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facebook ads target specific location

Published on: July 5 2023 by pipiads

When running Facebook ads, targeting your audience by location is a crucial aspect. In this article, we will provide a quick tutorial on the different types of location-based targeting and a ninja trick on how to do geolocated targeting.

Types of Location-Based Targeting:

1. People Living in or Recently in This Location: This option targets people who have a physical home in the selected location or were recently detected in the location.

2. People Living in This Location: This option targets only people who are living in the selected location.

3. People Recently in This Location: This option targets people who recently visited the selected location but may not live there.

4. Traveling in This Location: This option targets people who are more than 125 miles away from their home in a specific location, indicating they are tourists.

Targeting by Country, City, or Zip Code:

1. Targeting by Country: This option is useful for running nationwide ads while targeting specific countries.

2. Targeting by City: This option targets people in a specific city, and you can also select the radius within that city.

3. Targeting by Zip Code: This option targets people in a specific zip code, keeping the ad cluster in that area.

Geolocated Targeting:

1. Drop a Pin: Drop a pin to create a geolocated boundary around the targeted location.

2. Exclude: Exclude the area around the targeted location.

3. Targeting Tourists: Target tourists by selecting the option Recently in This Location.

Location-based targeting is essential for Facebook ads. However, it is crucial to avoid restricting your audience too much. Expanding the audience is often a better option than suffocating it. With the right targeting, Facebook ads can be a powerful tool for businesses to grow.

3 Tips to Location 📍 Targeting with Facebook Ads (Strategies & Best Practice for Local Businesses)

In this tutorial, we will learn about audience-based ads on Facebook and get personalized recommendations from someone who has been running Facebook ads for the last six years. We will explore how to set up location-based ads and target people by country, state, neighborhood, zip code, and city. We will also learn about excluding and including specific areas and how to search for local stores and drop pins on the exact location. Finally, we will discuss how to combine multiple options and save the audience for future use.

Setting Up Audience-Based Ads:

- General Campaign: Set up a general campaign and then choose the ad set or audience.

- Location-Based Ads: Choose how to show people location-based ads under locations.

- Types of Locations: Show it to people who are living in this location, people who recently visited, or people traveling in this location.

- Targeting by Country, State, Neighborhood, Zip Code, and City: Show things to people worldwide by country, state, neighborhood, zip code, city, or by a specific location.

- Including and Excluding Areas: Include and exclude specific areas and set the amount of miles out from them.

- Searching for Local Stores: Search by store name or drop a pin at the exact location.

- Combining Multiple Options: Combine as many options as you want to get the best audience for your ads.

- Saving the Audience: Save the audience for future use.

In conclusion, setting up audience-based ads on Facebook is an effective way to target specific people and get better results for your ads. By using location-based ads and targeting by country, state, neighborhood, zip code, and city, you can reach a larger audience and get better conversions. You can also exclude and include specific areas, search for local stores, and combine multiple options to get the best audience for your ads. Remember to save the audience for future use and keep experimenting with different options to get better results.

A BETTER way to target Facebook Ads in 2022

Facebook has recently deleted thousands of interest targeting options and interest targeting is inaccurate about 30% of the time. With all of this going on, how do you make sure you get your ads in front of the right people at the right time? The good news is that there are several things you can do to ensure your ads are successful.

Creating Ads That Speak Specifically to Your Target Audience:

- Write copy that speaks specifically to your target audience

- Call your target audience out directly in your ad copy

- Use the headline or opening lines of copy to call out your target audience

- This may drive up lead costs, but it will lead to higher quality leads

Using Creatives That Only Appeal to Your Specific Audience:

- Use specific creatives that contain images or videos that are only recognizable by the person you want to attract

- Use hooks and talk about problems that only your audience would experience

- This will deter people who are not interested in your ad and attract the right people

Creating a Lead Magnet that Attracts the Right People:

- Create a lead magnet that solves a problem for the person who is ready to become a client or customer

- Make sure your lead magnet attracts people who are ready and willing to buy from you and are in a financial position to do so

- Do not create a lead magnet that is too generic and appeals to all business owners


- Use broad interest targeting instead of specific interest targeting

- Use bigger and broader lookalike audiences

- Try open targeting and use the tactics mentioned above to do the targeting for you

By using these tactics, you can ensure that your ads are successful and are seen by the right people at the right time. Creating ads that speak specifically to your target audience, using creatives that only appeal to your specific audience, and creating a lead magnet that attracts the right people are all crucial in ensuring the success of your ad campaign. Additionally, targeting using broad interests, bigger and broader lookalike audiences, and open targeting can also help attract the right people.

Facebook's LOCATION Targeting Settings Are Wrong! Do This Instead

In this video, Ben Heath from Lead Guru discusses how Facebook's default location targeting settings can be problematic for businesses, and what they should do instead. He also provides some advice on how to improve your Facebook advertising results.

Facebook's Default Location Targeting Settings:

- The default location targeting setting is people living in or recently in this location.

- This provides the largest possible audience, but it can also include people who are not relevant to your business.

- If you want to target only people who are likely to become customers, you should choose people living in this location.

- This is especially important for businesses that only operate locally or nationally.

Why the Default Setting is a Problem:

- The default setting can include tourists, business travelers, and other people who are not likely to become customers.

- This can waste a significant amount of your advertising budget.

- It can also lead to your ads being shown to people outside of your target location, which can be frustrating for advertisers.

How to Improve Your Results:

- Choose people living in this location as your location targeting setting.

- Use common sense to filter out people who are not likely to become customers.

- Consider working with a professional Facebook advertising agency to optimize your results.

Facebook's default location targeting setting is not always the best choice for businesses. By choosing people living in this location instead, you can improve your results and avoid wasting your advertising budget. It's also important to use common sense and consider working with a professional agency to optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Facebook Ads Location Targeting Tips and Best Practices

Facebook Ads Location Targeting: Everything You Need to Know

Facebook Ads location targeting is an essential tool for any business trying to reach a specific audience. In this article, we will go over the different types of locations you can target, how to save locations, and everything you need to know about location targeting for your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Types of Locations You Can Target:

1. Every single person in the location

2. People who have a home or live in that location

3. People recently in that location

4. People traveling in that location

How to Save Locations:

1. Go to Assets and Audiences in Facebook Ads Manager

2. Click on Create Audience and then Saved

3. Choose the type of location you want to target (countries, regions, states, DMAs, cities, postcodes, or specific addresses)

4. Enter your desired location and save the list for future use

Other Tips and Tricks:

- Use DMAs (Designated Market Areas) to target larger markets

- Exclude specific areas within a larger location if needed

- Use the browse function to target specific countries or regions

- Add locations in bulk to save time

- Use the drop a pin feature to target a specific radius around an address

Location targeting is a powerful tool that can help businesses reach their ideal audience on Facebook. By utilizing the different options available, businesses can target people who live in a specific location, people who have recently visited, or people who are currently traveling in the area. Save locations for future use and remember to use DMAs for larger markets.

Facebook Advertising Targeting: Every Option Explained!

Facebook Ads Targeting Options Explained

Are you using Facebook Ads to target the right audience for your business? There are many ways to target audiences with Facebook Ads, and in this article, we'll explain each targeting option, so you can choose what makes the most sense to get to your perfect customers, even if they've never heard of you before.

Targeting Options:

1. Location: Target people based on their location, from whole countries to zip codes.

2. Age and Gender: Depending on your target market, you can add age and gender to your targeting options.

3. Demographics: Target people based on their education level, fields of study, income, and more.

4. Interests: Target people based on their interests, such as entertainment, hobbies, and food and drink.

5. Behaviors: Target people based on their purchase behavior, digital activities, and more.

6. Connections: Target people who like your page, friends of people who like your page, and exclude people who like your page.

Using Facebook Ads to target the right audience can greatly increase your chances of success. By understanding each targeting option, you can choose what makes the most sense to get to your perfect customers, even if they've never heard of you before. So go ahead and experiment with different targeting options to find what works best for your business!

Facebook Ads Targeting: How to do Detailed Audience Targeting in FB Ads - Full Guide

Welcome to Facebook Ads course! In this video, we will discuss targeting. Targeting is important because it helps you to reach your desired audience. In this article, we will cover the following topics:

- What is targeting?

- Different settings in levels

- Settings related to targeting

Scenario of targeting a travel agency

- Knowing the attributes, characteristics, behavior, and interests of the target audience

- Targeting frequent travelers

- Age group and gender targeting

- Keyword targeting

Advanced targeting example

- Targeting MBA students from Delhi University and Amity University

- Using narrow targeting

- Filtering out the students of MBA

Using the narrow down concept

- Targeting employees of Tata

- Hyper-targeted approach

- Brand awareness and broad audience

- Understanding Facebook's algorithm

- Detailed targeting expansion

In summary, targeting is an important aspect of Facebook Ads. Understanding your target audience and using the appropriate targeting settings can help you to achieve your goals. It is important to keep in mind the objectives and goals of your campaign, as well as the different targeting options available. By using a hyper-targeted approach and filtering out irrelevant audiences, you can reach your desired audience more effectively.

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