy and sales page.

- Be creative in making claims, and use we instead of you to avoid making direct claims.

6. Follow Facebook's ad policies.

- Read and follow Facebook's ad policies to avoid getting banned or restricted.

7. Don't use fake or misleading information.

- Use accurate information in your ads, sales page, and account details.

- Avoid misleading information, such as fake testimonials or reviews.

8. Keep your ad account active.

- Use your ad account regularly to keep it active.

- Avoid creating ads and leaving them inactive for too long.

9. Monitor your ad account and check for any violations.

- Check your ad account regularly for any policy violations.

- Fix any violations as soon as possible to avoid getting banned.

10. Appeal any restrictions or bans.

- If your ad account gets restricted or banned, appeal it.

- Provide accurate and truthful information and follow Facebook's appeal process.

Facebook's ad policies can be strict, but following them can help you avoid getting banned or restricted. Use these 10 ways to keep your Facebook ads account safe and maintain your business's online presence. Remember to be creative and accurate in your ads, and appeal any restrictions or bans if necessary.

Facebook ad account restricted from advertising solved

How to Reinstate Your Disabled Facebook Advertising Account

In this video, the speaker shares their experience of having their Facebook advertising access restricted and how they were able to appeal and reinstate it within six hours. The video outlines a step-by-step process for reinstating a disabled advertising account, whether it's a user account, a page, or any type of restriction. The speaker has reinstated over a thousand accounts in the last three years, including their own, and will guide viewers through the process.

Part 1: Type of Restriction

- Log into Facebook and go to Ads Manager

- If you see Restricted from Advertising, click on See Details or the three lines and choose Account Quality

- Account Quality will show any type of restriction on your account, including user account, page, or other

- Understand the reason for your restriction, which could be a mistake, policy violation, or other issue

Part 2: Changes to Make to Your Account

- Review Facebook and Instagram policies to ensure compliance

- Fix any issues with landing pages, content, rejected ads, or other policy violations

- Remove any associated accounts that may have violated policies

- Use a real name or business name for your account and avoid creating multiple accounts

Part 3: Requesting a Review and Appeal

- Click on Request Review in the Account Quality section

- Follow the steps to submit your account for review by a human being

- If your account is not reinstated, follow the appeal process and provide any additional information requested

- Contact Facebook support if necessary

Reinstating a disabled Facebook advertising account can be a daunting task, but by following the steps outlined in this video, viewers can increase their chances of success. It's important to understand the reason for the restriction, make necessary changes to your account, and carefully follow the review and appeal process. If all else fails, contacting Facebook support may be the next step.

Facebook Account Restricted From Advertising PROBLEM SOLVED (I Used This To Get My Account)

How to Recover a Restricted Facebook ID for Advertising

Many Facebook users face the issue of their account getting restricted from advertising. In this article, we will discuss the steps that you can take to recover a restricted Facebook ID for advertising.

Steps to Recover a Restricted Facebook ID:

1. Put the Account into Manual Review: Sometimes Facebook algorithms flag accounts, and putting them in manual review can help. Click on the “All Tool” section, go to “Account Quality,” and click on “Request Review” to put your account into review.

2. Use a Friend’s Account: One of the best options is to use a friend or relative’s account to run ads. Make sure not to violate any policies or make the same mistakes that led to the restriction.

3. Create a New ID: If you decide to create a new ID, make sure to nurture it by warming it up with profile pictures, cover images, friend requests, and activity on pages. Slowly get into ad accounts and business managers to avoid being flagged.

4. Talk to Support: If you have access to a big ad account or spending a good amount of money, you can talk to the support team to unblock your ID.

Recovering a restricted Facebook ID for advertising can be challenging, but with these steps, you can increase your chances of getting your account back. Don’t panic and move on to a new ID if needed. Always follow Facebook’s policies and avoid making the same mistakes that led to the restriction. Good luck!

How to recover disabled/restricted Facebook ad accounts?

In this video, John, a Facebook ad strategist and social entrepreneur, discusses how to recover restricted or disabled Facebook ad accounts. He covers four common restrictions, which include ad account, page, business manager, and Facebook account levels.

- John introduces himself and the topic of the video.

Common Restrictions:

- Ad account level: reasons for temporary disability include unpaid balance, multiple policy violations, and exceeding a certain spending threshold.

- Page level: violating policies such as starting conversations beyond the 24-hour window can result in restrictions, which can be difficult to recover from.

- Business manager level: if the business manager is restricted, ads cannot be run for the ad accounts under it, which can be problematic for businesses and agencies.

- Facebook account level: being permanently banned from advertising is a scenario that no one wants to experience.

Ways to Solve:

- Use the account quality feature to check the status of accounts and issues.

- Look at outstanding account issues, and if the request review button is available, read the reason for the restriction before clicking it.

- If the reason is a policy violation, read the policy and apply edits accordingly.

- Confirm identity if necessary by uploading an ID.

- Recovering restricted or disabled Facebook ad accounts is possible but can be time-consuming and require effort. It is crucial to understand the reason for the restriction and take steps to rectify it.

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