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Facebook Ads (Scale) Strategy 2020 [Full Breakdown]

Published on: December 16 2022 by Todd Dowell

- Facebook Ads have become an essential tool for businesses to reach their target audience and increase sales.

- Scaling your Facebook Ads strategy can be challenging, but it is crucial to maximize your ROI.

- In this article, we will provide a full breakdown of the Facebook Ads scale strategy for 2020.

Section 1: Analyzing Your Current Performance

- Before scaling your Facebook Ads, it is essential to analyze your current performance.

- Look at your ad metrics, such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per click.

- Identify the top-performing ads, target audience, and ad placements.

- Use this data to optimize your ad campaign before scaling it.

Section 2: Increasing Your Budget

- Increasing your ad budget is a crucial step in scaling your Facebook Ads.

- Start by gradually increasing your daily budget to avoid overspending.

- Keep an eye on your ad performance and adjust your budget accordingly.

- Consider using Facebook's Automatic Ad Placements feature to maximize your ad reach.

Section 3: Expanding Your Target Audience

- To scale your Facebook Ads, you need to expand your target audience.

- Use Facebook's Lookalike Audience feature to reach people who are similar to your existing customers.

- Experiment with different demographics, interests, and behaviors to find new potential customers.

- Monitor your ad performance and adjust your target audience accordingly.

Section 4: Testing Different Ad Formats

- Testing different ad formats is essential to scale your Facebook Ads strategy.

- Experiment with different ad types, such as video ads, carousel ads, and canvas ads.

- Test different ad creatives, such as images, videos, and headlines.

- Use A/B testing to determine which ad format and creative performs best.

Section 5: Retargeting Your Website Visitors

- Retargeting your website visitors is an effective way to scale your Facebook Ads.

- Use Facebook's Custom Audience feature to retarget people who have visited your website.

- Create different ad campaigns for each stage of the customer journey.

- Offer personalized deals or discounts to entice visitors to make a purchase.

- Scaling your Facebook Ads strategy requires careful planning and execution.

- Analyze your current performance, increase your budget, expand your target audience, test different ad formats, and retarget your website visitors.

- By following these steps, you can maximize your ROI and achieve your business goals.

Facebook Ads (Scale) Strategy 2020 [Full Breakdown]

In this article, we will be discussing the best Facebook ads scaling strategy for 2020. This strategy has been tested and proven to work consistently. We will go over the importance of testing interests and using a dollar fifty budget, as well as how to scale up to a 75 CBO.

Testing interests:

- The basic concept is to find interests that are working before scaling up

- Use a dollar fifty per day budget for testing

- Identify ad sets that perform and make sales

- Cut off ad sets that do not receive any link clicks within 12 hours

Scaling up:

- Once you have identified ad sets that are consistent, scale up to a 75 CBO

- Push all the budget towards the best-performing ad set

- Launch duplicates of the same audience to target more pockets

- Keep testing and making adjustments to improve

Scaling up Facebook ads can be a daunting task, but with the right strategy, it can be done successfully. By testing interests and using

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