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Facebook Audience Insights 2021 [Audience Insights Is Going Away Soon!]

Published on: December 21 2022 by Saenz Digital

If you're a marketer or business owner who relies on Facebook Audience Insights for valuable information about your target audience, you may want to pay attention. Facebook has recently announced that the tool will be going away soon, leaving many in the industry wondering what this means for their advertising strategies.

Why is Facebook Audience Insights going away?

Facebook has cited privacy concerns as the reason behind the tool's removal. The platform is making changes to its data policies in response to increased scrutiny and pressure from regulators and users alike. As a result, some features and tools, including Audience Insights, are being phased out.

What will this mean for marketers?

The loss of Audience Insights will undoubtedly make it harder for marketers to get the same level of detailed information about their target audiences on Facebook. This could lead to less effective ad targeting, as well as a potential loss of revenue for businesses that rely heavily on Facebook advertising.

What are some alternative solutions?

While the removal of Audience Insights may be a setback for some, there are still other tools and strategies that marketers can use to gather data about their target audience. Some potential solutions include:

- Utilizing Facebook's Custom Audiences feature to create targeted ads based on existing customer data

- Using third-party tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to gather insights from social media platforms beyond Facebook

- Conducting market research to gather data directly from target audience members

The end of Facebook Audience Insights is a significant loss for marketers who have come to rely on the tool for critical insights about their target audience. However, there are still alternative solutions available, and businesses should start exploring these options sooner rather than later to avoid a potential loss of revenue.

Facebook Audience Insights 2021 [Audience Insights Is Going Away Soon!]

In this video, the speaker discusses Facebook's Audience Insight Tool, why Facebook is getting rid of it, and an alternative tool that professionals have been using for a while that surpasses Audience Insights.

- Speaker's name is Armando and he helps small business owners and entrepreneurs leverage Facebook to generate more leads and sales

- Facebook's Audience Insight Tool was introduced to help find hidden audiences and interests to target

- Over the years, Facebook has made changes to the tool and removed the ability to analyze segmented audiences in 2018

- The tool is also extremely buggy and not always reliable

- Some interests that show up are not targetable

- Facebook is doing away with the tool due to unreliable data and changes in IOS 14

Alternative Tool:

- Interest Explorer is a tool that taps into Facebook's Marketing API to reveal more than the limited availability of audiences given in Audience Insights or Business Manager

- Interest Explorer can reveal audiences that even the speaker can't find on Audience Insights

- Interest Explorer allows users to dig deeper into data than just what Facebook gives in Detailed Targeting

- Interest Explorer shows audiences with their audience sizes and information on whether Facebook has a category on it or not

- Interest Explorer allows users to save interests to a project and create layers to group interests by audience size or randomly

- Interest Explorer is the best option for Audience Insights because it taps directly into the Facebook Marketing API and reveals hidden interests

- Audience Insights is not reliable and Facebook is doing away with it

- Interest Explorer is a hidden gem that professionals have been using to get an edge up on the competition

- Interest Explorer is the best option for building better campaigns and getting more precise with audience targeting

- If interested, viewers can find a link to Interest Explorer in the video's description

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